Taylor County, Iowa Death Records 1923
transcribed by Pat O'Dell

Abbott, Mary Elizabeth, died Jul 6, 1923 Dallas twp; spouse Issac W. Abbott; born Feb 2, 1858 Hillsboro, Iowa; father Alfred C. Cumley born Pa; mother Martha Hayes born Penn; buried Memory


Abbott, Mildred Isabelle, died Mar 20, 1923 Bedford; widowed; born May 13, 1859 Ind; father Chas Tinder born Ind; mother Cynthia Haggard born Ky; buried Bedford cem


Adams, Gerline, died Dec 21, 1923 Athelstan, single, born ? Athelstan; father Elbert R. Adams born Athelstan; mother Olla? Sena Farward? born Butler Co, Mo; buried Athelstan


Agnew, Lottie Foster, died Feb 11, 1923 Lenox; spouse S.H. Agnew; born Jul 4, 1856 Carver Co, Mn; father Johnson Foster born Pa; mother Mary Munger born NY; buried Lenox


Allen, Robert R., died Apr 19, 1923 Holt Twp; spouse Clara Allen; born Dec 14, 1847 Ireland; father Crawford Allen born Ireland; mother Jane Gillespie born Ireland; buried Gravity


Allison, John Alfred, died Jul 16, 1923 Dallas Twp; spouse Florence E. Allison; born Dec 11, 1842 Canada; father James Allison born Canada; mother Ann Cleve born England; buried Memory


Archer, Alva A., died Jan 24, 1923 Bedford; widower; born Feb 10, 1855 Burmingham, Iowa; father Jacob Archer born unk; mother Lydia Grubb born unk; buried Conway


Baker, Mary A., died Sep 24, 1923 Platt twp; widow; born Jun 27, 1837 Ind; father Benjiman Wood born Ind; mother unk; buried Fairview/Lenox


Ballow, George, died Aug 11, 1923 Gay twp; widower; born Sep 11, 1834 Atisa, NY; father Amasa Ballow born unk; mother unk; buried Platteville


Barkley, William Shields, died Sep 2, 1923 Washington twp; spouse Jane --; born Jun 29, 1840 Braddyville; father Ebenzer Barkley born unk; mother Jane Shields born unk; buried Washington/Gravity


Beal, Kenneth Melcolm, died Jan 8, 1923 Mason twp; born Jan 7, 1923 Iowa; father A.B. Beal born Iowa; mother -- Locke born Mo; buried Graceland


Beckett, Nancy Ellen, died May 5, 1923 Marshall twp; spouse Wm. Beckett; born Aug 27, 1849 Ind; father Wm. Penner born Ind; mother Mary Ann Huff? born Ind; buried Shenandoah, Ia


Berger, Dorthy May, died Dec 12, 1923 Dallas twp; spouse Gail Berger; born Jan 3, 1889 Burlington, Ia; father John Eicher? born Burlington; mother Anna John? born Burlington; buried Burlington, Iowa


Blake, Clara Armelia, died Mar 7, 1923 Bedford; spouse John Blake; born Jun 29, 1880 Iowa; father C.C. Wilson born NY; mother Mary Burgess born Ohio; buried Bedford cem


Blank, Minnie M., died Oct 25, 1923 Bedford; spouse Ruben L. Blank; born 55y 5m 9d Ind; father William Winning born Pa; mother Susan Freel born Ind; buried Conway


Bolinger, Verlie Florence, died Apr 19, 1923 Grant Twp; single; born Feb 8, 1907 Mo; father Jas. Bolinger born Mo; mother Betty Scott born Mo; buried Allendale, Mo


Boyd, Smilda Elton, died Aug 26, 1923 Bedford; widowed; born Feb 22, 1839 Ohio; father Geo. Reynolds born unk; mother -- Miller born unk; buried Lexington cem


Boyden, Susan L., died Apr 5, 1923 Marshall twp; widow; born Nov 25, 1829 NY; father Chas. Smith born NY; mother Hulda Lyon born NY; buried Blue Grove


Bradley, Bradford Jay, died May 3, 1923 Bedford, spouse Mary Alice Bradley; born Sep 28, 1860 Wis; father H.E. Bradley born NY; mother Indra? Gourmel? born Unk; buried Graceland


Brooks, Infant, died Aug 29, 1923 Dallas twp; born Aug 28, 1923 New Market; father unk; mother Allie Lorene Brooks; buried Memory


Brown, Ruby Pearl, died Apr 4, 1923 Holt Twp; spouse Otho Brown; born May 29, 1897 Taylor Co; father Robert A. Gill born Wis; mother Cora Nellie Schafroth born Adams Co, Iowa; buried Prairie Rose, Corning


Brown, Walter, died Jul 25, 1923 Lenox; spouse Nell Brown; born Jan 17, 1843 Zanesville, Ohio; father Hugh Brown born NY; mother Lizzie Ann Wait born NY; buried Lenox, Iowa


