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Social Plains School
Source: Warren County Historical Library

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Hazel T. relates that she started to school at Social Plains located in the southeast corner of White Oak township. Her first teacher was Ada Baugh. There were 50 pupils and the teacher's salary was $36.00 per month.

The County Superintendent's report for the date February 1, 1905: "Ada Baugh, teacher: 48 enrolled, 35 belonged, average daily attendance 25. Not absent, Ida, Bub, Clara, Grover and Sina Weeks; Leslie, Helen, Ray, and Attie Labertew; Ina and Phillip Wood; Lela Long; Fay Middleswart, and Harvey Beck.

Other teachers that Hazel remembers are: Mabel Hughes, Walter Beam, Nannie Chumbley, Wilma Clary Sargent, Myrtle Cronkhite, Edward Bardick, Hazel White, Cecil Wood, Stella Fear, Miss Wheeler, Opal Duncan, Eva Middleswart, Susie Chumbley, Maude Spencer, Beth Hunt, Patricia Ritchey Weeks, Mary Larrington.

The building has served many purposes during the years. For years it was used for a community center, but because of lack of interest it was sold November 20, 1977, at auction. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Harris (Eilene Simmerman) bought it, and the land went back to the farm owned by Mr. and Mrs. Darl Bumgarner (Mrs. Elaine Simmerman) of which it is a part. Years ago the house doubled as both school house and church. N. D. Gordon, Mr. Stewart, and Andy Dorrall preached there from time to time. These men were associated with the Fairview Christian Union church at Cool.

Early families living in the community included: Beck, Simmerman, Weeks, MGee, Middleswart, Trueblood, Lester, Warren, Long, Silcott, Clary, Stewart, Douglas, Williams, Clark, Alfrey, Morrison.

From the old newspapers the following facts were gleaned: The schoolhouse was built in 1874 and was made of logs, but later was brought to an up-to-date condition. Early teachers included Miss Braucht in 1881, C. B. Rodgers in 1885, Miss St. John in 1886, Dave Kennedy in 1887, Alice Mosher in 1888, enrollment 19 pupils; Esta Mae Richard, J.W. Silcott, J.G. Thorp, Alice Clark, Lulu, George and Bert Parr, Loren Richard; Jessie, Willie, and Jim Spence; and in 1898 Miss Payne, in 1889 Linda Starbuck, followed by Miss Eberman in 1890, 1878 Flora McCarty; 1897 Mabel Hughes.

In 1901 Miss Payne was the teacher, but she had to give up her school temporarily because of illness. In 1902 Walter Beam, 1903 John Armstrong; 1908 Lulu Stanger; 1909 Blanche Boston; 1910 Cora Mower; 1911 Ronald Gordon, Eva Middleswart; 1912 Rachel Ginn; 1914 Grace Nicholson; 1915 Marie Hershey; 1921 Ruby Cue; 1922-24 Jim Kennedy; 1931 Mary Labertew; 1935 Audrey Forman; 1936 Hazel White; 1937 Naomi King; 1939 Ruth Norris; 1940 Ruth Allen; 1941 Opal Duncan; 1944 Mr.s Gladys Trotter; 1946 Colleean Lockeridge; 1948 Patricia Ritchey; 1949 Mary Lou Goldsmith; 1950 Esther E. Wood; 1952-1956 Mrs. Nannie Middleswart.

Mrs. Darl Bumgarner says that their abstract shows that Oty Jones, owner of the farm, gave the land to the township for school purposes on November 16, 1863, so apparently there was a schoolhouse before the one built in 1874.

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