Taylor County, Iowa Death Records 1924
transcribed by Pat O'Dell

Aiton, William, died Apr 28, 1924 Bedford; married; born Sep 1, 1831 Scotland; father Wm. Aiton born Scotland; mother Margaret Browning born Scotland; buried Fairview/Bedford


Ambrose, Amos, died Oct 25, 1924 Platt twp; spouse Rosa Ambrose; born Nov 11, 1850 Penn; father Frederic Ambrose born Penn; mother Rosa Weaver born Penn; buried Lenox cem


Ankeny, Almena, died May 30, 1924 Nodaway twp; spouse Charles Enoch Ankeny; born Dec 17, 1873 Iowa; father Fredrick Lower born Ohio; mother Elizabeth Morrison born Ohio; buried Guss


Avey, Orvil Dean, died Jan 14, 1924 Guy twp; single; born Aug 27, 1908 Iowa; father J.A. Avey born Iowa; mother Rosa Van Reener?; buried Rose Hill/Blockton


Baxter, Chas. Webster, died Jul 7, 1924 Washington twp; widowed; born Oct 28, 1852 Iowa; father Geo. Baxter born NJ; mother unk; buried Gravity


Besco, Isabel, died Mar 13, 1924 Gay twp; widowed; born Oct 2, 1845 Iowa; father Scot Steele born Ind; mother -- Girl born Ind; buried Platteville


Blaine, William Francis, died Jan 19, 1924 Clayton twp; married; born 77y 0m 14d Ill; father Geo Blaine born Ireland; mother -- Alkire born Ohio; buried Fairview/Bedford


Blood, Margeret Cecelia, died Jan 6, 1924 Bedford; widowed; born Nov 17, 1836 Ohio; father -- Scribner born Maryland; mother Mary McAfee born Maryland; buried Fairview/Bedford


Boatman, Aaron, died Feb 26, 1924 Marshall twp; spouse Louisa Boatman; born Sep 21, 1835 Ohio; father Henry Boatman born Ky; mother Leah Marcus born Ky; buried Conway


Boatman, Henry Westley, died Jul 27, 1924 Gravity; spouse Ida Boatman; born Jan 21, 1850 Ohio; father Henry N. Boatman born NC; mother Leah Marquis born unk; buried Fairview/Bedford


Bowen, Virginia, died Oct 9, 1924 Grant twp; spouse S.F. Bowen; born Feb 16, 1840 NJ; father Wm Taylor born NJ; mother Elizabeth Ray? born NJ; buried Conway


Briggs, Eddie M., died Aug 20, 1924 Jackson twp; married; born Apr 25, 1863 unk; father Greenberry Briggs born Ind; mother Sarah Jane Cook born unk; buried Rose Hill/Shenandoah


Brown, Dorothy Maxine, died Sep 26, 1924 Marshall twp; born Aug 12, 1924 Taylor co, Iowa; father Roy W. Brown born Iowa; mother Ada Crevelin born Iowa; buried Conway


Brown, Francis Marian, died Nov 3, 1924 Dallas twp; spouse Susan Eula Brown; born Dec 15, 1842 unk; father William Brown born unk; mother Susan Euley Shively born unk; buried Memory [says Susan Eula for spouse and mother]


Brown, Joseph Frausigel, died Jul 25, 1924 Grove twp; spouse Emma? Brown; born Apr 23? 1862? very faint, Illinois; father William Brown born Ohio; mother Drusilla? Kibby? born Maine?; buried Walnut Grove, Corning


Brown, Ruth Leota, died Feb 25, 1924 Marshall twp; 2 days old; father Orville Brown born Iowa; mother -- Hancock born Iowa; buried Conway


Brown, Sarah Ann, died Mch 26, 1924 Nodaway twp; spouse John Fletcher Brown; born Mar 7, 1835 NY; father Joseph Perrine born NY; mother Jane Bush born NY; buried Guss


