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Students at St Mary's Parochial School, Rosemount, Iowa

The town of Rosemount, on the edge of Belmont and White Breast Townships, had a post office from 1864 - 1880. In the town was a Catholic church, St Mary's of Perpetual Help. Beside the church was St Mary's Parochial School where students attended kindergarten through 8th grade from 1904 - 1966. Listed below, in alphabetical order, are the names of those students and the years they attended. This information was found at the Warren County Historical Society in a book of St Mary's Parochial School (saved from a fire in 2004 when the church burned).

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Kindergarten Arlene Bauer 1926-1927
Kindergarten Bertha Bauer 1924-1925
2nd Grade Bertha Bauer 1925-1926
3rd Grade Bertha Bauer 1926-1927
4th Grade Bertha Bauer 1927-1928
5th Grade Bertha Bauer 1928-1929
6th Grade Bertha Bauer 1929-1930
1st Grade Devota Bauer 1924-1925
2nd Grade Devota Bauer 1925-1926
1st Grade Duane Bauer 1936-1937
2nd Grade Duane Bauer 1937-1938
3rd Grade Duane Bauer 1938-1939
Kindergarten Edna Bauer 1921-1922
1st Grade Edna Bauer 1922-1923
4th Grade Edna Bauer 1924-1925
5th Grade Edna Bauer 1925-1926
6th Grade Edna Bauer 1926-1927
7th Grade Edna Bauer 1927-1928
8th Grade Edna Bauer 1928-1929
Kindergarten Ethel Bauer 1919-1920
1st Grade Ethel Bauer 1920-1921
3rd Grade Ethel Bauer 1921-1922
4th Grade Ethel Bauer 1922-1923
5th Grade Ethel Bauer 1924-1925
7th Grade Ethel Bauer 1925-1926
8th Grade Ethel Bauer 1926-1927
1st Grade Geneva Bauer 1929-1930
7th Grade Geneva Bauer 1933-1934
8th Grade Geneva Bauer 1934-1935
3rd Grade Germain Bauer 1907-1908
4th Grade Germain Bauer 1908-1909
5th Grade Germain Bauer 1909-1910
6th Grade Germain Bauer 1910-1911
7th Grade Germain Bauer 1911-1912
8th Grade Germain Bauer 1912-1913
Kindergarten Hilda Bauer 1920-1921
1st Grade Hilda Bauer 1921-1922
2nd Grade Hilda Bauer 1922-1923
4th Grade Hilda Bauer 1924-1925
5th Grade Hilda Bauer 1925-1926
6th Grade Hilda Bauer 1926-1927
1st Grade Julia Bauer 1918-1919
2nd Grade Julia Bauer 1919-1920
3rd Grade Julia Bauer 1920-1921
4th Grade Julia Bauer 1921-1922
5th Grade Julia Bauer 1922-1923
6th Grade Julia Bauer 1924-1925
8th Grade Julia Bauer 1925-1926
1st Grade Louise Bauer 1933-1934
4th Grade Louise Bauer 1935-1936
5th Grade Louise Bauer 1936-1937
6th Grade Louise Bauer 1937-1938
3rd Grade Louise Bauer 1938-1939
7th Grade Louise Bauer 1938-1939
5th Grade Margaret Bauer 1933-1934
6th Grade Marjorie Bauer 1935-1936
7th Grade Marjorie Bauer 1936-1937
8th Grade Marjorie Bauer 1937-1938
3rd Grade Norbert Bauer 1931-1932
5th Grade Norbert Bauer 1933-1934
6th Grade Norbert Bauer 1934-1935
7th Grade Norbert Bauer 1935-1936
Kindergarten Virgil Bauer 1922-1923
1st Grade Virgil Bauer 1924-1925
2nd Grade Virgil Bauer 1925-1926
Kindergarten Virgil Bauer 1926-1927
1st Grade Carol Bishop 1964-1965
2nd Grade Carol Bishop 1965-1966
2nd Grade Janet Bishop 1964-1965
3rd Grade Janet Bishop 1965-1966
7th Grade Bernice Cleveland 1925-1926
8th Grade Bernice Cleveland 1926-1927
2nd Grade Irma Cleveland 1922-1923
5th Grade Irma Cleveland 1925-1926
6th Grade Irma Cleveland 1926-1927
7th Grade Irma Cleveland 1927-1928
8th Grade Irma Cleveland 1928-1929
1st Grade Alban Dittmer 1931-1932
1st Grade Alban Dittmer 1932-1933
2nd Grade Alban Dittmer 1933-1934
4th Grade Alban Dittmer 1934-1935
5th Grade Alban Dittmer 1935-1936
6th Grade Alban Dittmer 1936-1937
7th Grade Alban Dittmer 1937-1938
8th Grade Alban Dittmer 1938-1939
Kindergarten Alfred Dittmer 1920-1921
1st Grade Alfred Dittmer 1921-1922
1st Grade Alfred Dittmer 1922-1923
4th Grade Alfred Dittmer 1924-1925
4th Grade Alfred Dittmer 1925-1926
5th Grade Alfred Dittmer 1926-1927
6th Grade Alfred Dittmer 1927-1928
7th Grade Alfred Dittmer 1928-1929
1st Grade Ann Dittmer 1954-1955
2nd Grade Ann Dittmer 1955-1956
3rd Grade Ann Dittmer 1956-1957
4th Grade Ann Dittmer 1957-1958
5th Grade Ann Dittmer 1958-1959
6th Grade Ann Dittmer 1959-1960
7th Grade Ann Dittmer 1960-1961
8th Grade Ann Dittmer 1961-1962
2nd Grade Anna Mae Dittmer 1936-1937
3rd Grade Anna Mae Dittmer 1937-1938
4th Grade Anna Mae Dittmer 1938-1939
5th Grade Anna Mae Dittmer 1939-1940
6th Grade Anna Mae Dittmer 1940-1941
8th Grade Anna Mae Dittmer 1942-1943
1st Grade Bernard Dittmer 1935-1936
1st Grade Bernard Dittmer 1936-1937
1st Grade Bernard Dittmer 1937-1938
2nd Grade Bernard Dittmer 1938-1939
3rd Grade Bernard Dittmer 1939-1940
3rd Grade Bernard Dittmer 1940-1941
5th Grade Bernard Dittmer 1942-1943
6th Grade Bernard Dittmer 1943-1944
7th Grade Bernard Dittmer 1944-1945
1st Grade Bernice Dittmer 1935-1936
1st Grade Bernice Dittmer 1936-1937
2nd Grade Bernice Dittmer 1937-1938
3rd Grade Bernice Dittmer 1938-1939
4th Grade Bernice Dittmer 1939-1940
5th Grade Bernice Dittmer 1940-1941
7th Grade Bernice Dittmer 1942-1943
8th Grade Bernice Dittmer 1943-1944
Kindergarten Bertha Dittmer 1922-1923
Kindergarten Bertha Dittmer 1924-1925
2nd Grade Bertha Dittmer 1925-1926
3rd Grade Bertha Dittmer 1926-1927
4th Grade Bertha Dittmer 1927-1928
5th Grade Bertha Dittmer 1928-1929
5th Grade Bertha Dittmer 1929-1930
1st Grade Carl Dittmer 1951-1952
2nd Grade Carl Dittmer 1952-1953
3rd Grade Carl Dittmer 1953-1954
4th Grade Carl Dittmer 1954-1955
5th Grade Carl Dittmer 1955-1956
6th Grade Carl Dittmer 1956-1957
7th Grade Carl Dittmer 1957-1958
8th Grade Carl Dittmer 1958-1959
Kindergarten Christine Dittmer 1962-1963
1st Grade Christine Dittmer 1963-1964
2nd Grade Christine Dittmer 1964-1965
3rd Grade Christine Dittmer 1965-1966
1st Grade Claire Dittmer 1958-1959
2nd Grade Claire Dittmer 1959-1960
3rd Grade Claire Dittmer 1960-1961
4th Grade Claire Dittmer 1961-1962
5th Grade Claire Dittmer 1962-1963
6th Grade Claire Dittmer 1963-1964
7th Grade Claire Dittmer 1964-1965
8th Grade Claire Dittmer 1965-1966
Kindergarten Colene Dittmer 1939-1940
1st Grade Colene Dittmer 1940-1941
3rd Grade Colene Dittmer 1942-1943
1st Grade Darrell Dittmer 1934-1935
2nd Grade Darrell Dittmer 1935-1936
3rd Grade Darrell Dittmer 1936-1937
4th Grade Darrell Dittmer 1937-1938
5th Grade Darrell Dittmer 1938-1939
6th Grade Darrell Dittmer 1939-1940
7th Grade Darrell Dittmer 1940-1941
1st Grade Delbert Dittmer 1954-1955
2nd Grade Delbert Dittmer 1955-1956
3rd Grade Delbert Dittmer 1956-1957
4th Grade Delbert Dittmer 1957-1958
5th Grade Delbert Dittmer 1958-1959
6th Grade Delbert Dittmer 1959-1960
7th Grade Delbert Dittmer 1960-1961
8th Grade Delbert Dittmer 1961-1962
2nd Grade Donald Dittmer 1951-1952
3rd Grade Donald Dittmer 1952-1953
4th Grade Donald Dittmer 1953-1954
5th Grade Donald Dittmer 1954-1955
6th Grade Donald Dittmer 1955-1956
7th Grade Donald Dittmer 1956-1957
8th Grade Donald Dittmer 1957-1958
4th Grade Edna Dittmer 1934-1935
4th Grade Edna Dittmer 1935-1936
5th Grade Edna Dittmer 1935-1936
5th Grade Edna Dittmer 1936-1937
2nd Grade Eleanor Dittmer 1928-1929
4th Grade Eleanor Dittmer 1929-1930
1st Grade Evelyn Dittmer 1936-1937
1st Grade Evelyn Dittmer 1937-1938
2nd Grade Evelyn Dittmer 1938-1939
3rd Grade Evelyn Dittmer 1939-1940
4th Grade Evelyn Dittmer 1940-1941
6th Grade Evelyn Dittmer 1942-1943
7th Grade Evelyn Dittmer 1943-1944
Kindergarten Florence Dittmer 1928-1929
1st Grade Florence Dittmer 1929-1930
6th Grade Florence Dittmer 1934-1935
Kindergarten Gerald Dittmer 1939-1940
1st Grade Gerald Dittmer 1940-1941
2nd Grade Gerald Dittmer 1942-1943
3rd Grade Gerald Dittmer 1943-1944
4th Grade Gerald Dittmer 1944-1945
5th Grade Gerald Dittmer 1945-1946
6th Grade Gerald Dittmer 1946-1947
7th Grade Gerald Dittmer 1947-1948
8th Grade Gerald Dittmer 1948-1949
2nd Grade Giles Dittmer 1928-1929
3rd Grade Giles Dittmer 1929-1930
6th Grade Giles Dittmer 1932-1933
7th Grade Giles Dittmer 1933-1934
8th Grade Giles Dittmer 1934-1935
2nd Grade Grace Dittmer 1925-1926
3rd Grade Grace Dittmer 1926-1927
5th Grade Grace Dittmer 1927-1928
5th Grade Grace Dittmer 1928-1929
6th Grade Grace Dittmer 1929-1930
1st Grade Hilda Dittmer 1944-1945
4th Grade Hilda Dittmer 1947-1948
5th Grade Hilda Dittmer 1948-1949
1st Grade James Dittmer 1925-1926
1st Grade James Dittmer 1926-1927
2nd Grade James Dittmer 1927-1928
3rd Grade James Dittmer 1928-1929
4th Grade James Dittmer 1929-1930
7th Grade James Dittmer 1932-1933
8th Grade James Dittmer 1933-1934
Kindergarten Jerome Dittmer 1925-1926
Kindergarten Jerome Dittmer 1926-1927
1st Grade Jerome Dittmer 1927-1928
2nd Grade Jerome Dittmer 1928-1929
3rd Grade Jerome Dittmer 1929-1930
4th Grade Jerome Dittmer 1929-1930
6th Grade Jerome Dittmer 1932-1933
7th Grade Jerome Dittmer 1933-1934
8th Grade Jerome Dittmer 1934-1935
1st Grade Joan Dittmer 1959-1960
2nd Grade Joan Dittmer 1960-1961
3rd Grade Joan Dittmer 1961-1962
4th Grade Joan Dittmer 1962-1963
5th Grade Joan Dittmer 1963-1964
6th Grade Joan Dittmer 1964-1965
7th Grade Joan Dittmer 1965-1966
Kindergarten John Dittmer 1948-1949
1st Grade John Dittmer 1949-1950
2nd Grade John Dittmer 1950-1951
3rd Grade John Dittmer 1951-1952
4th Grade John Dittmer 1952-1953
5th Grade John Dittmer 1953-1954
6th Grade John Dittmer 1954-1955
7th Grade John Dittmer 1955-1956
8th Grade John Dittmer 1956-1957
Kindergarten Joseph Dittmer 1929-1930
2nd Grade Joseph Dittmer 1931-1932
2nd Grade Joseph Dittmer 1932-1933
3rd Grade Joseph Dittmer 1933-1934
5th Grade Joseph Dittmer 1934-1935
6th Grade Joseph Dittmer 1935-1936
7th Grade Joseph Dittmer 1936-1937
8th Grade Joseph Dittmer 1937-1938
1st Grade June Dittmer 1955-1956
2nd Grade June Dittmer 1956-1957
3rd Grade June Dittmer 1957-1958
4th Grade June Dittmer 1958-1959
5th Grade June Dittmer 1959-1960
6th Grade June Dittmer 1960-1961
7th Grade June Dittmer 1961-1962
8th Grade June Dittmer 1962-1963
1st Grade Kathy Dittmer 1955-1956
2nd Grade Kathy Dittmer 1956-1957
3rd Grade Kathy Dittmer 1957-1958
4th Grade Kathy Dittmer 1958-1959
5th Grade Kathy Dittmer 1959-1960
6th Grade Kathy Dittmer 1960-1961
7th Grade Kathy Dittmer 1961-1962
8th Grade Kathy Dittmer 1962-1963
Kindergarten Laura Dittmer 1924-1925
1st Grade Laura Dittmer 1925-1926
2nd Grade Laura Dittmer 1926-1927
3rd Grade Laura Dittmer 1927-1928
4th Grade Laura Dittmer 1928-1929
5th Grade Laura Dittmer 1929-1930
2nd Grade LaVerne Dittmer 1934-1935
3rd Grade LaVerne Dittmer 1935-1936
4th Grade LaVerne Dittmer 1936-1937
Kindergarten Lee Dittmer 1962-1963
1st Grade Lee Dittmer 1963-1964
2nd Grade Lee Dittmer 1964-1965
3rd Grade Lee Dittmer 1965-1966
Kindergarten Lester Dittmer 1921-1922
1st Grade Lester Dittmer 1922-1923
3rd Grade Lester Dittmer 1924-1925
4th Grade Lester Dittmer 1925-1926
5th Grade Lester Dittmer 1926-1927
6th Grade Lester Dittmer 1927-1928
7th Grade Lester Dittmer 1928-1929
8th Grade Lester Dittmer 1929-1930
1st Grade Loren Dittmer 1936-1937
1st Grade Lorraine Dittmer 1934-1935
1st Grade Lorraine Dittmer 1935-1936
2nd Grade Lorraine Dittmer 1936-1937
3rd Grade Lorraine Dittmer 1937-1938
4th Grade Lorraine Dittmer 1938-1939
5th Grade Lorraine Dittmer 1939-1940
6th Grade Lorraine Dittmer 1940-1941
8th Grade Lorraine Dittmer 1942-1943
Kindergarten Marcus Dittmer 1928-1929
1st Grade Marcus Dittmer 1929-1930
3rd Grade Marcus Dittmer 1931-1932
3rd Grade Marcus Dittmer 1932-1933
4th Grade Marcus Dittmer 1933-1934
5th Grade Marcus Dittmer 1934-1935
6th Grade Marcus Dittmer 1935-1936
7th Grade Marcus Dittmer 1936-1937
