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Allamakee County in the Civil War
Chapter XI

War Record; Allamakee County Volunteers; Fifth, Twelfth and Twenty-Seventh Infantry; First, Sixth and Ninth Cavalry; Outline of Operations; Volunteer Roster of Allamakee County

History of Winneshiek and Allamakee Counties Iowa,1882
by W. E. Alexander
Sioux City, Iowa: Western Publishing Co., 1882
Reprinted by Winneshiek County Historical Society

The principal regiments of Iowa State troops in which Allamakee County volunteers served, were the 5th 12th and 27th Infantry, and the 1st, 6th and 9th Cavalry. A brief outline of their operations is given below.

The Fifth Regiment was mustered into the service in July, 1861, at Burlington, whence it went to Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, in August, and spent the fall and most of the winter at various points in Missouri. In February, 1862, it was sent southward, and took part in the operations at New Madrid, Island No. 10, Iuka, Corinth, Vicksburg, Jackson, Champion Hills, and Mission Ridge. At the expiration of its three years’ term of service it was disbanded, the veterans being transferred to the Fifth Iowa Cavalry.

The Twelfth Regiment was organized at Camp Union, Dubuque, in October and November, 1861, mustered into the service November 25, 1861, and shortly after went to Benton Barracks, St. Louis, where it remained until January 27, 1862, when it were ordered south. It immediately went to the front, under General Grant, with the force that caused the evacuation of Ft. Henry, and thence to Ft. Donelson where it was the first time in action, February 12, 13 and 14, 1862. In the first day’s fight at Shiloh, April 6, 1862, they were allowed to be surrounded, having had no orders to fall back, and after several hours desperate fighting were obliged to surrender, at 6 o’clock p.m., 16 men being killed and 98 wounded, among the latter being Col. Woods, severely. About 400 were captured and remained over six months in rebel prisons before they were paroled. Those who were not captured were immediately reorganized as Companies E and K of the "Union Brigade", and took a prominent part in the siege of Corinth, and in the battle of Corinth, in October following. About the first of April, 1863, the Regiment was reorganized at Benton Barracks, and immediately reported to General Grant in the field near Vicksburg. On December 25th, 1863, the regiment re-enlisted as veterans, and served until mustered out January 18, 1866, at Memphis, when they were ordered to Davenport for final pay and discharge, January 25th. The regiment participated in twenty-five engagements, viz: Fort Donelson, Shiloh, siege of Corinth, battle of Corinth, Jackson, Vicksburg, Jackson (siege and capture), Brandon, White River, Tupelo, Nashville, Brentwood Hills, Spanish Fort, besides twelve skirmishes at different dates. It was under fire 112 days, and marched 2,670 miles. Total miles traveled, 13, 809. The total number of causalities was 582, of which 95 were killed in action or mortally wounded, 217 died of disease, 22 died of disease caused by wounds, 247 discharged for disability and wounds, and one dismissal.

The Twenty-seventh Regiment was mustered into service at Camp Franklin, Dubuque, October 3, 1862. Companies A, B and I were largely recruited in this county. The regiment was first ordered into Northern Minnesota to superintend the payment of friendly Indians in that region, and thence to Cairo, Ill., thence to Mississippi, thence to Tennessee, thence to Arkansas, doing duty most of the year 1863 as provost guards, train guards and picket guards, except in September, when it assisted in the capture of Little Rock. March 10, 1864, the regiment moved from Vicksburg to take part in the Red River expedition, and assisted in the capture of Fort De Russey, March 14. At Pleasant Hill, April 9, the regiment came out with following casualties: Killed in action, 4; wounded, 70; missing, 14. In October and November, 1864, was in pursuit of Price through Missouri, and thence moved to Nashville, Tenn. Thence in February and March, 1865, to Cairo, New Orleans, and into Alabama, participating in the capture of Mobile, and in July to Vicksburg, St. Louis, and Clinton, Ia., where they mustered out August 7, 1865, having marched over 3,000 miles, and traveled by steamboat and rail over 10,000 miles. Its principal engagements were in the Red River expedition—Pleasant Hill and Old Oaks—Ditch Bayou, Ark., Cane Creek, Tupelo, Old Town Creek, Nashville, and Fort Blakely.