Burnham, William Calvin, died Dec 16, 1924 Dallas twp; spouse Malinda L. Burnham; born Feb 8, 1851 NY; father Lyman Burnham born unk; mother Mary Elizabeth Neer born NY; buried Memory


Burwell, William Alonzo, died Jul 8, 1924 Washington twp; married; born Nov 15, 1857 Ohio; father Jos. Burwell born Ohio; mother Sarah Eby born Ohio; buried Gravity


Caldwell, Mary Jane, died Sep 15, 1924 Platt twp; born May 7, 1871 Mediapolis, Des Moines Co, Iowa; father Samuel L. Caldwell born Ohio; mother Margaret W. Wilson born Ohio; buried Fairview/Lenox


Carson, James Dean, died Nov 2, 1924 Grant twp; born Jul 23, 1924 Iowa; father James Carson born Iowa; mother Ethel Suriley? born Iowa; buried Clearfield


Chamberlain, Leslie Lee, died Sep 4, 1924 Washington twp; married; born Oct 12, 1881 Iowa; father H. Chamberlain born Ohio; mother -- Bundy born Mich; buried Bedford Mausoleum


Chandler, Cordius Lovitt, died Dec 25, 1924 Gravity; spouse B.F. Chandler; born Feb 22, 1845 Ohio; father Wm. Lovitt born --; mother -- Griggsby born --; buried Gravity


Clarey, Cecil's INFANT SON, born and died Apr 13, 1924 Grant twp; father Cecil Clarey born Iowa; mother Lena Ethington born Iowa; buried Clearfield


Clark, John J., died May 25, 1924 Bedford; spouse Ella Clark; born Mar 17, 1860 Ia City, Ia; father Peter Clark born Paris, France; mother Mary Schweerer born unk; buried Bedford Mausoleum cem


Connor, John H., died Dec 6, 1924 Lenox; born Feb 4, 1867 Ill; father -- Connor born Ind; mother Delia B. Connor born Ireland; buried Lenox, Iowa


Corson, Coryl M., died Feb 18, 1924 Bedford; spouse Corrie Corson; born Sep 22, 1867 Iowa; father Calvin Walker born Ind; mother -- Johnston born Ohio; buried Fairview/Bedford


Crawford, Emma Josephine, died Jun 2, 1924 Polk twp; spouse Elza Crawford; born 7? 6? 1893 31y 26d Green Co, Tenn; father Jacob Thompson born Green Co, Tenn; mother Edna Bales born Green Co, Tenn; buried Davis cem, Page co


Crawford, Emry, died Jun 2, 1924 Polk Twp; born Apr? 5, 1916 8y 1m 27d Page Co, Iowa; father Elza Crawford born Hawkins Co, Tenn; mother Emma Josephine Thompson born Green Co, Tenn; buried Davis cem, Page Co


Cunningham, Ruby Maxine, died Apr 7, 1924 Mason Twp; born May 16, 1917 New Market; father William Cunningham born Wis; mother Detta? Raynor born Kan; buried Memory


Curtis, Albert, died Oct 20, 1924 county farm; born 65yr unk; father Igarli? Curtis born Wasington co, Ohio; mother Elizabeth Lacox born Ind; buried blank undertaker blank [Guss]


Davis, Maggie, died Mar 25, 1924 Conway; spouse Wiley Davis; born Jun 28, 1863 Altona, Ill; father James Jackson born unk; mother unk; buried Plattville


Dawson, Malinda Elizabeth, died Jan 30, 1924 Bedford; widowed; born Mar 6, 1834 Ohio; father Henry Wise born Penn; mother Sofia Kister born Penn; buried Graceland cem


Dodge, Anna, died Mar 13, 1924 Bedford; widowed; born Mar 7, 1854 Mass; parents unk; buried Fairview/Bedford


