Taylor County, Iowa Death Records 1921
transcribed by Pat O'Dell

Abbott, Margeret, died Mar 22, 1921 Dallas Twp; married; born Jul 27, 1846 Miss; father -- Hays born NC; mother Percill born Miss; buried Memory


Agee, Mary Jane, died Oct 25, 1921 Blockton; spouse A.J. Agee; born Mar 16, 1856 Ind; father J.F.M. Davidson born Ind; mother Sarah McCoffy born NC; buried Rose Hill/Blockton


Aid, Arthur Norman, died Jul 23, 1921 Dallas Twp; born Apr 29, 1921 New Market; father Ray Aid born Iowa; mother -- Norman born Mo; buried Memory


Aid, Marquis, died Oct 29, 1921 Dallas Twp; single; born Jan 18, 1918 New Market; father Ray Aid born Iowa; mother -- Norman born Page Co; buried Memory


Allen, Mary Elizabeth, died Jun 17, 1921 Platte Twp; spouse J.W. Allen; born Jun 11, 1845 Pittsburg, Penn; father John Mardis born NY; mother unk born NY; buried Corning, Ia


Armstrong, Louiza Elezebeth, died Mar 27, 1921 Bedford; widowed; bron Apr 15, 1851 Ill; father Wm. Switzer born Ohio; mother Eliza Brown born Ind; buried Bedford Cem


Bailey, Mary L., died Mar 2, 1921 Bedford; spouse David Bailey; born Mar 20, 1844 Ohio; father Chas Gaisiguss? born Md; mother Martha Stackhouse born unk; buried Fairview Cem


Ballou, Richard, died Jun 13, 1921 Bedford; married; born Nov 7, 1837 NY; father Amosey Ballou born NY; mother -- Cook born NY; buried Bedford cem


Balzer, Florian John, died Sep 8, 1921 Platt Twp; widowed; born Mar 27, 1854 Keokuk Co, Iowa; father John Bolzer born Germany; mother unk born Germany; buried Glendale Cem, Des Moines


Barrans, Sarah, died Feb 1, 1921 Lenox; widow; born Aug 13, 1834 Eng; father William Dennison? born Eng; mother Dina Marshall born Eng; buried Fairview cem


Beall, Charles, died Apr 3, 1921 Bedford; spouse Cora Beall; born Oct 18, 1867 Iowa; father Francis Beall born Md; mother -- Dennis born Iowa; buried Bedford Cem


Beamer, Isaac Morris, died Nov 22, 1921 Grant Twp; spouse Pheobe Beamer; born Nov 23, 1835 Ohio; father Phillip Beamer born Va; mother Sarah Morris born Md; buried Clearfield Cem


Beatty, Jean, died Apr 6, 1921 Grant Twp; single; born Mch 19, 1921 Iowa; father Watson Beatty born Iowa; mother Bernice Morey born Iowa; buried Clearfield cem


Beatty, John, died Feb 7, 1921 Grant Twp; spouse Sarah Beatty; born May 5, 1837 Ireland; father John Beatty born Ireland; mother Sarah Jenkins born Scotland; buried Clearfield cem


Beatty, Sarah, died Apr 7, 1921 Grant twp; spouse John Beatty; born Feb 7, 1843 Ill; father John Nelson born Ill; mother Susan Reed born Ill; buried Clearfield Cem


Beck, Lydia Anna, died Feb 23, 1921 Grove twp; married; born Jan 17, 1886 Union Co, Iowa; father Carl Hucke born Germany; mother Luce Barkus born Germany; buried Fairvew Cem, Lenox


Bellus, Julia Amira, died Aug 17, 1921 Blockton; spouse Geo Bellus; born Aug 4, 1839 NY; father Adrian Lockwood born unk; mother -- Brazee born unk; buried Rose Hill/Bkt


Benson, Janetta E., died Jan 15, 1921 New Market; single; born Aug 18, 1858 Iowa; father John Benson born Ohio; mother -- Pratt born Ohio; buried Memory


Bix, Margeret, died May 1, 1921 Mason twp; spouse Geo. D. Bix; born May 29, 1847 England; father John Reynolds born England; buried Fairview Bedford