8th Grade Marcus Dittmer 1937-1938
1st Grade Margaret Dittmer 1924-1925
3rd Grade Margaret Dittmer 1925-1926
5th Grade Margaret Dittmer 1927-1928
6th Grade Margaret Dittmer 1928-1929
1st Grade Margaret Dittmer 1934-1935
2nd Grade Margaret Dittmer 1935-1936
3rd Grade Margery Dittmer 1936-1937
4th Grade Margery Dittmer 1937-1938
5th Grade Margery Dittmer 1938-1939
1st Grade Marie Dittmer 1933-1934
2nd Grade Marie Dittmer 1934-1935
3rd Grade Marie Dittmer 1935-1936
4th Grade Marie Dittmer 1936-1937
5th Grade Marie Dittmer 1937-1938
5th Grade Marie Dittmer 1938-1939
6th Grade Marie Dittmer 1939-1940
7th Grade Marie Dittmer 1940-1941
Kindergarten Marjorie Dittmer 1921-1922
1st Grade Marjorie Dittmer 1922-1923
1st Grade Mary Ann Dittmer 1938-1939
2nd Grade Mary Ann Dittmer 1939-1940
6th Grade Mary Ann Dittmer 1943-1944
3rd Grade Melvin Dittmer 1943-1944
4th Grade Melvin Dittmer 1944-1945
7th Grade Melvin Dittmer 1947-1948
8th Grade Melvin Dittmer 1948-1949
Kindergarten Mildred Dittmer 1925-1926
Kindergarten Mildred Dittmer 1926-1927
1st Grade Mildred Dittmer 1927-1928
2nd Grade Mildred Dittmer 1928-1929
3rd Grade Mildred Dittmer 1929-1930
8th Grade Mildred Dittmer 1934-1935
Kindergarten Norbert Dittmer 1926-1927
1st Grade Norbert Dittmer 1927-1928
3rd Grade Norbert Dittmer 1927-1928
2nd Grade Norbert Dittmer 1928-1929
4th Grade Norbert Dittmer 1928-1929
1st Grade Norbert Dittmer 1929-1930
4th Grade Norbert Dittmer 1929-1930
5th Grade Norbert Dittmer 1929-1930
2nd Grade Norbert Dittmer 1931-1932
8th Grade Norbert Dittmer 1933-1934
Kindergarten Norma Dittmer 1947-1948
1st Grade Norma Dittmer 1948-1949
2nd Grade Norma Dittmer 1949-1950
3rd Grade Norma Dittmer 1950-1951
4th Grade Norma Dittmer 1951-1952
5th Grade Norma Dittmer 1952-1953
6th Grade Norma Dittmer 1953-1954
7th Grade Norma Dittmer 1954-1955
8th Grade Norma Dittmer 1955-1956
1st Grade Paul Dittmer 1928-1929
3rd Grade Paul Dittmer 1931-1932
3rd Grade Paul Dittmer 1932-1933
4th Grade Paul Dittmer 1933-1934
5th Grade Paul Dittmer 1934-1935
6th Grade Paul Dittmer 1935-1936
7th Grade Paul Dittmer 1936-1937
8th Grade Paul Dittmer 1937-1938
1st Grade Raymond Dittmer 1946-1947
2nd Grade Raymond Dittmer 1947-1948
3rd Grade Raymond Dittmer 1948-1949
5th Grade Raymond Dittmer 1950-1951
6th Grade Raymond Dittmer 1951-1952
7th Grade Raymond Dittmer 1952-1953
8th Grade Raymond Dittmer 1953-1954
2nd Grade Rita Dittmer 1931-1932
2nd Grade Rita Dittmer 1932-1933
3rd Grade Rita Dittmer 1933-1934
4th Grade Rita Dittmer 1934-1935
5th Grade Rita Dittmer 1935-1936
6th Grade Rita Dittmer 1936-1937
7th Grade Rita Dittmer 1937-1938
8th Grade Rita Dittmer 1938-1939
Kindergarten Robert Dittmer 1920-1921
1st Grade Robert Dittmer 1921-1922
3rd Grade Robert Dittmer 1922-1923
5th Grade Robert Dittmer 1925-1926
6th Grade Robert Dittmer 1926-1927
7th Grade Robert Dittmer 1927-1928
8th Grade Robert Dittmer 1928-1929
1st Grade Ronald Dittmer 1951-1952
2nd Grade Ronald Dittmer 1952-1953
3rd Grade Ronald Dittmer 1953-1954
4th Grade Ronald Dittmer 1954-1955
5th Grade Ronald Dittmer 1955-1956
6th Grade Ronald Dittmer 1956-1957
7th Grade Ronald Dittmer 1957-1958
8th Grade Ronald Dittmer 1958-1959
Kindergarten Ruth Ann Dittmer 1946-1947
1st Grade Ruth Ann Dittmer 1947-1948
2nd Grade Ruth Ann Dittmer 1948-1949
3rd Grade Ruth Ann Dittmer 1949-1950
4th Grade Ruth Ann Dittmer 1950-1951
5th Grade Ruth Ann Dittmer 1951-1952
6th Grade Ruth Ann Dittmer 1952-1953
7th Grade Ruth Ann Dittmer 1953-1954
8th Grade Ruth Ann Dittmer 1954-1955
1st Grade Sandra Dittmer 1953-1954
2nd Grade Sandra Dittmer 1954-1955
3rd Grade Sandra Dittmer 1955-1956
4th Grade Sandra Dittmer 1956-1957
5th Grade Sandra Dittmer 1957-1958
6th Grade Sandra Dittmer 1958-1959
7th Grade Sandra Dittmer 1959-1960
8th Grade Sandra Dittmer 1960-1961
Kindergarten Sylvester Dittmer 1939-1940
1st Grade Sylvester Dittmer 1940-1941
2nd Grade Sylvester Dittmer 1942-1943
3rd Grade Sylvester Dittmer 1943-1944
4th Grade Sylvester Dittmer 1944-1945
5th Grade Sylvester Dittmer 1945-1946
6th Grade Sylvester Dittmer 1946-1947
7th Grade Sylvester Dittmer 1947-1948
8th Grade Sylvester Dittmer 1948-1949
1st Grade Thomas Dittmer 1956-1957
2nd Grade Thomas Dittmer 1957-1958
3rd Grade Thomas Dittmer 1958-1959
4th Grade Thomas Dittmer 1959-1960
5th Grade Thomas Dittmer 1960-1961
6th Grade Thomas Dittmer 1961-1962
7th Grade Thomas Dittmer 1962-1963
8th Grade Thomas Dittmer 1963-1964
1st Grade Vincent Dittmer 1943-1944
2nd Grade Vincent Dittmer 1944-1945
5th Grade Vincent Dittmer 1947-1948
6th Grade Vincent Dittmer 1948-1949
Kindergarten Wilbert Dittmer 1926-1927
1st Grade Wilbert Dittmer 1927-1928
2nd Grade Wilbert Dittmer 1928-1929
3rd Grade Wilbert Dittmer 1929-1930
6th Grade Wilbert Dittmer 1932-1933
7th Grade Wilbert Dittmer 1933-1934
8th Grade Wilbert Dittmer 1934-1935
8th Grade Wilbert Dittmer 1935-1936
1st Grade Clarice Endres 1933-1934
2nd Grade Clarice Endres 1934-1935
3rd Grade Clarice Endres 1935-1936
4th Grade Clarice Endres 1936-1937
5th Grade Clarice Endres 1937-1938
6th Grade Clarice Endres 1938-1939
7th Grade Clarice Endres 1939-1940
8th Grade Clarice Endres 1940-1941
1st Grade Cleo Endres 1935-1936
2nd Grade Cleo Endres 1936-1937
3rd Grade Cleo Endres 1937-1938
4th Grade Cleo Endres 1938-1939
5th Grade Cleo Endres 1939-1940
6th Grade Cleo Endres 1940-1941
8th Grade Cleo Endres 1942-1943
Kindergarten Edwin Endres 1945-1946
1st Grade Edwin Endres 1946-1947
2nd Grade Edwin Endres 1947-1948
3rd Grade Edwin Endres 1948-1949
4th Grade Edwin Endres 1949-1950
5th Grade Edwin Endres 1950-1951
6th Grade Edwin Endres 1951-1952
7th Grade Edwin Endres 1952-1953
8th Grade Edwin Endres 1953-1954
3rd Grade Francis A. Endres 1907-1908
4th Grade Francis A. Endres 1908-1909
5th Grade Francis A. Endres 1909-1910
6th Grade Francis A. Endres 1910-1911
7th Grade Francis A. Endres 1911-1912
8th Grade Francis A. Endres 1912-1913
1st Grade Gail Endres 1952-1953
2nd Grade Gail Endres 1953-1954
3rd Grade Gail Endres 1954-1955
4th Grade Gail Endres 1955-1956
5th Grade Gail Endres 1956-1957
6th Grade Gail Endres 1957-1958
7th Grade Gail Endres 1958-1959
8th Grade Gail Endres 1959-1960
Kindergarten Geraldine Endres 1929-1930
2nd Grade Geraldine Endres 1931-1932
2nd Grade Geraldine Endres 1932-1933
3rd Grade Geraldine Endres 1933-1934
4th Grade Geraldine Endres 1934-1935
5th Grade Geraldine Endres 1935-1936
6th Grade Geraldine Endres 1936-1937
7th Grade Geraldine Endres 1937-1938
8th Grade Geraldine Endres 1938-1939
1st Grade Irma Endres 1933-1934
2nd Grade Irma Endres 1934-1935
3rd Grade Irma Endres 1935-1936
4th Grade Irma Endres 1936-1937
5th Grade Irma Endres 1937-1938
6th Grade Irma Endres 1938-1939
7th Grade Irma Endres 1939-1940
8th Grade Irma Endres 1940-1941
Kindergarten John Endres 1940-1941
2nd Grade John Endres 1942-1943
3rd Grade John Endres 1943-1944
4th Grade John Endres 1944-1945
5th Grade John Endres 1945-1946
6th Grade John Endres 1946-1947
7th Grade John Endres 1947-1948
8th Grade John Endres 1948-1949
1st Grade Margaret Endres 1913-1914
2nd Grade Margaret Endres 1914-1915
4th Grade Margaret Endres 1916-1917
5th Grade Margaret Endres 1917-1918
6th Grade Margaret Endres 1918-1919
7th Grade Margaret Endres 1919-1920
8th Grade Margaret Endres 1920-1921
1st Grade Margaret Ann Endres 1937-1938
1st Grade Margaret Ann Endres 1938-1939
2nd Grade Margaret Ann Endres 1939-1940
3rd Grade Margaret Ann Endres 1940-1941
5th Grade Margaret Ann Endres 1942-1943
6th Grade Margaret Ann Endres 1943-1944
7th Grade Margaret Ann Endres 1944-1945
8th Grade Margaret Ann Endres 1945-1946
Kindergarten Marie Endres 1929-1930
2nd Grade Marie Endres 1931-1932
2nd Grade Marie Endres 1932-1933
3rd Grade Marie Endres 1933-1934
4th Grade Marie Endres 1934-1935
5th Grade Marie Endres 1935-1936
6th Grade Marie Endres 1936-1937
7th Grade Marie Endres 1937-1938
8th Grade Marie Endres 1938-1939
1st Grade Mary Endres 1942-1943
2nd Grade Mary Endres 1943-1944
3rd Grade Mary Endres 1944-1945
4th Grade Mary Endres 1945-1946
5th Grade Mary Endres 1946-1947
6th Grade Mary Endres 1947-1948
7th Grade Mary Endres 1948-1949
1st Grade Mervin Endres 1931-1932
1st Grade Mervin Endres 1932-1933
1st Grade Mervin Endres 1933-1934
2nd Grade Mervin Endres 1934-1935
3rd Grade Mervin Endres 1935-1936
4th Grade Mervin Endres 1936-1937
5th Grade Mervin Endres 1937-1938
6th Grade Mervin Endres 1938-1939
7th Grade Mervin Endres 1939-1940
8th Grade Mervin Endres 1940-1941
1st Grade Nilus Endres 1937-1938
1st Grade Nilus Endres 1938-1939
2nd Grade Nilus Endres 1939-1940
3rd Grade Nilus Endres 1940-1941
5th Grade Nilus Endres 1942-1943
6th Grade Nilus Endres 1943-1944
7th Grade Nilus Endres 1944-1945
8th Grade Nilus Endres 1945-1946
1st Grade Richard Endres 1950-1951
2nd Grade Richard Endres 1951-1952
3rd Grade Richard Endres 1952-1953
4th Grade Richard Endres 1953-1954
5th Grade Richard Endres 1954-1955
6th Grade Richard Endres 1955-1956
7th Grade Richard Endres 1956-1957
Kindergarten Robert Endres 1942-1943
1st Grade Robert Endres 1943-1944
2nd Grade Robert Endres 1944-1945
3rd Grade Robert Endres 1945-1946
4th Grade Robert Endres 1946-1947
5th Grade Robert Endres 1947-1948
6th Grade Robert Endres 1948-1949
7th Grade Robert Endres 1949-1950
8th Grade Robert Endres 1950-1951
3rd Grade Veronica M. Endres 1907-1908
4th Grade Veronica M. Endres 1908-1909
5th Grade Veronica M. Endres 1909-1910
6th Grade Veronica M. Endres 1910-1911
7th Grade Veronica M. Endres 1911-1912
8th Grade Veronica M. Endres 1912-1913
1st Grade Wayne Endres 1937-1938
1st Grade Wayne Endres 1938-1939
1st Grade Wayne Endres 1939-1940
2nd Grade Wayne Endres 1939-1940
3rd Grade Wayne Endres 1940-1941
5th Grade Wayne Endres 1942-1943
6th Grade Wayne Endres 1943-1944
7th Grade Wayne Endres 1944-1945
8th Grade Wayne Endres 1945-1946
7th Grade John Fath 1965-1966
7th Grade Daniel Fish 1963-1964
8th Grade Daniel Fish 1964-1965
1st Grade Therese Fish 1958-1959
2nd Grade Therese Fish 1959-1960
3rd Grade Therese Fish 1960-1961
4th Grade Therese Fish 1961-1962
5th Grade Therese Fish 1962-1963
6th Grade Therese Fish 1963-1964
7th Grade Therese Fish 1964-1965
8th Grade Therese Fish 1965-1966
2nd Grade Elle Jean Frueh 1936-1937
3rd Grade John A. Frueh 1907-1908
4th Grade John A. Frueh 1908-1909
5th Grade John A. Frueh 1909-1910
6th Grade John A. Frueh 1910-1911
7th Grade John A. Frueh 1911-1912
8th Grade John A. Frueh 1912-1913
6th Grade Frank Galbert 1958-1959
5th Grade John Galbert 1958-1959
6th Grade John Galbert 1959-1960
6th Grade Gerald Gass 1964-1965
7th Grade Gerald Gass 1965-1966
7th Grade Joseph Gass 1964-1965
8th Grade Joseph Gass 1965-1966
1st Grade Albert Greubel 1925-1926
2nd Grade Albert Greubel 1926-1927
3rd Grade Albert Greubel 1927-1928
4th Grade Albert Greubel 1928-1929
5th Grade Albert Greubel 1929-1930
Kindergarten Arlene Greubel 1961-1962
1st Grade Arlene Greubel 1962-1963
2nd Grade Arlene Greubel 1963-1964
3rd Grade Arlene Greubel 1964-1965
4th Grade Arlene Greubel 1965-1966
5th Grade Arnold Greubel 1960-1961
6th Grade Arnold Greubel 1961-1962
7th Grade Arnold Greubel 1962-1963
8th Grade Arnold Greubel 1963-1964
1st Grade Betty Lou Greubel 1964-1965
2nd Grade Betty Lou Greubel 1965-1966
Kindergarten Donna Mae Greubel 1939-1940
1st Grade Duane Greubel 1954-1955
2nd Grade Duane Greubel 1955-1956
3rd Grade Duane Greubel 1956-1957
Kindergarten Ervin Greubel 1938-1939
1st Grade Ervin Greubel 1939-1940
