Taylor County, Iowa Death Record, Book 1-part 4

by Pat O'Dell [comments in brackets are mine]

Ramsay, Virgil male, white, 9yr, died 08 Apr 1892 Bedford, single, born Bedford, buried Bedford
Randall, Helen female, white, housewife, married, born Illinois, died 03 May 1898 Mason twp, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery
Ray, Chester male, white, 3 months, died 05 Mar 1881 Jackson twp, born Lenox, 3 week resident of Iowa, buried Lenox
Ray, Mary Gruson female, white, 61y 11m, died 06 Oct 1882 Bedford, married, born North Carolina, 26yr resident of Iowa, buried Bedford
Ray, Perry C. male, white, 21y 10m, laborer, died Feb 5, 1882, born Illinois, d Mason twp, bur Polk twp
Rayburn, Harry Everard single, born Guthrie county, Iowa, school boy, died 19 Oct 1902 Mason twp, buried Graceland cemetery
Raynor, Oakley K. male, white, 3y 5m 15d, died Jan 16, 1889, single, 3yr resident, died New Market, buried Memory cem, Page co, Iowa
Rector, James Markes male, white, widower, wife Elizabeth Rector, died Bedford, born Jan 1, 1876, age 72y 8m 14d, born Green co, Tenn, carpenter, father James Rector born Tenn, mother Polly Ann Jackson born Tenn, informant Grace Ewart of Hastings, Nebraska
Reed, ---- male, white, 19 hours, died 01 Jun 1887 Jefferson twp, born Taylor co, Iowa, buried Platteville cemetery
Reed, Edward E. male, white, 6y, died Jun 29, 1888, single, born Mason twp, died Mason twp, buried Memory cem, Page co, Iowa
Reed, James H. male, white, 69yr, farmer, died Sep 23, 1895, married, died Platte twp, buried Morgan cem, Union co, Iowa
Reed, Miles male, white, 25 days, died 05 Jul 1894 Jefferson twp, born Iowa, buried Blockton
Reed, Vincent Homer male, white, 19yr 7 1/2 months, farmer, died Oct 23, 1893, born Taylor co, died New Market, buried Memory cem, Page co, Iowa
Reeves, ---- male, white, 1 month, died 19 Feb 1895 Platt twp, born Taylor co, Iowa, buried Lenox
Reeves, Loretta female, white, 6 weeks, died 01 Jan 1892 Bedford, single, born Bedford, buried Bedford
Remington, Angeline H. male, white, 75y 9m 11d, married, born 22 Jan 1837 Indiana, died 03 Nov 1912, father ---- Hendy born New York, mother Margaret Patterson, buried Titus cemetery [Graceland]
Remington, Benjamin Mellis male, white, 6y 6m 7d, died 30 Dec 1880 Polk twp, born Polk twp, buried Louis [Graceland] cemetery
Reynor, Mrs Julia female, white, 76yr, died 27 Jul 1880, married, born Orange co, New York, buried Memory cemetery, Page co, Iowa
Richards, Frank born 24 Jan 1880 Muscatine, Ia, died 01 Apr 1946, married, wife Ella ----, farmer, father Lewis Richards born unknown, mother Lacrecia Edgington born unknown, buried Graceland cemetery
Richardson, Clem male, white, 36 days, died 02 Jan 1887 Bedford, born Bedford, buried Bedford
Richardson, George W. male, white, 60y 9m 15d, died 22 Feb 1883 Bedford, married, born Springfield, Ohio, 30 yr resident of Iowa, buried Bedford
Richardson, T.E. male, white, 22yr, merchant, died 18 Oct 1882 Bedford, single, born Henry county, Iowa, 8 month resident of Taylor co, buried Bedford
Rigsby, Sarah female, white, 84y 8m, housewife, died 15 Feb 1882 Bedford, widow, born Kentucky, buried Bedford
Rilen, William male, white, 74yr, carpenter, died Jan 20, 1886, widower, born Ohio, 36yr resident of Iowa, died Conway, buried Hopeville, Iowa
Roberts, Daniel male, white, farmer, no age given, died Jan 15, 1895, married, born Illinois, 30yr residence, died Dallas twp, buried Memory cem, Page co, Iowa