Blake, no name, died Feb 4, 1921 Ross Twp; born Feb 2, 1921 Ross Twp; father Will E. Blake born Nebr; mother Lela Spencer born Iowa; buried Hopkins, Mo


Booth, Abbie W., died Jun 25, 1921 Marshall twp; spouse J. Booth; born May 7, 1844 Maine; father Steven Pierce born Nova Scotia; mother Nancy Hansen born N.H.; buried Conway Cem


Briggs, Mary E., died Jan 31, 1921 Nodaway Twp; widowed; born 1843 Holland, 77y 11m 9d; father -- Ceurvorst born Holland; mother unk; buried Guss Cem


Brokaw, Jane, died May 23, 1921 Platt Twp; widow; born May 20, 1846 Ohio; father John Gearheart born Germany; mother Mary Weaver born Germany; buried Fairview, Lenox


Bruner, Mary, died Feb 11, 1921 Grant Twp; residence North Henderson, Ill; widowed; born Apr 17, 1832 Ind; father James Miller born In; mother Jane Holmes born Ind; buried North Henderson, Ill


Bush, Margaret Jane, died Apr 23, 1921 Taylor Co; spouse David W. Bush; born Mar 14, 1842 Penn; father Henry Halliday born Penn; mother Lydia Fife born Penn; buried Guss Cem


Calhoun, Cynthia Elizebeth, died Dec 10, 1921 Bedford; widowed; born May 20, 1839 Belmont Co, Ohio; father Daniel Rose born Ohio; mother Ellen Markee born Md; buried Fairview/Bedford


Cameron, Amanda, died Aug 7, 1921 Dallas Twp; widow; born 77y 10m 29d Iowa; father -- Philips born Ohio; mother -- Pumphrey born Ohio; buried Dallas Center Cem


Campbell, Barbara, died Apr 7, 1921 Bedford; single; born Dec 25, 1865 55y 3m 13d Scotland; father Anges Campbell born Scotland; mother Agnes Aiton born Scotland; buried Fairview Cem, Bedford


Cannon, Nancy Ellen, died Feb 2, 1921 Bedford; widowed; born Dec 22, 1833 Ohio; father Wm. Taylor born Ky; mother -- Adair born unk; buried Bedford Cem


Cannon, William Handy, died Jul 8, 1921 Bedford; married; born Jan 14, 1864 Ill; father Geo. Cannon born Ohio; mother Nancy Taylor born Ohio; buried Bedford Cem


Carr, Carrie E., died Dec 5, 1921 Jefferson Twp; spouse Rollie Carr; born Feb 15, 1870 Iowa; father Robert Jerred? born England; mother unk born England; buried Rose Hill/Bkt


Cavinder, Anna Belle, died Aug 24, 1921 Mason Twp; married; born Mar 14, 1869 Iowa; father -- Cavinder born Ind; mother -- Woodrow born Scotland; buried Memory


Christiansen, Marinus Chies?, died Aug 31, 1921 Grant Twp; widowed; born Jul 26, 1879 Denmark; father Peter Christiansen born Denmark; mother unk born Denmark; buried Walnut, Ia


Clark, Cyrus G., died Feb 18, 1921 Benton Twp; married; born Jul 12, 1853 Penn; father Hiram Clark born Penn; mother -- Angel born Penn; buried Conway


Cline, Eura Williard, died May 22, 1921 Blockton; married; born Feb 1, 1847 Wis; father David Cline born unk; mother unk; buried Rose Hill/Bkt


Cole, Thomas Duane, died Oct 24, 1921 Washington Twp; single; born Jul 16, 1917 Montana; father A.R. Cole born Iowa; mother Effie Hastings born Iowa; buried Gravity Cem


Cole, Thomas, died Dec 12, 1921 Washington Twp; married; born 78y 11m 29d Ohio; parents unk; buried Gravity


Copeland, Chas. Henry, died Jan 6, 1921 Lenox; married; born Mar 26, 1857 Page Co, Iowa; father William Copeland born Ohio; mother Rosonah Baker born Ky; buried Fairview, Lenox


Cortner, Benson, died Dec 30, 1921 Blockton; married; born Nov 26, 1848 Ind; father Abraham Cortner born Ind; mother unk; buried Rose Hill/Bkt


