Robinson/Robison/Robson Surname-burials in Buchanan Co., Iowa

Meaning of Tombstone Carvings


Abandoned Cemeteries in Buchanan County

Beachler-Jefferson Township
Bethel-Byron Township
Boise/Norton/Hatch-Liberty Township- Now referred to as the Public Burying Ground
Clayton-Homer Township- All Clayton burials were moved to Rowley Cemetery
Clow-Byron Township
County Home-Washington Township
Greenwood Prairie Chapel/Bear Creek School-Jefferson Township
Kier/ Union-Fairbank Township 
Madison Township Cemetery     (Lamont)
Middlefield/Union Middlefield Township
Mount Calvary Cemetery
Mudville Buffalo -Township
Old Spangler Mansion-Buffalo Township (Referred to as Derby)
Pine Cemetery-Byron Township
Roof Cemetery-Bryon Township
Shady Grove-Jefferson Township
Soules-Buffalo Township
Spears Cemetery
West Haven



Byron Township Cemetery

Cedar Crest         Perry Twp    (A-M)     (N-Z)  

Fairbank            Fairbank Twp  (A-G)    (H-R)    (S-Z)
Floral Hills
Fontana              Hazleton-Hazleton Twp.
Fremont  Township
Hickory Grove Cemetery
Hoover Cemetery
Kint Cemetery
Littleton  Cemetery    Page 1      Page 2
Madison Cemetery   Aurora
Oakwood Cemetery    Page 1    Page 2    Page 3    Page 4    Page 5    Page 6    Page 7    Page 8    Page 9    Page  10   
Otterville Cemetery
Payne Cemetery
Pine Creek (Danish Cemetery)
Quasqueton       (Greenwood)     Liberty Twp
Rowley                   Homer Twp
Spangler               Buffalo Twp
St. Anthinasius
St. Michaels         (The Forks Settlement)
St. Mary's Catholic       (A-S)     ((T-W)
St. Patrick's         Winthrop, Newton Twp
St. John's            Washington Twp
Stanley               Buffalo Twp
Upper Spring Grove
Wilson     Pg.1   Pg.2   Pg.3   Pg.4   Pg.5  Pg.6     


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