Roberts, George M. male, white, 60yr, farmer, died 09 Oct 1886 Marshall twp, born Ohio, 2yr resident of Iowa, buried Conway
Roberts, Verner male, white, 1y 1m, died 15 Dec 1883 Dallas twp, born Dallas twp, buried Dallas twp
Robinson, John Ray male, white, 1y 2m 28d, died 10 Jul 1881 Polk twp, single, born White co, Indiana, 8 months resident of Iowa, buried Lewis grave yard [Graceland]
Robinson, Salem male, white, 31yr, farmer, died 10 Mar 1882 Grant twp, married, born Penn, 20 yr resident of Iowa
Robinson, Vina Mae female, white, single, born Stark co, Ill, died 09 Oct 1903 Polk twp, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery
Rockwell, Carrie Bruce female, white, 7yr, died 06 Apr 1887, born Bedford, buried Bedford
Rockwell, Robert Garfield male, white, 8m 28d, died 05 Aug 1881 Bedford, born Bedford, buried Lexington cemetery
Rogers, Jerome B. male, white, 61yr, farmer, died 09 Mar 1897 Gravity, born Ohio, buried Gravity
Rokker, Frank X. boy, white, 5y, died Mar 3, 1885, born Ft Madison, Iowa, 5months resident of Iowa, buried Ft Madison, Iowa
Rose, Frances Esstella Pearl female, white, 1y 1m 1d, died 24 Aug 1880, born Ringgold county, Iowa, buried Rose Hill cemetery, Blockton
Ross, Gracie Marie female, white, born Taylor county, Iowa, died 17 Jun 1898 Benton twp, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery
Ross, James male, white, 59y 5m 10d, farmer, married, died 29 Oct 1885, born Penn, 22yr resident of Iowa, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery 
Ross, James Leslie male, white, born Nebraska, died 20 Sep 1897 Benton twp, 11y 11m 25d, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery
Ross, Lemuel Price male, white, widower, father James Ross born Iowa, born 15 Jul 1862 Iowa, died 23 Aug 1944, mother unknown, buried Graceland cemetery 
Roush, ---- male, white, died Sep 29, 1881, died Polk twp; mother Mary Elizabeth Roush of Polk twp, Taylor co, Iowa; father Henry Harris Roush
Rubart, Cecil E. farmer's son, 11y 5m 28d, born 10 Aug 1903 Iowa, died 08 Feb 1915, father Albert C. Rubart born Illinois, mother Belle Kinzer, buried Graceland cemetery
Rubart, William male, white, 71yr, farmer, married, born Ohio, died 05 Feb 1886 Benton twp, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery
Rubart, Fannie Belle female, white, died 05 Mar 1942 Bedford, 76y 0m 2d, born St Joseph, Indiana, husband Joe Rubart, widow, father Edmond Kinzer, mother unknown, buried Graceland cemetery
Rubart, Minerva S. female, white, 94y 4m 11d, widow, born 05 Apr 1821, Virginia, died 16 Aug 1915, father Thomas Sewell born Virginia, mother ---- Crouch, buried Graceland cemetery
Russell, Bessie female, white, 1y 10m, died 31 Jan 1888 Siam, born Siam, buried Buchanan [Siam] cemetery
Russell, Elsie female, white, 2y 1m 26d, died 12 May 1883 Siam, born Siam, buried Siam
Russell, Era (Eva?) M. female, white, 5 hours, died Jul 7, 1881, born Mason twp, died Mason twp, buried Memory cemetery, Page co, Iowa
Rutledge, Thomas male, white, 80y 7m 24d, retired clergyman, died Jul 28, 1884, married, born Baltimore co, Md, 23 yr resident of Iowa, died New Market, buried Memory cem, Page co, Iowa
Salen, Ina Elmira born Illinois, died 09 May 1944 63y 10m 7d, married, husband Arthur Salen, father Warren T. Goff born Illinois, mother Martha Lane born Illinois, buried Graceland cemetery
Salen, Robert Arthur born 01 May 1880 Taylor co, Iowa, died 15 Jul 1947, widower, wife Ina Salen, father Robert Salen born unknown, mother Jane Howe born unknown, buried Graceland cemetery