Cox, Maud, died Feb 6, 1921 Gay Twp; married; born Jan 21, 1869 Ill; father Geo. Henderson born unk; mother unk; buried Shenandoah, Ia


Crafford, Samuel J., died Aug 2, 1921 Dallas Twp; married; born Sep 13, 1856 Ind; father Thos Crafford born Ohio; mother -- Crafford born Ohio; buried Memory


Crossan, Frank, died Jan 28, 1921 Bedford; spouse Alice Crossan; born Dec 20, 1857 Ill; father Harvey Crossan born Ohio; mother Anna Heller born Ohio; buried Fairvew/Bedford


Crouch, Edith R., died Feb 20, 1921 Platt Twp; married; born Aug 24, 1872 Page Co, Iowa; father Caleb Slack born Ireland; mother Elizabeth Nelson born Deleware; buried Fairview/Lenox


Cummings, Lenard, died Aug 28, 1921 Bedford; married; born Aug ?, 1842 79y 0m 13d NY; father A.B. Cummings born NY; mother -- Packard born NY; buried Bedford cem


Dallison, James P., died Sep 12, 1921 Bedford; married; born Jun 11, 1863 Iowa; father S.J. Dallison born England; mother Francis Feno born Canada; buried Fairview/Bedford


Darlington, Marcia Elizabeth, died Feb 7, 1921 Grant Twp; spouse Wm. P. Darlington; born Jun 27, 1857 Ill; father W.A. Halebrook born Ill; mother Sarah Jane Woods born Ind; buried Clearfield


Davis, Mary G., died Jun 20, 1921 Washington Twp; widowed; born Feb 12, 1847 Ind; father George Harlan born Tenn; mother Peary? Easley born Tenn; buried Gravity, Ia


Dawson, Margaret Helen, died Jan 20, 1921 Gay Twp; single; born Nov 19, 1918 Iowa; father Ray Dawson born Iowa; mother Mame Lantz born Iowa; buried Graceland/Bedford


Denton, William S., died May 19, 1921 Conway; single; born Dec 5, 1864 Petersburg, Ill; father W.G. Denton born Ill; mother Elizabeth Power born Ill; buried Petersburg, Ill


Dotts, Sarah M., died Sep 7, 1921 Marshall Twp; spouse John H. Dotts; born Jan 10, 1862 Iowa; father John Plummer born Ohio; mother Susie Ross born Ohio; buried Conway Cem


Dougherty, Peter, died Feb 27, 1921 Dallas Twp; single; born Nov 25, 1848 Iowa; father Gideon Dougherty; born Ind; mother -- Mahan born Ind; buried Memory


Durham, Ina Evaline, died Apr 20, 1921 Bedford; single; born Mar 22, 1864 Ill; father Wm. E. Durham born Ky; mother -- Sherman born Ohio; buried Carson, Iowa


Evans, Sarah M., died Jul 30, 1921 Lenox; spouse David Evans; born Jun 1, 1838 Oswego, NY; father John Daniels born NY; mother unk born NY; buried Lenox, Ia


Firkins, Burton Fred, died Jan 31, 1921 Holt Twp; single; born Oct 15, 1917 Iowa; father T.C. Firkins born Iowa; mother Elizabeth Duer born Ill; buried Maple Grove/Corning


Flummer, Ebenezer, died Feb 2, 1921 Bedford; widowed; born Feb 8, 1840 Ind; father Jacob Flummer born Penn; mother -- Badger born Penn; buried Fairview/Bedford


Fox, Tully Lenard, died Jul 7, 1921 Bedford; widowed; born Dec 18, 1871 Iowa; father Wm. Fox born Ohio; mother Malinda Richard born Ohio; buried Fairview/Bedford


Fox, William, died Oct 26, 1921 Benton Twp; married; born Apr 21, 1835 86y 6m 5d Ohio; father Samuel Fox born Penn; mother Barbara Keesley? buried Fairview/Bedford


French, Harry Frederick, died Sep 4, 1921 Washington Twp; born Apr 1, 1920 Gravity; father B.A. French born Ind; mother Filena Akers born Iowa; buried Gravity