Of the service performed by the cavalry it is difficult to give a connected sketch, so much of it being by detached companies. The First Regiment operated in Missouri and Arkansas during 1862, doing good service against Quantrell and other guerrillas, and participating in the battles of Clear Creek, Prairie Grove, etc. During 1863 it was engaged in hot work in Arkansas a great deal of the time, making an excellent record. In 1864 the veterans were in Arkansas and Missouri, constantly scouting and skirmishing with guerrilla bands, participating in the campaign against Price and the battle at Boonville. In 1865 the regiment operated against Forrest in Tennessee and Mississippi, and went to Texas that summer. On the 19th of February, 1866, they left Austin, Texas, for Davenport, where they were discharged and paid off, in March.

The Sixth Cavalry was mustered in at Davenport early in 1863, and participated in several campaigns under Gen. Sully against the Indians in Dakota. They were mustered out in Sioux City October 17, 1865.

The Ninth was mustered in November 30, 1863, at Davenport, and proceeded to St. Louis, where it remained until May, 1864, when it was transported to Duvall’s Bluff, Ark., and the remainder of that year performed scouting, foraging and garrison service in that vicinity, with frequent engagements with guerrilla bands. The service during 1865 was similar, until the cessation of hostilities, when the companies were assigned stations at various points. The regiment was mustered out at Little Rock, Ark., in February, 1866.

The total number of men furnished by Allamakee county during the war was about eight hundred, or two hundred more than her quota. A complete list of them it is impossible to prepare at this day. The following is as nearly full and correct a roster as we have been able to make it from a through search of the Adjutant General’s reports, and consultation with those best posted in the matter. It numbers 805, but contains some repetitions because of the transfer of some men from one organization to another, and possibly contains a few names that belong to other counties. On the other hand, there are numerous omissions that cannot be supplied from any records we can obtain:


Abbreviation:---d, died; k, killed; pro, promoted

Co. C. – May, 1861

Wm. S. Orr, k, Atlantic, July 21, ’64
Hiram L. Wait
Geo. W. Smith
Jas Fulton, d, Macon, Ga, Sept 29, ’62.
Ruben Dinger, d, March, ’64.


Co. I

Richard Barrett


Co. K

Geo. H. Stevens, Capt., d, Port Hudson '63
E. B. Bascom, Capt.
Chas. A. Comstock, Capt.
Stephen W. Smith, 2nd Lieut., k, at Iuka, '62
Samuel A. Cooper
Nelson Clark
Davis Googins
Chas. V. Clark. d, Dec. 29, ’63
J. S. Gardner, k, Vicksburg
David Dewey
C. E. Walrath
S. H. Davis
W. W. Woodmansee
Homer Ellis, k, Iuka, ’62
J. W. Austin
John W. Holly
A. B. Travis
J. W. Hudson
Cyrus Miner
Joel. C. Hall
Christian Bartshe
John J. Caugh
Louis Brewer
Nicholas Klees
C. G. Beeler
Henry Fry
Wm. E. Gardner
W. Presho
C.G. Beeles

Paul M. Krohn
G. W. Botsford
W. E. Lytle, d, Iuka, ’62
C. W. Chery
Jas. W. Manson, d, Memphis, ’64
J. W. Cowles
A. J. Oyle
Henry Papka, d, Jefferson City
M. T. Sparks
Henry Pope
Wm. F. Stirts, k, Champion Hill, ’63
Nathaniel Philbrick
Michael Shindler
Wm. T. Powell
John W. Smith
M. D. Rublee
Andrew Soll
Chas. H. Lercrence
David D. Terrill
H. D. Spaulding
Newton E. Terrill
J. Sheidecker, k, Iuka, ’62
Edwin Taylor
S. C. Thomas
J. Wampler, d, Otterville, Mo.
J. A. Fosdick
Chas. Rannish
Jacob Ryder

Co. E

Franz Warner


Co. H

J. W. Phillips, Capt.
Edward Ryan
Samuel Barr
Hans Simenson
Joseph Lamont
Wm. A. Bentley
Jacob Olesen

Elias Randall
Garret Purcell
Hugh K. Phillips
James S. Smith
Franklin Morgan
L. W. Green
Hiram Clark, d. Oct., ’63
James M. Barr


