St. John's

St. John's: Washington Twp, section 34



O. H. P. Rozelle, an early figure in the growth of Independence, was the first owner of this land, buying from the U.S. Government on 24 May, 1852. In a short time the property was in the hands of one Mathias Harter, who, on 23 August 1858 had the present cemetery platted into an addition to Independence, known as Harter's Addition. Blocks 3, 4 and 5 now comprise St. John's Cemetery. Block 3, the older part and to the west, was purchased by Joseph McGready, who 6 November 1866, deeded it to Rev. John L. Gosker, the first resident pastor of St. John's Church. He then deeded it to Archbishop John Hennessy of Dubuque, Iowa. Land was also deeded to St. John's Cemetery by Ida S. Till at the turn of the century. This is now Block 4. Block 5 was purchased from Ervin and Adda Miller in 1956.

The first record of any organization was November 1899 when a meeting of the ladies of St. John's Church organized the St. John's Cemetery Society. We are deeply indebted to Mrs. Elizabeth J. McSweeney for all the help and added information she's given us in order to make this a more accurate accounting of St. John's Cemetery.


Name Birth Date Death Date
Michael Fagan 1868 07 Dec 1938
Isaiah Gill 13 Dec 1851 28 Mar 1927
Frank Jennings

03 Jul 1836

21 Sep 1898




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