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reference page 101; ID# 44
Starb unweit Decorah Br. Georg Blass an der Wassersucht in Alter von 46 Jahre, 1 M., 26 Tage. Er hinterlasst Frau u[nd] 7 kinder. Br. G. Blass starb getrost und in Frieden. Ruhe seiner Ashe! Leichen text: Philippn 1,21. [Christus ist mein Leben und Starben mein Gewinn.]

Died not far from Decorah, Br. Georg Blass on the Wassersucht [literal >>water addiction?] at the age of 46 years, 1 month 26 days. He left a wife and 7 children, Br. G. Blass died with confidence and in peace. Glory/Peace to his Ashes! Funeral passage : Phillipians 1; 21......”Christ is my Life and Death my Gain”
Died in Allamakee Co. Iowa. Hermann Franz, single/unmarried son of Ferdinand and Johanne Marten on 29th March 1869 at the age of only 12 days.
[the following appears to be in the same hand as above]
Passage Pred.[?] , 7 ; 2. “The day of death is better, neither [than?] the day of birth”

[note: Hermann Franz is buried in Thompson’s Corner Cemetery]
1869 in June, John Hauser [an] early member of this Mission.

[note: A John Hawser that died in 1869 is buried in Lansing Ridge Cemetery -- see Woodmansee notes]
Barbara died at the age of 4 years on 11 April 1870. Daughter of Georg and Christina Heiss.

[notes: The balance copied too faintly to decipher. Barbara is buried in Old Oak Hill Cemetery]
Carl Hermann Franz, single/unmarried son of Carl and Wilhelmine Baeske in July at the age of 1 year.

[note: he likely died July 1870]

[notes: no entry followed..... an Amelia Weingart is listed in Old Oak Hill Cemetery born August 1870 and died October 1870]
John Schroder died in Lansing June 1871 at the age of 83 years.
Died in August in Lansing, Iowa Anna Dischhauser, a born Guth at the age of [blank].

[note: she is may be buried in Old Oak Hill Cemetery]
Died on 17 September 1871 in Lansing. At the age of 2 months, 17 days, Clara Emma. Daughter of Julius and Bertha Theresa Marten.

[note: Clara is buried in Thompson’s Corner Cemetery]
Died on 24 January 1872 in Lansing , Allamakee Co., Iowa, Carl Julius, son of Julius and Bertha Theresa Marten at/on the Halsbrunne [?Neck burns?]. At the age of 6 years, 3 months, 26 days.

[note: Carl is buried in Thompson’s Corner Cemetery]
[note: no entry followed but Julius Kehrberg is the second entry on the next page]
reference page 102; ID# 13
Starb ohnweit Lansing den 12th Juni 1872. Muter Louise Göttel in Alter von 61 Jah., 2 Mo. und 1 Tag. Muter G. war getrost im Tote, Leichen Text, [blank]

Died not far [from] Lansing on 12th June 1872. Mother Louise Göttel at the age of 61 years, 2 months, and 1 day. Mother G. was with confidence in death, Funeral Passage [blank].

[note: She is buried in Thompson’s Corner Cemetery as “Johane L. , wife of Gottlieb Goettel, born on 11 April 1811 and died on 12 June 1872” ]
Starb ohnweit Lansing den 10th August 1874, Bruder Julius Kehrberg im Alter von 55 J., 11 mo, u[nd] 9 Tagen, Br. K--- war im sehr geachtetes Glied der kirche, er war beides Vermahner & Verwalter Der Col. Ridge Classe. Er starb in Frieden. Leichen Text Matte 24, 44

Died not far [from] Lansing on 10 August 1874, Brother Julius Kehrberg at the age of 55 years, 11 months, and 9 days. Brother Kehrberg was a very respected member of the church. He was both Exhorter and Administrator [for] the Columbus Ridge Classe[congregation]. He died in Peace. Funeral Passage; Matthew 24, [verse] 44.
Katherina Frank. Born on 15 June 1872. Died on 11 June 1878. Daughter of Sister Katherina Frank.
Wilhelm Kehrberg. geb[oren]. 1842 d[en]. 9 März zu Mietzelfelde Kries Soldin Preuzen. Auf eine Lager Versammenlung im Minnesota hater [?] sich zu Gott bekehrt. Gest[arben]. d[en]. 11 Juni 1878 im Alter von 36 J[ahre]., 3 M[onat]. u[nd] 27. Er starb im Frieden.

William Kehrberg. Born 1842 on 9 March at Mietzelfelde, Kreis [County] Soldin, Prussia. [Was] On a stock meeting in Minnesota. [He] had converted himself to God. Died on 11 June 1878 at the age of 36 years, 3 months, and 27 [days]. He died in Peace.

[notes: He is buried at Mays Prairie Cemetery. He is not likely a son of Henrietta Marten Kehrberg. He is likely a son of Ludwig Kehrberg, identified as the father of Herman, and Albert Kehrberg with whom William immigrated. A sister Maria Bertha Kehrberg married the son of Julius and Henriette identified throughout life as William.]
Sophia Maria Schröder. Born on 3 June 1862. Died on 13 July 1878 [at] 2 in the afternoon.

[note: Buried in Old Oak Hill Cemetery]
Karl Herman Klingsbeil. Born on 28 September 1846 zu Soldin, Prussia. Died on 16 July 1878, at the age of 31 years, 9 months, and 18 days.
Friedrich Wilhelm Schultz. Born on 7 April 1878. Died on 9 August 1878. Son of Wilhelm and Berta Schultz.
Wilhelm Göttel. Geb[oren], d[en] 29 Sept. 1806 in Fahlenwerder, Kries Soldin, Provinz Brandenburg, Preuzen. Gest[arben] Dienstag d[ie] 25 Febr. 1879. Leichen ___ gehalten von H. He___ Joh. 5,35.