Dollahite, Cyntha Ann, died Oct 22, 1924 Dallas twp; spouse William Johnson Dollahite; born Feb 11, 1847 Ind; father Aklis? Birch born North Carolina; mother Susan Morgan born Ind; buried Memory


Dorr, George, died Nov 8, 1924 Ross twp; spouse Jessie Dorr; born Apr 25, 1861? Ill; father Lenard Dorr born Germany; mother Amelia Osborn born Ill; buried Oxley cem


Dugan, Happilona, died Apr 2, 1924 Bedford; spouse Geo Dugan; born Dec 31, 1848 Ill; father -- Parish born NY; mother -- Atlthose born Canada; buried Graceland


Duncan, Alexander, died Oct 5, 1924 Dallas twp; spouse Mary Jane Duncan; born Jul 25? 1826 Caloway county, Mo; father John Duncan born unk; mother Elizabeth Wayne born Ireland; buried Memory


Dunning, Frank, died Mar 1, 1924 Bedford; spouse Rebecca Dunning; born Mar 15, 1845 Mich; father Barton Dunning born NY; mother Laura L. Stiles born Mass; buried Fairview/Bedford


Eckels, Elizabeth Carol, died Nov 24, 1924 Platt twp; spouse J.T. Eckels; born Mar 4, 1854 NY; father Hugh Stephens born Ireland; mother Martha J. Elliott born Ireland; buried Lenox cem


Eckler, Rolland Mahlon, died Mar 25, 1924 Lenox; single; born May 11, 1893 Lenox; father Wm Eckler born blank; mother unk; buried Lenox cem


Evans, James Exalander, died Dec 26, 1924 Bedford; married; born Sep 5, 1847 Ind; father John Evans born --; mother -- Bristow born --; buried Bedford cem


Eyre, Wayne Victor, died Apr 15, 1924 Marshall twp; born Feb 11, 1922 Taylor Co, Iowa; father Chas. P. Eyre born Taylor Co, Iowa; mother Virginia Bell Jones born Taylor Co, Iowa; buried Old Memory


Falkner, Mathew, died Oct 18, 1924 Blockton; married; born Feb 26, 1855 Tenn; father James Smith Falkner born Tenn; mother Nancy Goin born Tenn; buried Parnell, Mo


Farrell, Lilly Catherine, born and died Aug 12, 1924 Iowa; father Glade Farrell born Iowa; mother Bernice Neely born Iowa; buried Memory


Feeney, Patrick Joseph, died Jan 20, 1924 Platt twp; spouse Agatha Feeney; born Feb 14, 1864 Jackson co, Iowa; father James Feeney born Ireland; mother Ann Moore? born Ireland; buried Lenox, Iowa


Flick, William Herron, died Sep 24, 1924 Jackson twp; married; born Feb 22, 1851 Pa?; father John Flick born unk; mother Margret Patton born unk; buried Platteville


Fordyce, Francis Ann, died Feb 2, 1924 Bedford; widowed; born Dec 28, 1834 Ohio; father Stephen Moore born unk; mother Hester Dungan born unk; buried Fairview/Bedford


Gilbert, Doris May, died Feb 4, 1924 Jackson twp; 5 days old; born near Bedford; father William Gilbert born ?, mother Edna Miller born Bedford; buried Forest Grove


Gill, George, died Dec 27, 1924 Polk twp; born Sep 3, 1924 Taylor Co; father Arthur Gill born Nodaway co, Mo [says Ia]; mother Vella Humphreys born Nodaway co, Ia; buried Hopkins cem


Grace, Fred's daughter, died Oct 24, 1924, 2 days old near Bedford; father Fred Grace born Mo; mother Anna M---? born ?; buried Sheridan cem


Graff, Anna Mary, died Sep 11, 1924 Bedford; spouse John Graff; born Mar 25, 1847 Switzerland; father John Yenni born Switzerland; mother Anna Lichti born Switzerland; buried Fairview/Bedford


