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It is with a feeling of pride that we note that H.H. Schroeder has been elected principal of the Lansing schools, to succeed Ex-state Supt. Knoepfler who resigned to accept a position in the State University. Herman, as he is familiarly called, is one of the brightest boys that ever left our schools, is a deep student, and we predict will make Lansing one of the strongest teachers they ever had. He will complete the course at Cornell college this week, and according to one of the Lansing papers is soon to become a benedict.
~Guttenberg Press, June 20, 1900, Guttenberg, IA, pg 5


Waukon - Trouble is brewing here over the efforts of County Superintendent elect Wilbur L. Peck to hold the office without the teacher's certificate required by the new law. The present incumbent, John E. Mills, will fight the case in the courts and counter proceedings will follow. Peck is a teacher in a private normal school here and holds no certificate of any sort. He bases his contention on the fact that he has his certificate of election from the county auditor.
~Tama Northern, January 11, 1907, Gladbrook, IA, pg 2


Whether school boards have authority to circumscribe the liberties of boys and girls outside of school hours must be decided by County Superintendent Peck, Allamakee county, to whom an appeal has been taken from the ruling of the board at Waterville, wherein school officials have ordered that all pupils refrain from attending dances and the like on the evenings of school days, or where school days follow such evenings, and recently one of the pupils attended a dance on an evening preceding a school day. The matter created considerable argument pro and con, and finally resulted in charges being filed against the school board. The county superintendent has taken the matter under advisement.
~Wright County Monitor, December 7, 1927, Clarion, IA, pg 3


Our county superintendent elect, Miss Isabella McCormick, was accorded a tremendous ovation Thursday evening says the Waterville correspondent of the Waukon Democrat, when about 300 of her friends gathered in the school gymnasium to tender their respects and congratulations on the successfull full issue of her campaign.
~Waukon Democrat reprinted in the Postville Herald, Thursday, May 29, 1930, pg 8


The superintendents and coaches connected with the town schools of Allamakee assembled at Landmark last Wednesday evening and enjoyed a 6:30 dinner and a social time. The following were in attendance: Supt. B.K. Orr, Waukon; Supt. Carroll and J.W. Steele, Postville; Supt. Willard, New Albin; Supt. Rickansrud, Lansing; Supt. Hetzler, Harpers Ferry; Supt. Ortale, Waterville; and Profs. Goede, Warnock and Wright, Waukon.

~Postville Herald, Thursday, May 18, 1933, pg 5


At the county convention of presidents of all school boards held at the courthouse in Waukon Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Isabella Whalen, the incumbent, was re-elected as county superintendent of schools for another three-year term.

A full attendance of the 25 delegates was present and there was placed in nomination besides Mrs. Whalen, the names of Minnie Opfer of Waukon and Mrs. Culbertson of Waterville. Seven ballots were required to make a selection, the final vote being 13 to 12 for Mrs. Whalen.

Louis L. Hill, Postville, Ellison Orr, Waukon, and R.G. Miller, Lansing were re-elected as members of the county board of education for a six-year term, without opposition. The three hold over members of this board are Mrs. A. Rudnick, New Albin, Mrs. L.L. Boardman of Harpers Ferry and Theodore Gronna of Waterville.

During Mrs. Whalen's administration the expenses of her office have undergone a continuous reduction from year to year. The average expense per year for the last three years of her predecessor's tenure in the office cost the taxpayers $5,882, while the average cost per year for the five years Mrs. Whalen has held office amounted to $4,169, or a saving of $1,713 per year. In addition she has used but a trifle more than half of the expense money allotted her office.

Oelberg Elected in Clayton - There was no dearth of candidates in Clayton county for the office of county superintendent of schools, four men and three women seeking the position, which was filled Tuesday of this week. Harold Oelberg, former superintendent of the Monona public schools, but now located at Hazelton, received the election.

Meyer Re-elected in Fayette - L.G. Meyer was re-elected county superintendent of schools for fourth term in Fayette Tuesday at the county convention of school executives.

Winneshiek Re-elects Stone - There was no contest for county superintendent in Winneshiek, Mr. Stone being re-elected Tueday, by the convention.

~Postville Herald, Thursday, May 14, 1936, Postville, IA, pg 1

1948 County Board Of Education

Louis L. Hill of Postville was elected president of the newly created Allamakee county Board of Education at the first meeting of that group Monday afternoon at Waukon. He will hold the office for a term of two years.

Drawing for the terms of office for the various board members resulted as follows: Walter Hagen of Waterville drew the one-year term; David Flage of Ludlow and Mrs. Lester Ellingson of Waukon drew three-year terms, while Mrs. Augusta Rudnick of New Albin and Mr. Hill drew the five-year terms. Hereafter, at each year's school election members of the county board of education will be elected for six-year terms.

At its meeting Monday the board re-elected M.H. Goede as county superintendent of schools for a three-year term. Miss Anne Allison was re-elected rural supervisor for one year.

~Postville Herald, Wednesday, April 7, 1948, pg 1

1951 School Elections

Sylvan Hinrichs, incumbent, and H.O. Minegar elected directors for three-year terms. Mrs. Lester Ellingson was named to the Allamakee county board of education. Total of 652 votes cast.

~The Cedar Rapids Gazette, Tuesday, March 13, 1951, Cedar Rapids, IA, pg 7

1963 - D.E. Lodge, Superintendent of Schools Resigns

Duane E. Lodge has resigned his post as Allamakee county superintendent of schools effective January 1, 1964, to accept a position as director of lay activities with the Iowa State Education Association, Des Moines. The association (ISEA) is a professional organization of teachers in Iowa schools. In his capacity as director of lay activities, Lodge will work with the public and the legislature on matters of interest to the teacher members of the association.

On August 1 this year, Lodge completed his sixth year as superintendent of the county schools. He arrived in 1957, and in the first year of his administration the state ordered reorganization began. In a short period, all the former independent and consolidated districts within the county were reorganized into three major "community" school districts; the Allamakee Community, Eastern Allamakee Community and Postville Community districts.

Only Waterloo Ridge, Iowa River, Little Paint and Capoli I school districts remained outside the large districts. The Iowa River area was absorbed early, and on July 1 of this year, the Waterloo Ridge district consolidated with the Allamakee Community area.

In addition to seeing the growth of the large systems, Lodge saw the county special education program grow under his administration from one class in 1957 to five at the present time. The staff of the program has also been increased.

Lodge left the United States September 18 on a special education tour to Sweden. He will have about two months in Waukon after his return before he leaves for Des Moines.
~Postville Herald, Wednesday, October 2, 1963, pg 1


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