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Ludlow No. 8
SW corner of Section 27, Ludlow twp.

~the data on this page was contributed by Cindy (Maust) Smith


Health notes
Postville Herald
, Thursday, October 27, 1921, Postville, Iowa, page 1

The Health Crusader Chores is being actively taught in a large number of the rural schools with the most splendid results. The teachers who have not as yet taken up the Health Crusade work in their schools, materials may be obtained by writing to the Iowa T.B. Association, 518 Century Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa., and they will send materials with detailed information relative to how the work may be attractively taught.

Martha Kugel of Ludlow No.8 has given a very fine report of what the pupils are doing along the lines of health. All the pupils who Mrs. Gronlid found had physical defects have had them corrected.

The pupils enjoy doing the Health Chores, each day, because they believe that it makes for better health and happiness and in a short time they will be 100 percent physically fit.

Mrs. Hopkins of Ludlow No.2 has given a similar report. The pupils are doing splendid work because they believe health keeping and doing makes for a better chance to do more efficient work.

Our Health Code
A good American tries to gain and keep his health.

1. Morning, noon and night I will clean my teeth.
2. I will breathe pure air.
3. I will breathe pure air, chew slowly and thoroughly.
4. I will drink plenty of pure water.
5. I will think happy thoughts.
6. I will sleep at least 10 hours each night.
7. I will always remember to be a true, loyal citizen; therefore I must keep a pure mind and a pure body.
8. Cleanliness is the key note.

H. Gronlid, county nurse



School Notes from Ludlow No. 8
Postville Herald, Thursday, November 29, 1934, Postville, Iowa, page 7

On Hallowe'en the children presented a short program after which games, stunts and contests were enjoyed. Each pupil received a mask and a bag containing peanuts, apples, popcorn balls, and marshmallows. We roasted the latter on the the lot adjoining the playground. Little LaVon Opfer was our guest of honor.

Those having the highest average for the second six weeks are: Joan Kruger, 99; Roland Koehring and Leo Flage tied for fourth place with an average of 94.

Our director Mr. Flage, donated an organ to our school. We wish to express our appreciation.

Those receiving 100 in spelling this period are: Roland Koehring, Ralph Shafer, Ralph Renne, Leon Letchford, Reuben Adam and Irvin Flage. Those who have had a perfect record so far this year are: Roland Koehring, Ralph Shafer, Leon Letchford and Reuben Adam.

The following pupils received a half-holiday for being neither absent nor tardy the past six weeks: Leo Flage, Irvin Flage, Roland Koehring, Joan Kruger, Ralph Shafer and Leon Letchford.

Our health contest ended this six weeks. Irvin Flage and Ralph Shafer tied for first place and Albert Flage and Roland Koehring tied for second.

The lower grades in manual training class are making a sewing box for the girls and a handy box for the teacher. Work has begun on a three-story birdhouse.

We now have nine pupils and our teacher on our dental honor roll.

Albert Flage received a booklet for having read ten library books.

Our bulletin board has been decorated for Thanksgiving.

The fifth grade has completed its transportation and poem books.

Visitors the past few weeks are: Mrs. Luebka, Lorna Mae and LaVon Opfer.

Frances Thornton and Albert Flage are making wooden shoes and a windmill for their Holland project.

Our teacher has been reading "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" for opening excercises.

Ludlow No.3 defeated us in a kittenball game Friday afternoon. The score was 35 to 31. We expect to play them again and also Ludlow No.5.

Our school is being used by the community for play practice. Watch for the date of their play, "So You're From Missouri."

Alice Wheat, teacher



School Notes from Ludlow No. 8
~Postville Herald, Thursday, February 28, 1935, Postville, Iowa, page 7

We have now completed our fourth six weeks period. The following pupils received a half-holiday for having been neither absent nor tardy: Reuben Adam, Leo Flage, Roland Koehring, Irvin Flage, Ralph Shafer and Albert Flage.

Leon Letchford, Ralph Shafer, Irvin Flage and Reuben Shafer received bookmarks for six weeks of perfect attendance.

We had a short program on Lincoln's birthday. We found the story, "The Face in the Horn - Book," in the February issue of the Child Life very interesting.