William Goettel. Born on 29 September 1806 in Fahlenwerder, Kries [County] Soldin, Province of Brandenburg, Prussia. Died, Tuesday the 25 February 1879. Funeral _____ held by H. He___. John 5, [verse] 35

[notes: William is buried with his daughter Maria Boeckemeier / Beckmire, in Oak Hill Cemetery, Lansing]
Mathilda Kehrberg, Daughter of the above named Wilhelm Kehrberg was born on [blank] and died [blank]. [recorded by]

[notes: E.M. is Rev. Emil Mueller. Matilda is buried in Mays Prairie Cemetery with dates of Feb 16, 1876 to August 6, 1880. Her mother was Augusta Feuerhelm Kehrberg who likely married Gustave Dee following William’s death]
Karl Schulz, son of Karl and Louise Schulz at the age of 2-3 years on 2 July 1881. by E. M.

[notes: E.M. is Rev. Emil Mueller. Carl is buried at Thompson’s Corner Cemetery]
Mutter Maria Katherina Berdel, born Layer, born on 7 March 1815.

[notes: balance of entry was not copied. Catherine is shown to be buried in Oak Hill Cemetery with a
date of death of July 22, 1881.]
reference page 103; ID# 45
Vater Johann Friedrich Martin wurde geboren 11 Oct. 1795 in Soldin Preuzen und starb nahr Lansing am 27. Sept. 1881 im Alter von 84 J[ahre], 11 M[onatt], 16 tage. Jes. 60, 19 & 20 [by] E. M.

Father John Frederick Marten was born 11 October 1795 in Soldin, Prussia and died near Lansing on 27 September 1881 at the age of 84 years, 11 months, 16 days.

[notes: E. M. is Emil Mueller. Unable to translate funeral passage. Johann is buried in Thompson’s Corner Cemetery]
Katherina Clara, born 10 January 1879, died 28 October 1881 & Emil Daniel, born 23 December 1880, died 31 October 1881. Children of Brother Peter and Anna Hauser in Lansing. [by] E.M.

[note: These children are shown to be buried in Oak Hill Cemetery]
Kehrberg, Herman, geboren den 18 Juni 1853 zu Mitzelfelde bei Soldin Preusen. Starb den 10 Ann. September 1886 zu Collumbus Ridge Allamakee County Iowa im Alter von 33 J[ahre], 3 M[onatt], u[nd] 22 T[age]. J. Knoche.

Kehrberg, Herman, born on 18 June 1853 at Mitzelfelde, near Soldin, Prussia. Died on 10th of September 1886 at Columbus Ridge, Allamakee County, Iowa at the age of 33 years, 3 months, and 22 days. by Rev. J. Knoche

[notes: Herman J. Kehrberg is buried at Thompson’s Corner Cemetery. He was married to Bertha Goettel]
Promnitz, Johann Alfred, born on 8 October 1882 near Tornow[?], New Mark, Prussia. Died on 1 September 1889 at Waukon, Allamakee County, Iowa at the age of 6 years 10 months, 22 days. [Rev.] L. F. Smith

[notes: Alfred is shown to be buried in Oakand German Cemetery, Waukon]
Wacker, Sophia, Born on 8 November 1827 in Germany. Died on 8 November 1889 at Waukon, Allamakee County, Iowa at the age of 68 years. [Rev] L. F. Smith
Herbert Julius Gruber, geboren den 1 May 1890 be Columbus Ridge, Iowa. Starb den 9th Juli 1890 im Alter von 2 mon. 9 Ta. L. F. Smith

Herbert Julius Gruber, born on 1 May 1890 at Columbus Ridge, Iowa. Died on 9th [of] July 1890 at the age of 2 months, 9 days. [Rev.] L. F. Smith

[notes: I believe this is actually Easton Julius, Herbert’s twin. Easton is buried in Thompson’s Corner Cemetery with the above life dates ]
Wurzel, Julius Edward, born on 28 November 1890 near Columbus Ridge, Iowa and died 2nd [of] February 1891 at the age of 2 months 3 days. [Rev.] L. F. Smith

[note: buried in Thompson’s Corner Cemetery]
Charlote garte [gattin?] von Fr. Martin, geboren Oct. 7, 1839. Groszthalenwerder Germany und died on 17 April 1890 at the age of 50 Jr., 6 M., 10 Ta. ( Phil. 1.21 ) Sie war eine Fromme Gottgeweite [?] Seele ( Ruhe) Br.[?] Grümen[?]

Marten, Charlotte wife of Fr[ederick] Marten, born October 7, 1839 [in] Gros Fahlenwerder [presumptive interpretation], Germany and died on 17 April 1890 at the age of 50 years, 6 months, and 10 days.
(Phillipians 1, [verse] 21) She was a Devout God____ Soul (Peace)... Brother Grümen[?]

[note: Charlotte is buried in Thompson’s Corner Cemetery near her parents Gottlieb and Louisa Goettel]
Christina , wife of John Sichert, born 14 [?] Feb 1840......

[note: balance did not copy]


- source: Lansing (German) Evangelical Church Records

- contributor's notes: Most of the records were written in German Script so I first had to translate that into English character before translating [with much help from the dictionary] it into English. I am not fluent in German so there may be a few translation errors. Translations and transcriptions are my own. My added notes appear in [brackets]. The [?] reflect the spelling or translation to be a best guess. Translations appear directly under the German, although not all of the German script has not been included on these pages. The researcher should determine for themselves the accuracy of my added notes/comments if there is any doubt.

- translated from German records & transcribed by: Steven L. Goettel

© 2003 Steven L. Goettel

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