Godfrey, Mary C., died Nov 29, 1921 Dallas Twp; widow; born Dec 3, 1827 Ind; father -- Chambers born Ohio; mother -- Pack born Ky; buried Memory


Gold, James, died Sep 21, 1921 Grant Twp; widowed; born Jul 24, 1850 Ind; father James Gold born Ohio; mother Catherine Biddinger born Ohio; buried Fairview/Lenox


Gray, James Henry, died Mar 23, 1921 Blockton; spouse Lillie D. Gray; born Oct 3, 1847 Laurel? Franklin Co, Ind; father John Davis Gray born Tenn; mother Missouri Anderson born Ky; buried Rose Hill/Bkt


Hanks, Clementine Virginia, died Feb 25, 1921 Bedford; widowed; born Dec 28, 1846 Ind; father Jas. Allen born Penn; mother -- Burriss born NC; buried Parnell, Mo


Hanna, William, died Dec 21, 1921 Marshall twp; born Oct 23, 1855 66y 1m 29d Ohio; father Fernanda Hanna born US; mother Sarah Woodburn; born Ireland; buried Gravity


Hanson, Harold Richard, died Jul 26, 1921 Clayton Twp; born Jul 26, 1921 Taylor Co; father Roy Hanson born Ill; mother -- Hosford born Ill; buried Lexington Cem


Hargin, Jessie, died Nov 13, 1921 Grant Twp; spouse Noble Hargin; born Aug 31, 1855 Canada; father William Eeflin born Canada; mother Jessie Anderson born Canada; buried Conway


Hays, Elsie A., died Jul 25, 1921 Jackson Twp; single; born Feb 27, 189- 30y 4m 28d Iowa; father Henry Hays born Iowa; mother Cora E. Smith born Ohio; buried Forest Grove cem


Head, John, died Feb 13, 1921 Dallas Twp; widower; born Jun 5, 1843 Ill; father Wm. Head born unk; mother -- Cooper born unk; buried North Grove, Page Co


Healy, Elmer Elswerth, died Dec 27, 1921 Bedford; married; born June 24 ---- 59y 6m 3d Iowa; father Edwin Healy born Mass; mother -- Priest born Mass; buried Fairview/Bedford


Helm, Sarah A., died Oct 14, 1921 Ross twp; widowed; born Mar? 13, 1842 79y 7m 1d Ind; father Penthas Biliter born Penn; mother -- Beauchamp born Ind; buried Graceland/Bedford


Hepperly, Alena B., died Sep 4, 1921 Platt Twp; spouse John Hepperly; born Apr 25, 1864 Sweden; father Olaf Larson born Sweden; mother Mary Argeen? born Sweden; buried Clearfield Cem


Hereman, Margert, died Mar 11, 1921 Dallas Twp; married; born Apr 4, 1849 Ind; father Wm. Brown born Ind; mother -- Malone born Ky; buried Memory Cem


Herring, John Jackson, died Mar 13, 1921 Grant Twp; spouse Lulu Herring; born Dec 28, 1870 Ill; father J.V. Herring born Ohio; mother Minerva Swisher born Ohio; buried Clearfield


Jamison, no name, born Feb 11 and died Feb 19, 1921; father Alex J. Jamison born Iowa; mother Ella Austin born Mo; buried Calvery Cem/Corning


Jennings, Sarah Abigail, died Oct 20, 1921 Bkt; single; born Apr 19, 1862 Ky; father Andrew Jennings born Ky; mother Delphia Smith born Ky; buried Jennings Cem, Stanberry, Mo


John, Eldon Clark, died Jan 4, 1921 Ross Twp; born Jul 10, 1920 Iowa; father Leland John born Iowa; mother -- Goforth born Iowa; buried Bedford Cem


Kemery, Helen, died Jun 28, 1921 Jackson Twp; born Jun 28, 1921 Taylor Co; father Roy Kemery born Taylor Co, Iowa; mother Hattie Risser born Taylor Co; buried Forest Grove Cem


Kilby, William, died Feb 8, 1921 Platt Twp; widower; born Dec 22, 1829 England; father William Kilby born England; mother unk born England; buried Fairview Cem Lenox


Lawler, Frank, died May 22, 1921 Clayton Twp; married; born Jun 3, 1870 Ill; father John Lawler born Ireland; mother -- Dossett born Va; buried Lexington Cem


