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  October 2020 - April 2021
Ex Soldiers and Sailors 1886
1925 Clarion Streets Renamed
History of the Eagle Grove Methodist Church
Teachers' Rules for 1872
Added to the Boards:  1402 Obituaries  Oct to Apr   Over 29,000 obits online!!
Derscheid Family From Germany to Wright County  PDF
  March 2020-October 2020
Map page updated with several new links to maps and one new onsite map *Oct 2020
Wright Gravestone Photo project index *Oct 2020
Added to the Boards: 884 Obituaries  Mar to Oct   Over 28,000 obits online!!
Iowa Veterans Remembrance Project Wright County, 67 Vets with 8 Oral Histories on video
The Right Tool by Mary Tesdahl  *Oct 2020
The Kenefick Family History  *Oct 2020
Renwick 125th Anniversary History  *Oct 2020
Pioneers from Glarus Switzerland to Wright/Humboldt County  *Oct 2020
Swiss Cemetery, near Renwick  *Oct 2020
Woolstock High School 1938 photo  *Oct 2020
87th and Final Union Aid Meeting, Clarion *Oct 2020
  October 2019 - March 2020
Added to the Boards: 1,021 Obituaries Oct 2019 to Mar 2020  Over 27,000 obits online!!
  April 2019 to October 2019
Added to the Boards: 2,410 Obituaries
  October 2018 - April 2019
Added to the Boards:  1007 Obituaries  Oct 2018 to Apr 2019
Civil Conservation Corps at Clarion 1935 *Apr 2019
Dows First Lutheran Sesquicentennial  *Apr 2019
Gold Eagle Cooperative History  *Apr 2019
Idaho State Marriages of Wright County Residents  *Apr 2019
Umthun Trucking History   *Apr 2019
Rotary Senior Living History at Eagle Grove   *Apr 2019
Wright County Honeymooners at Niagara Falls  *Apr 2019
Lake Cornelia -- History   *Apr 2019
Grace Evangelical Free Church History  *Apr 2019
  Apr-Oct 2018
Added to Boards:  823 Obituaries and 10 Biography  *Apr 2018-Oct 2018
Galt History  *Oct 2018
1932 Academic Test Day Eagle Grove High School  *Oct 2018
Early Agricultural Drainage   *Oct 2018
October 1942 Quota for World War II, Clarion  *Oct 2018
Women and the Depression  *Oct 2018
Torger and Gertrude Nelson-Ancestors, Descendants and Related Families (1685-1976)  *Oct
Friedrich and Katherina (Schlunegger) Imboden Family  *Oct 2018
  Oct-Apr  2018
Added to Boards:  859 Obituaries and 1 Biography  *Oct 2017-Apr 2018
North Carolina Deaths born in Wright County  *Apr 2018
Wright County Church Directory  *New Apr 2018
Holmes Lutheran Church History  *New Apr 2018
Wright County Sheriffs 1855 to present New Apr 2018
Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees from Wright County  New Apr 2018
Historical Entertainment in Clarion  Apr 2018
Early Schools of Belmond  Apr 2018
Belmond First Brick School  Apr 2018
Belmond Schools Timeline  Apr 2018
Belmond Iowa First School  Apr 2018
Wright County Century Farms  Mar 2018
  Apr-Oct  2017
Added to Boards:  717 Obituaries and 2 Biographies  Apr 2017-Oct 2017
Wright County Native Deaths in British Columbia  May 2017
WWII Separations from Wright County in the Missouri Archives  May 2017
1904-1906 Births from Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs May 2017
  Dec-Apr 2017
Wright County Flowing Wells (very interestingApr 2017
Additions to the Wright County GenSociety page  Apr 2017
Added to Boards:  822 Obituaries and 8 Biographies  Oct 2016-Apr 2017
Stockwell and Bartlett Family History  Apr 2017
William McPeak Family History  Mar 2017
St. Johannes (St. John's) Lutheran Church 1886-1993  Mar 2017
  Apr-Dec 2016
Wright County Residents Married in New York City  Dec 2016
