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History of Winneshiek and Allamakee Counties Iowa,1882

by W. E. Alexander

Sioux City, Iowa: Western Publishing Co., 1882
Reprinted by Winneshiek County Historical Society

The full-text transcription of the Allamakee co. portion of the book is available for Allamakee Co. researchers because of the volunteer efforts of Lynn Christian, Robert Cress, Sandy Bressler, Kay Brumbaugh, Roxanne Barth and Sharyl Ferrall.


Chapter I
Prefatory; Origin of County Name; Topography; Geology; Artesian Wells.

Chapter II
Botany, Zoology and Entomology; Climate; Storms and Tornadoes; Agriculture, Live Stock and Manufacturing Interests; Tables of Statistics.

Chapter III
General History; the Aborigines; Archaeology; Advent of the Whites; Early Settlements; County Organization; first County Officers; Taxable Property in 1859; Sketch of Father Lowerey; Indian Missions; The Painted Rock; County Seat Elections; Sodom and Gomorrah.

Chapter IV
First Entries of Government Lands; First Importation of Lumber; First Grist Mill; First Post office; Interesting Reminiscences; First Official Seal; First Terms of Court and List of Grand Jurors; First Party Organization; Systems of County Management; List of County Officers; State Senatorship and Representatives from Date of Organization to Present Time; the Circuit Court.

Chapter V
Earliest County Record; First Marriage Record; First Records of County Court; First County Warrants; First Statement of Treasurer and Collector's Accounts; Miscellaneous Orders and Warrants; Court House Contracts; Ferry Licenses; Township Organizations; History of Paint Creek Township

Chapter VI
The Villages of Allamakee County; Lybrand, Lansing, Winfield, Waukon, Columbus, Hardin, Smithfield, Postville, Milton, Village Creek, Ion, Rossville, Volney, Cleveland, Johnsonsport, Allamakee, Nezekaw, Chantry, Alton, Buckland, Manchester, New Albin, Myron, Dorchester, Lafayette, Paint Rock, Waterville, New Galena, Wexford, Union City

Chapter VII
History of Post Township; Location; Early Settlements; Villages; War Record, Miscellaneous Incidents and Reminiscences.

Chapter VIII
Criminal Episodes; The Gorman Robbery; "Borrowing" Horses; Assassination of Cunningham; Murder of Barney Leavy; The Minert Murder; "Shoving the Queer"; An Uncle Murders His Nephew; a Postville Burglary; Fatal Stabbing Affray; A Defaulting Postmaster; Shooting of Matt. Beuscher; Other Fatal Affrays, Burglaries, Assaults, etc.

Chapter IX
County Seat Contests; Selecting the "Old Stake"; The First Election; Second Election; Columbus Carries the Day; Lansing vs. Columbus; a Commission Selects Waukon; Commissioners' Decision Ratified at the Polls; Other Rival Claimants; Waukon Again Ahead; Lansing Once More in the Fight; Waukon Wins; Another Election, and Re-location of County Seat, this Time at "The Point"; A New Election, and an Appeal to the Courts; Waukon Finally Wins a Conclusive Victory; Interesting and Exciting Episodes

Chapter X
County Buildings; Educational; County School Statistics; Normal Institutes; Religious Organizations; Gospel Pioneers; Statistics of Population, etc.; Assessed Valuations; Political Statistics.

Chapter XI
War Record; Allamakee County Volunteers; Fifth, Twelfth and Twenty-Seventh Infantry; First, Sixth and Ninth Cavalry; Outline of Operations; Volunteer Roster of Allamakee County.

Chapter XII
Chronology: List of the More Important Events in the History
of Allamakee County, in the Order of their Occurrence

Addendum - Waukon
History of Waukon: Advent of Geo. C. Shattuck; Other Early Settlers; Beginning and Growth of the Embryo County Seat; Interesting Early Details; The First Court House; Additions to the Town Plat; Population; Origin of the Name "Waukon;" Religious and Educational Organizations; The Post office; The Local Press; Business Institutions; Railroad History; Orders and Societies; Military Company; Fires, Etc.

Addendum - Lansing
History of Lansing: Early Settlement; Resources and Commercial Facilities; Railroad Festivities; Population; City Government; Fire Department; Water Supply; Death of Capt. Hemenway; The Local Press; Churches and Societies; Original Town Proprietors; "Wild Jim."

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