2nd Grade Ervin Greubel 1940-1941
3rd Grade Ervin Greubel 1942-1943
4th Grade Ervin Greubel 1943-1944
5th Grade Flavian Greubel 1937-1938
6th Grade Flavian Greubel 1938-1939
7th Grade Flavian Greubel 1939-1940
8th Grade Flavian Greubel 1940-1941
2nd Grade Fred Greubel 1933-1934
3rd Grade Fred Greubel 1934-1935
4th Grade Fred Greubel 1935-1936
5th Grade Fred Greubel 1936-1937
6th Grade Fred Greubel 1937-1938
7th Grade Fred Greubel 1938-1939
2nd Grade Gary Greubel 1956-1957
3rd Grade Gary Greubel 1957-1958
4th Grade Gary Greubel 1958-1959
5th Grade Gary Greubel 1959-1960
6th Grade Gary Greubel 1960-1961
7th Grade Gary Greubel 1961-1962
8th Grade Gary Greubel 1962-1963
1st Grade Gerald Greubel 1947-1948
2nd Grade Gerald Greubel 1948-1949
3rd Grade Gerald Greubel 1949-1950
4th Grade Gerald Greubel 1950-1951
5th Grade Gerald Greubel 1951-1952
6th Grade Gerald Greubel 1952-1953
7th Grade Gerald Greubel 1953-1954
8th Grade Gerald Greubel 1954-1955
3rd Grade Giles Greubel 1938-1939
4th Grade Giles Greubel 1939-1940
5th Grade Giles Greubel 1940-1941
7th Grade Giles Greubel 1942-1943
8th Grade Giles Greubel 1943-1944
5th Grade Gloria Greubel 1957-1958
6th Grade Gloria Greubel 1958-1959
7th Grade Gloria Greubel 1959-1960
8th Grade Gloria Greubel 1960-1961
5th Grade Irvin Greubel 1944-1945
5th Grade James M. Greubel 1937-1938
6th Grade James M. Greubel 1938-1939
7th Grade James M. Greubel 1939-1940
8th Grade James M. Greubel 1940-1941
1st Grade James Greubel 1957-1958
2nd Grade James Greubel 1958-1959
3rd Grade James Greubel 1959-1960
4th Grade James Greubel 1960-1961
5th Grade James Greubel 1961-1962
6th Grade James Greubel 1962-1963
7th Grade James Greubel 1963-1964
8th Grade James Greubel 1964-1965
2nd Grade Janis Greubel 1959-1960
3rd Grade Janis Greubel 1960-1961
4th Grade Janis Greubel 1961-1962
5th Grade Janis Greubel 1962-1963
6th Grade Janis Greubel 1963-1964
7th Grade Janis Greubel 1964-1965
8th Grade Janis Greubel 1965-1966
1st Grade Jean Greubel 1952-1953
2nd Grade Jean Greubel 1953-1954
3rd Grade Jean Greubel 1954-1955
4th Grade Jean Greubel 1955-1956
5th Grade Jean Greubel 1956-1957
1st Grade John Greubel 1953-1954
2nd Grade John Greubel 1954-1955
3rd Grade John Greubel 1955-1956
4th Grade John Greubel 1956-1957
5th Grade John Greubel 1957-1958
6th Grade John Greubel 1958-1959
7th Grade John Greubel 1959-1960
8th Grade John Greubel 1960-1961
1st Grade John J. Greubel 1959-1960
2nd Grade John J. Greubel 1960-1961
3rd Grade John J. Greubel 1961-1962
4th Grade John J. Greubel 1962-1963
5th Grade John J. Greubel 1963-1964
6th Grade John J. Greubel 1964-1965
7th Grade John J. Greubel 1965-1966
Kindergarten Loraine F. Greubel 1926-1927
1st Grade Loraine F. Greubel 1927-1928
2nd Grade Loraine F. Greubel 1928-1929
3rd Grade Loraine F. Greubel 1929-1930
7th Grade Loraine F. Greubel 1933-1934
8th Grade Loraine F. Greubel 1934-1935
6th Grade Louise M. Greubel 1932-1933
6th Grade Lucille M. Greubel 1932-1933
1st Grade Madonna Greubel 1940-1941
3rd Grade Madonna Greubel 1942-1943
4th Grade Madonna Greubel 1943-1944
5th Grade Madonna Greubel 1944-1945
1st Grade Marjorie Greubel 1938-1939
2nd Grade Marjorie Greubel 1939-1940
3rd Grade Marjorie Greubel 1940-1941
5th Grade Marjorie Greubel 1942-1943
7th Grade Marjorie Greubel 1944-1945
8th Grade Marjorie Greubel 1945-1946
2nd Grade Marvin Greubel 1924-1925
3rd Grade Marvin Greubel 1925-1926
4th Grade Marvin Greubel 1926-1927
5th Grade Marvin Greubel 1927-1928
6th Grade Marvin Greubel 1928-1929
1st Grade Mary Greubel 1913-1914
2nd Grade Mary Greubel 1914-1915
4th Grade Mary Greubel 1916-1917
5th Grade Mary Greubel 1917-1918
6th Grade Mary Greubel 1918-1919
7th Grade Mary Greubel 1919-1920
8th Grade Mary Greubel 1920-1921
1st Grade Michael Greubel 1957-1958
2nd Grade Michael Greubel 1958-1959
3rd Grade Michael Greubel 1959-1960
4th Grade Michael Greubel 1960-1961
5th Grade Michael Greubel 1961-1962
6th Grade Michael Greubel 1962-1963
7th Grade Michael Greubel 1963-1964
8th Grade Michael Greubel 1964-1965
Kindergarten Norma Kay Greubel 1948-1949
1st Grade Norma Kay Greubel 1949-1950
2nd Grade Norma Kay Greubel 1950-1951
3rd Grade Norma Kay Greubel 1951-1952
4th Grade Norma Kay Greubel 1952-1953
5th Grade Norma Kay Greubel 1953-1954
6th Grade Norma Kay Greubel 1954-1955
7th Grade Norma Kay Greubel 1955-1956
8th Grade Norma Kay Greubel 1956-1957
7th Grade Richard Greubel 1960-1961
8th Grade Richard Greubel 1961-1962
1st Grade Rosemary Greubel 1954-1955
2nd Grade Rosemary Greubel 1955-1956
3rd Grade Rosemary Greubel 1956-1957
4th Grade Rosemary Greubel 1957-1958
5th Grade Rosemary Greubel 1958-1959
6th Grade Rosemary Greubel 1959-1960
7th Grade Rosemary Greubel 1960-1961
8th Grade Rosemary Greubel 1961-1962
Kindergarten Geraldine Hall 1921-1922
1st Grade Geraldine Hall 1922-1923
2nd Grade Mildred Hall 1921-1922
3rd Grade Mildred Hall 1922-1923
Kindergarten Bernard Harmeyer 1940-1941
Kindergarten John Harmeyer 1938-1939
1st Grade John Harmeyer 1939-1940
2nd Grade John Harmeyer 1940-1941
2nd Grade John Hastie 1955-1956
4th Grade Rita Hastie 1955-1956
1st Grade Agnes Ann Heinen 1938-1939
2nd Grade Agnes Ann Heinen 1939-1940
3rd Grade Agnes Ann Heinen 1940-1941
5th Grade Agnes Ann Heinen 1942-1943
7th Grade Agnes Ann Heinen 1944-1945
8th Grade Agnes Ann Heinen 1945-1946
Kindergarten Barbara Heinen 1947-1948
1st Grade Barbara Heinen 1948-1949
2nd Grade Barbara Heinen 1949-1950
3rd Grade Barbara Heinen 1950-1951
4th Grade Barbara Heinen 1951-1952
5th Grade Barbara Heinen 1952-1953
6th Grade Barbara Heinen 1953-1954
7th Grade Barbara Heinen 1954-1955
8th Grade Barbara Heinen 1955-1956
Kindergarten Dolores Heinen 1944-1945
2nd Grade Dolores Heinen 1945-1946
4th Grade Dolores Heinen 1947-1948
5th Grade Dolores Heinen 1948-1949
6th Grade Dolores Heinen 1949-1950
7th Grade Dolores Heinen 1950-1951
8th Grade Dolores Heinen 1951-1952
Kindergarten George Heinen 1942-1943
Kindergarten Giles Heinen 1945-1946
1st Grade Giles Heinen 1946-1947
Kindergarten Joan Heinen 1946-1947
3rd Grade Joseph Heinen 1944-1945
4th Grade Joseph Heinen 1945-1946
6th Grade Joseph Heinen 1947-1948
7th Grade Joseph Heinen 1948-1949
8th Grade Joseph Heinen 1949-1950
Kindergarten Madonna Heinen 1939-1940
Kindergarten Madonna Heinen 1940-1941
3rd Grade Madonna Heinen 1942-1943
5th Grade Madonna Heinen 1944-1945
6th Grade Madonna Heinen 1945-1946
1st Grade Maureen Heinen 1950-1951
2nd Grade Maureen Heinen 1951-1952
3rd Grade Maureen Heinen 1952-1953
4th Grade Maureen Heinen 1953-1954
5th Grade Maureen Heinen 1954-1955
6th Grade Maureen Heinen 1955-1956
7th Grade Maureen Heinen 1956-1957
8th Grade Maureen Heinen 1957-1958
1st Grade Michael Heinen 1950-1951
2nd Grade Michael Heinen 1951-1952
3rd Grade Michael Heinen 1952-1953
4th Grade Michael Heinen 1953-1954
5th Grade Michael Heinen 1954-1955
6th Grade Michael Heinen 1955-1956
7th Grade Michael Heinen 1956-1957
8th Grade Michael Heinen 1957-1958
Kindergarten Patricia Heinen 1945-1946
2nd Grade Patricia Heinen 1947-1948
3rd Grade Patricia Heinen 1948-1949
3rd Grade Patricia Heinen 1949-1950
4th Grade Patricia Heinen 1949-1950
5th Grade Patricia Heinen 1950-1951
6th Grade Patricia Heinen 1951-1952
7th Grade Patricia Heinen 1952-1953
8th Grade Patricia Heinen 1953-1954
2nd Grade Lambertine Heinen Sr. 1907-1908
3rd Grade Lambertine Heinen Sr. 1908-1909
4th Grade Lambertine Heinen Sr. 1909-1910
5th Grade Lambertine Heinen Sr. 1910-1911
6th Grade Lambertine Heinen Sr. 1911-1912
7th Grade Lambertine Heinen Sr. 1912-1913
1st Grade Ann Hembry 1954-1955
2nd Grade Ann Hembry 1955-1956
3rd Grade Ann Hembry 1956-1957
4th Grade Ann Hembry 1957-1958
5th Grade Ann Hembry 1958-1959
6th Grade Ann Hembry 1959-1960
7th Grade Ann Hembry 1960-1961
8th Grade Ann Hembry 1961-1962
1st Grade Karen Hembry 1958-1959
2nd Grade Karen Hembry 1959-1960
3rd Grade Karen Hembry 1960-1961
4th Grade Karen Hembry 1961-1962
5th Grade Karen Hembry 1962-1963
6th Grade Karen Hembry 1963-1964
7th Grade Karen Hembry 1964-1965
8th Grade Karen Hembry 1965-1966
1st Grade Mary Hembry 1951-1952
2nd Grade Mary Hembry 1952-1953
3rd Grade Mary Hembry 1953-1954
4th Grade Mary Hembry 1954-1955
5th Grade Mary Hembry 1955-1956
6th Grade Mary Hembry 1956-1957
7th Grade Mary Hembry 1957-1958
8th Grade Mary Hembry 1958-1959
Kindergarten Phylis Hembry 1960-1961
1st Grade Phylis Hembry 1961-1962
2nd Grade Phylis Hembry 1962-1963
3rd Grade Phylis Hembry 1963-1964
4th Grade Phylis Hembry 1964-1965
5th Grade Phylis Hembry 1965-1966
Kindergarten Theresa Hembry 1946-1947
1st Grade Theresa Hembry 1947-1948
2nd Grade Theresa Hembry 1948-1949
3rd Grade Theresa Hembry 1949-1950
4th Grade Theresa Hembry 1950-1951
5th Grade Theresa Hembry 1951-1952
6th Grade Theresa Hembry 1952-1953
7th Grade Theresa Hembry 1953-1954
8th Grade Theresa Hembry 1954-1955
Kindergarten William Hembry 1948-1949
1st Grade William Hembry 1949-1950
2nd Grade William Hembry 1950-1951
3rd Grade William Hembry 1951-1952
4th Grade William Hembry 1952-1953
5th Grade William Hembry 1953-1954
6th Grade William Hembry 1954-1955
7th Grade William Hembry 1955-1956
8th Grade William Hembry 1956-1957
5th Grade Alberta Hoch 1947-1948
5th Grade Alberta Hoch 1948-1949
5th Grade Alberta Hoch 1948-1949
6th Grade Alberta Hoch 1949-1950
6th Grade Cleta Hoch 1947-1948
7th Grade Cleta Hoch 1948-1949
8th Grade Cleta Hoch 1949-1950
4th Grade Delmar Hoch 1947-1948
5th Grade Delmar Hoch 1948-1949
6th Grade Delmar Hoch 1949-1950
Kindergarten Garould Hoch 1947-1948
1st Grade Garould Hoch 1948-1949
2nd Grade Garould Hoch 1949-1950
Kindergarten Janet Hoch 1947-1948
1st Grade Janet Hoch 1948-1949
2nd Grade Janet Hoch 1949-1950
2nd Grade Larry Hoch 1947-1948
3rd Grade Larry Hoch 1948-1949
4th Grade Larry Hoch 1949-1950
2nd Grade Cletus Huerter 1939-1940
3rd Grade Cletus Huerter 1940-1941
2nd Grade Ernest Huerter 1939-1940
3rd Grade Ernest Huerter 1940-1941
Kindergarten Gerald Huerter 1940-1941
4th Grade Gerald Huerter 1944-1945
5th Grade Gerald Huerter 1945-1946
Kindergarten Geraldine Huerter 1940-1941
4th Grade Geraldine Huerter 1944-1945
5th Grade Geraldine Huerter 1945-1946
Kindergarten Lois Ann Huerter 1947-1948
1st Grade Lois Ann Huerter 1948-1949
2nd Grade Lois Ann Huerter 1949-1950
3rd Grade Lois Ann Huerter 1950-1951
5th Grade Arthur Hughs 1928-1929
7th Grade Paul Hughs 1928-1929
1st Grade Wanda Hughs 1928-1929
5th Grade Georgiann Johns 1958-1959
6th Grade Margaret M. Johns 1958-1959
3rd Grade Michael Johns 1958-1959
2nd Grade William Johns 1958-1959
3rd Grade Adda M. Keller 1907-1908
4th Grade Adda M. Keller 1908-1909
5th Grade Adda M. Keller 1909-1910
6th Grade Adda M. Keller 1910-1911
7th Grade Adda M. Keller 1911-1912
8th Grade Adda M. Keller 1912-1913
2nd Grade Genevieve Keller 1931-1932
2nd Grade Genevieve Keller 1932-1933
3rd Grade Genevieve Keller 1933-1934
4th Grade Genevieve Keller 1934-1935
5th Grade Genevieve Keller 1935-1936
6th Grade Genevieve Keller 1936-1937
7th Grade Genevieve Keller 1937-1938
8th Grade Genevieve Keller 1938-1939
Kindergarten James C. Keller 1928-1929
1st Grade James C. Keller 1929-1930
3rd Grade James C. Keller 1931-1932
3rd Grade James C. Keller 1932-1933
5th Grade James C. Keller 1933-1934
6th Grade James C. Keller 1934-1935
7th Grade James C. Keller 1935-1936
8th Grade James C. Keller 1936-1937
1st Grade James Keller 1953-1954
2nd Grade James Keller 1954-1955
3rd Grade James Keller 1955-1956
