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Gray Cemetery is located on the northwest corner of the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 12. The town purchased the cemetery on Friday, Sept. 8, 1905 and members of the town were invited to come and help clean up the cemetery the following Wednesday (Sept. 13).

Audubon Advocate, June 14, 1901: "Since the graveyard west of town has been burned, considerable trouble has been experienced with snakes by the farmers living in that proximity. It also compelled the quails that had been living there to up and move."

Audubon Advocate, May 10, 1907: "The cemetery commission are at work and had the graveyard surveyed and every lot numbered and everything cleaned up. This is indeed a good move to have a respectful looking place for the dead."

The Audubon Advocate, Nov. 26, 1909 indicates citizens had a tool house was built in the cemetery the previous week.

The cemetery book could not be found at the time of the Gray Centennial, but committee members used "various records" to compile a list of burials, transcribed below. Approximately 65 people were known to be buried in the cemetery, and many graves were unmarked prior to the Centennial.

Antioni, Florence LenaOct. 16, 189713 yrs.Born in Nebraska; died from appendicitis.
Audas, AmandaMay 13, 1889 Wife of Pete Audas; died after contracting measles & pneumonia, leaving behind a baby daughter, Dollie (raised by aunt and uncle)
Audas, Francis1885  
Barrack, Harvey E.Aug. 25, 188216 yrs.Came from Polk County, farmer by trade; died of diphtheria.
Barrick, BessieJuly 20, 189211 mos.Daughter of J.E. & E.A. Barrick.
Benson, Lyman HarrisonNov. 1, 190172 yrs.Born Dec. 17, 1828; came from New York state, mechanic by trade.
Buckmeister, Baby BoyFeb. 1909 Believed to have frozen to death at home because parents too poor to afford proper heat for the apartment.
Campbell, InfantDec. 18, 1909 Child of J.B. & Mary Anderson Campbell; father was a blacksmith in Gray & they later moved to Nebraska.
Cooms, Baby DaughterDec. 3, 1896 Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Cooms
Corner, BerthaFeb. 11, 188212 yrs. 
Dustin, Anna JeanApprox. 1917 Stillborn daughter of Chet & Florence Dustin.
Dustin, Carol SueApr. 27, 1972 Born July 14, 1953; daughter of Bill & Jean Dustin. Struck by car, along with sister Shirley, and died.
Dustin, MaxwellDec. 12, 1912 Born Nov. 26, 1912; son of Chet & Florence Dustin.
Dustin, Shirley JeanMay 4, 1972 Born June 2, 1955; daughter of Bill & Jean Dustin. Struck by car along with sister, Carol, and died.
Dustin, Susan KayMay 13, 1952 Born Apr. 26, 1952; daughter of Bill & Jean Dustin, and twin sister of Mary Jo.
Farner, GeorgieFeb. 5, 18826 Mos.Child of G.W. & A. Farner; died after illness lasting 5 days.
Farner, GraceDec. 2, 188233 yrs.Died of diphtheria, complicated by pneumonia the last 10 days of her life.
Farner, IsaacDec. 3, 18823 yrs.Son of G.W. & A. Farner.
Gifford, Lora A.Feb. 28, 18822 yrs., 11 mos.Daughter of S. & A.A. Gifford; died of spinal meningitis.
Gray, FannieNov. 8, 1888 Born Aug. 6, 1843, wife of George Gray; died after being stricken with a form of epileptic seizure.
Gray, George1915 Born in Vermont in 1835, came west & settled in Gray, platting and founding the town in 1881. Prominent businessman in Gray for many years. Suffered stroke a few years prior to death & passed away in Chesterville, Texas in 1915.
Groosman, SylviaMar. 22, 1894 Died of scarlet fever with complications of pneumonia.
Hepp, ClarkApril 4, 1890?? Born Sept. 7, 1887, son of F.C. & E. Hepp. Died on April 4, year of death unknown, possibly 1890.
Hepp, JohnFeb. 12, 1896 Came from Germany, farmer by trade; died due to a bowel obstruction.
Hepp, Mrs. JohnJune 4, 1882 Came from Germany; wife of John Hepp; died of pneumonia.
Heuss, Maria SpillmanDec. 189420 yrs.Born May 15, 1874, Oberbayern, Germany; first wife of Karl Heuss. Died in childbirth delivering twins, Charlie & Ferdinand.
Heuss, Rosina Barbara SpilllmanNov. 1907 Born Mar. 7, 1877 in Oberbayern, Germany; second wife of Karl Heuss and also sister of his first wife. Died in childbirth.
