This plaque was given to "Dorothy." Back of it says: To Dorothy from Miss Munster my 7th grade teacher, for not having any mistakes in the incorrect English Box for 2 weeks, February 18, 1935.

Those in my room LaVern Levi, Mary Ellen Blakslee, Bobby Morley, Waite Walker, Doris Savage, Charles Weils, Robert King, Gwendalyn Walker, Darlen Delany, Howard Madden, Lawrence Dorcey, Robert Nielsen, Geneva Houchin, Merle Stevens, Mary Edythe Ledgerwood, Sterling Wallace, Evelyn Moore.

Those in the eight grade are: Kenneth Lock, Irene Lovit, Lorene Stafford, Donella Warner, John Dean Pickering, Donald Utter, Calvin Grubb and Margret Gray.

I received a finger nail file for the same thing several weeks ago.

[This list indicates Gravity school classes. Teresa O'Dell bought it at a yard sale 2015]