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1933 - Allamakee co. Rural Schools - 1933

May 1933

Allamakee County Rural School Exams - Helen McShane is Best in Ranks

Helen McShane, with the brilliant mark of 97.2 per cent is valedictorian of the Allamakee County rural schools for 1933. Only two-tenths of a point behind her was Lorna Byrnes, who won the position of salutatorian with a grade of 97 per cent. In all, 182 rural eighth grade pupils wrote the May examinations and 167 of the seventh grade wrote in hygiene and spelling. 147 of the eighth grade group passed in all subjects. Commencement exercises for the rural eighth graduates will be the afternoon of June 8 at 2 p.m. in the Waukon Opera House. Following is a complete list of the honor students with the name of their school and teacher:

Helen McShane, Franklin No. 10, Florence Foley, teacher
Lorna Byrnes, Jefferson No. 4, Kathryn M. Ryan, teacher
Kathryn McGuire, Lybrand, Albert Thornton, teacher
Beatrice Mahoney, Eells, Mary Charlotte Barthell-Ellingson, teacher
Cletus Unterberger, Linton No. 4, Anne Schroeder, teacher
Dolores Berger, Paulk, Ruby Olson, teacher
Raphaella Unterberger, Linton No. 4, Anne Schroeder, teacher
Henry Schmidt, Emmett, Miriam Straate, teacher
Barbara Quanrud, Bear Creek, Anna Quanrud, teacher
Margaret Schulte, Washington, Mary Schulte, teacher
Helen Beardmore, English Bench, Wilma Gregory, teacher
Andrew Oelberg, Franklin No. 3, Ann Oelberg, teacher
Ruth Ludeking, Ludlow No. 5, Gerturde Stock, teacher
Helen Meyer, Lybrand, Albert Thornton, teacher
Margaret Meyer, Union, Esther Deters, teacher

~source: Waukon Republican and Standard, May 24, 1933
~transcribed by S. Ferrall for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb


1932 / 1933
Students with perfect attendance record throughout the school year 1932-33

Examinations for uniform county certificates will be held in the court house at Waukon, June 28, 29 and 30. They will commence promptly at 8:00 o'clock a.m. Pupils entitled to Rural Choir Certificates will receive them in the fall when school opens.

The following pupils of the rural schools in this corner of the county attained a complete perfect attendance record throughout the school year 1932-33:

Franklin No.4 - Jeanne Bloxham, Vera June Bloxham
Franklin No.5 - Lena Strelow
Franklin No.6 - Wanda Knitsch, Meta Knitsch
Franklin No.8 - Mary Clark, Dorothy Barr, Norma Barr, Creighton Mielke, Marion Hammond
Franklin No.10 - Anna Burckhart, Florence Hamann, Milton Hamann
Ludlow No.1 - Ruth Kugel, Roger Kugel, Eldo Kugel
Ludlow No.5 - Robert Stock, Donald Klein, Lois Fiet
Ludlow No.6 - Leo Nolte
Ludlow No.8 - Martha Hager, Roland Koehring
Evergreen - Millard Helgerson
Lybrand -Rodney Smith, Keith Smith, Opal Gordanier, Martis Gordanier
South Grove -Clifford Olson, Leonard Thomas, Wesley Thoma, Hazel Paulsen, Ruth Thoma, Hilda Paulsen
West Grove - Hazel Harris
Woodland -Geneva Wilke

~Postville Herald, Thursday, June 22, 1933, Postville, IA, pg 3
~Transcribed by Cindy Maust Smith


June 1933

Allamakee County Rural School 8th Grade Graduation

Waukon, Ia., June 7.-Special: The third annual Allamakee county rural eighth grade graduation will be held in the Waukon opera house Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock under the direction of Miss Isabella McCormick, county superintendent of schools. Helen McShane, the class valedictorian, will preside over the program which is as follows:
Entrance March- Waukon High School Orchestra.
Invocation- The Rev. Herbert Krieger.
Greetings from the Class- Lorna Byrnes, Salutatorian.
Rural Choir Song- Graduates.
Dance of a Nymph- Ann Link. Accompaniment- Dale Laughlin.
Commencement Address- Jessie M. Parker, State Department of Public Instruction.
Presentation of Diplomas- Isabella McCormick, county superintendent.
Benediction- The Rev. Krieger.