Co. I

John S. Mather
George S. Rice.
Squire Mather
John Gemmell, d. Miss., ’63


Co. C

W. C. Earle, Capt., Col. 71st A.D.
Lyman H. Merrill, 1st Lieut, d, rebel prison, Montgomery,
May 29, 1862

J. H. Borger, 1st Lieut.
John D. Cole, 2d Lieut., 1st Lieut. Vet. R. C.
Elias Repp
Daniel Harbaugh, d Macon, Oct. 18, '62
Frank E. Hancock, d. Annapolis, Oct.27, ’62
J. D. Spaulding
Stephen Thibodo
Adam Decker
John Upstrom
Cornelius Denny
George Ibach
John Dowling
Wm. P. Winter
Isaac Edwards
Elisha J. White
Matthias Englehorn
John L. Bryant, d. Macon, ’62
D. P. Jennings
Josiah H. Butts
Ole Olesen.
George Calico, d. St. Louis, ’62
Charles C. Ogan.
L. B. Churchill
Edwin R. Perry, d. Annapolis, Nov. 20. '62
Henry Jones
Charles King, d. Macon, ’62
James W. Patterson, d. Memphis, ’64
Frank Klees
Ira E. Peck, d. Macon, ’62
Bryan McGuire
Peter Sjodin
Jasper J. Miner, d. St. Louis, ’61
Richard Schiffhauer
Frederick Monk
William Steeker
Alonzo Noyes
Robert Bathen
Charles H. Noyes, d. Macon, ’62
Samuel Kieven, d. Macon, ’62
Isaac Woodmansee
Edwin T. Greenup, D. Memphis, ’64
William M. White, d. Macon, ’62
Stephen H. Greenup
Edwin W. Wood.
Lawrence Hannon, d. Cairo, ’64
Stephen Wood.
Knud Iverson
C. Clevens, d. Macon, ’62
George F. Nye, d. Nov. 16, ’63
Geo. Candee.
M. H. Pratt
Erick Erickson.
Jacob Beisel
A. L. Barnhart, d, Memphis, ’64
Ansel E. Mann
Merrit J. Burt
Lewis Johnson
Levi Plank
Watson R. Hanscom, Captain
J. P. Jackson, 1st Lieut.
Hubbard Goodrich
George Bailey
George Ettle
L. D. Bearce
John Feidt
J. B. Beisel, d. ’65
Henry S. Fry
Wesley B. Bort
B. Ferguson
Madison J. Roe, d. Macon, ’62
D. F. Goodykoontz
H. R. Andrews
Hiram Hawkins
O. F. Adams
John Hughes
Gustavus Brock
I. B. S. Isted
Henry Kuck, d. Macon, ’62
Simeon Peck, d. Macon, ’62
Hans Knudtson
Charles E. Rowe
Aslak Larsen
Al J. Rogers, Sergeant-Major
August Lene, k. Tupelo, ’64
Charles Russell
Edward Lewis
Thomas Stack, d. St. Louis, ’62
Wm. F. Maynard, d. Vicksburg, ’63
Richard B. Sargent
Hugh McCabe
Carson Smith
Frank McKay
John Sohn, d. Paducah, ’62
Joseph Scott, d. St. Louis, ’61
John Olsen
Joseph Starts.
James McClintock
John J. Stillman, k, Donelson Feb 13, 1862
W. F. Sanner
Thomas Dowling
Knud Thronsen, d. Atlanta, ’62.
R. G. Pratt
Jesse Thayer.
C. S. Smith
Robert Wampler.
A. K. Bort
Kensel Larson
P. Bowe
James McDonald
Wm. L. Bailey
Francis A. Winter, k. Tupelo, ’64
Jo H. Huestis
Rufus B. Winter
Hans Knudson
Horatio Birnum
Orin E. Peck, d. Memphis, ’64
Oviatt D. Burlingame
John P. Peck
B. Oleson
F. H. Bartlett
Co. C *

A. C. Bushnell
A. L. Brown
D. W. Reed, Major 12th Regt.
John McElvain
Jacob M. Husted, d. Memphis, ’64
D. Shuburne

*Should this be Co. D?