Ledgerwood, Mary, died Mar 16, 1921 Marshall Twp; single; born Mar 18, 1849 Marshall Co, Ill; father J.L. Ledgerwood; mother Charity Whitnack born Ky; buried Platteville Cem


Leonard, Infant, died Aug 12, 1921 Benton Twp; born Aug 11, 1921 Iowa; father T.M. Leonard born Iowa; mother -- Roe born Iowa; buried Bedford Cem


Lock, Licetta B., died May 2, 1921 Gravity; widowed; born Dec 10, 1846 Iowa; father Chas Blakley born US; mother unk born US; buried Gravity Cem


Lynch, Raymond Dale, died Apr 26, 1921 Bedford; born Jul 21, 1920 Iowa; father J.W. Lynch born Mo; mother -- Barnum born Ohio; buried Fairview/Bedford


McDowell, Mary, died Mar 2, 1921 Marshall Twp; single; born Jul 25, 1846 Scotland; father Samuel McDowell born Scotland; mother Jane Hitchall born Scotland; buried Lexington Cem


McFerren, Hazel Belle, died May 18, 1921 Washington Twp; spouse George McFerren; born Dec 10, 1889 Iowa; father F.P. Ackles born Iowa; mother Ella Haight born Iowa; buried Prairie Rose/Corning


McNutt, Randal, died Feb 18, 1921 Mason Twp; single; born Jul 18, 1920 Iowa; father Ray McNutt born Iowa; mother -- Herron born Iowa; buried Memory


Mendenhall, Keleta T., died Nov 26, 1921 Polk Twp; widower; born Jul 17, 1836 Ind; father John Mendenhall born NC; mother unk; buried Polk twp, Iowa [Willard]


Menoher, Elizabeth, died Oct 14, 1921 Lenox; widow; born Oct 6, 1831 Ill; father Chas Blakley born Tenn; mother Lucinda Lemon born Tenn; buried Gravity


Moon, John William, died Jul 5, 1921 Gay Twp; married; born May 17, 1864 England; father John Moon born England; mother Martha Inger? born England; buried Rose Hill/Blockton


Moore, Allie Lucile, died Jan 23, 1921 Clearfield; spouse Albert Moore; born Apr 21, 1883 Iowa; father B.H. Waters born Ky; mother -- Franklin born Ky; buried Lenox Cem


Morris, Stewart, died Jun 9, 1921 Dallas Twp; married; born Jul 24, 1846 Penn; father S. Morris born Penn; mother -- Ingram born Penn; buried Dallas Twp, Taylor Co


Mothershead, Harmon R., died May 22, 1921 Ross Twp; married; born Feb 4, 1874 Kans; father John L. Mothershead born Iowa; mother Harriet W. Redman born Ind; buried Hopkins, Mo


Nash, Oliver Smith, died Apr 18, 1921 Jackson Twp; widowed; born Feb 9, 1841 Ind; father Wm. Nash born unk; mother -- Engels born unk; buried Fairview/Bedford


Neal, John Duncan, died Apr 29, 1921 Clayton Twp; born Mar 10, 1861 Va; father Gus Neal born unk; mother -- Taylor born unk; buried Fairview/Bedford


Nelson, Dorothy, died Jan 6, 1921 Bedford; born Mar 25, 1919 Iowa; father Lee Nelson born Iowa; mother -- Parmenter born Iowa; buried Bedford Cem


Otis, Jane, died Jan 3, 1921 Gravity; single; born Dec 12, 1845 Ohio; father Edward Otis born Md; mother Kitty Anne Garttell born Md; buried Gravity


Oxley, Asenth Elnora, died Dec 28, 1921 Polk Twp; widowed; born Jun 3, 1840 Ill; father Benj Allen born Ohio; mother -- Williams born Ohio; buried Shearer Cem


Page, Elizabeth, died Jan 28, 1921 Blockton; widow; born Jan 15, 1833 Ohio; father John King born Delaware; mother Sarah Hankin born Ohio; buried Rose Hill/Bkt


Pankhurst, Elizabeth C., died Nov 20, 1921 Lenox; spouse John Pankhurst; born Dec 23, 1842 Ind; father Jacob Welhoff born Penn; mother Welhelmina Stahl born Germany; buried Cleveland, Ohio