Bubb, Lonie Everett, died Jul 13, 1923 Platt twp; born Feb 13, 1909 Lenox; father Louie A. Bubb born Adams co, Iowa; mother Elsie M. Einfeldt born Davenport, Iowa; buried Stringtown cem


Burwell, Joseph, died Mar 4, 1923 Washington twp; widower; born Aug 19, 1834 Crawford Co, Ohio; father William Burwell born Ohio; mother Nancy Morris born unk; buried Clarinda


Campbell, Miles, died Mar 27, 1923 Jefferson twp; born Aug 15, 1867 Ill; father Erick Campbell born Ohio; mother Sally Sharp born Ind; buried Platteville


Cannon, Mary Alice, died Jul 26, 1923 Bedford; spouse Wm Cannon; born Oct 25, 1866 Iowa; father -- Baker born Ind; mother -- Taylor born Ind; buried Bedford cem


Carr, Aquilla, died Dec 14, 1923 Blockton; widower; born Jan 15, 1833 Ohio; father Thomas D. Carr born unk; mother Nancy Hill born unk; buried Rose Hill/Blockton


Carson, James W., died Mar 17, 1923 Polk Twp; single; born Dec 26, 1845 Ohio; father Jas. Carson born Penn; mother -- Oliver born Ireland; buried Siam Cem


Cash, Helen T., died Aug 8, 1923 Platt wp; spouse W.H. Cash; born Dec 24, 1873 Ill; father Patrick Phalen born Ill; mother Elizabeth Deveraux born Ill; buried Fairview/Lenox


Cavin, Lillian May, died May 1, 1923 Jefferson twp; born Apr 30, 1923 Athelstan; father L.G. Cavin born Mo; mother Mary Brumfield born Mo; buried Athelstan


Chaney, Green, died Jun 15, 1923 Platte twp; spouse Mary Chaney; born Jun 13, 1838 McCoupin county, Ill; parents unk; buried Lenox, Iowa


Clarey, Ruth, died Mar 23, 1923 Platt twp; born Mar 16, 1923 Iowa; father Cecil Clarey born Iowa; mother Lena Ethington born Iowa; buried Clearfield


Clark, Anna, died May 16, 1923 New Market; single; born Sep 19, 1867 Iowa; father Benjamin Clark born Nashville, Tenn; mother Eleana? Eleanor A. Powell born Ind; buried Guss cem


Clark, Charles H., died Feb 14, 1923 Lenox; spouse Zetta Clark; born Apr 23, 1856 Upper Sandusky, Ohio; father John Clark born Ohio; mother unk born Penn; buried Lenox


Clark, Robert Benton, died Apr 10, 1923 Dallas twp; born Sep 3, 1922 [says 1923] 7m 7d; father B.L. Clark born Iowa; mother Bessie Corbin born WV; buried Memory


Clement, Francis, male, died Jan 21, 1923 Nodaway Twp; divorced; born Oct 8, 1848; father Francis Clement born France; mother Mary Nourt? born France; buried Gus


Clevinger, Nancy, died Jan 13, 1923 Bedford; widowed; born Nov 23, 1837 Ind; father -- Jennings born Ind; mother -- Cooper born Ind; buried Bedford Cem


Cobb, George Washington, died Jun 24, 1923 Ross twp; married; born Apr 20, 1851 Mo; father Louis Cobb born unk; mother -- House born unk; buried High Prairie, Atchison Co, Mo


Cole, Lydia? Nadomia?, died Oct 4, 1923 Washington twp; spouse Thos Cole; born 76y 6m 12d Quebec, Can; father John Kelborn? born unk; mother Louisa Haskins born unk; buried Washington cem, Gravity


Collins, Benjiman Simeon, died Oct 12, 1923 Polk twp; single; born ca 70 years Ohio; father Benj. Collins born Ohio; mother unk; buried Siam


Combs, Joseph Thomas, died Nov 2, 1923 Gravity; widower; born Sep 7, 1835 Louden co, Va; father J.W. Combs born unk; mother unk; buried Guss Cem


Congdon, Marion Chester, died Jun 4, 1923 Bedford twp; married; born Sep 21, 1863 NY; father Philander Congdon born NY; mother Roxy Metcaff born NY; buried Dallas Center cem


Conner, Mary Serena, died Oct 20, 1923 Conway; widowed; born Aug 24, 1843 Ind; father -- Lathrop born Ind; mother -- Harvey born Ind; buried Conway


Cooke, Mary Mehitable, died Jun 7, 1923 Dallas twp; spouse Charles Edward Cooke; born Aug 8, 1831 Decalf? Mass; father Erastus Clark born Decalb? Mass; mother Elizabeth Petty born Mass; buried Memory


Cooksey, Joseph Irvan, died Aug 9, 1923 Ross twp; single; born Jul 16, 1912 Bedford; father Joseph H??? Cooksey born Mo; mother Virda Oxley born Gentry Co, Mo; buried Benton cem, Mound City, Mo