Co. F

Abrain S. Heitcher

Co. G

S. M. N. Fladmark

Co. I

John Devine
John W. Miller, d. Memphis, ’64


Co. K

John Turlton
Frank Keizer
Henry C. Merriam
Isaac Mickey
Daniel Fagan
Henry Waldruff


Co. not Given

D. A. Walcott, d. Taladego ’65



James I. Gilbert, Colonel
P. J. Harrington, Sergt-Major
Charles A. Comstock, Adjutant
Darius C. Mather, Fife-Major
David N. Bordwell, Chaplain


Co. A

A. M. Haslip, Captian, d. Montgomery, July 3, '65
James A. Lyons, 2d Lieut.
C. S. Richardson, d. Jackson, Tenn., April 12, '63
Jedediah N. Granger, 1st Lieut., Capt.
Wm. H. Tuttle
Wm Crane
W. D. Harden, 2d Lieut.
James W. Blacker
Reuben K. Hall
Hezekiah Biggs
Charles O. Thompson
C. J. Bishop
James Patterson, d. Jackson, Tenn. ’63
Albert N. Bond
Richard Gates
John Pixley
Lucius Green
W. S. Raymond
D. Gardner
E. B. Raymond
Washington Gill
Charles Rumph, Lieut. A D
Henry Hill
Romain Ryder
Hiram Hawkins
John E. Randall
J. Y. Hawthorn
Ezra W. Reed
Wm. Hawthorn
George W. Sherman
Wm. V. Ingalls
Alonzo D. Stiles
Melvin E. Mann
Daniel H. Shaff
C. C. Marston, d. Jackson, Tenn. ’64
Wm. B. Slick
W. H. Morrison
Wm. Shroda
C. McMullen
L. M. Schriber
Linus Maxam
Charles W. Schriber
Milton D. Miller, d. Memphis ’64
Wm. Shortreed
C. F. Mitchell
E. M. Stephens
Lemuel Pratt
Junius Patterson, d. Memphis ’63 Wm. H. Crouch
G. B. Pratt, d. April 17 ’65
Charles M. Bailey
James Briar
John W. Pratt, 1st Lieut.
Henry Baker
Austin Kimberly
E. C. Ballard
James D. Maltbie
Elisha Cuney
Thomas McLenan
Alex F. Cooksey, d. Memphis ’64
F. B. R. Kussell, d. Tupelo, ’64
Charles N. Colburn
John J. Beedy
Wm S. Conner, k. Yellow Bayou ’64
Allen Blanchard
Daniel Cole
Truman Stoddard
John Chapman
George W. Allen
Reuben Daniels
O. C. Adams, d. Cairo ’63
S. G. Dodge
John D. Adams, d. Cairo ’62
T. B. Douglas
Wm. Barnoble
Joseph Damron
Samuel Dodson, d. Cairo ’62
Warren Baird, d. Little Rock ’63
Wm. J. Miller
Joseph B. Smith
Wm. T. Merrian, k. Old Town Creek ’64
Wm. A. Stewart
Jas W. McClasky, d. Memphis ’65
W. H. Thornburg
Meredith McGee
Geo. W. Topliff, d. Jackson, Tenn. ’63
Jas R. Newcomb
Alonzo Thornton
Wm. Niblock
Jefferson P. Thorp, d. Vicksburg '64
Hiram Ogg
David R. Walker
James Osborn, d. Memphis ’64
Wm. Wheeler, d. Prairie du Chien ’65
Jefferson Osborne, d. Dubuque ’62
Charles Cole, d. Memphis ’64
A. J. Patterson
Edward Conner
Wm. J. Savoie, d. Red River ’64
Elijah Perry, d. Memphis, ’64

Co. B

S. W. Hemenway, Capt.
Theo. Groezinger, 1st Lt.
Samuel O. Smith, 2d Lt. Capt.
Augustus Eck
J. D. Harrington
Joseph Green
Roan C. May
John Ginther
Jas. Ruth, Capt. Co. F. 6th Cav.
Geo. B. Goble
Wm. J. Hutson, 2d Lt.
Richard Griffin
Geo. W. Griswold, d. Wis., Jan., ’65
Peter Griffin
G. W. Hartshorn
E. J. Hutson, d. Jackson, Tenn., ’63
Wm. Bates
Hans Hanson, d. Cairo, Dec., ’62
S. W. Bates
Thos. B. Hall
G. Berdell, d. Jackson, Tenn
Robt. S. Jackson
N. Betsinger
John Kohr
H. Botsford
Jas. Langford
Dason Barnes, d. Jan., ’63
George McKee
Wm. Burnham
John Syres
Jas. H. May
Andrew Soderstrom
A. B. Marshall
John Strohm
George Melton
Wm. S. Sims. 2d Lt., d. Aug., ’65
Geo. H. Rose
D. Obert
C. W. Sells, d. Jeff. Barracks ’64
Peter Oleson
Daniel H. Wolcott
Edmund Peacock
Ole G. Anderson
Walter J. Pfaff
E. Churchill
A. Peterson, d. Nashville ’64
John Churchill, d. Memphis ’64
Phineas Smith
Wm. E. Jackson
S. Skjursen
J. Nielson, d. Memphis ’64
Chris. Schneider
Oscar Obert, d. La., ’64
Fred Schulze
John A. Peterson
Wm. Schulze
T. Roonsburg, d. Columbus, Ky., ’64
John Brannan
Frederick Price