Salen, Robert J. male, white, 62y 7m 2d, married, born 17 Feb 1845 Iowa, died 19 Sep 1907, father Leget S. Salen, mother Mary Rigsley, farmer, informant Mrs E. Simpson, buried Titus Graceland] cemetery
Salisbury, Benjamin L. male, white, 50y 5m 14d, died 23 Jul 1887, widower, born Indiana, died Bedford, buried Bedford
Salisbury, Nellie female, white, 2y, died 23 Feb 1886 Bedford, buried Bedford, born Bedford
Savage, Charles male, white, 1m 15d, died May 14, 1881, single, born Mason twp, died Mason twp, buried Memory cemetery, Page co, Iowa
Savage, Ruby M. female, 20 months, died Jul 10, 1891, born New Market, died New Market, buried Memory cem, Page co, Iowa
Sawyer, Bird E. male, white, 9y 7m 7d, died 21 Jul 1882 Benton twp, born Warren co, Iowa, resident since birth, buried Lewis' grave yard [Graceland] 
Sawyer, Elizanna Marshall born 02 Jul 1846 Ohio, died 19 Dec 1914, age 68y 5m 17d, husband F.A. Sawyer, father William Marshall born New York, buried Graceland cemetery
Sawyer, Henry male, white, 75yr, farmer, died 27 Feb 1888 Bedford, married, 19yr resident, buried Lexington cemetery
Sawyer, Victoria A. female, white, 4y 10m 27d, died 29 Jul 1882 Benton twp, born Warren co, Iowa, buried Lewis grave yard [Graceland]
Scheuffler, Henry male, white, 35y, baker, died 22 Mar 1885, born Germany, 2yr resident of Iowa, buried Bedford cemetery
Schreck, Irvin Rush male, white, 10m, died 25 Jul 1886, single, born Bedford, died Bedford, buried Bedford
Scott, Andrew Dick married, wife Hattie Scott, born 01 May 1868 Illinois, died 31 Jul 1947, father Joseph Scott born Illinois, mother Druzella Scott born Illinois, buried Graceland
Scott, Drusilla female, white, born 14 Feb 1841, died 17 Dec 1913, buried Graceland cemetery
Scott, Hattie died 08 Aug 1956 Taylor co, Iowa, resident 2 yr, female, white, widow, born 02 Sep 1868 Ohio, housewife, father Robert Shade, mother Carolyn Daker, informant Lowell Scott, buried Graceland cemetery
Scott, Joseph R. male, white, farmer, married, died 10 Mar 1901 Mason twp, born Indiana, buried Graceland cemetery
Scott, Natley Thomas single, born 23 Dec 1869 Illinois, died 09 Mar 1918, 48y 2m 14d, farmer, father Joseph Scott born Indiana, mother ---- Champin born Illinois, buried Graceland cemetery
Scott, Tobitha female, white, 58yr, died 31 Mar 1892 Platteville, buried Platteville, widow, born Jackson co, Oh
Scott, Virgil female, white, 2m 8d, died 21 Jan 1881 Marshall twp, single, born Conway, buried Conway
Scrivner, Birten E. male, white, 17yr, farmer, died 17 May 1888 Polk twp, single, born Iowa, buried Buchanan [Siam] cemetery
Seibert, Samuel Franklin male, white, 22y 9m 5d, farmer, died 27 Jul 1880 Ross twp, married, born Clark co, Ohio, buried Bedford, cause of death: excitement and meddlesomeness of mother-in-law, 4 yr resident of Iowa
Seveny, William male, white, 63y 5m 2d, hardware merchant, died 07 Feb 1882 Mormantown [Blockton], Ia, married, born Warren co, Ohio, 9m 5d resident of Iowa, buried Bedford cemetery
Severns, Gail female, white, 7y 3m, died 07 Mar 1891 Blockton, buried Platteville
Severns, Rose Ann female, white, 72yr, farmer's wife, died 04 Oct 1892 Blockton, born Ireland, 38yr resident of Iowa, buried Platteville cemetery 
Shackleford, ---- male, black, 2 months, died 12 Jul 1880 Benton twp 
Shader, Anna female, white, 5 months, died 30 Jul 1884 Grove twp, born Grove twp, buried Lenox
Shader, Lena female, white, 5 months, died 30 Jul 1884, born Grove twp, buried Lenox
Sharp, Clyde male, white, 2m 5d, died 17 Aug 1883 Gay twp, born Gay twp, buried Platteville
