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New Albin High School
Class of 1929

Class of 1929, New Albin HS
New Albin HS Class of 1929

Back row L-R: Belva Higgins, Elizabeth Rouster, John McCormick, Gretta Lager, Arthur Stevens, Zeta Crowley, Milton Zelinski, Ina Gantenbein and Harold Jordan
Front row L-R: Earl Ryan, Mae Sires, Merlin Higgens, Florence Waters, Harold Bellows and Louise Weymiller

~contributed by Errin Wilker


1929 Commencement Memories

"Commencement Memories" booklet of Mae Sires - cover

Mae Sires Graduation Memories - Mile Posts

Mile Posts

Name Mae Sires
Address New Albin
Born at Dorchester, Iowa, March 24, 1910
Entered school at Dorchester, Iowa, September 1914, age 7
My first teacher was Miss Fitzgerald
Graduated from Grammar school May 24, 1925 at new Albin, Iowa, age 15
Entered High School at New Albin, Sept. 1925
Graduated age 19
My hopes and plans for the future: To become a Nurse

Mae Sires Graduation Memories - My Class

My Class

President - Harold Bellows
Vice-president - Arthur Stevens
Secretary - Mae Sires
Colors - Lavender and Gold
Flower - Rose
Motto "A Place in the Rank Awaits Us"

Mae Sires Graduation Memories - My Classmates

My Classmates

Zeta Crowley 'Sara' wants to be a nurse
Belva Higgins 'Stub'
Elizabeth Rouster 'Liz' wants to be a teacher
Louise Weymiller 'Lully'
Gretta Lager 'Greta'
Ruth Imhoff 'Ruthie' wants to be a nurse
Florence Waters 'Flossy' wants to be a teacher
Ina Gantenbein 'Friz' wants to be a mama
Mae Sires 'Patchy' wants to be a nurse
Arthur Stevens 'Swede' wants to be a Ho-Bo-
Harold Jordan 'Hosky' wants to be everything
Merlin Higgins 'Snooky' wants to be a doctor
Milton Zelinski 'Milt' wants to be a papa
Earl Ryan 'Pudge' wants to be a aviator
John McCormick 'Mick'
Harold Bellows 'Bellows'

Mae Sires Graduation Memories - My Teachers

My Teachers

Mr. A. Bogen - physics, geometry, algebra & civics
Miss Messer - literature & history
Miss Humphrey - bookkeeping, literature, history & english

Other Teachers

Miss Cannon
Miss Reid
Miss Niclai
Miss Angle
Miss Dorman
Miss Bock
Mr. Conen
Mr. Dankle
Miss Child vs Mrs. E. Reiser
Miss Turman
Mr. Ruff
Miss Fitzgerald
Mr. Paddock
Harvy Paulson 'Glass eye'

Mae Sires Graduation Memories - Athletics


Attended sectional tournament at Monona and won prizes. Big banquet held in honor of the boys

Town gang including High School boys and other boys

Stars - "Rev Gable's Team 1929"

Art Stevens
Milt Zielenski
Snooky Higgins
Hooky Jordan
Harold Bellows
Duffy Kelly
Herbie Zarvill
Stan Irons
Roy Gantenbein

~contributed by Errin Wilker "This booklet belonged to my grandaunt, Eleanor "Mae" Sires, who graduated from New Albin High School in 1929"


1929 Class Holds First Gathering

New Albin High School’s graduating class of 1929 held their first reunion Sunday, Aug. 11, at the Party House, La Crosse, with a noon luncheon. The afternoon was spent reminiscing, taking pictures and reading letters from those unable to attend. Rev. Milton Zielenski was master of ceremonies. Plans were discussed for another reunion in 1964 including classes ‘26 through ’31, to be held at New Albin.

Attending were Rev. and Mrs. Milton Zielenski, Overland, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Meyer, Spring Grove, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Zarwell, Eitzen, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Higgens, La Crosse; Mr. and Mrs. Morris Westervelt, (Louise Weymiller) Webster City; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gee, Lansing; Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Marks (Ruth Imhoff), Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Darling, Gertrude Ghelf, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Crowley (Mae Sires), New Albin; Mrs. Florence Waters Kinley, Mrs. Loretta Waters Cassidy, Harpers Ferry; and Mrs. Ina Gantenbein Fitchen, Dubuque.

~newspaper clipping, August 1963
~contributed by Errin Wilker


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