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The IAGenWeb project is fortunate to be receiving the fruits of a large collector of historical post cards.  David Shedlock is currently sharing his collection of thousands of postcards and the IAGenWeb Welcome Hosts are sending them to the correct county coordinators to be displayed on the county sites.  This will be an ongoing project. 

Thank you David for your contribution to the IAGenWeb project!  If you find a postcard that was sent or received by one of your ancestors, let us know.  David may still have the postcard and would be happy to part with it if you would have the desire.

Below are the postcards for Black Hawk County.  The backs of the postcards are included because they may contain writing or pre-printed information about the front.  As time allows, I will transcribe the names that can be found on these postcards.   You never know what clue a postcard for your genealogical quest. Just click on the thumbnail to see the full size version.

Thanks for checking them out!~Karen


East Park Blvd, Waterloo-1911

To: Alice Stapel?, Strawberry Point, IA

Dunkerton Winter-1912

To: Mrs Eva Wirtz, Davis IL

South Street, Waterloo

Log Cabin Launch, CF-1908

To: J Carl Dodds, Litchfield, IL

Waterloo Building

K of P Building, Waterloo

East Fourth, Waterloo

Jil Lyke Lelle, Karen

Walnut St. Baptist, Waterloo

To: Mrs Dan Lovell, Reinbeck

Main St, Cedar Falls

To: Mrs Geo Brininstool, Munith, MI

Gym/Tennis, Normal School

Wm Hagedon went School 1909

St Francis Hospital, Waterloo

To: Mrs Ella Blake, Marble Rock

Gym/Tennis Court, Cedar Falls

To: Mrs Isa Sunder, Packwood, IA

La Porte City

To: Miss Jennie Knutson, Clear Lake

YMCA, from Ruth Wyatt

To: Mrs L L Locke, Randolph, NE

224 Highland Blvd, Waterloo


St. Francis Hospital abt 1925

Wittick's Model Market, Wloo

To: Miss Ida Pahl, Olney, IL

Presbyterian Church, Wloo

To: Mrs JM Johnson, Lovilia, IA

National Dairy Cattle Congress-1927

To: M/M W. Box, Storm Lake, IA

West Side High School & 6th St

Paul Davis Dry Goods-1913

To: Mrs H A Busching, Clarksville, IA

Town & Country Motel-1952

To: M/M Ned Klum, Centreville, IA

Hinson Manufacturing

East Fourth Street

Govt Bldg & Pythian Temple-1911

To: Mrs Robert M Geiger, Battle Creek, IA

Sunny Side Country Club

Rock Wood Motel-1958

To: Mrs Patsy McNeely, Gettysburg, SD

Cedar Falls Post Office


Greenwood Mausoleum, CF-1914

To: Miss Edna Durant, Forest City, IA

Wm.Galloway Office Bldgs-1912

To: Mrs May Bromley, Nashua, IA

Riverview Park, Cedar Falls


2218-2222 Walnut St, Cedar Falls-1909

To: Mrs W. F. Yates, Hamburg, IA

Winter Scene, South St Waterloo-1910

To: Mary Alice Nichols, Kearney, NE

East Fourth St, Waterloo


West Fourth St., Waterloo


East & West Waterloo


Commercial St, Waterloo-1909

To: Joe Edge, Floyd, IA

Normal School, Cedar Falls-1908

To: Mrs Ann Griswold, Winthrope, IA

Stanley Sydicate, Waterloo

Western Home Cedar Falls

Fairfield Chapel, Riverview Park, CF

ISTC Laboratory, CF (UNI)

ISTC, Cedar Falls (UNI)


Westminster Presbyterian, Waterloo


Birds Eye SE Waterloo-1912

To: Mr Geo Jouvermann, Toeterville, IA

Playhouse, Cedar Falls-1912

To: Mr Ralph Wells, Grundy Center

To: Miss Karen Pedersen
Hudson, IA - 1913

Stone Bridge, 24th & Main, Cedar Falls

To: Mrs Alitia Narnes?, Bedford, MI

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