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reference ID #46 A & B
Dee, Charles Herbert, son of Gust and his wife Auguste, born 8 April 1887 at Mays Prairie and died on 27 July 1891 at the age of 4 years, 3 months and 19 days.
Mutter Karolina Martin (Geb[oren] Göttel) garttin von J. Martin, geb[oren] den 4 April 1802 zu Grossfahlenwerder bei Soldin Preuszen und starb nahr Lansing am 14 Nov. 1891 im Alter von 89 Jr., 7M., 10 Ta. Syr. 14c, 32 v. O. Kall. Ed L. F. Smith

Mother Karoline Marten (born Goettel) wife of J[ohan] Marten, born 4 April 1802 at Gros Fahlenwerder near Soldin, Prussia and died near Lansing on 14 November 1891 at the age of 89 years, 7 months, 10 days.

[notes: Cannot determine the book of the Bible reference, also presume the ministers to be Kall and Smith]
Mabel Gertie Esther; a daughter of Allen and Minnie Fails, born July 8, 1892. Died September 16, 1892.
Christian Luth, born in year 1797, died at Lafayette [township] in year 1893.

[notes: I believe he is buried in Thompson’s Corner Cemetery]
Agnes Zichert, born on December 4, 1841 in Prussia, died on May 16, 1893.
Agatha Ruth, daughter of August and Emilie Götze, born May 2, 1892, died November 10, 1893 at Lansing.

[notes: August Goetze was the minister at the Lansing Mission at that time, the child is buried in Thompson’s Corner Cemetery]
Anna Maria Schellschmidt, born in Dramburg, Pomerania September 2, 1826, died February 27, 1893 near Waukon.
Elizabeth Wurzel, born September 14, 1815 in Prussia, died July 12, 1894.

[notes: She is buried in Thompson’s Corner Cemetery]
Schwester Henrietta Goettel starb im Sommer des Jahren 1894.

Sister Henrietta Goettel died in the summer, year 1894.

[notes: Henrietta Goettel, nee Drehmel, is the wife of Carl Goettel. They are buried in the Mays Prairie Cemetery. The date of death on her stone is August 31, 1894. The Woodmansee book incorrectly says 1899.]
Mutter Goettel auf Lansing Ridge starb in Januar 1895.

Mother Goettel of Lansing Ridge died in January 1895.

[notes: This is very likely Louisa Goettel, wife of Wilhelm and mother of Carl Goettel, Augusta Wirth, Henriette Drehmel, and Marie Boeckemeier. She was buried in Lansing Ridge Cemetery rather than with her husband in Oak Hill]
reference page 105 ID #47 1899
Otto Alfred, a son of Karl and Sophia Hagemeier, born on 29 May 1883 and died on 30 July 1899 at the age of 16 years and 2 months. [recorded by] P. Schott. Preacher
William Kant, born on 18 February 1858 and died on 15 December 1899 at the age of 41 years, 9 months 26 days. [recorded by] P. Schott Preacher
Boeckemeier / Beckmire
Böckemeier: Simon A. Böckemeier, gebr. den 16th Dec 1830 u[nd] Starb den 27th Febr. 1900 u[nd] brachte sein alter auf 69 Jahre 2 Monat 11 Tage. P. Schott Prediger

Boeckemeier [or Beckmire]: Simon A[ugust] Boeckemeier, born on 16 December 1830 and died on 27 February 1900 and he is taken at the age of 69 years, 2 months, and 11 days. P. Schott, Preacher

[notes: August was the husband of Marie Goettel and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Lansing ..... his plot marker says Beckmire]
Roggensak / Roggensack
Lena R., eine geboren Roggensak gebr. den 10 Aug 1817 in Deutschland u[nd] starb den 7th Apr 1900 u[nd] brachta ihr Alter auf 82 Jahr 7 M[onatt], 27 Tage P. Schott Prediger

Lena R[oggensack], a born Roggensack, born on 10 August 1817 in Germany and died on 7 April 1900 and she is taken at the age of 82 years, 7 months, and 27 days. P. Schott Preacher

[note: Lena, wife of Joseph Roggensack, is buried with him in Oak Hill Cemetery... do not know if it is true that her maiden name was also Roggensack ]
Charles Leroy, a son of Allen Fails and his wife Minna, born 9 August 1893, died on 25 June 1900 at the age of 6 years 10 months 18 days. P. Schott Preacher
Dorothea E. Dee, a born Wehlitz, born on 31 January 1818 Döhlzig, Germany and died on 1 April 1901 near Waukon, Iowa, and she is taken at the age of 83 years 2 months. P. Schott Preacher
Theresa Gaunitz, a born Vater, born on 7 March ..

[notes: balance not copied. Theresa is the wife of Frederick William Gaunitz.... they are buried at Thompson’s Corner Cemetery]
reference page 106 ID # 48
Friedrich Sundermann, was born on 16 June 1829 at Wesdorp Ligge, Detmold, and died on 17 October 1902 not far [from] Waukon, Iowa. J. M. Krafft, preacher
Father Schmieden. Herman Schmieden, was born on 12 November 1823 at Schön, Province Brandenburg, and died February 24, 1903 near Lansing, Iowa. J. M. K.

[note: He is buried in Thompson’s Corner Cemetery]
Augusta Meier was born on 15 September 1832 at Nesselgrund, Brandenburg, and died the 12 of March 1903 not far [from] Lansing, Iowa. J. M. K.

[notes: Augusta is buried in Thompson’s Corner Cemetery and is the mother of Bertha Meier Gruber, the wife of Julius Gruber]
Herman Boeckemeier died at Lansing. J.M.K.

[notes: This is very likely Herman Henry, son of August and Marie Goettel Boeckemeier. He was born August 1890 and died July 1902 and is buried in the Beckmire plot in Oak Hill Cemetery, Lansing]
Infant son of Allen Fails died and was buried the 24. of March 1903. J. M. Krafft
Henry Fröhlich, was born May 10, 1830 in Tierfelt, Hessen Darmstadt, Germany and died the 10 of October 1903. J. M. Krafft
Wilhelmina Halbrehder was born November 9, 1825, Maetzow, Pomerania, Germany [Prussia] and died the 28 of October 1903. J. M. Krafft

[notes: She is shown to be buried with her husband Ferdinand in Oakland German Cemetery, Waukon, Iowa. She is likely the mother in law of Mina Roggensack]
Charley Albert, born July 20, 1903, and died November 17, 1903. He was a son of Albert and Matilda Sharping.

[notes: He is shown to be buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Lansing]


- source: Lansing (German) Evangelical Church Records

-contributor's notes: Most of the records were written in German Script so I first had to translate that into English character before translating [with much help from the dictionary] it into English. I am not fluent in German so there may be a few translation errors. Translations and transcriptions are my own. My added notes appear in [brackets]. The [?] reflect the spelling or translation to be a best guess. Translations appear directly under the German, although not all of the German script has not been included on these pages.
The researcher should determine for themselves the accuracy of my added notes/comments if there is any doubt.

- translated from German records & transcribed by: Steven L. Goettel

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