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Sander Family Album

Christoph (Christ) Sander family, ca 1914
Christoph Sander family photo
undated, ca1914

Father, Christoph Sander is seated front left, his wife Carolina Schultz is seated front right.
Their daughter Caroline is the young girl standing next to her mother. (identified by Karen Muchow, Feb 2006)

By using other photos I have of this family:  front row - Christoph, Mahalia, Dorothea, Caroline and Carolina.  Back row: Ida, Eldo, (not sure of next 3), Eliza, Emma and George. (identified by Kathryn Tollefson, Jan 2009)

Sander family
by Karen Muchow

Christoph 'Christ' Sander was born January 16,1849 in Germany and died July 5,1930. On April 16,1875, he married Carolina Doris Maria Elizabeth Schultz. She was born January 30,1859 & died January 27,1937

Their children:

1. George, born May 24,1876; married Augusta Kamps, born March 15,1879 & died March 4,1963. Their children: Martha, Mabel and Dorothy. George married a second time to Mary Sander, born about 1876

2. Eliza Emma, born February 13,1878 & died February 12,1950. On May 13,1902, she was married to John Carl Derricks, born  December 28,1877 & died May 11,1940. They had two children: Carl and Clara

3. Ida, born April 12,1880 & died March 8,1927.   On February 27, 1906, she married Charles Frederick William Schutte, born April 11,1879 & died March 4, 1966. They had the following children: Ethel, Arthur Lewis, Harry, Charles Frederick, Robert and Ruben. Exactly a year after his first wife Ida Sander died, Charles married Ida Lina Auguste Schultz on March 8, 1928. She was born December 1887 & died April 9,1965. Her parents were Charles Johann Jochim Schultz and Anna Maria Dorothea Caroline Krogman (Krogmann)*. They had one daughter Doris Ann Schutte.

4. Otto Conrad, born September 14,1882 & died September 20,1958. On March 19, 1907, he married Emelia (Amelia) Elizabeth Maria Gericke, born October 8,1881 & died March 22,1959. They had two children: Elmer and Senda.

5. Carl Christoph, born December 27,1885 & died October 28,1963. On June 3, 1919, he married Cecil Catherine Heins, born January 24,1894 & died July 18,1988. They had one daughter: Helen.

6. Conrad, born April 26,1888 & died October 15,1931.

7. Walter Fred, born August 31,1891 & died February 18,1950. On April 20,1920 (or March 20,1920), he married Amanda E. Schutte born June 6,1900 & died July 28,1974. They had the following children: Irene, Wayne & Willard August Eldo.

8. Dorothea Esther, born October 14,1894 & died  August 31,1976. On June 30,1914, she married Albert G. Foels, born April 15,1890 & died May 24,1977. Their children:  Harlan and Robert.

9. Mahala E., born January 5,1897 & died November 6,1975. She married Louis H. Meyer, born June 1892 & died October 18,1945. They had one son, Orville Chris.

10. Eldo Frederick Otto, born January 6,1901 & died December 16,1983. On December 5,1929, he married Aileen Louise Meyer, born May 30,1902 & died May 16,1992. They had the following children: Mustis, Marjorie, Burnell, Daryl and Yvonne.

11. Caroline Anna Augusta, born may 25,1904 & died January 18,1944. On June 28,1924 in Postville, she married Walter Muchow, born June 28,1903 & died March 29,1990. They had the following children: Walter, Keith, Dale Reed & Lee Carroll. Walter Muchow was the the son of John ** and Mamie Ervin Muchow.

~contributed by Karen Muchow (now deceased), February 2006

~January 2009: additional children were identified by Kathryn Tollefson, granddaughter of Ida Sander & Charles Schutte


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