Shavey, Clarence female, white, 63yr, housewife, died 13 Feb 1881 Marshall twp, widow, French, born Province of Duer (or Duier?) France, 11yr resident of Iowa, buried Lexington cemetery
Shay, Maggie female, white, 5yr, died March 11, 1881, single, Irish nationality, born Gay twp, Taylor co, died Delphi, Ringgold co, buried Catholic cemetery, Ringgold co, Iowa
Sherbeck, Carrie Sophia born 06 Jan 1874 Illinois, died 03 Apr 1951 Taylor co, female, white, single, father Swen Sherbeck, mother Tilda Johnson, informant Charles A. Sherbeck, buried Graceland cemetery
Sherbeck, Tilda Mariah died 26 Sep 1909, 60y 9m 23d, born 03 Dec 1848 Sweden, married, housewife, father ---- Neilsen born Sweden, mother ---- Sax, buried Titus (Graceland) cemetery
Sherman, I.J.H. male, white, 47y 1m, farmer, died 18 Feb 1895 Benton twp, married, born Michigan, buried Titus cemetery
Sherod, Nancy female, 86yr, died Oct 20, 1894, widow, died Lenox, buried Eddyville, Iowa
Shiveley, Dayton died 01 Jul 1902 Bedford, 1m 14d, born Bedford, buried Titus cemetery
Shiveley, Edison died 28 Jun 1902 Bedford, 1m 12d, born Bedford, buried Titus cemetery
Shiveley, infant died 03 Feb or Mar, 1914, 1 month, born Iowa, father Charles Schiveley born Iowa, mother Carrie Shade, buried Graceland cemetery 
Shortridge, Ella female, white, 3m 21d, died Aug 13, 1883, single, born Clarinda, died New Market, buried Memory cem, Page co, Iowa
Simcox, Albert C. male, white, 2 1/4 yr, died 06 Aug 1891 Bedford, born Fairfield, Ia, buried Bedford
Simmons, Bessie female, white, 6 months, died 17 Jun 1885 Clayton twp, born Clayton twp, buried Bowers cemetery
Simmons, Levina female, white, 74y 2m 28d, died 10 Mar 1889 Ross twp, widow, born Indiana, 33 yr resident of Iowa, buried Bedford cemetery
Simmons, O.W. male, white, 76yr, died 28 Nov 1886 Bedford, widower, born New York, buried Bedford
Simpson, Fanny female, white, died 27 May 1914, 79y 8m 4d, widow, born 10 Sep 1834 Ohio, father ---- McCloud born West Virginia, mother ---- Garner, buried Graceland cemetery
Singleton, John T. male, white, 68y 5m 8d, farmer, died 26 Sep 1880, married, born Hampshire co, Va, buried Lexington cemetery
Sleep, Bildie female, white, 19y 6m, housewife, died 10 Jun 1887 Siam, single, born Wisconsin, buried Siam
Smelser, Jay Ulysses male, white, 1 month, died 29 Apr 1891 Jefferson twp, single, born Jefferson twp, buried Platteville
Smith, ---- male, white, died Jan 25, 1879; mother ---- of Bedford, born in England; father James M. Smith of Ireland
Smith, ---- female, white, died 25 Jun 1881 Bedford, buried Bedford, mother Fredrica Smith of Bedford born England, father James M. Smith born Ireland
Smith, Burt male, white, 2y 18d, died 31 Mar 1881 Marshall twp, born Marshall twp, buried Conway cemetery
Smith, C.H. male, white, 46yr, section foreman, died Jan 22, 1896, married, died Blockton, buried Shay cemetery, Ringgold co, Iowa
Smith, Corda Leona female, white, 10m 8d, died Nov 8, 1888, single, born Dallas twp, died Dallas twp, buried Memory cemetery, Page co, Iowa
Smith, Ellis male, white, 1y 8m 0d, died 11 Jul 1885 Grove twp, born California, buried Lenox
Smith, Emma J. female, white, 22y 8m 0d, wife, died 08 Jun 1884, born Iowa, buried Kent, Union Co., Ia
Smith, Georgie male, white, 16 months, farmer's child, died 23 May 1891 Jefferson twp, born Missouri, 1yr resident of Iowa, buried Platteville cemetery 
Smith, Jessie female, quadroon-color, 9y 3m 4d, house girl, died 26 Sep 1880 Bedford, buried Bedford cemetery