Gray, Edward William, died Sep 14, 1924 Washington twp; born Sep 5, 1924 Taylor Co; father Claude Gray born Taylor Co; mother Grace Hall born La; buried Washington cem


Hanson, Robert Truman, died Feb 18, 1924 Bedford; single; born Sep 23, 1913 Iowa; father Roy anson born Iowa; mother -- Ware born Iowa; buried Lexington cem


Hass, Fredrick, died Dec 22, 1924 Platt twp; spouse Augusta Hass; born Feb 7, 1847 Bremen, Germany; father John T. Hass born Germany; mother Wilhelminne Siighert born Germany; buried Lenox Cem


Hawkins, James Clarion, died Aug 27, 1924 near Bedford; born 23y 5m 1d Taylor Co, Iowa; father Marion Hawkins born Ill; mother Sarah Grace born Ill; buried Fairview/Bedford


Hayes, Leo Edward, died Apr 6, 1924 Platte twp; born 1y 6m 25d Iowa; father Wm. E. Hayes born Iowa; buried Lenox, Iowa


Haynes, Samuel C., died Feb 21, 1924 Platt twp; widowed; born Feb 13, 1849 Maryland; father John W. Haynes born Maryland; mother Sarrah Hurley born Maryland; buried Lenox cem


Henderson, Walter I., died Oct 22, 1924 Polk twp; born Sep 2, 1856 Ill; father Isaac Henderson born Ohio; mother -- Griffey born Ohio; buried Siam


Heyer, Walter Dean, died Jan 14, 1924 Grant twp; single; born Sep 14, 1906 Iowa; father F.R.Heyer born Iowa; mother Etta Nelson born Iowa; buried Tingley Cem


Hinkle, Joseph Albert, died Mar 28, 1924 Bedford; spouse Christina Hinkle; born Jun 15, 1839 Tenn; father James Hinkle born Tenn; mother Emma -- born unk; buried Conway


Hobbs, Mary J., died Sep 4, 1924 Jefferson twp; spouse ? Hobbs; born Nov 18, 1853 Iowa; father William J. Thompson born Ohio; mother Stacy J. Cline born Ohio; buried Rose Hill/Blockton


Hoover, Edgar, died Nov 20, 1924 Jackson twp; married; born Dec 26, 1863 Iowa; father Daniel Hoover born Ken; mother -- Hinkle born Iowa; buried Fairview/Bedford


Hoyt, James Mitchel, died Jun 9, 1924 Mason twp; spouse Jesie Myrle Hoyt; born Feb 2, 1900 Cumberland?; father Elias Edward Hoyt born Ill; mother ---?? Adeline Nelson born Griswold, Iowa; buried Quincy


Huchinson, Samantha Ledick, died Mar 20, 1924 Bedford; widowed; born Nov 24, 1834 Ohio; father -- Ledick born Ohio; mother unk; buried Siam


Humphrey, Edward M., died Jun 6, 1924 Washington twp; widower; born Jan 7, 1846 Ohio; father T.H. Hump[h]rey born NY; mother Lura Jane Hibberd born Ohio; buried Washington cem


Humphrey, May Mosier, died May 1, 1924 Bedford; spouse J.H. Humphrey; born Apr 18, 1866 Taylor Co; father Reuben Mosier born Pa; mother Rebbeca Miller born Ohio; buried Lexington cem


Hunter, Charles H., died Jun 11, 1924 Gay twp; married; born Aug 10, 1873 Ill; father John Hunter born England; mother Mary Weir born Ohio; buried Platteville


Hyde, Maude Elnor, died May 25, 1924 Washington twp; spouse William Hyde; born Oct 31, 1877 Warren co, Ill; father Jack Adkisson born Ill; mother Clara Richerson born Ill; buried Prairie Rose, Corning


Idleman, Barbara Ann, died Sep 26, 1924 10 mi se of Bedford; spouse J.G. Idleman; born 71y 22d unk; parents unk; buried Plateville cem