Heuss, Rosine Pfanshilling1899 Born 1846, Germany; first wife of Andrew Karl Heuss. Came to Iowa with husband via Galveston, Tex. circa 1889 and they farmed in Gray area.
Lambros, Daisy1958 Born in 1897. Wife of Pete Lambros, who was a section boss for the railroad.
Lamp, Stillborn ChildMay 12, 1907 Child of Harry & Amanda Wiese Lamp.
Lamp, WayneMay 23, 19091 yr.Born May 20, 1908, son of Harry & Amanda Wiese Lamp; died of whooping cough. Father (Harry) managed Green Bay Lumber Yard in Gray. Parents divorced after Wayne's death; Harry moved to California & Amanda moved to Westside.
Linn, Austin1919Approx. 65 yrs.Father of Charlie, Donnie, & Orvilla, who was married to B.A. Swart. Also father of Cassandra (Cassie) Linn, who died in infancy.
Martinson, PeterApr. 26, 18889 mos.Died of pneumonia.
McCullough, AddieJan. 26, 1895 Born Nov. 20, 1892, daughter of R.F. & C.C. McCullough.
McCullough, LloydFeb. 22, 1897 Born in 1895, Carroll County; died of lung fever.
McCully, EttieJan. 24, 1894 Died of pneumonia
Meislahn, Anna DreherOct. 25, 1965 Born in 1887; wife of Barney Meislahn.
Meislahn, BarneyDec. 20, 1964 Born Dec. 20, 1887 in Effingham County, Illinois. Came to Audubon County as young man; married Anna Dreher in 1915. Farmed near Gray, moving into town in 1946.
Meislahn, GertrudeJan. 31, 1976 Born Oct. 18, 1922; daughter of Barney & Anna Meislahn.
Meislahn, Pete1952 Born in 1870 in Illinois. Half brother of Barney Meislahn & lived with Barney for some years.
Meluan, Francis E.Sept. 29, 18882 yrs.Daughter of P.L. & G.F. Meluan.
Mortensen, Bodil Marie SchmidtUnknown
 Came from Denmark in 1882 and lived with her sons until her death (death date unknown). A grandmother of Peter Mortensen & of the 3 infant sons of Hans and Hannah, also buried in Gray Cem.
Mortensen, Infant Sons (3)Unknown 3 Infant sons of Hans and Hannah (Spirup) Mortensen; Hans worked on the section in Gray. Hannah was the daughter of Mary Spirup.
Mortensen, PeterJan. 23, 1884 Born May 25, 1882; names of parents unknown.
Nielsen, JoAnnaMay 22, 1909 Born Dec. 23, 1822; died of whooping cough.
Pace, FreddieMar. 25, 18891 yearSon of J.W. & L.M. Pace.
Pace, James P.Nov. 20, 18881 yearSon of J.W. & L.M. Pace.
Pace, Martha1885 Wife of George Pace.
Robinson, George EdwardFeb. 27, 1923 Born Sept. 1, 1922; son of Jesse & Elsie Robinson. Died of pneumonia.
Rutherford, Bertha M.Aug. 21, 18829 yrs.Native of Kansas; died of diphtheria.
Shingledecker, Dollie1953 Born in 1889, the daughter of Pete & Amanda Audas. Raised by her aunt and uncle, Jenny & Walter Audas after her mother (Amanda) died the year she was born and her father left. Graduated from Gray HS. Wife of Lewis Shingledecker. Lived in Gray and also in North and South Dakota.
Shingledecker, Lewis1961 Born in 1885, the son of Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Shingledecker. Married Dollie Audas. Brother, Clarence Shingledecker, ran general store in Gray.
Spirup, Mary1888 Immigrated to Gray from Denmark after death of husband, kept house for sons until her death; gr-grandmother of Milo Nissen, a Gray area farmer.
Stewart, BabyMay 9, 18859 daysParents unknown; died of convulsions.
Swanson, ElmerNov. 1, 18925 yrs.Son of L. & A.B. Swanson.
Thompson, IsaacMay 11, 1884 Son of S.T. & M.M. Thompson.
Tuton, EssieMar. 2, 19018 yrs.Daughter of Walter Tuton & wife; died from diphtheria.
Tuton, Walter W.Mar. 20, 190133 yrs.Carpenter, came to Audubon Co. from Illinois; died from diphtheria.
Welch, MyrtleApr. 21, 189312 yrs.Died of measles complicated by pneumonia.
Werner, William John (Tickle)Aug. 1, 194647 yrs.Born Aug. 15, 1898 in Dedham; married to Fay Jensen. Cause of death: suicide by shotgun.
Wiederstein, A. G. (Anna)1882 Born in 1807; sailed to US from Germany with husband Anton & settled in Gray area.
Wiederstein, Anton (J.A.)1889 Born in Germany in 1806; sailed to US with wife Anna & settled in Gray area as farmers. Gr-Grandfather of Edward J. Wiederstein.
Wiederstein, Jakobina1906 Born in Germany, 1848; first wife of Ferdinand Wiederstein, a son of Anna & Anton.

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, April, 2013, from Gray Community History, 1881-1981, pg. 164-166.

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