Smith, Simeon male, white, 5m 15d, died 25 Oct 1892 Buchanan [Siam], Ia, born Buchanan, Ia, buried Buchanan
Snow, Mary T. female, white, 58y 6m 27d, died Jan 26, 1881, married, born Kentucky, 23 yr resident of Iowa, died Mason twp, bur Memory cemetery, Page co, Iowa
Snyder, Amos male, white, 41y, farmer, died 18 May 1890 Holt twp, widower, 13 yr resident of Iowa, buried Holt twp
Spencer, Freddie male, white, 1yr, died 24 Jul 1894 Ross twp, born Iowa, buried Bedford Fairview cemetery
Spencer, William Penn male, white, 77yr, farmer, died 20 Sep 1890 Lenox, married, born Penn, 39 yr resident of Iowa, buried Lenox
Spooner, Liuza male, white, 16y 9m 24d, farmer's boy, died 04 Dec 1889 Gay twp, single, born Appanoose co, Iowa, buried Blockton cemetery
Springsteel, William M. male, white, 66y 8m 22d, carpenter, died 06 Jul 1885 Bedford, married, born Ohio, 6 yr resident, buried Bedford
Spurrier, Samuel male, white, 84yr, physician, died Apr 7, 1889, born Frederick co, Md, died Clearfield, Iowa, buried Morgan cemetery, Union co, Iowa
Stacey, ---- male, white, 3 days, died 13 Feb 1897 Jefferson twp, born Jefferson twp, buried Blockton cemetery
Stafford, Brice female, white, 1/2 hour, died 21 Jun 1882 Lenox, born Lenox, buried Lenox
Stemens, Emery male, white, 2y, died Aug 8, 1889, single, born Page county or Taylor co, died Taylor county, buried Shambaugh, Page co, Iowa
Stephens, ---- female, 5 weeks, died Oct 2, 1895, born Illinois, died Grove twp, undertaker Lenox
Stephens, Genetta Renn female, white, 32yr, died 11 Aug 1887 Bedford, married, born Louisa co, Ia, buried Bedford
Stephens, William Jacob male, white, married, born Muskingum co, Oh, died 19 Sep 1902 Bedford, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery
Stephens, Zillah female, white, 20yr, housewife, died 28 Feb 1896 Blockton, married, born Blockton, no burial given
Stewart, ---- female, white, 2y 9m 0d, died 18 Jul 1886 Polk twp, born Iowa, buried Buchanan [Siam] cemetery
Stewart, Sarah A. female, white, 39yr, died 16 Mar 1891 Polk twp, married, born Berkley co, Va, 36yr resident of Iowa, buried Buchanan [Siam] cemetery
Stickelman, Allie M. female, white, died 14 Dec 1966 Taylor co, Ia, 6 yr resident of Iowa, single, born 13 Sep 1874 Iowa, housewife, father Joseph Stickelman, mother Janny Havner, informant C.A. Stickelman, buried Blockton, Ia
Stickelman, Loren Emmitt male, white, single, born 08 Mar 1876 Siam, Ia, died 31 Dec 1951 Taylor co, 40yr resident of Iowa, father Joseph Stickelman, mother Jennie Havner, informant W.S. Stickelman, buried Graceland cemetery
Stickleman, stillborn infant male, white, died 24 Oct 1882 Polk twp, mother Missouri Ann Stickleman of Polk twp, American; father John M. Stickleman, American, Siam cemetery
Stockton, Lydia female, white, farming, married, died 24 Feb 1907 Benton twp, 56y 0m 11d, born Iowa, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery
Straight, Leonard male, white, 21y 7m 10d, farmer, died 20 Jun 1883 Jackson twp, single, born Jackson twp, buried Hoover cemetery
Stramets, John 5yr, died Nov 25, 1892, born Iowa, Lenox undertaker, burial [blank]
Stranger, Carl August male, white, 7m 20d, died 20 Jun 1902 Grove twp, born Grove twp, strangulation, buried Grove cemetery
Stream, George William male, white, died 25 Nov 1954 Taylor co, Iowa, 2yr resident of Iowa, born 25 Apr 1867 Ely, Iowa, widower, farming, father Samuel Stream, mother Elizabeth May Nesbitt, informant Willis Stream
Strode, Albert Allen male, white, 1y 4m, died 25 Feb 1888 Mason twp, single, born Mason twp, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery
