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Teachers at St Mary's Parochial School, Rosemount, Iowa

St Mary's of Rosemount, as the church was called, also had a two-story framed schoolhouse and convent. From 1904-1907 lay teachers from the church taught their students. These lay teachers included: Peter Flax, Mary Mettle, Josephine Brink, Miss Levelholtz, and Julia Post.
From 1908 - 1966 Sisters of the order of St Francis came to teach and inspire the young minds of the school. Listed below are the names of those dedicated Sisters, their former names, occupations at the school, and years at Rosemount. This information was found at the Warren County Historical Society.

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1907-1910 Calasanz Maria Waldschmied Homemaker
1907-1910 Benedicta I Catherine Noel Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1907-1911 Imelda Josephine Jansen Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1910-1914 Chrysostoma Maria Gihr Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1910-1913 Richilda Anna Kremer Homemaker
1911-1913 Gaudentia   Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1913-1914 Florita   Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1913-1916 Peregrina Anna Dreva Homemaker
1914-1915 Alma II Rosalia Wacker Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1914-1916 Immaculata I Emilie Hartmann Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1915-1916 Carola II Mary Huntly Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1916-1917 Humberta Aloysia Weisenbeck Homemaker
1916-1918 Bertolina Elisabeth Dettel Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1916-1918 Albina Ernestine Link Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1917-1918 Hermina Margaret Johann Homemaker
1918-1919 Carola II Mary Huntly Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1918-1919 Speciosa Eve Mary Houle Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1918-1919 Christiana Franziska Nolle Homemaker
1919-1920 Riga Margaret Bechtold Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1919-1920 Theodosia Carolina Hornikel Homemaker
1919-1920 Euphemia Emilie Von Roth Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade/Organist
1920-1921 Theophila Maria Gieb Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1920-1921 Sophronia Elizabeth Walz Teacher Kindergarten - 4th grade
1920-1923 Lambertina Lina Fettig Homemaker
1921-1923 Luitgard Martha Gubbels Teacher Kindergarten - 4th grade/Organist
1921-1923 Walburga Adelina Mester Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1924-1925 Albina Ernestine Link Teacher Kindergarten - 4th grade
1924-1925 Adelina I Maria Lochen Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1924-1927 Radegundis Margaret Meyeres Homemaker
1925-1926 Seraphine Anna Bichlmeier Teacher Kindergarten - 4th grade
1925-1928 Angelina Carolina Logelin Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1926-1927 Erentrude Magdalena Gudenkauf Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1927-1928 Etto Gene Crahan Teacher 1st - 4th grade/Organist
1927-1928 Longina Mary Reginek Homemaker
1928-1930 Wilhelma Gertrude Halbach Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1928-1930 Asteria Frances Maciosek Homemaker
1928-1930 Pius Emma Stohr Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1930-1931 Alacoque Maria Woelbers Homemaker
1930-1932 Euphrosine Theresia Kutz Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1930-1932 Evangelista Anna Wagemann Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1931-1932 Cordia Laura Doucette Homemaker
1931-1932 Rufina Kathryn Mueller Homemaker
1932-1933 Kostka Juliana Waskowska Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1932-1934 Agnelda Margaret Younker Homemaker
1932-1935 Eugenda Dolores Kessler Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1933-1936 Albana Sophie Sterner Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1934-1934 Eucheria Mary Lehnerz Homemaker (4 months)
1934-1942 Cionita Helen Herrick Homemaker
1935-1937 Romana Elizabeth Halbach Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1936-1942 Theonilla Ella Malnofsky Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1937-1938 Agnes Louise Haensler Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1938-1941 Emilie Anna Hauweiler Teacher Kindergarten - 4th grade
1941-1942 Casimira Anastasia Adasiewicz Organist/Teacher Kindergarten - 4th grade
1942-1943 Agnes Louise Haensler Teacher Kindergarten - 4th grade
1942-1943 Blanche Catherine Selzer Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1942-1943 Bonizella Amanda Vath Homemaker
1943-1944 Petra Alma Lenertz Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1943-1945 Mariella Margaret Pennolino Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade/Organist
1943-1946 Deocaria Elisabeth Anastasi Homemaker
1944-1946 Ivan Anna Mary Macke Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1945-1949 Rolanda Sybilla Fluech Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1946-1948 Cionita Helen Herrick Homemaker
1946-1949 Pachomia Mary Bast Teacher Kindergarten - 4th grade
1948-1949 Gonzales Agnes Rose Pint Homemaker
1949-1951 Angelorum   Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1949-1952 Rosina Lillian Kraus Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1949-1952 Victuaria Victoria Marie Ziegler Homemaker
1951-1952 Robertylle Lidwina Weidner Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1952-1953 Johanna Walburga Kratzer Homemaker
1952-1953 Bonaventure Mary Catherine Price Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1952-1955 Robertylle Lidwina Weidner Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade (died Sep 10,1955)
1953-1955 Mendora Ann Niemeyer Teacher 1st - 4th grade (Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade after Sister Robertylle died)
1954-1955 Egbert Mary Blancie Mara Homemaker
1955-1956 Bridget Kelly Alvesnia-LaFarge Teacher 1st - 4th grade
1955-1956 Credula Mary Herbes Homemaker
1955-1961 Mendora Ann Niemeyer Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1956-1957 Victricia Dorothy Schaefer Teacher 1st - 4th grade/Organist
1957-1964 Fidelis Clara Kaehny Teacher 1st - 4th grade/Organist (Kindergarten - 4th grade 1959-1963)
1958-1959 Zabina Pauline Raeuschl Homemaker
1959-1964 Credula Mary Herbes Homemaker
1961-1963 Berno Florence Hall Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1963-1966 Magdalita Loretta Gubbels Principal/Teacher 5th - 8th grade
1964-1965 Leonarda Margaret Blum Homemaker
1964-1965 Vera Genevieve Keller Teacher 1st - 4th grade/Music/Organist
1965-1966 Credula Mary Herbes Homemaker
1965-1966 Fortis Helen Roeder Musician
1966-1967 Augustatis Lillian Trzil Teacher 5th - 8th grade Religious Education
1966-1967 Deneen Rita Wagner Teacher 1st - 4th grade Religious Education
1966-1968 Willanne Carol Ann Schoenbauer Homemaker
1967-1968 Francis Bernard Marilyn Rose Menke Teacher 1st - 4th grade Religious Education
1967-1968 Albana Darlene Hoch Religious Education