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Left below, Private Herbert Hocamp and his wife Emma. Right, Private Herbert Hocamp.

Emma & Herbert Hocamp
Herbert L. Hocamp

Below, photo postcards that were enclosed in the letters. Click each image to enlarge.

10th Co. Guns
4 Men with Car
Men in Car

Fort Flagler, Washington
Above photo has numbers with buildings identified below.
1 is the Chaplains' res.
where I am to keep house
2 is the first r barracks
the boys sleep in 2nd story.
3 is the dining room
4 the kitchen
5 the post exchange
6 a road through forest
7. bowling alley
8. the chapel is not on card
but its only about as far
from the Chaplains residence
as your barn from the
house. We are to have a
room for ourselves in the
back of the chapel. Hope
Herbert can stay where he
is then at least we can
be near each other. The
Chaplains name is Easterbrook.

Fort Flagler, Washington ID

Fort Flagler Chapel, Washington

Fort Flagler Chapel, Washington

Above postcard of the Chapel has an X marking "our room".
Addressed to Mrs. Fred W. Fett, Adair, Iowa R. 3:

July 12 - 18.

Was sure shocked to hear that Anna Damman passed away. They sure are having their share of grief and she is the first member of the Aid. [See *NOTE below] Suppose they got her a nice bouquet, but it won't do her any good or anyone else. I will try and send you that box Sunday. There will be a few wild ones and the rest tame ones and will tie the wild ones separately, don't know if they will stand the heat, but what's the dif. We are well. This is sure one lovely day. Don't need any fans though.

*NOTE: Probably refers to the St. John's Lutheran Ladies Aid organization.


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