4th Grade James Keller 1956-1957
5th Grade James Keller 1957-1958
6th Grade James Keller 1958-1959
7th Grade James Keller 1959-1960
1st Grade Kayleen Keller 1958-1959
2nd Grade Kayleen Keller 1959-1960
Kindergarten Marcella Keller 1925-1926
1st Grade Marcella Keller 1926-1927
2nd Grade Marcella Keller 1927-1928
3rd Grade Marcella Keller 1928-1929
4th Grade Marcella Keller 1929-1930
7th Grade Marcella Keller 1932-1933
Kindergarten Paul Keller 1925-1926
Kindergarten Paul Keller 1926-1927
1st Grade Paul Keller 1927-1928
2nd Grade Paul Keller 1928-1929
3rd Grade Paul Keller 1929-1930
6th Grade Paul Keller 1932-1933
6th Grade Paul Keller 1933-1934
7th Grade Paul Keller 1934-1935
8th Grade Paul Keller 1935-1936
1st Grade Sherry Keller 1955-1956
1st Grade Sherry Keller 1956-1957
2nd Grade Sherry Keller 1957-1958
3rd Grade Sherry Keller 1958-1959
4th Grade Sherry Keller 1959-1960
Kindergarten Albert Allen Konrad 1920-1921
3rd Grade Albert Allen Konrad 1926-1927
4th Grade Albert Allen Konrad 1927-1928
5th Grade Albert Allen Konrad 1928-1929
5th Grade Albert Allen Konrad 1929-1930
6th Grade Darrell Konrad 1951-1952
7th Grade Darrell Konrad 1952-1953
8th Grade Darrell Konrad 1953-1954
Kindergarten Donald S. Konrad 1922-1923
6th Grade Donald Konrad 1951-1952
7th Grade Donald Konrad 1952-1953
8th Grade Donald Konrad 1953-1954
1st Grade Floyd Konrad 1929-1930
Kindergarten Gilbert Konrad 1926-1927
1st Grade Gilbert Konrad 1927-1928
2nd Grade Gilbert Konrad 1928-1929
1st Grade Gilbert Konrad 1929-1930
1st Grade Marc Konrad 1919-1920
2nd Grade Marc Konrad 1920-1921
Kindergarten Margaret Konrad 1926-1927
1st Grade Margaret Konrad 1927-1928
2nd Grade Margaret Konrad 1928-1929
1st Grade Margaret Konrad 1929-1930
Kindergarten Mary Ellen Konrad 1944-1945
1st Grade Mary Ellen Konrad 1945-1946
2nd Grade Mary Ellen Konrad 1946-1947
3rd Grade Mary Ellen Konrad 1947-1948
5th Grade Patricia Konrad 1951-1952
6th Grade Patricia Konrad 1952-1953
7th Grade Patricia Konrad 1953-1954
8th Grade Patricia Konrad 1954-1955
1st Grade Paul Konrad 1929-1930
3rd Grade Paul Konrad 1931-1932
6th Grade Paul Konrad 1934-1935
3rd Grade Robert Konrad 1951-1952
4th Grade Robert Konrad 1952-1953
5th Grade Robert Konrad 1953-1954
6th Grade Robert Konrad 1954-1955
7th Grade Robert Konrad 1955-1956
8th Grade Robert Konrad 1956-1957
1st Grade Rose Konrad 1951-1952
2nd Grade Rose Konrad 1952-1953
3rd Grade Rose Konrad 1953-1954
4th Grade Rose Konrad 1954-1955
5th Grade Rose Konrad 1955-1956
6th Grade Rose Konrad 1956-1957
7th Grade Rose Konrad 1957-1958
8th Grade Rose Konrad 1958-1959
Kindergarten Vitus F. Konrad 1920-1921
1st Grade Vitus F. Konrad 1921-1922
2nd Grade Vitus F. Konrad 1922-1923
3rd Grade Vitus F. Konrad 1924-1925
4th Grade Vitus F. Konrad 1924-1925
6th Grade Vitus F. Konrad 1925-1926
5th Grade Vitus F. Konrad 1926-1927
6th Grade Vitus F. Konrad 1927-1928
7th Grade Vitus F. Konrad 1928-1929
8th Grade Vitus F. Konrad 1929-1930
Kindergarten Wilfred Konrad 1926-1927
1st Grade Wilfred Konrad 1927-1928
2nd Grade Wilfred Konrad 1928-1929
1st Grade Wilfred Konrad 1929-1930
1st Grade Andrew Kuhn 1950-1951
2nd Grade Andrew Kuhn 1951-1952
3rd Grade Andrew Kuhn 1952-1953
4th Grade Andrew Kuhn 1953-1954
5th Grade Andrew Kuhn 1954-1955
6th Grade Andrew Kuhn 1955-1956
7th Grade Andrew Kuhn 1956-1957
1st Grade Jacqueline Jean Kuhn 1942-1943
2nd Grade Jacqueline Jean Kuhn 1943-1944
3rd Grade Jacqueline Jean Kuhn 1944-1945
4th Grade Jacqueline Jean Kuhn 1945-1946
5th Grade Jacqueline Jean Kuhn 1946-1947
6th Grade Jacqueline Jean Kuhn 1947-1948
7th Grade Jacqueline Jean Kuhn 1948-1949
8th Grade Jacqueline Jean Kuhn 1949-1950
1st Grade Joel Joseph Kuhn 1942-1943
2nd Grade Joel Joseph Kuhn 1943-1944
3rd Grade Joel Joseph Kuhn 1944-1945
4th Grade Joel Joseph Kuhn 1945-1946
5th Grade Joel Joseph Kuhn 1946-1947
6th Grade Joel Joseph Kuhn 1947-1948
7th Grade Joel Joseph Kuhn 1948-1949
8th Grade Joel Joseph Kuhn 1949-1950
3rd Grade Margaret Kuhn 1907-1908
4th Grade Margaret Kuhn 1908-1909
5th Grade Margaret Kuhn 1909-1910
6th Grade Margaret Kuhn 1910-1911
7th Grade Margaret Kuhn 1911-1912
8th Grade Margaret Kuhn 1912-1913
1st Grade Donald Metz 1933-1934
2nd Grade Donald Metz 1934-1935
3rd Grade Donald Metz 1935-1936
4th Grade Donald Metz 1936-1937
5th Grade Donald Metz 1937-1938
5th Grade Donald Metz 1938-1939
6th Grade Donald Metz 1939-1940
7th Grade Donald Metz 1940-1941
2nd Grade Herbert Metz 1944-1945
3rd Grade Herbert Metz 1945-1946
1st Grade Lester Metz 1937-1938
2nd Grade Lester Metz 1939-1940
2nd Grade Lester Metz 1940-1941
6th Grade Lester Metz 1944-1945
7th Grade Lester Metz 1945-1946
Kindergarten Marvin Metz 1940-1941
4th Grade Marvin Metz 1944-1945
5th Grade Marvin Metz 1945-1946
7th Grade Arnold Miller 1938-1939
8th Grade Arnold Miller 1939-1940
Kindergarten Leonard Miller 1940-1941
2nd Grade Leonard Miller 1942-1943
3rd Grade Leonard Miller 1943-1944
4th Grade Leonard Miller 1944-1945
5th Grade Leonard Miller 1945-1946
6th Grade Leonard Miller 1946-1947
7th Grade Leonard Miller 1947-1948
8th Grade Leonard Miller 1948-1949
Kindergarten Madonna Miller 1938-1939
1st Grade Madonna Miller 1939-1940
2nd Grade Madonna Miller 1940-1941
4th Grade Madonna Miller 1942-1943
5th Grade Madonna Miller 1943-1944
6th Grade Madonna Miller 1944-1945
7th Grade Madonna Miller 1945-1946
8th Grade Madonna Miller 1946-1947
1st Grade Marvin Miller 1938-1939
2nd Grade Marvin Miller 1939-1940
3rd Grade Marvin Miller 1940-1941
5th Grade Marvin Miller 1942-1943
6th Grade Marvin Miller 1943-1944
7th Grade Marvin Miller 1944-1945
8th Grade Marvin Miller 1945-1946
1st Grade Raymond Miller 1944-1945
2nd Grade Raymond Miller 1945-1946
3rd Grade Raymond Miller 1946-1947
4th Grade Raymond Miller 1947-1948
5th Grade Raymond Miller 1948-1949
6th Grade Raymond Miller 1949-1950
7th Grade Raymond Miller 1950-1951
8th Grade Raymond Miller 1951-1952
5th Grade Ruth Moran 1927-1928
1st Grade Barbara Ohnemus 1958-1959
2nd Grade Barbara Ohnemus 1959-1960
3rd Grade Barbara Ohnemus 1960-1961
4th Grade Barbara Ohnemus 1961-1962
4th Grade Barbara Ohnemus 1962-1963
5th Grade Barbara Ohnemus 1963-1964
6th Grade Barbara Ohnemus 1964-1965
7th Grade Barbara Ohnemus 1965-1966
1st Grade Carolyn Ohnemus 1953-1954
2nd Grade Carolyn Ohnemus 1954-1955
3rd Grade Carolyn Ohnemus 1955-1956
4th Grade Carolyn Ohnemus 1956-1957
5th Grade Carolyn Ohnemus 1957-1958
6th Grade Carolyn Ohnemus 1958-1959
7th Grade Carolyn Ohnemus 1959-1960
8th Grade Carolyn Ohnemus 1960-1961
1st Grade Catherine Ohnemus 1956-1957
2nd Grade Catherine Ohnemus 1957-1958
3rd Grade Catherine Ohnemus 1958-1959
4th Grade Catherine Ohnemus 1959-1960
5th Grade Catherine Ohnemus 1960-1961
6th Grade Catherine Ohnemus 1961-1962
7th Grade Catherine Ohnemus 1962-1963
8th Grade Catherine Ohnemus 1963-1964
3rd Grade Darrell Ohnemus 1939-1940
4th Grade Darrell Ohnemus 1940-1941
6th Grade Darrell Ohnemus 1942-1943
7th Grade Darrell Ohnemus 1943-1944
8th Grade Darrell Ohnemus 1944-1945
Kindergarten Edward Ohnemus 1928-1929
1st Grade Edward Ohnemus 1929-1930
2rd Grade Edward Ohnemus 1931-1932
3rd Grade Edward Ohnemus 1932-1933
5th Grade Edward Ohnemus 1933-1934
6th Grade Edward Ohnemus 1934-1935
7th Grade Edward Ohnemus 1935-1936
8th Grade Edward Ohnemus 1936-1937
1st Grade Erma Ohnemus 1937-1938
1st Grade Erma Ohnemus 1938-1939
2nd Grade Erma Ohnemus 1939-1940
3rd Grade Erma Ohnemus 1940-1941
5th Grade Erma Ohnemus 1942-1943
6th Grade Erma Ohnemus 1943-1944
7th Grade Erma Ohnemus 1944-1945
8th Grade Erma Ohnemus 1945-1946
Kindergarten Flavian Ohnemus 1925-1926
Kindergarten Flavian Ohnemus 1926-1927
1st Grade Flavian Ohnemus 1927-1928
2nd Grade Flavian Ohnemus 1928-1929
3rd Grade Flavian Ohnemus 1929-1930
6th Grade Flavian Ohnemus 1932-1933
6th Grade Flavian Ohnemus 1933-1934
7th Grade Flavian Ohnemus 1934-1935
8th Grade Flavian Ohnemus 1935-1936
1st Grade Herbert Ohnemus 1933-1934
1st Grade Herbert Ohnemus 1934-1935
2nd Grade Herbert Ohnemus 1935-1936
3rd Grade Herbert Ohnemus 1936-1937
4th Grade Herbert Ohnemus 1937-1938
5th Grade Herbert Ohnemus 1938-1939
5th Grade Herbert Ohnemus 1939-1940
6th Grade Herbert Ohnemus 1940-1941
8th Grade Herbert Ohnemus 1942-1943
2nd Grade Lester Ohnemus 1931-1932
2nd Grade Lester Ohnemus 1932-1933
3rd Grade Lester Ohnemus 1933-1934
4th Grade Lester Ohnemus 1934-1935
5th Grade Lester Ohnemus 1935-1936
6th Grade Lester Ohnemus 1936-1937
7th Grade Lester Ohnemus 1937-1938
8th Grade Lester Ohnemus 1938-1939
Kindergarten Lila Jean Ohnemus 1944-1945
5th Grade Marjorie Ohnemus 1939-1940
6th Grade Marjorie Ohnemus 1940-1941
1st Grade Ruth Ohnemus 1935-1936
1st Grade Ruth Ohnemus 1936-1937
2nd Grade Ruth Ohnemus 1937-1938
3rd Grade Ruth Ohnemus 1938-1939
4th Grade Ruth Ohnemus 1939-1940
5th Grade Ruth Ohnemus 1940-1941
7th Grade Ruth Ohnemus 1942-1943
8th Grade Ruth Ohnemus 1943-1944
1st Grade Shirley Ohnemus 1943-1944
2nd Grade Shirley Ohnemus 1944-1945
Kindergarten Vera Ohnemus 1939-1940
1st Grade Vera Ohnemus 1940-1941
3rd Grade Vera Ohnemus 1942-1943
4th Grade Vera Ohnemus 1943-1944
5th Grade Vera Ohnemus 1944-1945
6th Grade Vera Ohnemus 1945-1946
7th Grade Vera Ohnemus 1946-1947
8th Grade Vera Ohnemus 1947-1948
1st Grade Barbara Putz 1954-1955
2nd Grade Barbara Putz 1955-1956
3rd Grade Barbara Putz 1956-1957
4th Grade Barbara Putz 1957-1958
5th Grade Barbara Putz 1958-1959
6th Grade Barbara Putz 1959-1960
7th Grade Barbara Putz 1960-1961
8th Grade Barbara Putz 1961-1962
Kindergarten Bernard Putz 1946-1947
1st Grade Bernard Putz 1947-1948
2nd Grade Bernard Putz 1948-1949
3rd Grade Bernard Putz 1949-1950
4th Grade Bernard Putz 1950-1951
5th Grade Bernard Putz 1951-1952
6th Grade Bernard Putz 1952-1953
7th Grade Bernard Putz 1953-1954
8th Grade Bernard Putz 1954-1955
Kindergarten Bertha Putz 1920-1921
1st Grade Bertha Putz 1921-1922
2nd Grade Bertha Putz 1922-1923
4th Grade Bertha Putz 1924-1925
5th Grade Bertha Putz 1925-1926
6th Grade Bertha Putz 1926-1927
7th Grade Bertha Putz 1927-1928
8th Grade Bertha Putz 1928-1929
Kindergarten Carolyn Putz 1960-1961
1st Grade Carolyn Putz 1961-1962
2nd Grade Carolyn Putz 1962-1963
3rd Grade Carolyn Putz 1963-1964
4th Grade Carolyn Putz 1964-1965
5th Grade Carolyn Putz 1965-1966
1st Grade Dale Putz 1956-1957
2nd Grade Dale Putz 1957-1958
3rd Grade Dale Putz 1958-1959
1st Grade Delbert Putz 1951-1952
2nd Grade Delbert Putz 1952-1953
3rd Grade Delbert Putz 1953-1954
4th Grade Delbert Putz 1954-1955
5th Grade Delbert Putz 1955-1956
6th Grade Delbert Putz 1956-1957
7th Grade Delbert Putz 1957-1958
8th Grade Delbert Putz 1958-1959
1st Grade Donna Mae Putz 1940-1941
3rd Grade Donna Mae Putz 1942-1943
5th Grade Donna Mae Putz 1944-1945
6th Grade Donna Mae Putz 1945-1946
7th Grade Donna Mae Putz 1946-1947
8th Grade Donna Mae Putz 1947-1948
Kindergarten Dorothy Putz 1925-1926
Kindergarten Dorothy Putz 1926-1927
1st Grade Dorothy Putz 1927-1928
2nd Grade Dorothy Putz 1928-1929
3rd Grade Dorothy Putz 1929-1930
6th Grade Dorothy Putz 1932-1933
6th Grade Dorothy Putz 1933-1934
7th Grade Dorothy Putz 1934-1935
8th Grade Dorothy Putz 1935-1936
1st Grade Edith Putz 1919-1920
2nd Grade Edith Putz 1920-1921
1st Grade Edward Putz 1952-1953
2nd Grade Edward Putz 1953-1954
3rd Grade Edward Putz 1954-1955
4th Grade Edward Putz 1955-1956
5th Grade Edward Putz 1956-1957
6th Grade Edward Putz 1957-1958
7th Grade Edward Putz 1958-1959
8th Grade Edward Putz 1959-1960