Strode, infant male, white, 18 Jun 1883, died 18 Mar 1884, mother Icephena Strode, father William F. Strode, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery 
Sturman, Matilda K. female, white, 52y 9m 20d, teacher common school, died 10 Aug 1880 Mason twp, widow, born Muskingum co, Ohio, 23 yr resident of Iowa, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery
Suitor, Frederick male, white, 26y 4m 0d, farmer, died 22 Aug 1880, single, born Davenport, Iowa, 5yr resident of Iowa, buried Methodist Grove cem
Sutton, Guy male, white, 6 weeks, died 22 Jun 1885 Bedford, born Bedford, buried Platteville
Swanson, Robert male, white, single, died 03 Jun 1950 Taylor co, born 27 Mar 1863 Stockholm, Sweden, citizen of USA, county road patrol occupation, father and mother unknown, informant Irma McKee, buried Graceland cemetery 
Sweeney, Emma Jennie female, white, 33y 5m 8d, housewife, died 04 Feb 1882 Bedford, married, born Dayton, Ohio, 8yr resident of Iowa, buried Bedford 
Sweny, Elizabeth female, white, 70y 2m 26d, widow, died 05 Apr 1892 Bedford, born West Virginia, buried Bedford
Swestowks, Albertina female, white, 67yr, housewife, died 12 Aug 1894 Bedford, born Prussia, buried Bedford
Swett, Cyrus male, white, 68y 3m 0d, farmer, died 05 Jan 1892 Jefferson twp, married, born Vermont, buried Platteville cemetery
Tackett, Sarah Adeline female, white, 26y 4m, born Missouri, died 28 Mar 1881 Bedford, married, 22yr resident of Iowa, buried Jefferson twp
Tanner, Charles O. male, white, 10yr, farmer, died 01 Sep 1881 Grant twp, born McLane co, Illinois, 5 yr resident of Iowa, buried Conway
Taylor, Iva Bell female, white, 19 days, died 09 Nov 1883 Ross twp, born Ross twp, buried Lexington cemetery
Taylor, James Walter male, white, died 21 Apr 1959 Clarinda Municipal Hospital, Clarinda, Iowa, 10 day resident of hospital, usual residence Taylor county, Iowa, married, born 19 Jul 1885 Iowa, farmer, stock & grain grower, father Levi Taylor, mother Sarah Jane Frost, informant Adah Taylor
Tedford, ---- male, white, 4 months, died 04 Jan 1888 Lenox, born Lenox, buried Lenox
Tedford, George B. male, white, 50yr, died 19 Feb 1893 Lenox, married, born Indiana, buried Lenox
Templeton, Nancy J. female, white, 75yr, housewife, died 20 Dec 1889 Bedford, married, born Sandwich co, Ohio, 10yr resident of Iowa, buried Bedford 
Thomas, Lizzie female, white, 21y, died Jan 10, 1883, born Perry co, Oh, died Holt twp, bur Holt twp
Thompson, ---- female, white, 7 hours, died 09 Apr 1886 Mormantown, born Mormantown, buried Mormantown
Thompson, Cora E. female, white, 2y 6m 26d, died Apr 17, 1884, single, born Page co, Iowa, died Mason twp, Taylor co, Iowa, buried East River twp, Page co, Iowa
Thompson, Edwin Clark male, white, died 15 Jul 1916, born 23 Jul 1852 Illinois, 63y 11m 22d, widower, father Clark Thompson born Virginia, farmer, buried Graceland cemetery
Thompson, infant died 19 Feb 1912, 4 days, born Iowa, father W.E. Thompson, born Iowa, mother Ruby Newkirk, buried Graceland cemetery
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth female, white, died 23 Dec 1913, 59yr 10m 22d, buried Graceland cemetery
Thompson, Oren Lester male, white, married, died 24 Sep 1950 Taylor co, Ia; farming, stock & grain; born 22 Oct 1878 Bloomfield, Ia, father Ira Grant Thompson, mother Iowa Alice Warder, informant Pearl Thompson
Thompson, Priscilla female, white, 76yr, died Feb 10, 1895, widow, born Penn, 50yr residence, died Grove twp, buried West Point, Iowa