Coon, Beaulah Francis, died Dec 15, 1923 near Bedford; born Sep 18, 1904 Taylor Co, Iowa; father Isaac Coon born Taylor Co, Iowa; mother Minnie John born Taylor Co, Iowa; buried Bedford cem


Cooper, Harry Clay, died Jan 22, 1923 Washington Twp; spouse Hanna S. --; born 70y 2m 28d Roxboro, Phil. Pa; father Ruben N. Cooper born Bristol England; mother Margret Cawfeich? born M---? Pa; Greenmount Cem, Philadelphia


Copeland, Edward L., died Aug 16, 1923 Platt twp; spouse Lucy A. Copeland; born Jun 17, 1854 Middletown, Ill; father Edward Copeland born Ind; mother Susan Redsackey? born Ohio; buried Lenox cem


Corbin, Bessie E., died Oct 14, 1923 Holt Twp; spouse Lester Corbin; born 31y 5m 22d Antelope Co, Ne; father J.W. Foster born Corydon, Wayne Co; mother Salina Ewing? born Fountanelle, Ia; buried Washington/Gravity


Corbin, Isarel James, died Jun 28, 1923 Dallas twp; spouse Alice B. Corbin; born Aug 2, 1855 Barbour Co, WV; father James M. Corbin born Va; mother Clarrisa Huffman born Barbour Co, WV; buried Memory cem


Cordell, Marion Francis, died Sep 13, 1923 Athelstan; widowed; born Apr 3, 1846 Mo; father William Cordell born Ill; mother Billie Garns? born Ill; buried Athelstan


Cortner [should be] Cartner, Alpha L., died Mar 21, 1923 Jefferson twp; spouse Clyde Cartner; born Sep 4, 1887 Mo; father Solomon Hubbard born Iowa; mother Melissa Jane Watson born Ind; buried Rose Hill/Bkt


Coup, Francis Emily, died May 4, 1923 Bedford; spouse J.B. Coup; born Jul 13, 1850 Brooken? Pa; father John B. Hazletets? born unk; mother Mary ??? born unk; buried Fairview/Bedford


Crecelius, Burl Hobart, died Sep 4, 1923 Jefferson twp; single; born Sep 28, 1921 Blockton; father Cecil Crecelius born Mo; mother Alta Mary Jones born Mo; buried Rosehill, Blockton


Crull, Minnie Belle, died Aug 24, 1923 Gay twp; single; born Mch 28, 1869 Ill; father W.M. Crull born Ohio; mother Lorina Justice born Tenn; buried Isadora Cem


Cunning, Winfield Scott, died Oct 14, 1923 Dallas twp; spouse Sarrah Francis Cunning; born Nov 15, 1844 Crawford Co, Ohio; father Wm. Cunning born Ohio; mother Ruth Chandler born Ohio; buried Memory


Dale, Margeret A., died Feb 14, 1923 Bedford; widowed; born Oct 7, 1836 Conn; father -- Church born Penn; mother -- Carter born Penn; buried Hopkins


Dallison, Francis, died Nov 22, 1923 Bedford; spouse Sameul Dallison; born Sep 9, 1837 Canada; father -- Feno born Canada; mother unk; buried Bedford cem


Davison, Della?? Belle, died Feb 19, 1923 Dallas twp; born Aug 18, 1913 Iowa; father Lester Davison born Iowa; mother -- Neal born Mo; buried Shenandoah


Dean, Addie J., died Apr 24, 1923 Grant Twp; spouse Geo. W. Dean; born Oct 4, 1842 NY; father Caleb Noble born NY; mother Charlotte Freeman born NY; buried Clearfield


Duncan, Mary Jane, died Jul 21, 1923 Dallas twp; spouse Alexander Duncan; born Jan 9, 1831 Johnson Co, Mo; father Harvey Dillon born Va; mother Nancy Tomlin? born unk; buried Memory


Ernest, Hannah Margeret, died Apr 26, 1923 Bedford, widowed; born Jan 11, 1858 Maryland; father John Deitch born Germany; mother Margeret Elgin born Germany; buried Forest Grove


Feris, Nancy E., died Aug 28, 1923 Platt twp; spouse Len? Feris; born Sep 14, 1869 Iowa; father James Pease born Ind; mother Sarah Austin born Ky; buried Fairview cem, Lenox


Forson, Margret Hannah, died Jun 24, 1923 Jefferson twp; widowed; born Sep 30, 1838 Tenn; father unk born Tenn; mother Margret Forson born Tenn; buried Athelstan, Iowa


Franklin, Earl E., died Feb 22, 1923 Platt Twp; married; born Jul 20, 1879 Warren Co, Ill; father A.E. Franklin born Warren Co, Ill; mother Elizabeth Crosby born Warren Co, Ill; buried Lenox


