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Sep 28,2021 FMThomson Chapter of the GAR Member Record, LaPorte City
Oct 6, 2020 22,013 obituaries on the Black Hawk County Obit Board
Oct 6, 2020 Gravestone Photo Project  31,183  photos for Black Hawk County!!
Sep 20, 2020 Inventors/Inventions of Black Hawk County  1860-1875
Sep 20,  2020 Gravestone Photo Project Now 30,967 photos for Black Hawk County cemeteries
Sep 7, 2020 Obituaries 1055 obits posted between Sept. 1, 2019 and Aug. 31, 2020 including all obits relevant to Black Hawk County.
Nov 5, 2019 Added Medical Personnel of 1875
Oct 13, 2019 Gravestone Photo Project Hit 30,000 photos for Black Hawk County!!
Sep. 16, 2019 575 obituaries added in the last 6 months to the Obits Board!
Apr 27, 2019 35 more postcards added to the Postcard Project!
Mar 19, 2019 Exciting New Postcard Project has been added.  45 new cards!
Oct 28, 2018 Gravestone Photo Project Index added to Cemetery page
Oct 10, 2018 New Death Index page and Black Hawk Deaths 1935-1939
Oct 8, 2018 The Gravestone Photo Project hit 29,000 entries for Black Hawk!
Jul 18, 2018 New:  Sons of Jacob Cemetery burials, Waterloo
Jun 26, 2018 The Gravestone Photo Project hit 28,000 entries for Black Hawk!
Apr 25, 2018 Iowa Works Project Administration Burials up to the 1930s
Mar 31, 2018 1940 Waterloo Ward 1 Census
Mar 11, 2018 Waterloo Schools History from WCSC
Mar 7, 2018 1930 Plat Maps and 1930 Lester Township Landowners
Nov 23, 2017 The Boys of World War I
Sep 30, 2017 The Gravestone Photo Project hit 27,000 entries for Black Hawk!
Jul 31, 2017 The Gravestone Photo Project hit 26,000 entries for Black Hawk!
Jun 17, 2017 Roll of Honour from 1895 Census for Black Hawk
Jun 9, 2017 The Gravestone Photo Project hit 25,000 entries for Black Hawk!
Apr 21, 2017 Added:  Births from 1904-1906 for Black Hawk county
Apr 17, 2017 Added: 11 gravestone photos to GPP in the last 3 months.
Apr 14, 2017 Added: over 220 obituaries to the board in the last 6 months.
Apr 13, 2017 Added: 1940 Census Listing for Town of Hudson
Mar 11, 2017 Re-did Census Index, Photos Index and added an IAGenWeb Special Projects page
Mar 11, 2017 Index Page remodeled and Uploaded
Mar 10, 2017 New County Coordinators, Kermit Kittleson and Karen De Groote  Contact Us!



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April 25, 2016 Added biographical sketch for Rev. William Cremer
Cremer, William J., Rev.
December 10, 2015 the 17,000th obituary was placed on the Black Hawk obits board today.
Obits Board
September 25, 2014 the 14,000th obituary was placed on the Black Hawk obits board today.
Obits Board
June 7, 2014 New additons to Black Hawk County Military Data.
The Vietnam War Casualty List has been added Vietnam War Casualties
June 1, 2014 New additons to Black Hawk County Military Data.
The Korean War Casualty List has been added Korean War Casualties
The WWII Dead and Missing has been updated World War II Casualties
May 31, 2014 New additon to Black Hawk - The County section, a historical collection about the Iowa Baptists in Blackhawk County. Iowa Baptist
April 8, 2014 Completed adding all Waterloo Courier Obits for 2013 -- thanks to Sandy Bell. Obits Board
March 20, 2014 Reached 12,200 obituaries on the Obits Board
March 12, 2014 Connie Bouhaik becomes the new Blackhawk County Coordinator.
January 30, 2014 Removed many names from the Highland cemetery listing after it was discovered they belonged in Highland Cem., What Cheer, Iowa.
December 27, 2013 Reached 11,000 obituaries on the Obits Board
October 2013 Reached 20,975 gravestone photos on GPP
September 2013 Reached 10,000 obits on Obits Board
About 4,000 obits added in past year!

Revamped many pages.

June 1, 2013 Revamped the "Tour of Waterloo" page
June 1, 2013 Added about 100 tombstone photos for Zion Lutheran Cem. to GPP
June 1, 2013 Blackhawk is up for adoption - Kermit Kittleson is the interim coordinator.

Many thanks to Laura Blair and all the work she put into the website.