Wright County Genealogical Researchers and Memorials  Dec 2016
1051 Obituaries & 8 Biographies Added to the Boards  Apr-Oct 2016
History of James Marshall Rice, Civil War Vet  Oct 2016
Livergood Family History plus PDF file for download  Oct 2016
History of Hagie Manufacturing, Clarion  Oct 2016
History of Security Savings Bank, Eagle Grove  Oct 2016
History of W & H Oil Cooperative  Oct 2016
Wright County Iowa Gravestone Project Index Oct 2016
  March/April 2016
1939 Wright County Deaths Added to Database from the State of Iowa  April 2016
Troy Township Cemetery Burials  Apr 2016
Graceland Cemetery-Burials and Map  Apr 2016
St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Belmond, History and Photos  Mar 2016
St. John Catholic Church, Clarion, History and Photos  Mar 2016
Sacred Heart Church, Eagle Grove, History and Photos  Mar 2016
Index of Service People From Wright County, 2014 & 2015  Mar 2016
1045 Obituaries Added to the Obits Board Oct-Apr 2016
  October 2015
Last Civil War Veteran from Wright County-John Archerd  Oct 2015
Dumond Family of Belmond  Oct 2015
Select Deaths in the State of Texas from Wright County  Oct 2015
History of Our Eagle Grove Post Office  Oct 2015
Calvary Baptist-Belmond Celebrates 75 Years Sep 2015
Stories Behind the Naming of Wright County Post Offices Oct 2015
827 Obituaries Added to the Obits Board  Apr-Oct 2015
  April 2015
Clarion First Lutheran Church, Celebrating 75 years  Apr2015
Belmond Cemetery Map added to Wright County IAGenWeb with permission  Apr2015
Spade Family History and Memories  Apr2015
World War I Draft List  Apr2015
Photo and story link for St. Olaf Lutheran Church 75th Anniversary 1963 Apr2015
Murder of George Diggle, 1888 -Apr2015
1311 Obituaries Added to the boards -Nov-Apr
Kanawha High School Photo added to the list of graduates
  November 2014
278 Obituaries Added to the boards -Apr-Nov
3 more years and 20 more pages of Wright County Death Records -Nov2014
  April 2014
Illinois Deaths with Wright County Connections
706 Obituaries Added to the boards -Oct-Apr
The Amish in Wright County plus photos -Mar2014
History of Blaine Township-2 photos -Mar2014
Kanawha High School Graduates-Centennial Booklet Apr2014
Eagle Grove Lutheran Church + photo Apr 2014
  September 2013
Selected Canadian Immigration Records for Wright County Natives
Clarion Iowa Business Directory 1915
Clarion High School Wrestling
Wright County Deaths from State Historical Society of Iowa, 1917-1921 & 1934-1935
Belmond Cemetery page and Index
Victorian Houses of Clarion
Historical Sketch of Troy Township
History of Vernon Township
997 Obituaries Added to Obit Board Apr-Sep
  April 2013
Wright County Libraries
1025 Obituaries Added to Obit Board Oct-April
Wright County Genealogical Society Searchers
History of Woolstock, Birthplace of George Reeves
Arkansas Marriage Records of Wright County Residents
Newspapers, Wright County, 1868-Present
History of United Presbyterian Church, Goldfield
Selected Persons Born in Galt, Wright County, Iowa 1883 - 1905
Deaths in Michigan of Wright County Connections
1897 Wright County Map
987 Obituaries Added to Obit Board Oct to May
Selected Persons Born in Dows, Wright County, Iowa  1885-1918
Selected Persons Born in Wright County, Iowa Who Died in Minnesota
Wright Christian Reformed Church Cemetery
Belmond Iowa High School Alumni
Norway Rural Telephone Company History

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