Kindergarten Ella Jean Putz 1945-1946
1st Grade Ella Jean Putz 1946-1947
2nd Grade Ella Jean Putz 1947-1948
3rd Grade Ella Jean Putz 1948-1949
4th Grade Ella Jean Putz 1949-1950
5th Grade Ella Jean Putz 1950-1951
6th Grade Ella Jean Putz 1951-1952
7th Grade Ella Jean Putz 1952-1953
8th Grade Ella Jean Putz 1953-1954
1st Grade Evelyn Putz 1957-1958
2nd Grade Evelyn Putz 1958-1959
1st Grade Firman Putz 1933-1934
2nd Grade Firman Putz 1934-1935
3rd Grade Firman Putz 1935-1936
4th Grade Firman Putz 1936-1937
5th Grade Firman Putz 1937-1938
6th Grade Firman Putz 1938-1939
7th Grade Firman Putz 1939-1940
8th Grade Firman Putz 1940-1941
1st Grade Frederick Putz 1931-1932
1st Grade Frederick Putz 1932-1933
2nd Grade Frederick Putz 1933-1934
3rd Grade Frederick Putz 1934-1935
4th Grade Frederick Putz 1935-1936
5th Grade Frederick Putz 1936-1937
6th Grade Frederick Putz 1937-1938
7th Grade Frederick Putz 1938-1939
8th Grade Frederick Putz 1939-1940
1st Grade George Putz 1937-1938
2nd Grade George Putz 1938-1939
3rd Grade George Putz 1939-1940
4th Grade George Putz 1940-1941
6th Grade George Putz 1942-1943
8th Grade George Putz 1944-1945
1st Grade Gerald Putz 1948-1949
2nd Grade Gerald Putz 1949-1950
3rd Grade Gerald Putz 1950-1951
4th Grade Gerald Putz 1951-1952
5th Grade Gerald Putz 1952-1953
6th Grade Gerald Putz 1953-1954
7th Grade Gerald Putz 1954-1955
8th Grade Gerald Putz 1955-1956
1st Grade Gilbert Putz 1935-1936
2nd Grade Gilbert Putz 1936-1937
1st Grade Herman Putz 1918-1919
2nd Grade Herman Putz 1919-1920
3rd Grade Herman Putz 1920-1921
6th Grade Herman Putz 1924-1925
1st Grade Hilda Putz 1928-1929
1st Grade Hilda Putz 1929-1930
3rd Grade Hilda Putz 1931-1932
3rd Grade Hilda Putz 1932-1933
4th Grade Hilda Putz 1933-1934
5th Grade Hilda Putz 1934-1935
6th Grade Hilda Putz 1935-1936
7th Grade Hilda Putz 1936-1937
8th Grade Hilda Putz 1937-1938
1st Grade James Putz 1954-1955
2nd Grade James Putz 1955-1956
3rd Grade James Putz 1956-1957
4th Grade James Putz 1957-1958
5th Grade James Putz 1958-1959
6th Grade James Putz 1959-1960
7th Grade James Putz 1960-1961
8th Grade James Putz 1961-1962
1st Grade Janet Putz 1957-1958
2nd Grade Janet Putz 1958-1959
3rd Grade Janet Putz 1959-1960
4th Grade Janet Putz 1960-1961
5th Grade Janet Putz 1961-1962
6th Grade Janet Putz 1962-1963
7th Grade Janet Putz 1963-1964
8th Grade Janet Putz 1964-1965
Kindergarten Jerome Putz 1947-1948
1st Grade Jerome Putz 1948-1949
2nd Grade Jerome Putz 1949-1950
3rd Grade Jerome Putz 1950-1951
4th Grade Jerome Putz 1951-1952
5th Grade Jerome Putz 1952-1953
6th Grade Jerome Putz 1953-1954
7th Grade Jerome Putz 1954-1955
8th Grade Jerome Putz 1955-1956
Kindergarten Jerry Putz 1947-1948
Kindergarten Judith Putz 1948-1949
1st Grade Judith Putz 1949-1950
2nd Grade Judith Putz 1950-1951
3rd Grade Judith Putz 1951-1952
4th Grade Judith Putz 1952-1953
5th Grade Judith Putz 1953-1954
6th Grade Judith Putz 1954-1955
7th Grade Judith Putz 1955-1956
8th Grade Judith Putz 1956-1957
Kindergarten Larry Putz 1948-1949
4th Grade Larry Putz 1952-1953
5th Grade Larry Putz 1953-1954
6th Grade Larry Putz 1954-1955
7th Grade Larry Putz 1955-1956
8th Grade Larry Putz 1956-1957
1st Grade Lawrence Putz 1949-1950
2nd Grade Lawrence Putz 1950-1951
3rd Grade Lawrence Putz 1951-1952
1st Grade Louis Putz 1917-1918
2nd Grade Louis Putz 1918-1919
3rd Grade Louis Putz 1919-1920
4th Grade Louis Putz 1920-1921
5th Grade Louis Putz 1921-1922
6th Grade Louis Putz 1922-1923
7th Grade Louis Putz 1924-1925
6th Grade Louis Putz 1925-1926
1st Grade Lucy Putz 1919-1920
2nd Grade Lucy Putz 1920-1921
3rd Grade Lucy Putz 1921-1922
4th Grade Lucy Putz 1922-1923
5th Grade Lucy Putz 1924-1925
7th Grade Lucy Putz 1925-1926
8th Grade Lucy Putz 1926-1927
8th Grade Lucy Putz 1927-1928
1st Grade Mae Putz 1957-1958
2nd Grade Mae Putz 1958-1959
3rd Grade Mae Putz 1959-1960
4th Grade Mae Putz 1960-1961
5th Grade Mae Putz 1961-1962
6th Grade Mae Putz 1962-1963
8th Grade Mae Putz 1964-1965
7th Grade Mae Putz 1965-1966
Kindergarten Margaret Putz 1920-1921
1st Grade Marie Putz 1933-1934
2nd Grade Marie Putz 1934-1935
3rd Grade Marie Putz 1935-1936
4th Grade Marie Putz 1936-1937
5th Grade Marie Putz 1937-1938
6th Grade Marie Putz 1938-1939
7th Grade Marie Putz 1939-1940
8th Grade Marie Putz 1940-1941
1st Grade Marjorie Putz 1950-1951
2nd Grade Marjorie Putz 1951-1952
3rd Grade Marjorie Putz 1952-1953
4th Grade Marjorie Putz 1953-1954
5th Grade Marjorie Putz 1954-1955
6th Grade Marjorie Putz 1955-1956
7th Grade Marjorie Putz 1956-1957
8th Grade Marjorie Putz 1957-1958
Kindergarten Martin Putz 1961-1962
Kindergarten Martin Putz 1962-1963
1st Grade Martin Putz 1963-1964
2nd Grade Martin Putz 1964-1965
3rd Grade Martin Putz 1965-1966
Kindergarten Marvin Putz 1961-1962
1st Grade Marvin Putz 1962-1963
2nd Grade Marvin Putz 1963-1964
3rd Grade Marvin Putz 1964-1965
4th Grade Marvin Putz 1965-1966
Kindergarten Paul Putz 1929-1930
3rd Grade Paul Putz 1931-1932
3rd Grade Paul Putz 1932-1933
4th Grade Paul Putz 1933-1934
5th Grade Paul Putz 1934-1935
1st Grade Richard Putz 1953-1954
2nd Grade Richard Putz 1954-1955
3rd Grade Richard Putz 1955-1956
4th Grade Richard Putz 1956-1957
5th Grade Richard Putz 1957-1958
6th Grade Richard Putz 1958-1959
1st Grade Robert Putz 1958-1959
2nd Grade Robert Putz 1959-1960
3rd Grade Robert Putz 1960-1961
4th Grade Robert Putz 1961-1962
5th Grade Robert Putz 1962-1963
6th Grade Robert Putz 1963-1964
7th Grade Robert Putz 1964-1965
8th Grade Robert Putz 1965-1966
1st Grade Rosemary Putz 1945-1946
2nd Grade Rosemary Putz 1946-1947
3rd Grade Rosemary Putz 1947-1948
4th Grade Rosemary Putz 1948-1949
5th Grade Rosemary Putz 1949-1950
6th Grade Rosemary Putz 1950-1951
7th Grade Rosemary Putz 1951-1952
8th Grade Rosemary Putz 1952-1953
1st Grade Stella Putz 1912-1913
2nd Grade Stella Putz 1913-1914
3rd Grade Stella Putz 1914-1915
5th Grade Stella Putz 1916-1917
6th Grade Stella Putz 1917-1918
7th Grade Stella Putz 1918-1919
8th Grade Stella Putz 1919-1920
1st Grade Virginia Putz 1959-1960
2nd Grade Virginia Putz 1960-1961
3rd Grade Virginia Putz 1961-1962
4th Grade Virginia Putz 1962-1963
5th Grade Virginia Putz 1963-1964
6th Grade Virginia Putz 1964-1965
7th Grade Virginia Putz 1965-1966
Kindergarten Walter Putz 1924-1925
1st Grade Walter Putz 1925-1926
2nd Grade Walter Putz 1926-1927
3rd Grade Walter Putz 1927-1928
4th Grade Walter Putz 1928-1929
5th Grade Walter Putz 1929-1930
8th Grade Walter Putz 1932-1933
8th Grade Walter Putz 1933-1934
Kindergarten William Putz 1922-1923
1st Grade William Putz 1924-1925
2nd Grade William Putz 1925-1926
3rd Grade William Putz 1926-1927
4th Grade William Putz 1927-1928
5th Grade William Putz 1928-1929
6th Grade William Putz 1929-1930
2nd Grade Clair Rankin 1942-1943
4th Grade Clair Rankin 1944-1945
5th Grade Clair Rankin 1945-1946
6th Grade Clair Rankin 1946-1947
7th Grade Clair Rankin 1947-1948
8th Grade Clair Rankin 1948-1949
1st Grade Donald Rankin 1944-1945
2nd Grade Donald Rankin 1945-1946
3rd Grade Donald Rankin 1946-1947
4th Grade Donald Rankin 1947-1948
5th Grade Donald Rankin 1948-1949
6th Grade Donald Rankin 1949-1950
7th Grade Donald Rankin 1950-1951
8th Grade Donald Rankin 1951-1952
1st Grade Doyle Rankin 1942-1943
3rd Grade Doyle Rankin 1944-1945
4th Grade Doyle Rankin 1945-1946
5th Grade Doyle Rankin 1946-1947
6th Grade Doyle Rankin 1947-1948
7th Grade Doyle Rankin 1948-1949
8th Grade Doyle Rankin 1949-1950
1st Grade Elsie Rankin 1949-1950
2nd Grade Elsie Rankin 1950-1951
3rd Grade Elsie Rankin 1951-1952
5th Grade Elsie Rankin 1953-1954
Kindergarten James Rankin 1947-1948
1st Grade James Rankin 1948-1949
2nd Grade James Rankin 1949-1950
3rd Grade James Rankin 1950-1951
4th Grade James Rankin 1951-1952
5th Grade James Rankin 1952-1953
6th Grade James Rankin 1953-1954
1st Grade Lester Rankin 1952-1953
2nd Grade Lester Rankin 1953-1954
1st Grade Mary Ellen Rankin 1946-1947
2nd Grade Mary Ellen Rankin 1947-1948
3rd Grade Mary Ellen Rankin 1948-1949
4th Grade Mary Ellen Rankin 1949-1950
5th Grade Mary Ellen Rankin 1950-1951
6th Grade Mary Ellen Rankin 1951-1952
7th Grade Mary Ellen Rankin 1952-1953
8th Grade Mary Ellen Rankin 1953-1954
1st Grade Neil Rankin 1950-1951
2nd Grade Neil Rankin 1951-1952
3rd Grade Neil Rankin 1952-1953
4th Grade Neil Rankin 1953-1954
3rd Grade Daniel Rhodes 1961-1962
7th Grade Leslie Rhodes 1961-1962
5th Grade Michael Rhodes 1961-1962
Kindergarten Susan Rhodes 1961-1962
Kindergarten Agnes Ripperger 1924-1925
Kindergarten Agnes Ripperger 1925-1926
1st Grade Agnes Ripperger 1926-1927
2nd Grade Agnes Ripperger 1927-1928
3rd Grade Agnes Ripperger 1928-1929
5th Grade Agnes Ripperger 1929-1930
8th Grade Agnes Ripperger 1932-1933
Kindergarten Bernard Ripperger 1929-1930
2nd Grade Bernard Ripperger 1931-1932
2nd Grade Bernard Ripperger 1932-1933
3rd Grade Bernard Ripperger 1933-1934
Kindergarten Bernice Ripperger 1919-1920
1st Grade Bernice Ripperger 1920-1921
3rd Grade Bernice Ripperger 1921-1922
4th Grade Bernice Ripperger 1922-1923
5th Grade Bernice Ripperger 1924-1925
7th Grade Bernice Ripperger 1925-1926
8th Grade Bernice Ripperger 1926-1927
8th Grade Bernice Ripperger 1927-1928
1st Grade Bertha Ripperger 1918-1919
2nd Grade Bertha Ripperger 1919-1920
3rd Grade Bertha Ripperger 1920-1921
4th Grade Bertha Ripperger 1921-1922
5th Grade Bertha Ripperger 1922-1923
6th Grade Bertha Ripperger 1924-1925
7th Grade Bertha Ripperger 1925-1926
Kindergarten Catherine Ripperger 1924-1925
3rd Grade Cecilia S. Ripperger 1907-1908
4th Grade Cecilia S. Ripperger 1908-1909
5th Grade Cecilia S. Ripperger 1909-1910
6th Grade Cecilia S. Ripperger 1910-1911
7th Grade Cecilia S. Ripperger 1911-1912
8th Grade Cecilia S. Ripperger 1912-1913
6th Grade Charlotte Ripperger 1959-1960
7th Grade Charlotte Ripperger 1960-1961
5th Grade Clem Ripperger 1907-1908
6th Grade Clem Ripperger 1908-1909
7th Grade Clem Ripperger 1909-1910
8th Grade Clem Ripperger 1910-1911
4th Grade Coletta Ripperger 1925-1926
5th Grade Coletta Ripperger 1926-1927
6th Grade Coletta Ripperger 1927-1928
7th Grade Coletta Ripperger 1928-1929
8th Grade Coletta Ripperger 1929-1930
Kindergarten Colletta Ripperger 1921-1922
1st Grade Colletta Ripperger 1922-1923
3rd Grade Colletta Ripperger 1924-1925
1st Grade Darlene Ripperger 1950-1951
2nd Grade Darlene Ripperger 1951-1952
3rd Grade Darlene Ripperger 1952-1953
4th Grade Darlene Ripperger 1953-1954
5th Grade Darlene Ripperger 1954-1955
6th Grade Darlene Ripperger 1955-1956
7th Grade Darlene Ripperger 1956-1957
8th Grade Darlene Ripperger 1957-1958
1st Grade Darrell Ripperger 1950-1951
2nd Grade Darrell Ripperger 1951-1952
3rd Grade Darrell Ripperger 1952-1953
4th Grade Darrell Ripperger 1953-1954
5th Grade Darrell Ripperger 1954-1955
6th Grade Darrell Ripperger 1955-1956
7th Grade Darrell Ripperger 1956-1957
8th Grade Darrell Ripperger 1957-1958
2nd Grade Delbert Ripperger 1943-1944
1st Grade Della Ripperger 1909-1910
2nd Grade Della Ripperger 1910-1911
3rd Grade Della Ripperger 1911-1912
4th Grade Della Ripperger 1912-1913
5th Grade Della Ripperger 1913-1914
6th Grade Della Ripperger 1914-1915
8th Grade Della Ripperger 1916-1917
3rd Grade Dwight Ripperger 1949-1950
4th Grade Dwight Ripperger 1950-1951
5th Grade Dwight Ripperger 1951-1952
6th Grade Dwight Ripperger 1952-1953
7th Grade Dwight Ripperger 1953-1954
8th Grade Dwight Ripperger 1954-1955
