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Entwisle family

William Entwisle was a madder dyer in England. 'Madder'is a red dye which was used to colour the cotton. William died of TB in 1840 in England. Many of his children left England for Fall River, Mass. (of Lizzie Borden fame) and continued the family business. 

After reaching Fall River, MA, Thomas began work as a calico printer. Thomas and his family decided to leave Fall River and travel west to live with Elizabeth's brother near Spring Lake, Wisconsin before settling in Allamakee County, Iowa.

Thomas Entwisle
Son of William Entwisle

James Entwisle
Son of William Entwisle

Nancy Ann McShane Artist Entwisle
Second wife of Thomas Entwisle


Caleb Entwisle family, ca1883

Seated: Caleb Entwisle and his wife Margaret Ellen Artist, standing between them is Irene Entwisle
Back (L-R): Dora, Orion and Myrtle Entwisle

Caleb (1838-1918) was Thomas Entwisle's son. Margaret Ellen Artist was the daughter of Nancy Ann McShane Artist and the sister of Mary Catherine who married Laban Entwisle.


William Entwisle family, early 1890's

Front (L-R) Martha 'Mattie' Entwisle Thornton, William Entwisle, Cora Entwisle Rubendall, Martha Hancock Entwisle, Lydia Entwisle Ridgeway.

Back (L-R) The first 4 are unidentified, Nathan Entwisle, the remaining 3 are unidentified.

Can anyone help identify the others?


~photos contributed by Tammy Leeper, great granddaughter of Clarence Thornton and Martha "Mattie" Entwisle Thornton. She received the photo from family members in England. If you can identify any additional family members, please contact Tammy or the Allamakee co. coordinator so the names can be added. Tammy's email address is in the Surname Registry for Entwisle.


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