April, 2013 We have 8,257 obituaries! Thanks to S. Bell, K. Kittleson, M. O'Conner, and D. Scott. S.Bell and K.Kittleson have been busy submitting pictures to go along with the obituaries.
March, 2013 Biography of Mrs. Charles (Emma Lucy) Hammond Mullan
January, 2013

Over 100 Years In and Around Finchford. Submitted by Jennifer Jackson  *link removed as history cannot be located *Jun2017 KandK

We have over 960 new obituaries added to the Obituary Board, most with photos. Many thanks to S.Bell, K.Kittleson and D. Scott

December, 2012

Early Settlers of Black Hawk Co, Waterloo Courier, 28 Aug 1908, p.3 (.pdf)

Early Settlers and Gravestone Information--"Retrospective" near the center of column 2. (.pdf)

Early Settlers in Black Hawk Co. and Country School History. Waterloo Courier, 27 Aug 1907, p.5 (.pdf)

September/October, 2012 There are 502 new obituaries added with photos. We now have over 6200 obituaries with photos in the database. Many thanks to S.Bell, K.Kittleson, K.Sanchez, D.Scott.
August, 2012

So far, we're over 5,700 obituaries with photos. Thanks to S.Bell, G.Erickson, K.Kittleson and D.Scott.

A family picnic brought Karon King and LaVern Velau by the Turner Cemetery and they photographed it for us! Thank you so much. You can see the stones at http://iowagravestones.org

July, 2012

Many thanks to Gerry and Ruth Wester for their contribution of the St. Francis Cemetery. It has been completely photographed. Visit the cemetery at http://iowagravestones.org

Kermit Kittleson recently sent us a new Black Hawk County Alphabetical Listing, July 27, 2012.

The Obituary Board now has over 5,400 obituaries with pictures on it. Thanks to S.Bell, Kathy, K.Kittleson, LA, and D.Scott for their July contributions.

1860 Census of Black Hawk Co.Townships.

June, 2012

Thanks to our many volunteers who are adding obituaries with pictures to the BHC Obituary board: anonymous, K.Bebout, S.Bell, D.Harrison, K.Kittleson, D. Scott we are getting close to the 5,000th entry.

Currently streamling the cemetery files so they will load faster.

April, 2012

Wonder what the new column headings are for the 1940 census? Mary Eldridge spent time on discovering what they are. See them here

Over 200 new obituaries added to the Obituary Board for April. Thanks to S. Bell and K. Kittleson.

New, Complete April, 2012, listing for Hudson Cemetery.

March, 2012

113 records added to the Iowa Gravestone Project for St. Mary's of Gilbertville, Black Hawk Co. Many thanks to Gerry & Ruth

Our Obituary Board volunteers have been busy this month. There have been over 300 new obituaries added with pictures. Thanks to S. Bell, B. Hootman, D. Scott, J. Schuler

February, 2012

Kermit Kittleson recently redesigned the Blackhawk County Township map for this website.

I would like to thank the following Obituary Board volunteers for their contributions. We've had over 300 new obituaries, most with pictures. S.Bell, D.Badker, J.Conroy, D.Scott, C. Wilson

January, 2012

1945 Cedar Falls Business Listing,

S. Bell, C. Diamond, C. Ellis, K.Kittleson and D. Scott have generously donated over 700 new obituaries to the Obituaries Board. We now have over 4,000 obituaries, many with pictures! Thanks to volunteers S. Bell, C. Diamond, B. Graves, K. Kittleson, D. Scott

September, 2011

There are close to 20,000 Black Hawk County gravestone photos in the iowagravestones.org database. Donated by our dedicated volunteers! Look for new photos from Westview, Mt. Olivet, Spring Creek, Calvary, Garden of Memories, Fairview, Cedar Valley Memorial Gardens, St. Mary's of Gilbertville and others. You can view the headstones for Black Hawk County here.

Not to be forgotten is the tremendous amount of obituaries put on the Obituary database. S. Bell has been working overtime in contributing the newer obituaries to the county board. She has added more than 2,100 obituaries with pictures over the past few months. If you are in need of some new you might try looking it up here. This is a very complete listing of all the county's obituaries for the past few years.

August, 2011 Social Security Death Indexes for people born in 1876, 1877 and 1878 and died in Black Hawk County.

July, 2011

A newly updated listing for Hudson Cemetery has been added. Click here to view it. Many thanks to Sandy Bell and Kermit Kittleson. They also photographed several new Hudson Cemetery gravestones, which are located at http://iowagravestones.org

More than 200 obituaries with pictures has been added to the Obituary Board by S. Bell, K.Kittleson and D.Scott.