The class consists of 147 graduates, fifteen of whom are honor students, they having received an average of 90 per cent or above. They will be presented with the letter “I” from Miss Parker. The first fifteen of the following graduates are the honor pupils:

Helen McShane, Luana
Lorna Byrnes, Waukon
Andrew Oelbery, Luana
Cletus Unterberger, Waterville
Ruth Ludeking, Waukon
Delores Berger, Waukon
Kathryn E. McGuire, Postville
Helen G Meyer, Postville
Helen Beardmore, Dorchester
Friedricke Bemberg, New Albin
Margaret Meyer, Eitzen Minn.
Beatrice Mahoney, Waukon
Henry Schmidt, Waukon
Barbara Quanrud, Decorah
Margaret Schulte, Dorchester

Dorothy Hofer, Lansing
Selmer Johnson,Lansing
Joseph Becking, Lansing
Leo Becking, Lansing
Sylvia Wild, Lansing
Judith Anderson, Waukon
Betty Thompson, Waterville
Lillian Christianson, Waterville
Shirley Huffey, Waterville
Alma Kehr, Waterville
Dorothy Ferring, Lansing
Helen Jones, Harpers Ferry
Doris O’Brien, Harpers Ferry
Mary O’Brien, Harpers Ferry
Sophus Van Horn, Luana
Ruth Bloxham, Luana
Nora Dundee, Luana
Wanda Knitsch, Luana
Ruth Ewing, Postville
Linton White, Postville
Wayne McCracken, Luana
Russell Johnson, Luana
Anita Byrnes, Dorchester
Joseph Bresnahan, Dorchester
Mary C. Delaney, Waukon
Clare O’Meara, Waukon
Elmer Burmester, New Albin
Cleo Garrett, Lansing
Mary Hammell, New Albin
Pauline Hammell, New Albin
Marie Rooney, Waukon
Robert Hall, Waukon

Regina Hennessy, Waukon
Rita Hennessy, Waukon
Rita Short, Waukon
Dorothy Siekmeier, Waukon
Carl Beall, Waukon
Marcus Smith, Monona
Donald Deal, Waukon
Leonard Thies, Waukon
Clement A’Hearn, Waukon
Edith Steiber, Lansing
Leota Wagner, Lansing
Grace Feuerhelm, Harpers Ferry
Alice Kernan, Harpers Ferry
Catherine O’Hara, Harpers Ferry
Carl Fitzgerald, Lansing
Regina Gavin, Lansing
Earl Sullivan, Lansing
Irene Mae Shoegren, Lansing
Rozella Hayes, Lansing
Enid Russell, Lansing
Mildren McGovern, Lansing
Evelyn Mullarkey, Lansing
Mary O’Niell, Lansing
Harris Dee, Church
Emmett Johnson, Lansing
Opal Reiser, Church
Elizabeth Becker, Lansing
Herbert Hirth, Church
Charlene Lenz, Lansing
Wilbur Inger, Harpers Ferry
Charles Mettille, Harpers Ferry
Arden Melcher, Monona
Vera Hamm, Waterville
Robert Broderick, Harpers Ferry
Joseph Charland,Harpers Ferry
John Kelly, Harpers Ferry
Eunice Kruger, Waukon
Mildred Flage, Waukon
Ralph Helming, Waukon
John Siebert, Waukon
Lois Krumme, Waukon
Martin Krumme, Waukon
Esther Snitker, Waukon
Arlene Duvel, Waukon
Loraine Helming, Waukon
Donald Klien, Waukon
Robert Stock, Waukon
Leo Nolte, Waukon
Mildren Fiet, Waukon
Norma Schafer, Postville
Velma Schafer, Postville
Mildred Schafer, Postville
Mary Marsden, Waukon
Elenor Stock, Waukon
Alida Aure, Waukon
Sidney Sunderman, Waukon
Helen Fritz, Church
Leona Glaser, Church
Ralph Schon, Waukon
Joseph Bakke, Waukon
J. Robert Kennedy, Postville
Jean Marston, Postville
Erna Wullner, Postville
Howard Lawson, Postville
W. Sidney Livingood, Postville
Leo Karris, Postville
Lucielle Scuhlte, Harpers Ferry
Clarence Hilliord, Waukon Junction
Robert Ziel,Waukon Junction
Robert Valley, Harpers Ferry
Selma Renk, New Albin
Loretta Welsandt, New Albin
Rebecca Vangen, Waukon
Marion Helming, Waukon
Ralph Osterholz, Waukon
Georgia Beisker, Waukon
Mary F. Collins, Waukon
Leo Cunningham, Waukon
Georgeanna Jome, Waukon
Erma Kiesau, Waukon
Willard Krueger, Waukon
Rose Moen, Waukon
Selmer Goodno, Decorah
John Morstad, Decorah
Bertha Hagen, Spring Grove, Minn.
Opal Langlie, Dorchester
Blanche Teff, Dorchester
Max Teff, Dorchester
Lou Mae Mahr, Dorchester
Leona Schulte, Dorchester
Evelyn Thompson, Dorchester
Edna Goodno, Dorchester
Margaret Rud, Dorchester.