Franklin, Isaac Wesly, died Mar 10, 1923 Bedford; widowed; born Jun 7, 1836 WV; father Wesly Franklin born Va; mother unk; buried Bedford cem


Frazier, Frances Evaline, died Jan 16, 1923 Bedford; married; born May 13, 1860 North Carolina; father Jacob Cox born NC; mother -- Moffit born NC; buried Ladoga Cem


Freeman, Jasper J., died Dec 27, 1923 Blockton; spouse Mary Freeman; born Apr 7, 1844 Ill; father William Freeman born unk; mother unk; buried Rose Hill/Blockton


Freemeyer, Jane Mitchell, died Mar 8, 1923 Jefferson twp; widowed; born Jun 27, 1845 Ind; father John Mitchel born Pa; mother unk; buried Isadora cem


Fulton, Margaret, died Mar 5, 1923 Bedford; widowed; born Jul 28, -- 82y 7m 5d Penn; father Jacob Huy? born France; mother Elizabeth McLain born Penn; buried Bedford cem


Gaul, Mary Jane, died Dec 12, 1923 Bedford; widowed; born Mar 1, 1855 Iowa; father John McCort born Ireland; mother -- Olanery born Ireland; buried Conway


Gelvin, Ebenezer Erskine, died Feb 1, 1923 Clearfield; spouse Margarette Gelvin; born Oct 8, 1830 Penn; father Wm. Gelvin; mother Elizabeth Temple born Penn; buried Clearfield


Greeley, Maud Emily, died near Ladoga highway accident Oct 7, 1923; born Aug 23, 1874 Washington twp, Taylor Co; father Jerome Rogers born Iowa; mother unk born Ind; buried Gravity


Greer, Charles Arthur, died Jul 4, 1923 Marshall twp; spouse Cassie Greer; born May 20, 1869 Iowa; father Thos. Greer born Ind; mother Lucinda Mohler born Ohio; buried Bedford cem


Greer, Lucinda, born Feb 25, 1923 Bedford; spouse Thos. Greer; born Oct 19, 1847 Ohio; father Lenard Mohler born Penn; mother -- Fletcher born Ohio; buried Fairview/Bedford


Griffith, William Denmon, died Sep 15, 1923 Clayton twp; spouse Lula Griffith; born Dec 16, 1865 Iowa; father Daniel Griffith born Ohio; mother Roxana Dilley born Ohio; buried Lexington cem


Grubb, Cleta Marie, died Mar 3, 1923 Marshall twp; single; born Dec 28, 1922 Iowa; father Glade Grubb born Iowa; mother Mary Munn born Iowa; buried Conway


Hall, Harold Charles, died Jan 25, 1923 Nodaway Twp; born Dec 3, 1899 Iowa; father Harry H. Hall born Ill; mother Allie Hyde born Ill; buried Villisca, Ia


Hall, Ruth Elizebeth, died May 30, 1923 Bedford; widowed; born Jul 28, 1841 Ind; father Uriah Golliday born --; mother Lucinda McCown born Ireland; buried Bedford cem


Handry, Christina, died Nov 26, 1923 Ross twp; born Apr 7, 1849 Quincey, Ill; father Frederick Steinbeck born Germany; mother Louisa Robb born Ohio; buried Hopkins


Harlan, William R., died Oct 1, 1923 Lenox; widowed; born Apr 17, 1842 Peoria, Ill; father George Harlan born unk; mother unk; buried Lenox, Iowa


Harlow, Lydia Adaline, died Mar 29, 1923 Platte twp; spouse Bolivar? Walker Harlow; born Nov 17, 1834 Ind; parents unk; buried Walnut Grove Cem, Corning


Harris, Fleming, died Mch 7, 1923 Washington twp; spouse Martha Harris; born 60y 10m 20d Nodaway Co, Mo; father Silas D. Harris born unk; mother Sarah Octaville Fleming; buried Gravity


Harris, Silas Duly, died Dec 22, 1923 Washington twp; spouse Elsie Harris; born Apr 2, 1888 Taylor Co, Iowa; father Flemming Harris born Mo; mother Martha Parks born Taylor Co, Iowa; buried Gravity


Heindel, William Werly, died Sep 21, 1923 Clayton twp; spouse Cora Heindel; born May 8, 1859 Penn; father Sameul Heindel born Penn; mother -- Schemberger born Penn; buried Fairview/Bedford


Herren, Kemp G., died Jan 24, 1923 Dallas Twp; spouse Retta Herren; born Jan 20, 1861 Ohio; father David Herren born Md; mother -- Carter born Ohio; buried Memory


Hook, Martha, died Feb 23, 1923 Bedford; single; born Mar 16, 1848 Pa; father James Hook born Pa; mother -- Lyle born Ohio; buried Martinsburg, Iowa


Hoover, Mary Ann, died Oct 11, 1923 Jackson twp; widowed; born Apr 2, 1833 Ill; father Abraham Hinkle born Va; mother Mary Harper born Va; buried Forest Grove cem