Jackson, Virgil Dean, died Dec 27, 1924 Nodaway twp; born Jun 25, 1918 Iowa; father Ben Jackson born Iowa; mother Myrtle Else born Iowa; buried Prairie Rose, Corning


Johnson, Orville Smith, died Dec 2, 1924 Gravity; spouse Alice R. Johnson; born May 30, 1872 Iowa; father Jas. Johnson born Va; mother -- Fleming born Va; buried Gravity


Jones, William Earl, died Jun 29, 1924 Dallas twp; born Jun 12, 1924 New Market; father Richard Ross Jones born Coberg, Iowa; mother Opal Emma Young born Iowa; buried Memory


Kemp, Sarah, died May 11, 1924 Nodaway twp; spouse William Kemp; born May 9, 1862 Ill; father Robert Hadelsch born Ill; mother -- Copper born unk; buried Prairie Rose, Corning


Kibby, Arsasus?, died Jan 19, 1924 ; widower; born Jan 6, 1847 Ohio; parents unk; buried Rose Hill/Blockton


King, Albert E., died Jan 6, 1924 Blockton; spouse Lydia King; born May 31, 1858 65y 7m 17d Kan; father Thomas King born Ohio; mother Louisa Moore? born S.C.; buried Platteville


King, Rosa M., died Apr 1, 1924 near Siam; spouse Jim King; born Jan 26, 1874 Ind; father Joseph Gardner born Ind; mother Myria Birch born Ind; buried Hopkins


Kinney, Tine, died Oct 17, 1924 Bedford; widowed; born Sep 17, 1880 Iowa; father G.B. Kinney born Ohio; mother -- Round born Wis; buried Bedford cem


Kinser, Donald Arther, died Mar 31, 1924 Grove twp; born May 20, 1920 Union Co, Iowa; father Emery J. Kinser born Adams Co, Iowa; mother Enola Hunter born Taylor Co; buried Lenox cem


Kreiger, Nancy Ellen, died Mar 8, 1924 Platt twp; spouse J.L. Kreiger; born Mar 17, 1860 Linn Co, Iowa; father Richard Scott born Ireland; mother Percilla Cox born Iowa; buried Fairview/Lenox


Leaverton, Jason Thompson, died Feb 3, 1924 Dallas twp; spouse Elizabeth Leaverton; born Oct 26, 1848 Ohio; father Wilson Leaverton born Ohio; mother Malinda Leaverton born Ohio; buried Dallas [Center] cem


Lister, Erin, died Jun 11, 1924 Washington twp; widowed; born Aug 15, 1840 Penn; father -- Lister born unk; mother unk; buried Clarinda cem


Long, Minnie Jane, died Jul 6, 1924 Platte twp; spouse John Long; born Aug 30, 1856 Cedar Rapids, Iowa; father Robert Rogers born Ohio; mother Mary J. Thompson born Penn; buried Lenox, Iowa


Lowary, Fay, died Nov 1, 1924 Grant twp; born Mar 23, 1884 Ohio; father James Lowary born Ohio; mother Emma Roberts born Ohio; buried Conway


Lyddon, John, died Aug 31, 1924 Lenox; spouse Lydia Lyddon; born Mar 2, 1843 Ill; father John Lyddon born NY; mother Jane Hammond born NY; buried Lenox, Iowa


Manorgan, William, died May 13, 1924 Siam; spouse Anna Manorgan; born Jun 12, 1862 Scotland; father George Manorgan born Scotland; mother Nancy Ribison born England; buried Quitman cem


Marsell, Sarah Jane, died Mar 25, 1924 Dallas twp; spouse Joseph Marsell; born Dec 5, 1848 Iowa; father Robert Hendry born unk; mother unk; buried Dallas Center


Marshall, Charlie, died Oct 18, 1924 county home; married; born 62 yr unk; parents unk; buried county farm