Elisha Bennett
George Burgess
W. G. Coppernoll
Robt. H. Williams
Peter Conner, d. Memphis ’64
Robt. Baender
George Cornwall
J. T. Robinson
Stephen Dobbs
John Corell, 1st Lt.
C. R. Dodds
Julius Nelson
Frisbie Davis
Levi Donnor, D. Wis., Nov., ’63
John Dignan
N. D. Hutson
Robt. Pennel
H. P. Harding, d. Ft. Snelling, Dec. ’63
Ole Anderson
John Hermanson
T. A. Anderson
S. J. Hartshorn
John Alcorn
Joseph Hawes
Isaac Alcorn
Pulaski Hughes
John S. Monk
John Pharp
John Moyer, d. at Memphis, ’63
Isaac Wightman
R.D. McKnight
Wm. H. Harrison
C. H. Maxwell
Franklin Melton
Nelson Milks, d. Memphis ’64
J. W. Osgood, d. Bayou Cotille Apr. ’64
John Myers
Milton T. Reed, d. Jackson, Tenn. ’63
William Dubois
Emil Roese
Job Ellsworth, d. Memphis ’64
Wm. Roese
Peter Hector
Richard Roese
Francis B. Hale, d. Memphis ’64
R. Ruprecht
Andrew Hector
Emil Stangier
M. Anderson
H. Strong, d. Lansing, Jan., ’64
Aretus W. Butler
William Strong
Wm. E. Gardner
F. F. Sturtevant
Amon Iverson
Wilhelm Schmidt
Thomas C. Medary
Erick Iverson
Perry Reed, d. Louisville ’65

Co. C

Alden E. Wolcott
Wm. Barnes
James Barnes


Co. E

Warren Clough
W. R. Reed
M. N. Hancock


Co. F

Harvey Sargent
Alex Wandle


Co. H

Walter F. Rich
C. M. Stockwell
E. S. Stockwell


Co. I

Geo. R. Miller, Capt.
Frank H. Robbins, 2d Lieut.
Edwin A. Sherburn, 1st Lieut., Capt.
John A. Pool
Thos. B. Wiley
Martin Battle
James Bryson
Lewis S. Beall
J. H. Boorn
Alex Bryson
Jackson McClintock
J. N. Barlow
Jared Brown, d. Jackson, Tenn., ’63
T. J. Coffman
A. E. Colegrove
Samuel Craig, k. Pleasant Hill, Pa.
Thos. W. David
Gardner Clough
Geo. Harvey
Jas. H. Coffman
Daniel Eells
Alfred Smith
J. S. Fuller
Daniel Tracy
Chris. Fossum
A. Tannehill, d. Jeff. Barracks. ’65
Henry Gast
C. N. Wheeler
L. Haskell, d. Jackson, Tenn., ’63
Geo. Watkins
J. L. Mattock
David Dial
E. McClintock
Lorenz Poesch
J. F. Oglevie
L. W. Scott
A. B. Conner
Lewis Lewis
H. H. Pettit
Daniel H. Wolcott

Henry Geesen
Jas. Beall, d. Columbus, Ky., ’64
S. W. Moody, d. Memphis, ’62
Henry Case
Frank Holman
Calvin H. Beall, d.------
E. Gillett
Chas. Beeumer, d. Jackson, Tenn., ’63
Jesse Burgess
Solomon Babesck
Seth Craig
Wm. T. Stull
Michael Casey
James Stanley, d. Memphis, ’63
Elias Dubes
David M. Scott
Harvery Eells
Jas. Skipworth
Tiffany Eells, d. Jackson, ’63
A. Sawvell
P. Hulverson
A. P. Beeman, d. April 3, ’64
Hans Johnson
Frank Clark
J. S. Mitchell
Jas. McClintock
A. McClintock
Robt. E. Noble
J. G. Moore, d. Jackson, Tenn., ’63
H. L. Lewis, k. Old Town Creek ’64
W. J. Pardee, k. Pleasant Hill, ’64
Alden E. Wolcott
J. H. Pettit
Peter Lewis
L. A. Powell, d. Jackson ’63
S. S. Robinson
E. Peabody, d. Jackson ’63
J. Henry Robbins, d. Davenport ’64
J. Pinkerton, d. Memphis ’62
Oliver A. Ross