Kindergarten Edmund Ripperger 1920-1921
1st Grade Edmund Ripperger 1921-1922
2nd Grade Edmund Ripperger 1922-1923
3rd Grade Edmund Ripperger 1924-1925
4th Grade Edmund Ripperger 1925-1926
5th Grade Edmund Ripperger 1926-1927
6th Grade Edmund Ripperger 1927-1928
7th Grade Edmund Ripperger 1928-1929
Kindergarten Edward Ripperger 1920-1921
1st Grade Edward Ripperger 1921-1922
2nd Grade Edward Ripperger 1922-1923
3rd Grade Edward Ripperger 1924-1925
4th Grade Edward Ripperger 1925-1926
5th Grade Edward Ripperger 1926-1927
6th Grade Edward Ripperger 1927-1928
7th Grade Edward Ripperger 1928-1929
1st Grade Ella Ripperger 1916-1917
2nd Grade Ella Ripperger 1917-1918
3rd Grade Ella Ripperger 1918-1919
4th Grade Ella Ripperger 1919-1920
3rd Grade Elmer J. Ripperger 1907-1908
4th Grade Elmer J. Ripperger 1908-1909
5th Grade Elmer J. Ripperger 1909-1910
6th Grade Elmer J. Ripperger 1910-1911
7th Grade Elmer J. Ripperger 1911-1912
8th Grade Elmer J. Ripperger 1912-1913
5th Grade Erma Ripperger 1950-1951
6th Grade Erma Ripperger 1951-1952
7th Grade Erma Ripperger 1952-1953
8th Grade Erma Ripperger 1953-1954
1st Grade Ethel Veronica Ripperger 1918-1919
2nd Grade Ethel Veronica Ripperger 1919-1920
3rd Grade Ethel Veronica Ripperger 1920-1921
4th Grade Ethel Veronica Ripperger 1921-1922
5th Grade Ethel Veronica Ripperger 1922-1923
6th Grade Ethel Veronica Ripperger 1924-1925
8th Grade Ethel Veronica Ripperger 1925-1926
Kindergarten Ethel Ripperger 1919-1920
1st Grade Ethel Ripperger 1921-1922
2nd Grade Ethel Ripperger 1922-1923
6th Grade Ethel Ripperger 1925-1926
7th Grade Ethel Ripperger 1926-1927
1st Grade Firman Ripperger 1914-1915
3rd Grade Firman Ripperger 1916-1917
4th Grade Firman Ripperger 1917-1918
5th Grade Firman Ripperger 1918-1919
6th Grade Firman Ripperger 1919-1920
8th Grade Gary Ripperger 1959-1960
Kindergarten Geraldine Ripperger 1928-1929
1st Grade Geraldine Ripperger 1929-1930
3rd Grade Geraldine Ripperger 1931-1932
3rd Grade Geraldine Ripperger 1932-1933
4th Grade Geraldine Ripperger 1933-1934
5th Grade Geraldine Ripperger 1934-1935
7th Grade Geraldine Ripperger 1936-1937
8th Grade Geraldine Ripperger 1937-1938
Kindergarten Gervace Ripperger 1924-1925
2nd Grade Gervace Ripperger 1925-1926
3rd Grade Gervace Ripperger 1926-1927
4th Grade Gervace Ripperger 1927-1928
5th Grade Gervace Ripperger 1928-1929
6th Grade Gervace Ripperger 1929-1930
7th Grade Gervace Ripperger 1932-1933
1st Grade Glen Ripperger 1907-1908
2nd Grade Glen Ripperger 1908-1909
3rd Grade Glen Ripperger 1909-1910
4th Grade Glen Ripperger 1910-1911
5th Grade Glen Ripperger 1911-1912
6th Grade Glen Ripperger 1912-1913
7th Grade Glen Ripperger 1913-1914
8th Grade Glen Ripperger 1914-1915
1st Grade Herman Ripperger 1917-1918
2nd Grade Herman Ripperger 1918-1919
3rd Grade Herman Ripperger 1919-1920
4th Grade Herman Ripperger 1920-1921
5th Grade Herman Ripperger 1921-1922
6th Grade Herman Ripperger 1922-1923
7th Grade Herman Ripperger 1924-1925
8th Grade Herman Ripperger 1925-1926
1st Grade Jerome Ripperger 1919-1920
2nd Grade Jerome Ripperger 1920-1921
3rd Grade Jerome Ripperger 1921-1922
4th Grade Jerome Ripperger 1922-1923
1st Grade Kenneth Ripperger 1931-1932
1st Grade Kenneth Ripperger 1932-1933
2nd Grade Kenneth Ripperger 1933-1934
3rd Grade Kenneth Ripperger 1934-1935
4th Grade Kenneth Ripperger 1935-1936
5th Grade Kenneth Ripperger 1936-1937
6th Grade Kenneth Ripperger 1937-1938
7th Grade Kenneth Ripperger 1938-1939
8th Grade Kenneth Ripperger 1939-1940
4th Grade Lee Ripperger 1907-1908
5th Grade Lee Ripperger 1908-1909
6th Grade Lee Ripperger 1909-1910
7th Grade Lee Ripperger 1910-1911
5th Grade Lester Ripperger 1943-1944
1st Grade Lola Ripperger 1953-1954
2nd Grade Lola Ripperger 1954-1955
3rd Grade Lola Ripperger 1955-1956
4th Grade Lola Ripperger 1956-1957
5th Grade Lola Ripperger 1957-1958
6th Grade Lola Ripperger 1958-1959
7th Grade Lola Ripperger 1959-1960
8th Grade Lola Ripperger 1960-1961
4th Grade Louise Ripperger 1939-1940
7th Grade Louise Ripperger 1942-1943
1st Grade Loyd Ripperger 1910-1911
2nd Grade Loyd Ripperger 1911-1912
3rd Grade Loyd Ripperger 1912-1913
4th Grade Loyd Ripperger 1913-1914
4th Grade Loyd Ripperger 1914-1915
6th Grade Loyd Ripperger 1916-1917
7th Grade Loyd Ripperger 1917-1918
8th Grade Loyd Ripperger 1918-1919
1st Grade Luella Ripperger 1919-1920
2nd Grade Luella Ripperger 1920-1921
3rd Grade Luella Ripperger 1921-1922
Kindergarten Marvin Ripperger 1919-1920
1st Grade Marvin Ripperger 1920-1921
2nd Grade Marvin Ripperger 1921-1922
2nd Grade Matthew Ripperger 1925-1926
3rd Grade Matthew Ripperger 1926-1927
4th Grade Matthew Ripperger 1927-1928
5th Grade Matthew Ripperger 1928-1929
6th Grade Matthew Ripperger 1929-1930
1st Grade Mildred Ripperger 1934-1935
2nd Grade Mildred Ripperger 1936-1937
4th Grade Mildred Ripperger 1938-1939
5th Grade Mildred Ripperger 1939-1940
6th Grade Mildred Ripperger 1940-1941
8th Grade Mildred Ripperger 1942-1943
2nd Grade Norbert Ripperger 1932-1933
3rd Grade Norbert Ripperger 1933-1934
4th Grade Norbert Ripperger 1934-1935
5th Grade Norbert Ripperger 1935-1936
6th Grade Norbert Ripperger 1936-1937
7th Grade Norbert Ripperger 1937-1938
8th Grade Norbert Ripperger 1938-1939
1st Grade Norman Ripperger 1937-1938
2nd Grade Norman Ripperger 1938-1939
1st Grade Priscilla Sylvia Ripperger 1912-1913
2nd Grade Priscilla Sylvia Ripperger 1913-1914
3rd Grade Priscilla Sylvia Ripperger 1914-1915
5th Grade Priscilla Sylvia Ripperger 1916-1917
6th Grade Priscilla Sylvia Ripperger 1917-1918
7th Grade Priscilla Sylvia Ripperger 1918-1919
8th Grade Priscilla Sylvia Ripperger 1919-1920
Kindergarten Raymond Ripperger 1920-1921
1st Grade Raymond Ripperger 1921-1922
1st Grade Richard Ripperger 1931-1932
1st Grade Rita Ripperger 1935-1936
2nd Grade Rita Ripperger 1936-1937
3rd Grade Rita Ripperger 1937-1938
4th Grade Rita Ripperger 1938-1939
5th Grade Rita Ripperger 1939-1940
6th Grade Rita Ripperger 1940-1941
8th Grade Rita Ripperger 1942-1943
Kindergarten Robert Ripperger 1922-1923
2nd Grade Robert Ripperger 1924-1925
3rd Grade Robert Ripperger 1925-1926
4th Grade Robert Ripperger 1926-1927
5th Grade Robert Ripperger 1927-1928
6th Grade Robert Ripperger 1928-1929
7th Grade Robert Ripperger 1929-1930
1st Grade Russell Ripperger 1933-1934
1st Grade Russell Ripperger 1934-1935
3rd Grade Russell Ripperger 1936-1937
4th Grade Russell Ripperger 1937-1938
5th Grade Russell Ripperger 1938-1939
6th Grade Russell Ripperger 1939-1940
7th Grade Russell Ripperger 1940-1941
1st Grade Ruth Ripperger 1933-1934
2nd Grade Ruth Ripperger 1934-1935
3rd Grade Ruth Ripperger 1935-1936
4th Grade Ruth Ripperger 1936-1937
5th Grade Ruth Ripperger 1937-1938
6th Grade Ruth Ripperger 1938-1939
7th Grade Ruth Ripperger 1939-1940
8th Grade Ruth Ripperger 1940-1941
2nd Grade Simon Ripperger 1907-1908
3rd Grade Simon Ripperger 1908-1909
4th Grade Simon Ripperger 1909-1910
5th Grade Simon Ripperger 1910-1911
6th Grade Simon Ripperger 1911-1912
7th Grade Simon Ripperger 1912-1913
Kindergarten Theodore Ripperger 1926-1927
1st Grade Theodore Ripperger 1927-1928
2nd Grade Theodore Ripperger 1928-1929
3rd Grade Theodore Ripperger 1929-1930
6th Grade Theodore Ripperger 1932-1933
6th Grade Theodore Ripperger 1933-1934
7th Grade Theodore Ripperger 1934-1935
8th Grade Theodore Ripperger 1935-1936
1st Grade Virgil Ripperger 1927-1928
Kindergarten Virgil Ripperger 1928-1929
2nd Grade Virgil Ripperger 1929-1930
4th Grade Virgil Ripperger 1931-1932
5th Grade Virgil Ripperger 1932-1933
6th Grade Virgil Ripperger 1933-1934
7th Grade Virgil Ripperger 1934-1935
8th Grade Virgil Ripperger 1935-1936
5th Grade Rose Mary Rose 1926-1927
1st Grade Alice Rottinghaus 1925-1926
1st Grade Alice Rottinghaus 1926-1927
2nd Grade Alice Rottinghaus 1927-1928
4th Grade Alice Rottinghaus 1928-1929
Kindergarten Firman Rottinghaus 1921-1922
1st Grade Firman Rottinghaus 1922-1923
3rd Grade Firman Rottinghaus 1924-1925
5th Grade Firman Rottinghaus 1925-1926
6th Grade Firman Rottinghaus 1926-1927
7th Grade Firman Rottinghaus 1927-1928
8th Grade Firman Rottinghaus 1928-1929
Kindergarten Gilbert Rottinghaus 1922-1923
2nd Grade Gilbert Rottinghaus 1924-1925
3rd Grade Gilbert Rottinghaus 1925-1926
4th Grade Gilbert Rottinghaus 1926-1927
5th Grade Gilbert Rottinghaus 1927-1928
6th Grade Gilbert Rottinghaus 1928-1929
Kindergarten Darlene Schaefer 1946-1947
1st Grade Darlene Schaefer 1947-1948
5th Grade Darlene Schaefer 1951-1952
7th Grade Darlene Schaefer 1953-1954
8th Grade Darlene Schaefer 1954-1955
1st Grade Donna Mae Schaefer 1937-1938
Kindergarten Donna Mae Schaefer 1938-1939
2nd Grade Donna Mae Schaefer 1939-1940
2nd Grade Donna Mae Schaefer 1940-1941
4th Grade Donna Mae Schaefer 1942-1943
5th Grade Donna Mae Schaefer 1943-1944
6th Grade Donna Mae Schaefer 1944-1945
7th Grade Donna Mae Schaefer 1945-1946
8th Grade Donna Mae Schaefer 1946-1947
2nd Grade Geraldine Schaefer 1935-1936
3rd Grade Geraldine Schaefer 1936-1937
4th Grade Geraldine Schaefer 1937-1938
5th Grade Geraldine Schaefer 1938-1939
6th Grade Geraldine Schaefer 1939-1940
7th Grade Geraldine Schaefer 1940-1941
1st Grade Joseph Schaefer 1935-1936
1st Grade Joseph Schaefer 1936-1937
2nd Grade Joseph Schaefer 1937-1938
3rd Grade Joseph Schaefer 1938-1939
3rd Grade Joseph Schaefer 1939-1940
4th Grade Joseph Schaefer 1940-1941
6th Grade Joseph Schaefer 1942-1943
1st Grade Linda Schaefer 1952-1953
2nd Grade Linda Schaefer 1953-1954
3rd Grade Linda Schaefer 1954-1955
4th Grade Linda Schaefer 1955-1956
5th Grade Linda Schaefer 1956-1957
6th Grade Linda Schaefer 1957-1958
Kindergarten Margaret Schaefer 1939-1940
Kindergarten Margaret Schaefer 1940-1941
3rd Grade Margaret Schaefer 1942-1943
4th Grade Margaret Schaefer 1943-1944
5th Grade Margaret Schaefer 1944-1945
6th Grade Margaret Schaefer 1945-1946
7th Grade Margaret Schaefer 1946-1947
8th Grade Margaret Schaefer 1947-1948
2nd Grade Richard Schaefer 1951-1952
3rd Grade Richard Schaefer 1952-1953
4th Grade Richard Schaefer 1953-1954
5th Grade Richard Schaefer 1954-1955
6th Grade Richard Schaefer 1955-1956
7th Grade Richard Schaefer 1956-1957
8th Grade Richard Schaefer 1958-1959
1st Grade Barbara Schaffer 1962-1963
1st Grade Carl Schneider 1929-1930
2nd Grade Carl Schneider 1931-1932
2nd Grade Carl Schneider 1932-1933
3rd Grade Carl Schneider 1933-1934
5th Grade Carl Schneider 1935-1936
6th Grade Carl Schneider 1936-1937
7th Grade Carl Schneider 1937-1938
8th Grade Carl Schneider 1938-1939
6th Grade Christopher Schneider 1964-1965
7th Grade Christopher Schneider 1965-1966
1st Grade Lenore Schneider 1931-1932
1st Grade Lenore Schneider 1932-1933
2nd Grade Lenore Schneider 1933-1934
5th Grade Lenore Schneider 1935-1936
6th Grade Lenore Schneider 1936-1937
7th Grade Lenore Schneider 1937-1938
8th Grade Lenore Schneider 1938-1939
Kindergarten Lucille Schneider 1925-1926
1st Grade Lucille Schneider 1926-1927
2nd Grade Lucille Schneider 1927-1928
3rd Grade Lucille Schneider 1928-1929
5th Grade Lucille Schneider 1929-1930
7th Grade Lucille Schneider 1932-1933
8th Grade Lucille Schneider 1933-1934
Kindergarten Wilfred Schneider 1924-1925
2nd Grade Wilfred Schneider 1925-1926
3rd Grade Wilfred Schneider 1926-1927
4th Grade Wilfred Schneider 1927-1928
5th Grade Wilfred Schneider 1928-1929
6th Grade Wilfred Schneider 1929-1930
8th Grade Alice Schumacher 1937-1938
1st Grade Joseph Schumacher 1928-1929
