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8th Grade Graduates
Allamakee Rural schools
Right: cover of the program for the 10th annual 8th grade of rural schools for 1940. Transcription is below.......


Waukon High School Auditorium
Wednesday, May 29, 1940
Two o'clock

Concert: Waukon School Band - Darwin Maurer, Director
Baritone Solo: LaVerne Hansmeier
Talk: Bernice Weigel
Marimba Solo: Mary Jean Olson
Address: T.E. Beeman
Presentation of Diplomas and "I" Letters: Lois A. Grimm, County Superintendent of Schools


Edithmerle Evans, Jefferson #2
Marilyn Miller, Franklin #7
Walter Teff, Waterloo, Dorchester
Alfred Hilmo, Ludlow #2
Rita Lyons, Hanover #4
Miranda Olson, Center #7
Willard Kerndt, Center #2
Gene McCormick, Fairview #5
Eugene Herman, Makee, Paulk
Florence Saak, Union Prairie, Bell
Rosemary Krapfl, Taylor, Excelsior
Margaret Stabe, Lansing #6
John Carpenter, Hanover #1
Helen Ellingson, Hanover #4
Dorothy Schmidt, Union Prairie, Emmett
Cletus Hawes, Lafayette, Wexford
Rose Rita Hammel, Iowa #3
Newell Deters, Union City, Union


Elizabeth Gruber
Norman Rema
John Rema
Zola Reinhardt
Arlynn Swenson

Helene Baker
Lois O'Brien
Betty Dundee
Marganel Henkes
Marjorie Lawson
Madonnna Wilkins
Gertie Henkes

Beulah Brainard
William Enyart
George Oelberg
Hazel Gilson
Laurene Rose
Mary Carter
Earl Seitz
Elmer Rush
Frederick Miller
Lillian Mitchell
Jean Ann Miller
Palene Thornton
Russell Allert
Edmond White
Dale Ralston

Clarence Henry
Mary Lou Welsh
Elizabeth May
Arla Ebner
Mary Henry

Anna Mae Burroughs
Donald Fitzgerald
Thomas Gallagher
Thomas O'Hare
Donald Miller

Rose Mae Weymiller
Margaret Hammell
Robert Colsch

Marian Larkin
Beulah Lawson
Donald Kelly
Levi Johnson
Curtis Huffman
Gilbert Kurth
Loren Leas

Lorraine Feuerhelm
Marguerite Revoir
Marcella Manning
Lester Delaney
James Curran

Robert Maust
Lucille Moore
Ruth Rissman
Ernie Schellhammer
Helga Schellhammer
Alice Steffenson

Mary Margaret Lehn

Lorna Mae Nolte
Bernard Snitker
Calvin Henning
Doris Hager
Robert Fiet

Gladys Johnson
Dorothy Whalen
Betty Stafford
Raymond Troendle
Arlene Marti
Lorna Herman
Kenneth Roe

Janet Brainard
Virgil Harris
Robert Gruhn
Virginia Kalke
Carla Dickman
Lorna Ricker

Charlotte Evanson
Edna Monserud
Walter Hill
Goldy Crowley
John Meehan

Myrtle Mae Beardmore
Elizabeth Mauss
Berdell Meiners
Colleen Bulman

Nathan Burrows
Oliver Roderick
Carlton Hexom
Robert Nash
Mary Grady
Mary Rea

Betty Mae Quandahl
Bonnie Mae Lane
Theresa Schulte
Raymond Mahr
Garland Linde
Helen Doubek
Gerald Burke

~Booklet contributed by Cindy (Maust) Smith for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb
~Scan and transcription by Errin Wilker



Commencement excercises for rural eighth grade students of Allamakee will be held in the Waukon high school on Wednesday, May 26, at two o'clock. W.P. Knowlton of Decorah will deliver the commencement address and a special program has been arranged for the occasion by the new county superintendent, M.H. Goede.

Supt. Goede also announced that a meeting of the rural school directors will be held in the auditorium of the Waukon high school at 9:30 o'clock on the same day. Cameron Ross of the State Department will be present at this meeting to talk over problems arising from the all-out war effort in rural communities. All rural school directors are urged to attend this important meeting.

Among the graduation to receive their diplomas from this vicinity were:

Bernice Brainard, Evergreen school, Post township, who is on the honor roll of the class; others in Post township are: Cherrie Beisker, Highland; Mary Kay Thornton, Minert; Dorothy Mae Looney, South Grove, and Russell Harris, West Grove.

Ludlow township - Ruth Swenson, Ruby Snitker, Doris Bechtel, Howard Snitket, Joyce Snitker, Gertrude Henning, Harlan Stuckman, Norman Miller and Evelyn Snitker.

Franklin township - Roland Barr, Lorraine Berg, Marlin Berg, Alice Brainard, Charles Hammon, Gaylord Pape, Leo Carter, Mildred Carter, Ethel Cowell, Donald Havelick, Betty Wickham, Lavon Ewing, Dolores Gilson, Irene Mangels, LeRoy Winters, and Margaret Thornton.