Mt. Olivet Cemetery has had over 200 gravestones photographed by Jim and Mary Jane.

Gerry and Ruth have added over 100 new gravestones to Westview and Spring Creek cemeteries.

New photo of civil war veteran Matthew Toole who served from Black Hawk Co., Iowa but is not buried in the county.

June, 2011

2010 In-depth survey of the Cemetery was done by Bonnie Siebel. She also photographed all the cemetery's stones and they are located on iowagravestones.org. Contact Bonnie at bonsiebel@gmail.com if you have any questions. A Cemetery Map in .pdf format is provided here. Also provided are Excel spreadsheets for the Rows, Lots, Graves and the Alphabetized Listing. Bonnie sent along several pictures of the Church and the Cemetery. View them here.

100+ obituaries most with pictures added to the Obituary Message Board by Sandy Bell and Diane M. Scott.

Gerry and Ruth Wester have been busily adding various family gravestones to the database.

May, 2011

Washburn Cemetery has been photographed by Gerrie and Ruth Wester. The gravestones are located at http://iowagravestones.org.

Obituary Board entries have been standardized for easier searching

200+ new pictures and obituaries added to the Obituary Message Board. Thanks to Sandy Bell, Kermit Kittleson, Jerry Newlon and Diane M. Scott.

April, 2011 Newly added: Civil War Gravestones. For veterans who served from Black Hawk County but are buried outside the county. If you have pictures and a brief history, please consider sharing them with Black Hawk County researchers.
March, 2011

List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883 (1812-1883)

150+ new obituaries many with pictures have been added to the Obituaries Message Board on this website. Thanks to S. Bell, C. Ellis, S. Ferrall, D. Scott.

The Church taking care of St. Mary's of Mount Carmel Cemetery generously donated their information to the Iowagravestones.org project. There are over 1000 photos.

Trible Family Information: Additional Family History and Trible Home in Raymond added. Submitted by Graydon Trible

February, 2011

Thomas Biscoe Doxey Civil War Diary transcribed;
In military section of website.

60+ new obituaries added to the Obituaries Database, most with pictures of deceased. S. Bell

January, 2011

Black Hawk Index of "Iowa Press Assn. 1940 Who's Who in Iowa."

150+ new obituaries added to the IAGenWeb Obituaries Database, most with pictures of deceased. by S. Bell

December, 2010

In progress is an updating of St. Francis Cemetery since the original WPA Survey of the 1930's. Encompasses corrections/additions to the original data. See pictures of newest gravestones located in the cemetery at the http://iowagravestones.org database.

Very small listing of Pearl Harbor Naval assignments from men from Black Hawk County, Iowa.

November, 2010 100+ new obituaries added to the IAGenWeb Obituaries Database, most with pictures of deceased. by S. Bell
October, 2010 New Civil War Memories Page. Contributors Joe Conroy and Mary Mys
August/September, 2010

Most of St. Francis Catholic Church has been photographed by Geraldine Wester. Visit Iowagravestones.org Project.

Gravestone photos added from St. Mary's and St. Francis cemeteries to the Iowa Gravestones Project.

An additional 500+ photos have been added to their obituaries by S. Bell. There have been over 1,000 new obituaries added to the Obituary Database.

Many WWI obituaries have been added to the Obituary Database by Joe Conroy.

Thanks to Kermit Knittleson, the Hudson Cemetery has been updated Sep. 2010.

July, 2010

Eagle Township Cemetery Listing is completed. Cemetery gravestones have all been photographed for the Iowagravestones.org Project. Thanks to Bonnie Siebel.

Over 400 new obituaries added to the Obituary Message Board on this site. Most come with pictures of the decedent. Thanks to S. Bell and K. Kittleson.

Contact Joe Conroy for a brand new service to this Black Hawk County website. Joe is offering to look up obituaries as well as other facts for our researchers. He can be contacted at touchingthepast1@gmail.com

June, 2010 Honor Services for Brave Dead Memorial Day & Roll of Dead in WWI
May, 2010

Complete listing for German Burial Grounds, Mary Eldridge

German Burial Grounds completely photographed for the Iowagravestones.org Project

February, 2010

200+ gravestone pictures from St. Pauls Church Cemetery
January, 2010

500+ gravestone photos from Fairview Cemetery

Lichty Family additions to Orange Township Cemetery (J-W First Names)

Gravestone photos for Calvary, Elmwood, Blessing and Mt. Olivet cemeteries

Letter to the editor: Historical Waterloo


**Additions prior to 2010 removed from What's New page Sep 2020

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