Howe, Nancey, died Apr 17, 1923 Dallas twp; born Apr 16, 1823 Dallas twp?; father Dallas Howe born Carbon, Iowa; mother Ethel Peterman born New Market; buried private ground


Hughes, Lucile Marion, died Nov 22, 1923 Dallas twp; born Nov 19, 1920 Clarinda, Ia; father Milo A. Hughes born Page co, Iowa; mother Aphelea? Belle Lawson born Page Co, Iowa; buried Clarinda


Hunter, George E., died May 21, 1923 Grove twp; single; born Dec 19, 1912 Lenox; father Lon Hunter born Taylor Co, Iowa; mother Mame Cristy born Taylor County, Iowa; buried Lenox cem


Jarred, Mary Elba, died May 28, 1923 Ross twp; spouse Frank Jarred; born Dec 4, 1888 Iowa; father Thos Trumbo born Ill; mother -- Powers born Illinois; buried Fairview/Bedford


Jenkins, Elizabeth, died Nov 17, 1923 Taylor co; mostly tto faded to read; age 91y 7m 27d Ohio; buried Athelstan


Johnson, Beulah Mary, died Oct 11, 1923 Clayton twp; born Jun 11, 1912 Oregon; father Chas G. Johnson born Iowa; mother Mary Birks born Oregon; buried Lexington


Johnson, Jessie, died Feb 8, 1923 Platt Twp; born Dec 22, 1884 Taylor Co; father Albert J. Johnson born Penn; mother Emma Reitzel born Ind; buried Lenox Cem


Journey, Mary E., died Feb 6, 1923 Dallas twp; widow; born Mar 22, 1862 Iowa; father -- Woods born unk; mother -- Martin born unk; buried Davis


Kelly, Laura, died Nov 8, 1923 Bedford; spouse N.D. Kelly; born Oct 1, 1848 Ohio; father Edward Sterman born Ohio; mother Matilda McCloud born Ohio; buried Graceland


Kesbit, Mary A., died Feb 27, 1923 Lenox; widow; born May 20, 1841 Scotland; father John Carney born Ireland; mother Mary Garmely born Ireland; buried Calvary Cem, Corning


Kimpton, Paul Kenneth, died Nov 29, 1923 on farm near Gravity; born Jan 29, 1913 Gravity, Iowa; father John A. Kimpton born Taylor Co, Iowa; mother Ethel C. Beery born Paige Co, Iowa; buried Gravity


King, Ida M., died Mar 13, 1923 Gay Twp; spouse Charles W. King; born Jun 24, 1867 Ind; father Thomas Williams born unk; mother Julia A. House born Ind; buried Platteville


Kingsley, John, died May 2, 1923 Platt twp; spouse Julia Mar Kingsley; born Jan 27, 1835 Ill; father John Kingsley born Vt; mother unk born Vt; buried Fairview/Lenox


Kingsley, Julia Marie, died Feb 27, 1923 Platt Twp; spouse John Kingsley; born Jun 1, 1838 Ill; father Nicholas Marie born France; mother unk born France; buried Fairview/Lenox


Kinnison, Loa Sumantha, died Dec 11, 1923 Ross twp; spouse Virgil Kinnison; born Mar 31, 1892 Iowa; father Joe Kieth born Ohio; mother Polly Helm born Iowa; buried Bedford cem


Kirby, Darrett Elfine, died Feb 28, 1923 Marshall twp; spouse Guy Kirby; born Feb 15, 1900 Iowa; father W.E. Bicknell born Ill; mother M.E. Jonason born Iowa; buried Gravity


Koons, Catharine Boyd, died Dec 1, 1923 Dallas twp; spouse B.F. Koons; born Sep 20, 1851 Boston, Mass; father J.D. Smith born Boston, Mass; mother Mary Severe? born Mass; buried Shenandoah


Langston, Christopher A., died Mar 8, 1923 Polk twp; married; born Jun 15, 1852 Texas; parents unk; buried Hopkins


Larrison, Robert Franklin, died Mar 27, 1923 Bedford; spouse Clara B. Larrison; born Jan 9, 1851 Ind; father Leo? Larrison born Ohio; mother -- Halbrook born Ind; buried Bedford cem


LaTouche, John B., died Dec 11, 1923 Grant twp; single; born Feb 26, 1857 New Orleans, La; parents unk born France; buried Clearfield cem


Lindley, Henry M., died Dec 17, 1923 Bedford; spouse Marry Lindley; born Feb 15, 1850 Washington Co, Penn; father Timothy S. Lindley born Penn; mother Marry Ann Scherich born Ohio; buried Bedford cem


Livingston, Minerva A. [says Mrs Richard Ira Livingston], died Oct 9, 1923 Blockton; spouse Richard I. Livingston; born Oct 17, 1847 Iowa; father Andrew Stretch born Ohio; mother Malinda Purcell born Ky; buried Rose Hill/Blockton