~Postville Herald, May 19, 1943, Postville, Iowa, page 1
~transcribed by Cindy (Maust) Smith



County Superintendent of schools M.H. Goede of Waukon announces that 118 rural eighth grade students will be graduated at the 14th annual commencement to be held at Waukon next Monday afternoon, starting at (?):30 o'clock. Andy Woolfries, of Ames radio fame, will give the address.

Among the honor students are LaVonne Kugel of Ludlow No.1, Delores Kostman of Ludlow No.7 and Norma Johnson of Jefferson No.8. Other students of nearby schools who will graduate are :

Franklin Township: LaVerne Geno, Eileen Livingood, Chris Oelberg, Anna Mae Seitz, James Nelson, Catherine Ralston, William Bacon, Ruby Bachtel, Helena Mitchell and Irene Smith.

Ludlow Township: Wayne Hermeier, Elsa Mae Bahr, Leona Miller, Kenneth Flage, Jean Bauercamper, Erma Winkie, Jean Shafer, John Ludeking, Dorothy(?) Dundee, Dale Kiesau, Calvin Bechtel and Milo Kloke.

Post Township: Jean Heckman, Robert May, Robert Hoffman and Eugene Halverson.

Jefferson Township: Melbourne Johnson, Yvonne Kugel, Conrad White, Lorraine Hansmeier, Marvin Beisker, Lois Krugner, Richard Lonning, Shirley Huffman and Robert Smeby.

~Postville Herald, Wednesday, May 17, 1944, Postville, Iowa, Page 1
~All names were spelled as they were listed in the copy of the newspaper, some errors may exist
~transcribed by Cindy (Maust) Smith



Eighth Grade Graduation - Franklin, Ludlow & Post twp. rural schools
The fifteenth rural eighth grade commencement will be held on Monday, May 21, at two o'clock in the auditorium of the Waukon high school. At this time M.H. Goede, county superintendent, will present diplomas and certificates of admission to high school to 107 rural graduates. C.C. Denham, nationally known lecturer, will give the commencement address.

The following program will be presented. Processional, Robert Engrav; Invocation, Curtis Webster; Address of Welcome, Cecil Cook, Valedictorian; Men's Choral Club, Robert Engrav, director; Piano Solo, Mary Jean Olson; Address, C.C.Denham; Accordian Solo, Mary Zimmerman; Presentation of Diplomas.

Among the honor students to graduate is Phyllis Snitker, Ludlow No.3 school.

Eighth grade graduates from this corner of the county to receive diplomas are:

Franklin township, Leo Berg, Harva Oelberg, Roger Honn, James Cowell, Vernis Haberichter, Hilery Heins, Robert Webster, Lola Ewing, Charles Ewing, Lyle White, Avis Decker, Darlene Schlitter, Evelyn Smith

Ludlow township, Lulu Swenson, Gene Hermeier, Ronald Hesse, LaVon Opfer, Lloyd Snitker

Post township, Charlotte Bennett, Shirley Schlitter, Murtis Sander and Robert Bugenhagen

~Postville Herald, Wednesday, May 16, 1945, pg 1
~transcribed by Cindy (Maust) Smith



Rural 8th Graders Are Given Diplomas As School Year Ends
County Superintendent of Schools M.H. Goede presented diplomas to 99 rural eighth grade students of Allamakee county at annual graduation exercises held Monday afternoon at Waukon. Fifteen of the students were on the honor roll. Among these were Arleta Heins of Evergreen school, Post township, Harold Haberichter of Franklin No. 6 and Boyd White of Franklin No.11.

List of Graduates - Others from this part of the country in the graduating class were:

Post - Robert Bennett, Eugene Dreier, Ludwig Geiger, Leslie Jahnke, Highland: Ann Heckman, Donald Heckman, Minert: Donna Looney, John E. Looney, Marjorie Sander, South Grove, and Donald E. Bugenhagen, West Grove.

Ludlow - Gladys Flage, No.2; Shirley Hanke, No.3; Duane Duvel, Betty Henning, Robert E. Henning and Jean S. Klepper, No.4.

Franklin - Dean Johnson, No.8; C. Vernon Kelly, No.9; Evelyn Decker, Marcella Schlitter, No.11.

~Postville Herald, Wednesday, May 21, 1947, pg 1
~transcribed by Cindy (Maust) Smith



The eighth grade graduates of the rural schools for this vicinity of Allamakee county will be:

Franklin No.3 - Sara Oelberg, Leslie Livingood and Carl Thornton
Franklin No.6 - Clarence Haberichter, Dale Seitz and Louis Seitz
Franklin No.8 - Dave Fish, John Fish and Frankie Stanton
Franklin No.? - Lucille Ralston
Ludlow No.3 - Wayne Duvel and Shirley Snitker
Ludlow No.5 - Robert Hansmeier
Evergreen - Edgar Brainard and Doris Lawson
Minert - Robert Heckman

~Postville Herald, Wednesday, May 18, 1949, pg 1
~transcribed by Cindy (Maust) Smith


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