We are working industriously on our pieces for the declamatory contest. We are going to have a contest in our own school first with three ladies of the district as judges. The following selections will be given:

"The Peter Noster" - Ruth Shafer
"Somebody Did" - Joan Kruger
"Watching Papa Shave" - Leo Flage
"Dr. Johnson's Picture Cow" - Roland Koehring
"We Ain't Scared of Pa" - Ralph Shafer
"The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat" - Reuben Shafer
"Back to School" - Irvin Flage
"The Watermelon" - Reuben Adam
"The Owl and the Pussy Cat" - Albert Flage

We enjoyed our valentine party very much.

The new songs we have learned in music class are: "My Banjo," "Lightly Row" and "The Frog and the Mouse."

We have devoted our time in art classes this month to the making of valentines and Lincoln and Washington booklets.

The fifth grade has been making a study of the edelweiss, a small white flower which grows in Switzerland. Some very good free hand drawings were made also.

Albert Flage, our only eighth grade pupil, wrote the examinations in Waukon.

Roland Koehring and Reuben Shafer represented our school at the township spelling contest. As our teacher was on the committee, school was dismissed that afternoon at one-thirty.

Leo and Irvin Flage received a reward for having perfect attendance for twenty-four months.

Joan Kruger received a spelling booklet for having one hundred perfect spelling lessons.

Leon Letchford failed to make the turn while sliding down Opfer's hill. He dashed over a ten foot embankment down into the rock quarry. Although severly bruised he was able to remain in school.

Irvin Flage, Ralph Shafer and Roland Koehring were exempt in all the semester tests for having an average above ninety so far this year. Reuben Adam and Joan Kruger had to take only one test.

Irvin Flage has been suffering from a sprained wrist which he received when he fell on the ice.

Mrs. Alice Duvel, teacher



School Notes from Ludlow No. 8
Postville Herald, Thursday, October 3, 1935, Postville, Iowa, Page 6

The pupils of Ludlow No. 8 started a new school year in a new atmosphere. During the summer the school had been painted inside and out, a new arrangement of furniture made, and new framed pictures hung. We are now having a crusade against dirt in an effort to keep our school house as attractive as we found it.

After we received our new books that we bought with a part of our standard money, we spent one vocational period filling our book case. Another of these periods was spent making our notebooks attractive and in good order by making index sheets for each study.

The following were chosen as officers of our "Wide Awake Club," President, Robert Koehring; vice president, Ralph Schafer; secretary, Reuben Shafer; treasurer, Irvin Flage; and news reporters, Joan Kruger and Ruth Shafer. The diaries kept by our reporters help greatly in writing our reports.

Our bird attendance chart is progressing famously. One day thirty-one different kinds of birds were seen.

We are so proud of our butterfly collection that we bought a new glass for the case.

Our outside activity this month was a hike, combined with a study of birds and butterflies.

Those who had perfect attendance record are: Joan Kruger, Roland Koehring, Ralph Schafer, Irvin and Lee Flage. Everyone received at least one reading certificate, while Ralph Schafer earned a spelling certificate that gave him certificates enough to get a spelling pin. Roland Koehring also earned a spelling certificate.

This month we had several visitors, some who came especially to see the new interior decorations; why don't you? We'd enjoy having you. Come whenever you like. You're always welcome.

We have worked hard. You ought to see our notebooks. But we are going to work harder. Our new motto is "What is worth doing, is worth doing well."

Lois Bollman, teacher



School Notes from Ludlow No. 8
Postville Herald, Thursday, October 1, 1936, Postville, Iowa, page 7

Friday, Sept. 11th marked the close of our first six weeks of school. If it had not been for our six week exams we would have hardly realized that six weeks of our school year have gone by.

We have enrollment of nine pupils. Eight of the pupils earned perfect attendance certificates for the first month. Ralph Renne, due to illness had to miss school. Roland Koehring, Ralph Shafer and Irvin Flage also earned perfect spelling certificates.

The pupils having an average of 90 or over for the first six weeks are: Roland Koehring, Ralph Shafer, Irvin Flage, Jean Shafer and Joan Kruger. We hope that more of us will have our names on the honor roll next time.

In music we have learned one of our new choir songs "The Slumber Boat." During our nature study periods we have made bird booklets. In connection with our hygiene work we have made health posters which are now on the wall. We also have some very nice specimens of free hand drawings.

On Friday, September 4th, teacher and pupils enjoyed a hike in the neighboring bluffs. One day our teacher surprised us all with a treat of watermelon which we enjoyed very much.

We have had only one visitor, Leon Letchford, up to this time. We like visitors and hope that we will have many more this school year.

Edith Fiet, teacher


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