Co. K

Chas. T. Granger, Capt.
Asa Bradway
Theo. C. Granger
H. M. Harris



Co. A

Jerome Callahan
Kichard Hardy
A. Granaham
Neil McCaffrey




Co. A

Bryon Pettit, d. Memphis ’64

Co. K

Thos. H. Barnes, 1st Lieut., Capt.
James Russell, 2d Lieut., Capt.
Chas A. Granger
Robt. E. Granger, k. Arkansas ’63
Samuel Jameson
Morris Granger
Alex. McClasky
John L. Gardner
D. M. Minert
J. M. Truman
Samuel Harris
John A. Bailey
E. W. Hurlbut
C. G. Carpenter, k. Centralia ’64
D. T. Durbon
Geo. K. Masiker
Hiram H. Mayne
Jesse B. Shelhamer
Leonidas Ogg
Jesse Thayer
Chas. E. Roe
Walter H. Wheeler, d. Little Rock ’64
C. A. Robey
Wm. Servoss, d. Helena, Ark ’64
Peter Chambers
Jas. Lyons (2d Lt. Co. A. 27th Inf)
Geo. McClasky
Albert Lyons
John Crawford
--------- Filley
Cornelius Miller
Geo. Robinson

Jas. Wood, d. Forsyth, Mo., ’63
John Israel
Jas. Chambers
Chas Anderson
A. J. Case
E. E. Collins
W. W. Carpenter, 1st Lieut.
Daniel Cheadle, d. on way home
Alex. Graham
Barron Edwards
Geo. Lewis
D. P. Jennings
Frank Pease
B. B. Rathburne
Lewis Reid
Hiram Hackenburg
H. O. Burger
F. J. Howard
John Douglass
Geo. M. Josyln, d. Little Rock ’64
Elias Reynolds
Geo Ehll, d. Little Rock ’64
B. G. Stanley
Albert Burgess, k. Austin, Tex., ’65
Allison Adams, d. Little Rock ’64
Stephen Harris
John Post, d. Postville
Moses Bollman
J. W. Kinsley
Palmer Dobson
Washington McNutt
Samuel Stillions
Wm. H. Saucer

Co. M

Francis A. Doray
John M. Smith


Company Unknown

John Blein
Chas. P. Crocker




Co. F

Scott Shattuck, Capt.
Jas. Ruth, 1st Lt., Capt.
A. H. McKallor, 2d Lt.
A. M. Kaufman
Chr. Dundee, d. Dakota ’65
E. A. Allen
Samuel C. Gibbs
John T. Beetem
S. S. Farnham
Chas L. Beetem
Andrew Baldwin
Rush Bellows
S. C. Marsh
Jas. U. Baker
Fred Legler, d. Dakota ’64
Hiram Booth
Samuel C. Carr
John Ki’illay
L. Callendar
George W. Miller
George Echsten
M. McFadden
Christopher Potter
Joseph H. Strain
J. R. Pritchard
W. H. Sammon
Chas. H. Raymond
L. P. Stillman
R. Wier, d. Davenport ’62
John Williamson
A. Burgess, d. Dakota
J. Mobley
Joseph Hartley
Wm. J. Ruth

Henry A. Post
Chas H. Bellows
M. V. Beede
H. E. Braymin
Edward Ruth
D. A. Blake, D. Dakota ’65
Patrick Downes
A. J. Butts
Wm. Fitzgerald
Jas. S. Bingay
John Ehnes
Chas. Merrill
Patrick Ford
Wm. Maxwell
F. F. Gilman
Wm. Monk
Patrick Healy
Andre Oleson
Ben. Howard
John F. Pitt
Alfred Jarvis
Philip I. Pierce
Anton Steimer
John Toole
Lewis Speicher
Jas. Thompson
C. M. D. Wagner, k. White Stone, Dakota ’63
S. Eells, d. Davenport ’62
George Bellows
John Hartley
Leander Ferris
John Ruth, d. Dakota ’65
John Bones
J. Mobley

Co. K

Elijah O. Esty

Co. Unknown

Wm. Cowen
Chauncey McCoy
Thos. H. Dodd
James H. Milks
Harden Jarvis
Job. D. Milks
Robert Winn, d. Dakota