Livingston, Nancy Jane, died May 24, 1923 Washington twp; widow; born Mch 15, 1835 Fulton Co, Ill; father Oliver Jones born Va; mother Nancy? Mercer born unk; buried Old Memory


Lyddon, Charles Franklin, died Mar 7, 1923 Grant Twp; spouse Lizzie Lyddon; born Apr 4, 1847 Ill; father John Lyddon born England; mother Elizabeth Franklin born England; buried Lenox cem


Mankle, Jacob, died Mar 17, 1923 Dallas Twp; spouse Mary J. Mankle; born Jul 18, 1840 Germany; father John Mankle born Germany; mother unk; buried Dallas Center cem


Martin, Mary Elmira, died Jan 23, 1923 Bedford; widowed; born Jul 29, 1852 Ohio; father Alex Zook born Penn; mother Mary Elmer born Ohio; buried Lexington


Martin, Susan A., died Jun 28, 1923 Bedford; spouse Henry Martin; born Sep 22, 1872 Ind; father Mortimer Martin born Ind; mother Mary Zook born Ohio; buried Lexington cem


Martin, Zelphia Elaine, died Feb 1, 1923 Nodaway; born Dec 13, 1922 Iowa; father Nathan Martin born Ill; mother May Hinson born Eng; buried Guss Cem


Matheny, Mary Jane, died Feb 14, 1923 Jefferson Twp; spouse J? C? Matheny; born May 9, 1847 Ohio; father Harrison Maddox born Va; mother -- Shelby born Oio; bried Plateville


McCallon, Maud L., died May 13, 1923 Platt twp; spouse F.C. McCallon; born Mar 2, 1890 Adair Co, Iowa; father F.D. Brown born Ohio; mother Flora Dowis born Iowa; buried Lenox cem


McClintock, Thomas, died May 28, 1923 Grant twp; single; born May 14, 1862 Ireland; father John McClintock born Ireland; mother Grace Allen born Ireland; buried Conway cem


McLaury, Mary Ellen, died Sep 20, 1923 Grant twp; spouse Geo. C. McLaury; born Apr 20, 1845 Lewistown, Ill; father G. Sharp born US; mother unk; buried Clearfield


McVay, Daniel, died Jun 8, 1923 Platt twp; single; born Oct 7, 1869 Taylor County, Iowa; father James McVay born Ind; mother Delilah Lininger born Penn; buried Lenox Cem


Meredith, Edwin Wallace, died Apr 27, 1923 Holt Twp; widower; born Feb 6, 1858 Taylor Co; father William Meredith born Ky; mother Margrett Barrett born unk; buried Gravity


Meredith, Serena M., died Apr 16, 1923 Washington twp; spouse Ed Meredith; born Sep 9, 1856 Washington Co, Iowa; father Silas Richardson born Va; mother Catherine Stearns born Ohio; buried Gravity


Miller, Marcellus, died Mar 28, 1923 Bedford; married; born Sep 30, 1849 Va; father Josephus J. Miller born Va; mother Addiline Miller born Va; buried Fairview/Bedford


Miller, no name, died Jan 7, 1923 Grove Twp; born Jan 1, 1923 Taylor Co; father Geo. Elmer Miller born Adams Co, Ia; mother Cleo McMannis born Union Co, Ia; buried Fairview/Lenox


Million, Louisa, died May 27, 1923 Washington twp; spouse Anderson Million; born Apr 18, 1833 Ind; father -- Lindsey born Ind; mother -- Johnson born Ind; buried Gravity


Murphy, Henry Grant, died Apr 3, 1923 Nodaway twp; single; born Jul 11, 1863 Ill; father Benjamin Murphy born Maryland; mother Narcissa Sarpless born Ohio; buried Guss cem


Murray, Nancy Jane, died Feb 13?, 1923 Jefferson Twp; spouse Stephen Murray; born Oct 6, 1837 Ind; father Abraham Cubbage born Ky; mother Anna Feathers born Tenn?; buried Platteville


Nelson, Voledia A., died Dec 4, 1923 Benton twp; spouse Charles A. Nelson; born 79y 6m 2d Penn; father Joel Walker born unk; mother Marry Walker born Mo; buried Bedford cem


Nevill, Syntha Elvira?, died May 8, 1923 Grant twp; spouse Blanch Nevill; born Jan 28, 1853 Iowa; father E.P. Pratt born Ohio; mother Armanda? Roberts born Ohio; buried Clearfield


Nisely, Annie M., died Jan 9, 1923 Platt Twp; spouse G.H. Nisely; born Dec 11, 1859 Penn; father Geo Estell born Penn; mother Martha Roach born Va; buried Fairview/Lenox


Norris, Mary, died Aug 10, 1923 Bedford; widowed; born Jan 25, 1846 Ohio; father Thos Miller born unk; mother unk; buried Fairview/Bedford