Kindergarten Raymond Schumacher 1928-1929
6th Grade Ruth Schumacher 1937-1938
1st Grade Agnes Schurman 1956-1957
2nd Grade Agnes Schurman 1957-1958
3rd Grade Agnes Schurman 1958-1959
4th Grade Agnes Schurman 1959-1960
5th Grade Agnes Schurman 1960-1961
6th Grade Agnes Schurman 1961-1962
7th Grade Agnes Schurman 1962-1963
8th Grade Agnes Schurman 1963-1964
Kindergarten Bertha Schurman 1919-1920
1st Grade Bertha Schurman 1920-1921
3rd Grade Bertha Schurman 1921-1922
4th Grade Bertha Schurman 1922-1923
5th Grade Bertha Schurman 1924-1925
Kindergarten Bobby Schurman 1945-1946
1st Grade Bobby Schurman 1946-1947
1st Grade Cynthia Schurman 1964-1965
2nd Grade Cynthia Schurman 1965-1966
Kindergarten Darlene Ann Schurman 1947-1948
1st Grade Darlene Ann Schurman 1948-1949
2nd Grade Darlene Ann Schurman 1949-1950
3rd Grade Darlene Ann Schurman 1950-1951
4th Grade Darlene Ann Schurman 1951-1952
5th Grade Darlene Ann Schurman 1952-1953
6th Grade Darlene Ann Schurman 1953-1954
7th Grade Darlene Ann Schurman 1954-1955
8th Grade Darlene Ann Schurman 1955-1956
1st Grade Darrell Schurman 1951-1952
2nd Grade Darrell Schurman 1952-1953
3rd Grade Darrell Schurman 1953-1954
4th Grade Darrell Schurman 1954-1955
5th Grade Darrell Schurman 1955-1956
6th Grade Darrell Schurman 1956-1957
7th Grade Darrell Schurman 1957-1958
8th Grade Darrell Schurman 1958-1959
1st Grade Doyle Schurman 1951-1952
2nd Grade Doyle Schurman 1952-1953
3rd Grade Doyle Schurman 1953-1954
4th Grade Doyle Schurman 1954-1955
5th Grade Doyle Schurman 1955-1956
6th Grade Doyle Schurman 1956-1957
7th Grade Doyle Schurman 1957-1958
8th Grade Doyle Schurman 1958-1959
1st Grade Edward Schurman 1918-1919
2nd Grade Edward Schurman 1919-1920
3rd Grade Edward Schurman 1920-1921
4th Grade Edward Schurman 1921-1922
5th Grade Edward Schurman 1922-1923
6th Grade Edward Schurman 1924-1925
1st Grade Eileen Schurman 1955-1956
2nd Grade Eileen Schurman 1956-1957
3rd Grade Eileen Schurman 1957-1958
4th Grade Eileen Schurman 1958-1959
5th Grade Eileen Schurman 1959-1960
6th Grade Eileen Schurman 1960-1961
7th Grade Eileen Schurman 1961-1962
8th Grade Eileen Schurman 1962-1963
Kindergarten Erma Schurman 1946-1947
1st Grade Erma Schurman 1947-1948
2nd Grade Erma Schurman 1948-1949
3rd Grade Erma Schurman 1949-1950
4th Grade Erma Schurman 1950-1951
5th Grade Erma Schurman 1951-1952
6th Grade Erma Schurman 1952-1953
7th Grade Erma Schurman 1953-1954
8th Grade Erma Schurman 1954-1955
Kindergarten Frank Schurman 1959-1960
1st Grade Frank Schurman 1960-1961
2nd Grade Frank Schurman 1961-1962
3rd Grade Frank Schurman 1962-1963
4th Grade Frank Schurman 1963-1964
5th Grade Frank Schurman 1964-1965
6th Grade Frank Schurman 1965-1966
2nd Grade Geneva Schurman 1925-1926
5th Grade Geneva Schurman 1928-1929
Kindergarten Giles Joseph Schurman 1946-1947
1st Grade Giles Joseph Schurman 1947-1948
2nd Grade Giles Joseph Schurman 1948-1949
3rd Grade Giles Joseph Schurman 1949-1950
4th Grade Giles Joseph Schurman 1950-1951
1st Grade Gladys Schurman 1953-1954
2nd Grade Gladys Schurman 1954-1955
3rd Grade Gladys Schurman 1955-1956
4th Grade Gladys Schurman 1956-1957
5th Grade Gladys Schurman 1957-1958
6th Grade Gladys Schurman 1958-1959
7th Grade Gladys Schurman 1959-1960
8th Grade Gladys Schurman 1960-1961
Kindergarten Herman Schurman 1920-1921
1st Grade Herman Schurman 1921-1922
2nd Grade Herman Schurman 1922-1923
Kindergarten Jane Ann Schurman 1948-1949
Kindergarten Jerry Lee Schurman 1948-1949
1st Grade Jerry Lee Schurman 1949-1950
2nd Grade Jerry Lee Schurman 1950-1951
3rd Grade Jerry Lee Schurman 1951-1952
4th Grade Jerry Lee Schurman 1952-1953
5th Grade Jerry Lee Schurman 1953-1954
6th Grade Jerry Lee Schurman 1954-1955
7th Grade Jerry Lee Schurman 1955-1956
8th Grade Jerry Lee Schurman 1956-1957
1st Grade John Schurman 1951-1952
2nd Grade John Schurman 1952-1953
3rd Grade John Schurman 1953-1954
4th Grade John Schurman 1954-1955
5th Grade John Schurman 1955-1956
6th Grade John Schurman 1956-1957
7th Grade John Schurman 1957-1958
8th Grade John Schurman 1958-1959
Kindergarten Larry Schurman 1948-1949
1st Grade Larry Schurman 1949-1950
2nd Grade Larry Schurman 1950-1951
3rd Grade Larry Schurman 1951-1952
4th Grade Larry Schurman 1952-1953
5th Grade Larry Schurman 1953-1954
6th Grade Larry Schurman 1954-1955
7th Grade Larry Schurman 1955-1956
8th Grade Larry Schurman 1956-1957
1st Grade Marie Schurman 1918-1919
2nd Grade Marie Schurman 1919-1920
3rd Grade Marie Schurman 1920-1921
4th Grade Marie Schurman 1921-1922
4th Grade Marie Schurman 1922-1923
5th Grade Marie Schurman 1922-1923
6th Grade Marie Schurman 1924-1925
2nd Grade Marjorie Schurman 1921-1922
3rd Grade Marjorie Schurman 1922-1923
1st Grade Marvin Schurman 1924-1925
3rd Grade Marvin Schurman 1925-1926
5th Grade Marvin Schurman 1927-1928
6th Grade Marvin Schurman 1928-1929
7th Grade Marvin Schurman 1929-1930
1st Grade Mary Ann Schurman 1950-1951
2nd Grade Mary Ann Schurman 1951-1952
3rd Grade Mary Ann Schurman 1952-1953
4th Grade Mary Ann Schurman 1953-1954
5th Grade Mary Ann Schurman 1954-1955
6th Grade Mary Ann Schurman 1955-1956
7th Grade Mary Ann Schurman 1956-1957
8th Grade Mary Ann Schurman 1957-1958
Kindergarten Melvin Schurman 1944-1945
1st Grade Melvin Schurman 1945-1946
2nd Grade Melvin Schurman 1946-1947
3rd Grade Melvin Schurman 1947-1948
4th Grade Melvin Schurman 1948-1949
5th Grade Melvin Schurman 1949-1950
6th Grade Melvin Schurman 1950-1951
7th Grade Melvin Schurman 1951-1952
8th Grade Melvin Schurman 1952-1953
1st Grade Michael Schurman 1957-1958
2nd Grade Michael Schurman 1958-1959
3rd Grade Michael Schurman 1959-1960
4th Grade Michael Schurman 1960-1961
5th Grade Michael Schurman 1961-1962
6th Grade Michael Schurman 1962-1963
7th Grade Michael Schurman 1963-1964
8th Grade Michael Schurman 1964-1965
1st Grade Raymond Schurman 1956-1957
2nd Grade Raymond Schurman 1957-1958
3rd Grade Raymond Schurman 1958-1959
4th Grade Raymond Schurman 1959-1960
5th Grade Raymond Schurman 1960-1961
6th Grade Raymond Schurman 1961-1962
7th Grade Raymond Schurman 1962-1963
8th Grade Raymond Schurman 1963-1964
Kindergarten Rita Schurman 1959-1960
1st Grade Rita Schurman 1960-1961
2nd Grade Rita Schurman 1961-1962
3rd Grade Rita Schurman 1962-1963
4th Grade Rita Schurman 1963-1964
5th Grade Rita Schurman 1964-1965
6th Grade Rita Schurman 1965-1966
2nd Grade Robert Schurman 1947-1948
3rd Grade Robert Schurman 1948-1949
5th Grade Robert Schurman 1950-1951
1st Grade Ruth Schurman 1953-1954
2nd Grade Ruth Schurman 1954-1955
3rd Grade Ruth Schurman 1955-1956
4th Grade Ruth Schurman 1956-1957
5th Grade Ruth Schurman 1957-1958
6th Grade Ruth Schurman 1958-1959
7th Grade Ruth Schurman 1959-1960
8th Grade Ruth Schurman 1960-1961
Kindergarten Stephen Schurman 1962-1963
1st Grade Stephen Schurman 1963-1964
2nd Grade Stephen Schurman 1964-1965
3rd Grade Stephen Schurman 1965-1966
1st Grade Virgil Schurman 1924-1925
3rd Grade Virgil Schurman 1925-1926
6th Grade Virgil Schurman 1929-1930
1st Grade Vitus Schurman 1924-1925
3rd Grade Vitus Schurman 1925-1926
5th Grade Vitus Schurman 1927-1928
6th Grade Vitus Schurman 1928-1929
7th Grade Vitus Schurman 1929-1930
1st Grade Andrew Sockriter 1917-1918
2nd Grade Andrew Sockriter 1918-1919
3rd Grade Andrew Sockriter 1919-1920
4th Grade Andrew Sockriter 1920-1921
5th Grade Andrew Sockriter 1921-1922
6th Grade Andrew Sockriter 1922-1923
7th Grade Andrew Sockriter 1924-1925
1st Grade Ethel Spaulding 1920-1921
1st Grade Mary Jane Stahl 1944-1945
2nd Grade Mary Jane Stahl 1945-1946
3rd Grade Mary Jane Stahl 1946-1947
4th Grade Mary Jane Stahl 1947-1948
5th Grade Mary Jane Stahl 1948-1949
1st Grade Joseph Sullivan 1934-1935
1st Grade Daniel Thill 1958-1959
2nd Grade Daniel Thill 1959-1960
3rd Grade Daniel Thill 1960-1961
4th Grade Daniel Thill 1961-1962
5th Grade Daniel Thill 1962-1963
6th Grade Daniel Thill 1963-1964
7th Grade Daniel Thill 1964-1965
8th Grade Daniel Thill 1965-1966
1st Grade James Thill 1956-1957
2nd Grade James Thill 1957-1958
3rd Grade James Thill 1958-1959
4th Grade James Thill 1959-1960
5th Grade James Thill 1960-1961
6th Grade James Thill 1961-1962
7th Grade James Thill 1962-1963
8th Grade James Thill 1963-1964
Kindergarten Randal Thill 1961-1962
1st Grade Randal Thill 1962-1963
2nd Grade Randal Thill 1963-1964
3rd Grade Randal Thill 1964-1965
4th Grade Randal Thill 1965-1966
Kindergarten Jerry Vanderford 1938-1939
1st Grade Jerry Vanderford 1939-1940
2nd Grade Jerry Vanderford 1940-1941
7th Grade Joy Vanderlinden 1944-1945
8th Grade Joy Vanderlinden 1945-1946
5th Grade Rita Mae Vanderlinden 1944-1945
6th Grade Rita Mae Vanderlinden 1945-1946
7th Grade Rita Mae Vanderlinden 1946-1947
8th Grade Rita Mae Vanderlinden 1947-1948
2nd Grade Alice Wachter 1932-1933
3rd Grade Alice Wachter 1933-1934
4th Grade Alice Wachter 1934-1935
5th Grade Alice Wachter 1935-1936
6th Grade Alice Wachter 1936-1937
7th Grade Alice Wachter 1937-1938
8th Grade Alice Wachter 1938-1939
1st Grade Austin Wachter 1934-1935
1st Grade Austin Wachter 1935-1936
1st Grade Evelene Wachter 1936-1937
1st Grade Evelene Wachter 1937-1938
2nd Grade Evelene Wachter 1938-1939
3rd Grade Evelene Wachter 1939-1940
4th Grade Evelene Wachter 1940-1941
6th Grade Evelene Wachter 1942-1943
7th Grade Evelene Wachter 1943-1944
8th Grade Evelene Wachter 1944-1945
1st Grade Francis Wachter 1927-1928
Kindergarten Francis Wachter 1928-1929
2nd Grade Francis Wachter 1929-1930
4th Grade Francis Wachter 1931-1932
5th Grade Francis Wachter 1932-1933
6th Grade Francis Wachter 1933-1934
7th Grade Francis Wachter 1934-1935
8th Grade Francis Wachter 1935-1936
1st Grade Grace Wachter 1918-1919
2nd Grade Grace Wachter 1919-1920
3rd Grade Grace Wachter 1920-1921
4th Grade Grace Wachter 1921-1922
5th Grade Grace Wachter 1922-1923
6th Grade Grace Wachter 1924-1925
7th Grade Grace Wachter 1925-1926
1st Grade Harold Wachter 1934-1935
2nd Grade Harold Wachter 1935-1936
3rd Grade Harold Wachter 1936-1937
4th Grade Harold Wachter 1937-1938
5th Grade Harold Wachter 1938-1939
6th Grade Harold Wachter 1939-1940
7th Grade Harold Wachter 1940-1941
1st Grade James Wachter 1928-1929
3rd Grade James Wachter 1929-1930
6th Grade James Wachter 1932-1933
7th Grade James Wachter 1933-1934
8th Grade James Wachter 1934-1935
2nd Grade Johann (John) Wachter 1907-1908
3rd Grade Johann (John) Wachter 1908-1909
4th Grade Johann (John) Wachter 1909-1910
5th Grade Johann (John) Wachter 1910-1911
6th Grade Johann (John) Wachter 1911-1912
7th Grade Johann (John) Wachter 1912-1913
Kindergarten Joseph Wachter 1924-1925
2nd Grade Joseph Wachter 1925-1926
3rd Grade Joseph Wachter 1926-1927
4th Grade Joseph Wachter 1927-1928
5th Grade Joseph Wachter 1928-1929
6th Grade Joseph Wachter 1929-1930
Kindergarten Margaret Wachter 1925-1926
1st Grade Margaret Wachter 1926-1927
2nd Grade Margaret Wachter 1927-1928
3rd Grade Margaret Wachter 1928-1929
4th Grade Margaret Wachter 1929-1930
7th Grade Margaret Wachter 1932-1933
8th Grade Margaret Wachter 1933-1934
Kindergarten Martha Wachter 1925-1926
1st Grade Martha Wachter 1926-1927
2nd Grade Martha Wachter 1927-1928
3rd Grade Martha Wachter 1928-1929
4th Grade Martha Wachter 1929-1930
7th Grade Martha Wachter 1932-1933
8th Grade Martha Wachter 1933-1934
1st Grade Mary Ann Wachter 1937-1938
Kindergarten Mary Ann Wachter 1938-1939
2nd Grade Mary Ann Wachter 1939-1940
2nd Grade Mary Ann Wachter 1940-1941