Martin, Lorenzo Don, died Oct 2, 1924 Bedford; married; born Apr 30, 1844 Ohio; father -- Martin born Ohio; mother unk; buried Fairview/Bedford


McKenney, Lillian M., died Aug 13, 1924 Mason twp; born Dec 1, 1903 Iowa; father Elmer H. McKenney born Maine; mother -- Jacobson born Iowa; buried Herrick, SD


McKim, John David, died Oct 3, 1924 Bedford; widowed; born Feb 6, 1844 Ind; father Alfred McKim born Ind; mother -- Taylor born Ind; buried Bedford


McKinley, Forrest Bernell, died Oct 23, 1924 Dallas twp; born Jun 7, 1909 Nodaway, Iowa; father James Henry McKinley born Taylor county, Iowa; mother Effie Lawson born Hepburn, Ia; buried Memory


McMullin, Emma Z., died Jun 30, 1924 Polk twp; spouse Wm. McMullin; born Jul 6, 1858 Monroe Co, Iowa; father Thomas Epperson born unk; mother Letha York born unk; buried Old Memory


Miller, James Henry, died May 16, 1924 Blockton; spouse Mary A. Miller; born Oct 27, 185? 69y 6m 19d Va; father James A. Miller born Va; mother Susan E. Mackey born Va; buried Rose Hill/Blockton


Moore, Deloris Nadana, died Dec 30, 1924 Washington twp; born Nov 14, 1924 Conway; father Harold Moore born Gravity; mother Jaunita Matheny born Conway; buried Conway


Moore, Robert Taylor, died Jan 18, 1924 Dallas twp; spouse Clarisa Jane Moore; born May 30, 1855 Ohio; father Ausen? Moore born unk; mother Mary Jane Baker born Ky; buried Memory


Niday, Alma, died Apr 3, 1924 Polk twp; spouse John Niday; born Mch 2, 1892 Nodaway Co, Mo; father W.C. Maines born Ind; mother Nancy Vancycle born Nodaway Co, Mo; buried Burlington Jct, Mo


Pace, John Wesley, died Sep 7, 1924 Mason twp; spouse Ellen Jemima Pace born Nov 29, 1847 Ind; father Daniel Pace born Tenn; mother Martha Ann Lashbrooks born Ky; buried Memory


Parish, Susan S., died Jan 8, 1924 Bedford; spouse Addison Parish; born Mar 27, 1840 Ind; father W.W. Paul born --; mother Synthia Hartwell born --; buried Fairview/Bedford


Patch, Stephen Smith, died May 27, 1924 Bedford; spouse Nancy Patch; born 89y 4m 1d Ohio; parents unk; buried Fairview/Bedford


Patrick, Minerva, died Nov 22, 1924 Gay twp; spouse L? T? Patrick; born Aug 13, 1861 Ky; parents unk; buried Rose Hill/Blockton


Paul, Sarah Jane, died Aug 24, 1924 Bedford; spouse J.W. Paul; born Mar 6, 1837 Penn; father Jesse Chambers born Penn; mother -- Wright born Penn; buried Fairview/Bedford


Payne, John Longley, died Apr 24, 1924 Grant twp; spouse Susan Payne; born Apr 17, 1833 Ohio; father Jesse Payne born Va; mother Lucinda Longley born Va; buried Clearfield


Payton, Nanny, died Mar 24, 1924 Bedford; spouse Wm. Payton; born Aug 15, 1852 Ind; father -- Shaffer born Penn; mother Harriet Pauling born Pa; buried Fairview/Bedford


Piper, William Elket?, died Dec 13, 1924 Grant twp; spouse Mabel Piper; born May 11, 1881 Iowa; father Benj. Piper born Penn; mother Sarah Shephard born Ohio; buried Shenandoah, Iowa


Radke, Albert, died Dec 4, 1924 New Market; married; born Nov 12, 1858 Germany; father Ferdinand Radke born Germany; mother Dorthy Needin? born Germany; buried Memory