Co. E

George M. Dean, Capt.
Albert H. Peck, 2d Lt., 1st Lt.
Simeon Smith, d. Duvall’s Bluff ’62
Aaron Scranton, d. St. Louis ’64
Jas. W. Smith
O. Van Valkenburg
John T. Rinehart
Wm. H. Williams
Gideon Franklin, d. Austin, Ark., ’64
David G. Wilson, d. St. Louis, ’64 (?)
Phillip Bailey
Henry Wilson
Jesse F. Becker
Edward Ryan
F. E. Clough
Henry B. Able
J. K. Engelhorn
Joseph Kappes
J. A. Morehead
Simon Simonson, d. Austin, ’64
Nelson B. Mann

Carl Schultze, d. Jefferson Barracks, '64
Grandison Able
Daniel Sires
John Griffin
John Stillions, d. Duvall’s Bluff ’64
J. K. Rinebait
John W. Smith
George C. Halsey
Chas. Williamson
Orin C. Halsey
-------- ------- Dagle
George Hackenburg
-------- -------Dagle
Neils Knudtson
George J. Pettit
John H. Kinning, d. Duvall’s Bluff '64
D. B. Roderick
Samuel L. Rush
Adam Lingerfelt
Russell K. Ross
Louis Schultze

Co. F

Samuel J. Davis, 2d Lieut., 1st Lieut.
H. Ingebritson (dec’d)
Geo. R. Peacock
Peter D. Hanser
Peter Banks
T. Johnson, d. Little Rock, ’65
Geo. W. Barker, d. St. Louis, ’64
Geo. W. KrohnOno Clark
W. W. Lampman, d. St. Louis, ’64
Philip Cullens
Thomas Hall

Michael Mahony
Josiah Curran
Harmon Martin
Thos. Carey
John Nelson
Orin Deremo
Tollef Oleson, Sr.
T. Engebretson
Tollet Oleson, Jr., d. Duvall’s Bluff, ’64
John P. Quinlan
Frank Peterson

Co. Unknown

John V. Hazlett
Hans Anderson, d. Keokuk, ’64




Co. I

A. R. Prescott (pro 2d Lt., Co. F)
Wm. Dickson
Wm. R. Johnson
Wm. Harris
John F. Jones, d. Commerce, Mo., ’62
Geo. W. Wheeler



H. Schierholz, Sergt. Major



John McKenzie, Co. H.
Albert Stone, Co. H



E. W. Pratt, Lieut. Co. K



Benj. H. Howard, Co. D.



Job Blanchard, Musician



Noah H. Pratt, Co. I., (pro 2d Lieut., 48th U. S. A. D.)



Wm. B. Smith



Franklin F. Forrest, Co. B.



Geo. Krohn, Co. H.
Henry Moyer, Co. H.



P. F. Gulberg, Co. C.
L. M. Nelson, Co. C.



Hans A. Lageson, Company B



Louis Johnson, k. Tupelo, 1864



John Eckerson, k. Sulphur Springs, 1864
Wm. Walker, k. Walden, Arkansas, 1863



John Ettle, k. Iuka, September 19, 1862



Jas. W. Manson, Hospital Steward, d. Memphis, Tennessee, July, 1864
L. Brown, Hospital Steward



John Kelly



J. B. Reed
D. W. Douglas
C. H. Arnold
James M. Lisher
Daniel Ryan
Thos. Hancock
Erastus Cheadle, k. Murfreesboro, ’63
Charles Page, k. Murfreesboro, ’63
------ Miller, k. Murfreesboro, ’63
James Crawley, d. rebel prison, ’64
Lemuel Palmer, k. Murfreesboro, ’63
Samuel B. Robbins, d. Columbus, Ky., Jan. 20, ’63
Coleman Shuff, k. Atlanta ’64
------Gilson, k. Peach Tree Creek, Tennessee
Hiram Smith, k. Murfreesboro, ’63
Amos Brainard, k. Murfreesboro, ’63
Henry E. Johnson, d. Nashville, ’62
James Dorsey, k. Murfreesboro, ’63
John M. Oleson, d. rebel prison, ’63
Thomas Oleson, k. Murfreesboro, ’63
George Smith, d. Fort Ontario, N. Y.
George Schroda


J. W. Earle, 1st Lieut., Reg. Q. M.


~transcribed by Kay Braumbaugh, 2000


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