O'Dell, George, Jr, died Jun 26, 1923 Grant twp; born Jun 26, 1923 Iowa; father Geo. L. O'Dell born New Market; mother Lola Wall born Washington? Iowa; buried Clearfield


Orth, Chris, died Feb 16, 1923 Lenox; spouse Emma Orth; born Sep 13, 1874 Ill; father John Orth born Germany; mother Margaret Felton born Germany; buried Lenox cem


Osborn, Effa Mae, died Nov 26, 1923 Dallas twp; spouse Fred Osborn; born Jul 26, 1900 Tenn; father John Bailey born Tenn; mother Catherine Parker born Ky; buried Seneca Hill, Ky


Parkins, James Lacey, died Mar 5, 1923 Grant Twp; spouse Lou Parkins; born Nov 29, 1854 Tenn; father Lewis Parkins born Tenn; mother Margret Ferguson born Tenn; buried Clearfield


Paymal, Mary Josephine, died Nov 27, 1923 Lenox; spouse Eugene A. Paymal; born Apr 12, 1842 Kickapoo, Ill; parents unk; buried Lenox, Iowa


Perdew, Chas. E., INFANT SON, born and died Jun 4, 1923 Washington twp; father Chas E. Perdew born Taylor Co; mother Nettie Brown born Adams Co, Iowa; buried Dallas Center


Pierce, Sarah, died Dec 2, 1923 near Bedford; spouse Samual Pierce; born Nov 30, 1836 Penn; father Simon Cole born Wis; mother unk; buried Forest Grove cem


Piner, Caroline, died Apr 1, 1923 Grant Twp; spouse Robt. Piner; born Jun 7, 1850 NJ; father Robt Bye born England; mother Sarah Tester born England; buried Clearfield


Plowman, Emmline, died Nov 9, 1923 Dallas twp; spouse George A. Plowman; born Aug 27, 1851 Pottsville, Penn; father Samuel Oyster born Penn; mother unk; buried Memory


Raynor, Harvey W., died Aug 2, 1923 Dallas twp; spouse Cora A. Raynor; born Nov 12, 1862 NewMarket; father Henry Raynor born Ohio; mother -- Westenhouer born Ohio; buried Memory


Rice, Ray, died Jan 20, 1923 Taylor Co; born May 14, 1915 Iowa; father Wm. Rice born Penn; mother -- Binko born Iowa; buried Bedford, Ia


Richey, Lawerence T., born and died Jun 24, 1923 Marshall twp; father Lawerence T. Richey born Taylor Co, Iowa; mother Margaret Baker born Page Co, Iowa; buried Blue Grove cem


Roberts, Carl Laroy, died Nov 5, 1923 Dallas twp; divorced spouse Jenny Roberts; born Dec 7, 1874 Dallas twp; father James B. Roberts born Ill; mother Mary O'Dell born Ohio; buried Memory


Round, Silas Andrew, died Dec 13, 1923 Gay twp; spouse Mary Round; born Feb 13, 1858 Wis; father Phillip D. Round born Ohio; mother ---- Maloney born Ohio; buried Sheridan, Mo


Seymour, Marriah Mary, died Jan 5, 1923; widowed; born Dec 4, 1836 Ohio; father --Abdul; mother unk; buried Conway


Shade, Caroline, died May 24, 1923 Mason twp; widowed; born Feb 8, 1832 Ohio; father Wm. Dakan born Va; mother Jane Ross born Va; buried Graceland


Shannon, Benjamin A., died Aug 5, 1923 Mason twp; married; born 1849 Mo; father Benj. Shannon born Penn; mother -- Ross born Penn; buried Bedford cem


Simpson, Eugene Harlan, died May 26, 1923 Mason twp; married; born Apr 27, 1857 Iowa; father Alfred Simpson born Va; mother -- McCloud born Ohio; buried Graceland


Slossan, Lewis Egbert, died Oct 1, 1923 Gay twp; widowed; born Feb 6, 1849 Ill; father Jesse Slossan born NY; mother -- Holmes born NY; buried Fairview/Bedford


Smith, Mary Milinda, died Oct 16, 1923 Polk twp; widowed; born Mar 28, 1836 Ind; father Rice Wharton born Ky; mother Nancy McKee born unk; buried Siam


Smith, Matilda Caroline, died Jan 10, 1923 Bedford; widowed; born Nov 8, 1853 Ohio; father -- White born Ohio; mother unk; buried Fairview/Bedford


Soma, Lauritz Thorwald, died May 29, 1923 Grant Twp; married; born Nov 14, 1850 Norway; father Christinsen Soma born Norway; mother unk born Norway; buried Clearfield


Sperry, David E., died Jan 3, 1923 Bedford; married; born Feb 22, 1849 Ohio; father Hiram Sperry born unk; mother unk; buried Bedford


Stephens, Baby, born and died Mar 2, 1923 Taylor Co, Holt twp; father Earl Stephens born Page Co; mother May Branan born Keokuk; buried Guss cem