Ray, Ruth Marion, died Nov 13, 1924 Jefferson twp; widowed; born Nov 7, 1846 Ill; father -- Kirby born Ill; mother -- Talley born Ill; buried Platteville


Rhodes, Harry B., died Apr 6, 1924 Bedford; married; born Jan 20, 1860 Ohio; father -- Rhodes born unk; mother -- Pulse born --; buried Fairview/Bedford


Rhodes, Harry B., died Apr 6, 1924 Bedford; married; born Jan 20, 1860 Ohio; father -- Rhodes; mother -- Pulse born unk; buried Fairview/Bedford


Richard, Katherine E. Harmon, died Jul 17, 1924 Bedford; spouse Bud Rickard; born 52yr Ken; parents blank; buried Cincinatti Crematory


Ridnour, Infant, born and died May 30, 1924 Dallas twp; father Albert Leroy Ridnour born near Clarinda; mother Lourena Whetstine born Iowa; buried Memory


Robbins, Mary, died Jan 9, 1924 Marshall twp; spouse Cyrus Robbins; born Apr 9, 1827 Penn; father W.M. Lemon? born Scotland; mother unk; buried Blue Grove


Schmitt, Barbara, died Jan 27, 1924 Platt twp; spouse Valentine Schmitt; born Nov 10, 1853 Penn; father Joseph Eberle born Germany; mother Mary Vogelborn Germany; buried Fairvew/Lenox


Seehorn, Brooken C., died Jan 29, 1924 Bedford; married; born Aug 5, 1855 Tenn; father Jas. Seehorn born Tenn; mother -- Williams born Tenn; buried Brooklyn, Iowa


Shannon, Daniel, died Jul 13, 1924 Lenox; spouse Mary Shannon; born Jan 19, 1844 Warren co, NJ; father Archibald Shannon born NJ; mother unk; buried Grove Chapel cem


Shaw, Alice Ann, died Dec 12, 1924 Platt twp; spouse Christopher Shaw; born Sep 3, 1868 Preston, England; father John Battrsby? born England; mother Nancy Edge born England; buried Lenox cem


Shimer, Albert Sanford, died Jul 5, 1924 Grant twp; spouse Ollie A. Shimer; born Mar 18, 1857 67y 3m 17d Ind; father Clark Shimer born Ind; mother Margarette Noland born Ind; buried Lenox cem


Sickler, Billy Bennett, died Jan 13, 1924 Holt twp; single; born Jan 2, 1924 Taylor co; father Harry Lee Sickler born Vilisca; mother Louis Herring born Taylor co; buried Prairie Rose/Corning


Smally, Laura, died Feb 10, 1924 Bedford; spouse Thomas N. Smally; born 07 Mar 1868 Wayne Co, Iowa; father Thomas Edwards born unk; mother Marry Edwards born Mo; buried Fairview/Bedford


Smith, John Allen, died Feb 27, 1924 Platt twp; married; born May 18, 1842 Ill; father Seth Smith born Ohio; mother Mary George born Ohio; buried Fairview/Lenox


Snyder, Helen Louise, died Nov 11, 1924 Clayton twp; born Sep 9, 1924 Taylor Co; father Merle Snyder born Iowa; mother -- Trumbo born Iowa; buried Fairview/Bedford


Stark, Hannah J., died Jan 12, 1924 Lenox; widow; born Apr 16, 1845 Lee Co, Iowa; father Sanford Jacos born Vermont; mother Susanna Harmon born Vermont; buried Coleridge, Ne


Steele, James, died Nov 3, 1924 Grant twp; spouse Isabelle Steele; born Aug 4, 1843 Iowa; father James Steele born Ohio; mother Margarette Hamilton born Ireland; buried Clearfield cem


Stephens, Delbertha, died May 4, 1924 Bedford; spouse John Stephens; born May 21, 1881 Iowa; father Sylvester Thomas born Ohio; mother -- Davis born Mo; buried Conway