~Source: Dubuque Telegraph Herald, June 7, 1933
~Transcribed by Aubrie Monroe for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb


October 1933

School Teacher Notes
Center No. 1 Ernestine Schoien  
Center No. 2 Leona Gelo Students receiving 100% in spelling:  Kenneth Kerndt, Willard Kerndt, Ralph Schellhammer, Arlene Shogren, Lorraine Hartong, Ernie Schellhammer, Walter Zimmerman, John Ahlstrom & Lorine Lippe.  Students with a perfect attendence record: Lorine Lippe, John Ahlstrom, Helen Hartong, Lorraine Hartong, Walter Zimmerman, Charles Bulman, Kenneth Kerndt, Willard Kerndt, Arlene Shogren, Frederick Zimmerman.  Harriet Ahlstrom visited one afternoon.
Center No. 3 Minnie Ericson  
Center No. 4 Dorothea Herman  
Center No. 6 Mrs. Alma Kosbau  
Center No. 7 Madona Desmond Enrollment this year is 13.  The new beginners are Lorraine Knudtson and Muranda Olson.  Honor Roll students, having received an average of 90 or above for the month:  Margaret Kehr, Burnell Nesteby, Gerald Nesteby, Leatrice Huffey, Norma Wurtzel, Muranda Olson & Lorraine Knudtson. Students receiving certificates for perfect attendence: Beulah Christianson, Verna Christianson, Harriet Knudtson, Ambrose Lea, Burnell Nesteby, Gerald Nesteby & Norma Wurtzel. Visitors this month were: Mrs. A. Nesteby & Lyle, Mrs. H. Knudtson, Victor Schmieden, Doris Spinner, Mrs. H. Hermanson & Viola, Mrs. Fred Kehr, Mrs. C. Christianson with Ellen & Charles, Mrs. Theodore Christianson, Christine Lea, Mrs. H. Wurtzel & Inez and Miss E. Peterson the county nurse.
Center No. 8 Bernice Schafer  
Climax, Taylor twp Arlo O'Brien  
Columbus, Union City twp. Loretta Waters We have enjoyed visits from the following this month:  Sedonia Cassidy, Clara Schuttemeier, John Waters, Miss McCormick, Thomas Cassidy, Marie Wiegrefe and Leota & Doris Kannenberg.
Dorchester, Waterloo twp. Henry Evenmoe  
English Bench, Union city twp. Wilma Gregory  
Excelsior, Taylor twp. Edna Johnson  
Fairview No. 4 Agnes E. Greenwood Our school began Sept. 5th with an enrollment of 9 pupils.  We had one new beginner:  Dolores Peters.  Dayton Mielke was the only student earning perfect attendence.  At the Allamakee county fair Dayton Mielke won first premium and Gale Hagensick, second, on a map drawing of Iowa.  Our visitors during September were:  Miss Isabella McCormick, our County Superintendent Albert O'Hara, our Director Joseph Wachter, our Secretary Mrs. Frank Mielke, Mrs. Leo Needham and Betty Jean Brown, of Luana.
Fan, Makee Twp. Amy Olson  
Franklin No. 5 Gregory Peters Enrollment this year is 18.  The only new beginner is James Nelson.  Students having perfect attendence for the first month of school, ending Sept. 22nd: Roy Carter, Clara Klees, Elsie Strelow, Marie Klees, Lester Carter, Betty Henderson, Milton Carter, Lois Kalowinski, Mildred Carter, Darlene Henderson and Norma Strelow.  Visitors to the school during the first month were: county school superintendent, Miss Isabella McCormick the county school nurse, Miss Peterson Helen Hefner, Geneva Gilson, Mrs. Frank Strelow, Frank Strelow, Earl Henderson, Dave McMillan and Paul Strelow.
Franklin No. 7 Lulu Leet  
Franklin No. 9 Paul Pufahl Students having perfect attendence for the first month of school:  Donald Huffman, Helen Ralston, Keith Huffman, Walter White, Marjorie Ralston, Howard Dickson, Betty White, Freda Dickson, Roberta Ralston, Eugene Huffman, Edmund White, Ralph Huffman, Dale Ralston and Ila White.
French Creek No. 2 Mrs. Mabel Ashbacker  
French Creek No. 4 Ruth Siekmeier  
French Creek No. 5 Gertrude Laughlin  