4th Grade Mary Ann Wachter 1942-1943
5th Grade Mary Ann Wachter 1943-1944
6th Grade Mary Ann Wachter 1944-1945
7th Grade Mary Ann Wachter 1945-1946
8th Grade Mary Ann Wachter 1946-1947
Kindergarten Pauline Wachter 1922-1923
3rd Grade Pauline Wachter 1924-1925
4th Grade Pauline Wachter 1925-1926
5th Grade Pauline Wachter 1926-1927
6th Grade Pauline Wachter 1927-1928
7th Grade Pauline Wachter 1928-1929
8th Grade Pauline Wachter 1929-1930
Kindergarten Ruth Wachter 1920-1921
2nd Grade Ruth Wachter 1921-1922
3rd Grade Ruth Wachter 1922-1923
6th Grade Ruth Wachter 1925-1926
7th Grade Ruth Wachter 1926-1927
8th Grade Ruth Wachter 1927-1928
1st Grade Virgil Wachter 1928-1929
2nd Grade Virgil Wachter 1929-1930
4th Grade Virgil Wachter 1931-1932
5th Grade Virgil Wachter 1932-1933
6th Grade Virgil Wachter 1933-1934
7th Grade Virgil Wachter 1934-1935
8th Grade Virgil Wachter 1935-1936
2nd Grade Albert Wadle 1954-1955
4th Grade Albert Wadle 1956-1957
5th Grade Albert Wadle 1957-1958
6th Grade Albert Wadle 1958-1959
7th Grade Albert Wadle 1959-1960
8th Grade Albert Wadle 1960-1961
3rd Grade Alice Wadle 1924-1925
4th Grade Alice Wadle 1925-1926
1st Grade Andrew Wadle 1917-1918
2nd Grade Andrew Wadle 1918-1919
3rd Grade Andrew Wadle 1919-1920
4th Grade Andrew Wadle 1920-1921
4th Grade Andrew Wadle 1921-1922
5th Grade Andrew Wadle 1921-1922
5th Grade Andrew Wadle 1922-1923
6th Grade Andrew Wadle 1922-1923
7th Grade Andrew Wadle 1924-1925
2nd Grade Arthur Wadle 1922-1923
4th Grade Arthur Wadle 1924-1925
5th Grade Arthur Wadle 1925-1926
6th Grade Arthur Wadle 1926-1927
7th Grade Arthur Wadle 1927-1928
8th Grade Arthur Wadle 1928-1929
2nd Grade Catherine Wadle 1925-1926
3rd Grade Catherine Wadle 1926-1927
4th Grade Catherine Wadle 1927-1928
5th Grade Catherine Wadle 1928-1929
6th Grade Catherine Wadle 1929-1930
Kindergarten Edna Wadle 1919-1920
1st Grade Edna Wadle 1920-1921
3rd Grade Edna Wadle 1921-1922
1st Grade Eugene Wadle 1957-1958
2nd Grade Eugene Wadle 1958-1959
3rd Grade Eugene Wadle 1959-1960
4th Grade Eugene Wadle 1960-1961
5th Grade Eugene Wadle 1961-1962
6th Grade Eugene Wadle 1962-1963
7th Grade Eugene Wadle 1963-1964
8th Grade Eugene Wadle 1964-1965
2nd Grade Firman Wadle 1924-1925
3rd Grade Firman Wadle 1925-1926
2nd Grade Floyd Wadle 1933-1934
3rd Grade Floyd Wadle 1934-1935
4th Grade Floyd Wadle 1935-1936
5th Grade Floyd Wadle 1936-1937
6th Grade Floyd Wadle 1937-1938
7th Grade Floyd Wadle 1938-1939
8th Grade Floyd Wadle 1939-1940
1st Grade Gerald Wadle 1933-1934
1st Grade Gerald Wadle 1934-1935
2nd Grade Gerald Wadle 1935-1936
3rd Grade Gerald Wadle 1936-1937
4th Grade Gerald Wadle 1937-1938
5th Grade Gerald Wadle 1938-1939
6th Grade Gerald Wadle 1939-1940
7th Grade Gerald Wadle 1940-1941
1st Grade Ida Wadle 1917-1918
2nd Grade Ida Wadle 1918-1919
3rd Grade Ida Wadle 1919-1920
4th Grade Ida Wadle 1920-1921
5th Grade Ida Wadle 1921-1922
6th Grade Ida Wadle 1922-1923
7th Grade Ida Wadle 1924-1925
1st Grade Jack Wadle 1945-1946
2nd Grade Jack Wadle 1946-1947
3rd Grade Jack Wadle 1947-1948
4th Grade Jack Wadle 1948-1949
7th Grade Jack Wadle 1951-1952
Kindergarten James Wadle 1945-1946
1st Grade James Wadle 1946-1947
2nd Grade James Wadle 1947-1948
3rd Grade James Wadle 1948-1949
6th Grade James Wadle 1951-1952
8th Grade Jerome Wadle 1933-1934
Kindergarten Julian Wadle 1926-1927
1st Grade Julian Wadle 1927-1928
3rd Grade Julian Wadle 1928-1929
4th Grade Julian Wadle 1929-1930
1st Grade Laura Wadle 1919-1920
2nd Grade Laura Wadle 1920-1921
4th Grade Laura Wadle 1922-1923
7th Grade Laura Wadle 1925-1926
8th Grade Laura Wadle 1926-1927
1st Grade Leonard Wadle 1918-1919
2nd Grade Leonard Wadle 1919-1920
3rd Grade Leonard Wadle 1920-1921
4th Grade Leonard Wadle 1921-1922
4th Grade Leonard Wadle 1922-1923
5th Grade Leonard Wadle 1922-1923
6th Grade Leonard Wadle 1924-1925
8th Grade Leonard Wadle 1925-1926
8th Grade Leonard Wadle 1926-1927
7th Grade Martha Wadle 1933-1934
8th Grade Martha Wadle 1934-1935
Kindergarten Mary Genevieve Wadle 1938-1939
1st Grade Mary Genevieve Wadle 1939-1940
3rd Grade Mary Genevieve Wadle 1940-1941
2nd Grade Mary Wadle 1951-1952
3rd Grade Mary Wadle 1952-1953
8th Grade Mary Wadle 1957-1958
1st Grade Milda Wadle 1933-1934
2nd Grade Milda Wadle 1934-1935
3rd Grade Milda Wadle 1935-1936
5th Grade Milda Wadle 1936-1937
6th Grade Milda Wadle 1937-1938
6th Grade Milda Wadle 1938-1939
Kindergarten Patricia "Patsy" Wadle 1947-1948
1st Grade Patricia "Patsy" Wadle 1948-1949
4th Grade Patricia "Patsy" Wadle 1950-1951
6th Grade Patricia "Patsy" Wadle 1952-1953
7th Grade Patricia "Patsy" Wadle 1953-1954
7th Grade Patricia "Patsy" Wadle 1954-1955
2nd Grade Rudy Wadle 1956-1957
3rd Grade Rudy Wadle 1957-1958
4th Grade Rudy Wadle 1958-1959
5th Grade Rudy Wadle 1959-1960
6th Grade Rudy Wadle 1960-1961
7th Grade Rudy Wadle 1961-1962
8th Grade Rudy Wadle 1962-1963
1st Grade Ruth Wadle 1935-1936
1st Grade Ruth Wadle 1936-1937
3rd Grade Ruth Wadle 1937-1938
4th Grade Ruth Wadle 1938-1939
5th Grade Ruth Wadle 1939-1940
6th Grade Ruth Wadle 1940-1941
Kindergarten Theresa Wadle 1928-1929
2nd Grade Theresa Wadle 1929-1930
3rd Grade Walter Wadle 1925-1926
4th Grade Walter Wadle 1926-1927
5th Grade Walter Wadle 1927-1928
6th Grade Walter Wadle 1928-1929
7th Grade Walter Wadle 1929-1930
1st Grade Clarence Walk 1928-1929
2nd Grade Clarence Walk 1929-1930
4th Grade Clarence Walk 1931-1932
5th Grade Clarence Walk 1932-1933
6th Grade Clarence Walk 1933-1934
7th Grade Clarence Walk 1934-1935
8th Grade Clarence Walk 1935-1936
1st Grade Emma Walk 1913-1914
2nd Grade Emma Walk 1914-1915
4th Grade Emma Walk 1916-1917
5th Grade Emma Walk 1917-1918
6th Grade Emma Walk 1918-1919
7th Grade Emma Walk 1919-1920
8th Grade Emma Walk 1920-1921
1st Grade Giles Walk 1933-1934
2nd Grade Giles Walk 1934-1935
3rd Grade Giles Walk 1935-1936
4th Grade Giles Walk 1936-1937
5th Grade Giles Walk 1937-1938
6th Grade Giles Walk 1938-1939
7th Grade Giles Walk 1939-1940
8th Grade Giles Walk 1940-1941
Kindergarten Herbert Walk 1922-1923
Kindergarten Herbert Walk 1924-1925
2nd Grade Herbert Walk 1925-1926
3rd Grade Herbert Walk 1926-1927
4th Grade Herbert Walk 1927-1928
5th Grade Herbert Walk 1928-1929
6th Grade Herbert Walk 1929-1930
2nd Grade Louis Walk 1937-1938
3rd Grade Louis Walk 1938-1939
4th Grade Louis Walk 1939-1940
5th Grade Louis Walk 1940-1941
7th Grade Louis Walk 1942-1943
8th Grade Louis Walk 1943-1944
Kindergarten Marcella Walk 1925-1926
1st Grade Marcella Walk 1926-1927
2nd Grade Marcella Walk 1927-1928
3rd Grade Marcella Walk 1928-1929
5th Grade Marcella Walk 1929-1930
8th Grade Marcella Walk 1932-1933
2nd Grade Bernard Wallace 1943-1944
3rd Grade Bernard Wallace 1944-1945
4th Grade Bernard Wallace 1945-1946
5th Grade Bernard Wallace 1946-1947
6th Grade Bernard Wallace 1947-1948
7th Grade Bernard Wallace 1948-1949
8th Grade Bernard Wallace 1949-1950
3rd Grade Betty Mae Wallace 1945-1946
5th Grade Betty Mae Wallace 1947-1948
6th Grade Betty Mae Wallace 1948-1949
1st Grade Charles Wallace 1947-1948
2nd Grade Charles Wallace 1948-1949
3rd Grade Charles Wallace 1949-1950
4th Grade Charles Wallace 1950-1951
Kindergarten Charlotte Wallace 1948-1949
1st Grade Charlotte Wallace 1949-1950
2nd Grade Charlotte Wallace 1950-1951
3rd Grade Charlotte Wallace 1951-1952
4th Grade Charlotte Wallace 1952-1953
5th Grade Charlotte Wallace 1953-1954
6th Grade Charlotte Wallace 1954-1955
7th Grade Charlotte Wallace 1955-1956
8th Grade Charlotte Wallace 1956-1957
Kindergarten Clarice Wallace 1945-1946
1st Grade Clarice Wallace 1946-1947
2nd Grade Clarice Wallace 1947-1948
3rd Grade Clarice Wallace 1948-1949
4th Grade Clarice Wallace 1949-1950
5th Grade Clarice Wallace 1950-1951
6th Grade Clarice Wallace 1951-1952
7th Grade Clarice Wallace 1952-1953
8th Grade Clarice Wallace 1953-1954
1st Grade Dennis Wallace 1955-1956
2nd Grade Dennis Wallace 1956-1957
3rd Grade Dennis Wallace 1957-1958
4th Grade Dennis Wallace 1958-1959
5th Grade Dennis Wallace 1959-1960
6th Grade Dennis Wallace 1960-1961
7th Grade Dennis Wallace 1961-1962
8th Grade Dennis Wallace 1962-1963
Kindergarten Howard Wallace 1919-1920
1st Grade Howard Wallace 1920-1921
2nd Grade Howard Wallace 1921-1922
3rd Grade Howard Wallace 1922-1923
7th Grade Howard Wallace 1925-1926
5th Grade Howard Wallace 1926-1927
6th Grade Howard Wallace 1927-1928
7th Grade Howard Wallace 1928-1929
1st Grade Janice Wallace 1939-1940
2nd Grade Janice Wallace 1940-1941
4th Grade Janice Wallace 1942-1943
5th Grade Janice Wallace 1943-1944
6th Grade Janice Wallace 1944-1945
7th Grade Janice Wallace 1945-1946
8th Grade Janice Wallace 1946-1947
1st Grade Marilyn Wallace 1944-1945
2nd Grade Marilyn Wallace 1945-1946
3rd Grade Marilyn Wallace 1946-1947
4th Grade Marilyn Wallace 1947-1948
5th Grade Marilyn Wallace 1948-1949
6th Grade Marilyn Wallace 1949-1950
7th Grade Marilyn Wallace 1950-1951
8th Grade Marilyn Wallace 1951-1952
1st Grade Mary Lee Wallace 1950-1951
2nd Grade Mary Lee Wallace 1951-1952
3rd Grade Mary Lee Wallace 1952-1953
4th Grade Mary Lee Wallace 1953-1954
5th Grade Mary Lee Wallace 1954-1955
6th Grade Mary Lee Wallace 1955-1956
7th Grade Mary Lee Wallace 1956-1957
8th Grade Mary Lee Wallace 1957-1958
2nd Grade Melvin Wallace 1937-1938
3rd Grade Melvin Wallace 1938-1939
4th Grade Melvin Wallace 1939-1940
5th Grade Melvin Wallace 1940-1941
1st Grade Meredith Wallace 1946-1947
2nd Grade Meredith Wallace 1947-1948
Kindergarten Naureen Wallace 1928-1929
1st Grade Naureen Wallace 1929-1930
3rd Grade Naureen Wallace 1931-1932
3rd Grade Naureen Wallace 1932-1933
4th Grade Naureen Wallace 1933-1934
7th Grade Naureen Wallace 1934-1935
8th Grade Naureen Wallace 1935-1936
Kindergarten Owen Wallace 1924-1925
1st Grade Owen Wallace 1925-1926
2nd Grade Owen Wallace 1926-1927
3rd Grade Owen Wallace 1927-1928
4th Grade Owen Wallace 1928-1929
5th Grade Owen Wallace 1929-1930
8th Grade Owen Wallace 1932-1933
8th Grade Owen Wallace 1933-1934
1st Grade Rita Wallace 1917-1918
2nd Grade Rita Wallace 1918-1919
3rd Grade Rita Wallace 1919-1920
4th Grade Rita Wallace 1920-1921
5th Grade Rita Wallace 1921-1922
6th Grade Rita Wallace 1922-1923
7th Grade Rita Wallace 1924-1925
1st Grade Ronald Wallace 1946-1947
2nd Grade Ronald Wallace 1947-1948
Kindergarten Russell Wallace 1919-1920
1st Grade Russell Wallace 1920-1921
2nd Grade Russell Wallace 1921-1922
3rd Grade Russell Wallace 1921-1922
4th Grade Russell Wallace 1922-1923
8th Grade Russell Wallace 1925-1926
7th Grade Russell Wallace 1926-1927
8th Grade Russell Wallace 1927-1928
2nd Grade Shirley Wallace 1945-1946
4th Grade Shirley Wallace 1947-1948
5th Grade Shirley Wallace 1948-1949
1st Grade Clifford Walsh 1943-1944
2nd Grade Clifford Walsh 1944-1945
3rd Grade Clifford Walsh 1945-1946
5th Grade Clifford Walsh 1946-1947
6th Grade Clifford Walsh 1947-1948
3rd Grade Oren J. Woodyards 1907-1908
4th Grade Oren J. Woodyards 1908-1909
5th Grade Oren J. Woodyards 1909-1910
6th Grade Oren J. Woodyards 1910-1911
7th Grade Oren J. Woodyards 1911-1912
8th Grade Oren J. Woodyards 1912-1913
1st Grade Annie Wren 1928-1929
2nd Grade Annie Wren 1929-1930
1st Grade James Wren 1928-1929
4th Grade James Wren 1929-1930
1st Grade Leo Wren 1928-1929
3rd Grade Leo Wren 1929-1930
2nd Grade Lucille Wren 1931-1932
5th Grade Mary Wren 1928-1929
6th Grade Mary Wren 1929-1930
1st Grade Bernard Younker 1934-1935
2nd Grade Bernard Younker 1935-1936