Stoaks, Francis, died Dec 28, 1924 Marshall twp; born Jun 24, 1836 Ind; father William Stoaks born Ky; mother unk born Ky; buried Lenox cem


Stowell, Asa, died Feb 4, 1924 Grant twp; spouse Anna Stowell; born Jul 25, 1842 NY; father Dove? Dow? Stowell born NY; mother Mary -- born NY; buried Platteville cem


Stringham, Eugene Henry, died Oct 4, 1924 Marshall twp; spouse Mattie E. Stringham; born Jan 25, 1852 Ill; father Henry Stringham born Penn; mother Sarah Jane Boyd born Penn; buried Rose Hill/MtAyr


Trumbo, Mary Ann, died Dec 30, 1924 Bedford; spouse Walter Trumbo; born Jun 12, 1887 Iowa; father Nate Henderson born Ind; mother Jane? (Nettie) --; born Ill; buried Fairview/Bedford


Turner, George W., died Dec 3, 1924 Bedford; spouse Mary Turner; born May 13, 1836 Ind; father James Turner born Ind; mother Anna Cavit born Ind; buried Bedford cem


Vincent, Otho J., died Feb 16, 1924 Marshall twp; born Aug 5, 1922 Taylor Co, Iowa; father E.O. Vincent born Iowa; mother Eva Pearl Brown born Iowa; buried Shambaugh, Iowa


Walford, Newton W., died May 28, 1924 Grant twp; spouse Mary Walford; born Apr 14, 1863 Ill; father Wm. Walford born Ohio; mother Mary Mace? born Ohio; buried Clearfield


Watson, Miles Elbert, died Nov 4, 1924 Jefferson twp; married; born May 7, 1845 Ohio; father Henry Watson born Ohio; mother Dorcus White born Conn; buried Rose Hill/Blockton


Weaver, Mable Clara, died Jan 28, 1924 near Athelstan; spouse Raymond Weaver; born Aug 20, 1907 Taylor co, Iowa; father Roy Weaver born Ct; mother Millia Hiatt born unk; buried Athelstan


Weingarth, Betty Lyn, died Mar 12, 1924 Bedford; born Apr 14, 1923 Taylor Co, Iowa; father Fredk Weingarth born Iowa; mother Ethel Hughes born Mo; buried Bedford cem


West, John Arthur, died Dec 23, 1924 Jefferson twp; married; born Nov 4, 1845 Ohio; father James K. West born Ohio; mother Margaret Clark born Ohio; buried Isadora cem


Westfall, Elise, died May 5, 1924 Nodaway twp; married; born Dec 25, 1842 81y 4m 6d Germany; father -- Cordes born Germany; mother -- Dreyer? born Germany; buried Guss


White, Edward, died Feb 6, 1924 Marshall twp; born Jun 14, 1849 unk; parents unk; buried County Farm cem


Wilson, Isaac M., died Jun 12, 1924 Grant twp; spouse Sarah A. Wilson; born Nov 23, 1832 Penn; father John Wilson born England; mother Jane Crooks born Penn; buried Fairview/Lenox


Winning, William, died Jan 28, 1924 Bedford; spouse Anna Elizabeth Winning;; born 88 yrs unk place; parents unk; buried Conway cem


Woodyard, Margeret Lucile, died May 8, 1924 Dallas Twp; born Sep 13, 1907 Iowa; father Arthur Woodyard born Iowa; mother Lucinda Anderson born Iowa; buried Clarinda cem


Yaryan, William, died Dec 6, 1924 Platte twp; married; born Mar 8, 1886 Ringold co; father L.E. Yaryan born Wappello co, Iowa; mother Rose Stube? born Perry? co, Iowa; buried Lenox cem


Young, Barbara A., died May 13, 1924 Dallas twp; spouse William Henry Young; born Jan 19, 1845 Ohio; father David Johnston born unk; mother unk; buried Hawleyville