Stevens, Orie??? Henry, died Sep 19, 1923 Athelstan; divorced Minnie Swisher; born Jan 9, 1844 Stafford, Conn; father Samuel Stevens born unk; mother Abba Jane Stevens born unk; buried Athelstan


Stevenson, Amanda, died Nov 5, 1923 Grant twp; spouse Vincent Stevenson; born Mar 18, 1840 Ind; father Washington Williams born Va; mother unk; buried Clearfield


Taylor, Jennette, died Feb 16, 1923 Polk Twp; single; born Feb 13, 1923; father Earl Taylor born Mo; mother Mary E. Fine born Iowa; buried Hopkins


Taylor, Robert, Sr., died Feb 1, 1923 Bedford; married; born Oct 9, 1837 England; father Atkinson Taylor born England; mother unk born England; buried Fairview/Bedford cem


Terrill, Asa, died Mar 11, 1923 Bedford; spouse Ida M. Terrill; born Aug 18, 1856 Iowa; father Dwight Terrill born Ohio; mother Catherine Bowman born Penn; buried Platteville


Thompson, Martha M., died Jun 28, 1923 Bedford; widowed; born Nov 6, 1835 Ind; father J.W. Hedrick born Ky; mother -- Morrow born Ky; buried Fairview cem, Bedford


Thompson, Nancy Ellen, died Oct 19, 1923 Benton twp; spouse Andrew Thompson; born Jun 19, 1847 Ohio; father Jas. Ogle born Ohio; mother -- Dowell born Ohio; buried Fairview/Bedford


Tillier, John, died Nov 17, 1923 Marshall twp; spouse Amelia Tillier; born Nov 27, 1825 Paris, France; parents unk born France; buried Clearfield


Tolar, Benjamin A., died Sep 5, 1923 Grove twp; spouse Marietta Tolar; born Nov 18, 1852 Ill; father W.P. Tolar born Va; mother Mariah Toliofarro born Va; buried Lenox cem


Tully, Jane, died Nov 30, 1923 Platte twp; spouse George Tully; born Jan 29, 1830 Canada; father William Towler born Scotland; mother Anna Ingles born England; buried Fairview/Lenox


VanWinkle, Marinda Ellen, died Nov 24 1923 Grant twp; spouse Isiah VanWinkle; born Jun 16, 1848 Ohio; father George Blackman born Ohio; mother Melissa Meyhew born Ohio; buried Clearfield


Ventura, Jessie, died 24 Feb 1923 Conway; spouse Manuel Ventura; born Mar 24, 1898; born Honalulu, Hi; father ---- Fanica? [Ferreia or Ferreria]; mother blank; buried Hawleyville Cem


Webb, Isaac E., died Nov 14, 1923 Dallas twp; spouse Mary Hannah Webb; born Nov 19, 1840 Springfield, Ill; father Robert Webb born Tenn; mother Mary Hannah Wortman [this looks like his wife not his mother's name] born Iowa; buried Memory


Webb, John V., died Jul 14, 1923 Bedford; spouse Flora Webb; born Mar 27, 1853 Ill; father Luke Webb born Ohio; mother Melvina Allen born Maryland; buried Fairview/Bedford


Welsh, Gerald, died Oct 29, 1923 Washington twp; born Jun 19, 1923 Washington twp; father Albert B. Welsh born Page Co, Iowa; mother Grace Pierce born Taylor Co; buried Washington cem


Wickersham, Cary Thomas, died Feb 10, 1923 Clayton Twp; spouse Mary Wickersham; born Apr 10, 1870 Ohio; father Isaac Wickersham born Ohio; mother -- Young born Ohio; buried Fairview/Bedford


Wilkinson, Melinda J., died Mar 25, 1923 Grant Twp; spouse John Wilkinson; born Jan 14, 1836 Ill; father Gedion Davis born Va; mother Hannah McGinty born Va; buried Clearfield


Wilson, Mary Ellen, died Aug 3, 1923 Bedford; widowed; born May 25, 1851 Ohio; father -- Burgess born England; mother unk; buried Lexington cem


Wilt, Eva Onella, died Jan 28, 1923 Platt Twp; spouse Frank Wilt; born Dec 1, 1873 Ohio; father James Hastings born Ohio; mother Jennie Nelson born Ohio; buried Lenox Cem


Wood, Elsie M., died Jan 25, 1923 Grove Twp; married; born Sep 26, 1895 Taylor Co, Ia; father James Lewis Key born Ind; mother Blanch Dowis born Ill; buried Lenox Cem


Wyckoff, Lee Arther, died May 3, 1923 Bedford; born Jul 22, 1918 Bedford; father Louis e. Wyckoff born Bedford; mother -- Raburn born Bedford; buried Bedford, Iowa


Wymore, Jesse, died Mar 2, 1923 Polk twp; married; born Sep 16, 1876 Iowa; father Elza Wymore born Ky; mother -- Peterson born Ohio; buried Rose Hill [Cagley]