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Letter to Relatives by William & Emily Thompson

French Creek
November 26th 1860

Dear brother and sister.
I take the opportunity to rit you these few lines to let you know that we are all well at present hoping these few lines may find you all enjoying the same blessing. I received your letter the last mal and was glad to here from you it is the first letter I received from you since father Died. I thought you had all forgotten Me. I rote to you and James and Sam Young but got no answer from any of you. You tell James and Sam they must rit to me before I rit to them again. You want to know about Land. There is plenty of good land Here. There is no government land any Place that I know of. Orin Pierce Has got 80 acres of good land joining me. There could be 30 or 40 Acres of a farm made on it. There is plenty of timber on the 80 to support it. But if you want to buy land you Must come and see it. You want to know how many children we Have got. We have got fife. 3 Boys and two girls. The youngest will Bee 9 months old in 13 days more. He is the greatest boy in the state. This is a verry productive country. The wether has been very cold here for the last three or four days. It is More moderate now. Produce is very ??? Here at present. Wheat from 60 to 50 Cente per bushel. Flour 2 dollers Per hundred. Potatoes and oats about 20 cente per bushel. I want you to Come up and see us if you can. James Henry wants Uncle Gardner come up here and buy some land and Edwin wants Aunt Mary come And see him. I want let me know What you all are doing and how you are getting along. You must rite soon as convenient and don't forget. I would like very much to come down there and see you all but I have so much to do it seems impossible for me to leave home at this time. I can think of no more at present. Good bye Gardner Hickock.

/s/ William Thompson


Dear brother and sister: Now try to write a few lines to let you now thate we are all well. We wante yo to come and se us next spring and se how yo like the country. Mary I wish you would come up hear and get some land close by us. I fel very lonsom away from all our friens. This is a hansome country and very helthey. I want to no what yo call your boy. Olive Belinda wants me to tel Ante Mary thate she can wash dishes. She looks like her Ante Mary. Give my love to James and Sam Yong and tel them we want them to write to us. We have got a little Jane three years old laste October. She looks like her Ante Jane. Us to wish yo would lete me know where louesey cane lives and where Roabhes is. Please write as soon as yo gete this and lete us no how yo are and if yo are a comin up hear. Please excuse my writin the children bother me so I cant half write. I have fife around me. Little Ashly is setin alone. I cant write no more ate present. Be sure and write. I give my love to yo all. Good by to Mary and Gardner Hickock.

/s/ Emily Thompson

~contributed by Lindy Casey


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