Paschal, Clayton M., died Jul 15, 1921 Bedford; married; born Sep 13, 1854 Iowa; father Albert G. Paschal born Ohio; mother Mary Jane Getts born Ohio; buried Fairview Cem, Bedford


Pegg, Tomas, died Mar 1, 1921 Platt Twp; single; born Mar 16, 1858 Ill; father John Pegg born England; mother Sarrah Dow born England; buried Fairvew/Lenox


Phelan, Paterick J., died Jul 20, 1921 Marshall Twp; married; born May 22, 1840 Ireland; father Edmund Phelan born Ireland; mother Anna O'Hara born Ireland; buried Fairview/Lenox


Pointer, Barbary, died Jul 20, 1921 New Market; spouse F.M. Pointer; born 75y 10m 10d Ohio; father -- Hocker born Penn; mother unk; buried Memory


Poor, James Harrison, died Oct 4, 1921 Jefferson Twp; married; born 78y 6m 26d Ind; father Samuel Poor born unk; mother Julia Winegar born unk; buried Rose Hill/Bkt


Porter, Silas R., died Feb 18, 1921 Grant Twp; spouse Ruth Porter; born Nov 24, 1848 Ohio; father Wm Porter born Ohio; mother unk; buried Conway Cem


Rascher, Hazel Erdine, died Nov 13, 1921 Washington twp; spouse William Rascher; born May 26, 1893 Gravity; father E.J. Johnson born Iowa; mother -- Richardson; buried Gravity, Iowa


Remington, Benjamin James, died Jul 20, 1921 Bedford; widowed; born Feb 4, 1834 Ohio; father P? G. Remington born RIsland; mother -- Ames born Penn; buried Graceland/Bedford


Ridenour, Wilber Everett, died Dec 2, 1921 Conway; born Nov 27, 1921 Conway; father Albert Ridenour born Iowa; mother -- Whitetine born US; buried New Market


Rogers, Leonard, died Oct 11, 1921 Washington Twp; single; born Oct 31, 1834 Ohio; parents blank; buried Gravity, Ia


Rogers, Zona May, died Oct 26, 1921 Dallas Twp; single; born Jul 9, 1914 Taylor Co; father E.P. Rogers born Ne; mother Pershing born Iowa; buried Guss


Ross, James, died Jul 19, 1921 Taylor Co; divorced; born Jul 10, 1859 Taylor Co; father Jas. Ross born Ohio; mother -- Blunt born Ohio; buried Memory


Ryan, William L., died May 17, 1921 Platt Twp; single; born Oct 29, 1890 Taylor Co; father Daniel J. Ryan born Iowa; mother May J. Skinner born Iowa; buried Fairview/Lenox


Sanders, Floy Eugene, died Oct 16, 1921 Mason Twp; born Jul 11, 1921 3m 5d Taylor Co; father Benj. Sanders born Mo; mother -- Scott born Mo; buried Graceland/Bedford


Savage, Dortha, died Nov 15, 1921 Dallas Twp; single; born Dec 24, 1914 6y 10m 22d Taylor Co; father Ben Savage born Taylor Co; mother -- Maxwell? born Taylor Co; buried Memory


Schoenman, Carolina May, died May 22, 1921 Blockton; spouse Ferdinand Schoenman; born Apr 24, 1859 Wis; father Lorenzo B, Needham born Wis; mother Caroline Engel born Switzerland; buried Rose Hill/Bkt


Scott, Orval, died Oct 20, 1921 Platt Twp; born May 29, 1920 Taylor Co; father H.R. Scott born Adair Co, Iowa; mother Elin E. Olson born Douglas Co, Ne; buried Lenox Cem


Seamans, Mary A., died Apr 5, 1921 Lenox; spouse Marvin A. Seamans; born Nov 4, 1844 England; parents unk born England; buried Lenox, Ia


Seaton, William Taylor, died Mar 15, 1921 Blockton; born Oct 22, 1856 Penn; father Franklin Seaton born Penn; mother Lydia Evans; buried Rose Hill/Bkt