French Creek No. 6 Violet Shefelbine  
Hanson, Makee twp. Alice Wheat  
Helming, Union Prairie twp. Orella Thomas  
Iowa No. 2 Elizabeth Rouster Enrollment this year is 12. Students having perfect attendence for the first month of school: Robert Breeser, Melita Pottratz, Ralph Solberg and Violet Solberg.  Raymond Burke got 100% on the montly history test, and Marvin Pottratz got 100% in the music test. 
Iowa No. 3 Della Freilinger  
Jefferson No. 1 Ella Straate  
Jefferson No. 2 Mrs. Gladys Evans  
Jefferson No. 3 Mrs. Martha McShane  
Jefferson No. 4 Kathryn M. Ryan  
Jefferson No. 6 Elvira Brandsmeier and Vivian Walters  
Jefferson No. 7 Catherine C. Ryan  
Lafayette Center Lucile Guider  
Lansing No. 3 Bernice Herman  
Lansing No. 4 Mary Plein Frieda Schellhammer and Ruth Wendel are our new beginners.   Students having perfect attendence for the first month of school: Lee Thorpe, Betty Thorpe, Zane Thorpe, Gene Thorpe, Dell Thorpe and Nina Jean Ewing.  The following got 100% in their 1st months exams:  Mary Ferring, arithmetic, history & geography Lee Thorpe, civics and hygiene Betty Thorpe, civics and hygiene Gene Thorpe, arithmetic Helga Schellhammer, arithmetic and Curtis Olson, arithmetic. Visitors during the month:  Curtis & Gerald Ewing, Norene Bateen, Leta Thorpe, Margaret Ferring and Edward Plein.
Lansing No. 5 Clara Hefty Students having perfect attendence for the first month of school:  Mary Strub, Dolores Strub, Theresa Strub, Leonette Strub and Rita Batteen.  Visitors this month:  Edith Perrinton, and Mrs. Pius Hess & little son.
Lansing No. 6 Helen Bieber  
Linton No. 2 in section 4 Stacia Rose  
Linton No. 4 Glenna Albrook  
Ludlow No. 1 Florence Sherman Doroles Soride treated the school to muskmelons one day last month. Willard Goeke attended Cattle Congress at Waterloo & helped judge some cattle.  He gave us an interesting report on his trip. Dolores Soride, Ruth Kugel and Charles Cooks received from 97-92% averages.   Clifford Soride celebrated his 8th birthday Oct 13th & treated the school to homemade candy.
Ludlow No. 2 Dorothy Flage  
Ludlow No. 3 Mrs. Sarah Kiesau  
Ludlow No. 4 Kenneth O'Brien  
Ludlow No. 5 Gladys Ludeking  
Ludlow No. 6 Helen McCabe  
Ludlow No. 8 Alice Hager  
Lybrand, Post twp. Ethel Yarwood  
Lycurgus, Makee Twp. Adeline Bechtel and Alice L. Collins  
Northwest, Paint Creek twp. Mrs. Herman Thompson  
Paulk, Makee twp. Ruby Olson  
Prairie, Lafayette twp. Alphild Pladsen  
Russell, Lafayette twp. Helen Broderick  
Southwest, Union Prairie twp Louise Bieber  
Village Creek, Lafayette twp. Anna Munz Students neither absent or tardy this month: Kathleen Pettit, Julia Pettit, Walter Hill, Melvin Hill, Carl Spores, Marcelia Spores, Herman Spores, Maxine Spores, Kathryn Spores, Delbert Russell and Orville Bratrud.  We have only one beginner this year, Kathryn Spores.
Waterloo Ridge, Waterloo twp Raphael Teff  
Wheatland, Union City twp. Melintha Roe The following pupils had perfect attendence this month:  Elmer Meyer, Elmer Heitmann, Gladys Heitmann and Kermit Stehr.  The following got 100% in some of their examinations:  Kermit Stehr, Margaret Luettchens, Harold Bemberg, Dorothy Beneke, Selma Renk, Norma Hagen and Gladys Heitmann.  We had the following visitors this month:  Isabella McCormick, Anna Bizer, Mrs. Adelia Stehr, Olga Stebr, Delores Heitmann and Fremon Meyer.

~source: Waukon Republican and Standard, Wednesday, October 18, 1933
~transcribed by S. Ferrall for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb

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