Segriff, Michael Randolph, died Jul 8, 1921 Nodaway Twp; born Mar 14, 1842 NY; parents unk; buried Prairie Rose


Simpson, Catherine Thiel, died Feb 15, 1921 Marshall Twp; widowed; born Jul 26, 1850 Wis; father Peter Thiel born France; mother Mary Stafon born France; buried Lexington Cem


Smelser, Mary Jane, died Feb 15, 1921 County Home; widowed; born 1843 Va; parents unk; buried Graceland/Bedford


Smith, Anna D., died May 26, 1921 Ross Twp; widowed; born Nov 2, 1854 Ind; father Daniel Ball born Ind; mother -- Nevins born Ind; buried Hopkins, Mo


Smith, Cynthia Irene, died Apr 16, 1921 Platt Twp; born Jul 1, 1867 Ill; father John Hackett born NY; mother Mary E. Warkley born NY; buried Cromwell Cem


Smith, Franklin E., died Sep 15, 1921 Jefferson Twp; single; born Mar 27, 1918 Iowa; father Frank E. Smith born Iowa; mother Effie O. Dye born Ind; buried Athelstan Cem


Spooner, Anetta L., died May 4, 1921 Gay Twp; spouse C.F. Skooner; born Feb 24, 1844 77y 2m 10d Illinois; father Michael Welton born Pa; mother unk; buried Rose Hill/Bkt


Spurgin, Wm., died Mar 12, 1921 Bedford; married; born Jul 4, 1861 Iowa; father Wm. Spurgin born Ind; mother -- Barnett born Ind; buried Fairview/Bedford


Starkey, Elijah, died Sep 25, 1921 Marshall Twp; spouse Mary J. Starkey; born Apr 26, 1836 Ohio; father John Starkey born Ohio; mother Lydia States born Ohio; buried Conway


Stephenson, Jacob Rayner, died Mar 2, 1921 Grant Twp; spouse Agnes Stephenson; born Nov 3, 1850 Penn; father John Stephenson born Penn; mother -- Rayner born Penn; buried Clearfield Cem


Sutton, Sarah Elizabeth, died Sep 16, 1921 Jefferson Twp; spouse Jeff Sytton; born Jul 24, 1849 Ind; father Samuel M. Poor born Ind; mother Julia Ann Winniger born Tenn; buried Rose Hill/Bkt


Thompson, Benjamin Franklin, died Mar 4, 1921 Washington Twp; spouse Wealthy Thompson; born 66y 9m 27d Ind; father Richard Thompson born US; mother -- Atkins born US; no burial listed [Rose Hill/Shenandoah Cem]


Tuttle, Mary Etta, died Jan 30, 1921 Platte Twp; spouse Glen Tuttle; born Oct 16, 1890 Lenox, Ia; father Geo. Ferguson born Scotland; mother Janette Ferew born Scotland; buried Lenox, Ia


Van Renon, Emma Gertrude, died Jun 18, 1921 Holt Twp; married; born Jun 27, 1846 NJ; father John Ackerman born US; mother unk born US; buried Guss


Wagner, Samuel, died Jan 10, 1921 Gravity; married; born Oct 24, 1863 Iowa; parents too faded to read; buried Gravity


Webb, Lois Noreen, died Jul 13, 1921 Washington Twp; single; born Jun 20, 1921 Gravity; father I. Walter Webb born Iowa; mother S.M. Myers born Iowa; buried Gravity


Webb, Mary H., died May 2, 1921 New Market; married; born Jul 10, 1847 Iowa; father -- Waterman born Wales; mother -- Scott born unk; buried Memory


Wiand, Valentine, died Apr 7, 1921 Platt Twp; widowed; born Apr 19, 1846 Ohio; father Henry Wiand born Penn; mother Mary Stocker born Penn; buried Fairview/Lenox


Wildman, Irene, died Jul 30, 1921 Blockton; spouse William Wildman Sr; born Oct 9, 1944 Pa; father Jacob Cowell born Germany; mother Sophia Sedgewick born Pa; buried Rose Hill/Blockton


Williams, Joanna, died Mar 6, 1921 Lenox; spouse Squire Williams; born Jul 31, 1849 Ill; father John Brown born Ohio; mother Mary McFadden born Ohio; buried Lenox, Iowa