Thompson, Robert male, white, 27y 3m 26d, farmer, died 01 Oct 1880, married, born Brown co, Illinois, 1 1/2 yr resident of Iowa, buried Isadora cemetery, Nodaway co, Mo
Thompson, Walter Ray male, white, died 15 Jan 1964 Taylor co, Iowa, 44 yr resident of Iowa, married, born 02 Sep 1889 Iowa, farmer, father Ira Graff Thompson, mother Iowa Alice Warder, informant Mrs Doyle Henry, buried Graceland cemetery
Thurman, Jay male, white, 8yr, died 26 Sep 1890 Jefferson twp, born Jefferson twp, buried Blockton
Timberlake, Bruce Carl male, white, 4m 13d, died 15 May 1891 Mason twp, born Mason twp, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery
Timberlake, Claude Irvin male, white, died 02 Jul 1953 Taylor co, Iowa, 78yr resident of Iowa, widower, born 22 Oct 1868 Illinois, farmer, father Robert D. Timberlake, mother Minnie Gamble, informant Bertha Anderson, suicide with 22 caliber rifle. despondant over losing eyesight
Timberlake, Cynthia Dugan died 10 Oct 1936, buried Graceland cemetery
Timberlake, Harry Pierce male, white, widow, wife Synthia Timberlake, farmer, died 22 Jan 1947, born 15 Jun 1867 Illinois, father Robert Dauglass Timberlake born Illinois, mother Minrice Gamble born West Virginia, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery
Timberlake, Robert D. white, male, died 10 Dec 1915 Taylor co, born 24 Oct 1844 Illinois, widower, father Robert D. Timberlake, mother Jemima Sinis, farmer, buried Graceland cemetery
Tinder, ---- female, white, born 03 Aug 1880 Jackson twp, father Jesse Tinder born Indiana, mother Mary Tinder of Jackson twp, born Iowa, buried Hoover grave yard
Titus, Alma female, white, 1yr, died 13 Aug 1886 Conway, single, born Lenox, buried Conway
Titus, Francis male, white, 82y 8m 21d, married, born 05 Mar 1835 Penn, died 26 Nov 1917, father ---- Titus, retired farmer, buried Graceland cemetery 
Tivy, Rosy female, white, 5m 5d, died 10 Jul 1880, born Taylor co, buried Siam cemetery
Townsend, Christina female, white, housewife, widow, died 25 Jun 1907 Ross twp, 96y 1m 24d, born Kentucky, buried Titus [Graceland] cemetery
Trobridge, Marcus S. male, white, 19yr, farmer, died Aug 22, 1888, single, born Illinois, 4yr resident, died Holt twp, buried Westan cemetery, [burial is in Prairie Rose cemetery, Adams co, Iowa]
Tucker, Thomas male, white, 67yr, hotel keeper, died 12 Jun 1885 Bedford, married, born New Jersey, 28 yr resident, buried Bedford
Turner, Albert male, white, 68yr 7m, died Nov 10, 1887, born Va, 28yr residence, died New Market, buried Memory cem, Page co, Iowa
Turner, Bazzel male, white, 67y 1m, farmer, died Mar 20, 1890, married, born Fairfield co, Ohio, buried Shay's cemetery, Ringgold co, Iowa
Turner, Clark Lee male, white, 3m 11d, died 24 Feb 1887 Bedford, buried Bedford, born Bedford
Turner, James male, white, 87yr, farmer, died 04 Jun 1885 Bedford, married, born Mill Springs, Kentucky, 14yr resident of Iowa, buried Bedford 
Udell, Almon male, white, 82y 4m 0d, farmer, died 23 May 1884, born Raeusaler co, New York, buried Lexington
Underwood, Lemuel male, white, 62yr, farmer, died 07 Jun 1896 Bedford, married, born North Carolina, 35yr resident of Iowa, buried Bedford
Valentine, Douglas Andrew male, white, retired farmer, died Taylor County Home, widower, born 26 Sep 1861 Illinois, died 31 May 1950, father Andrew Valentine, mother Mary Hall, informant Harry Valentine, buried Graceland cemetery 
Valentine, Vernon male, white, died 18 Sep 1968 Page county hospital, born 23 May 1898, spouse Alice Perdew, usual residence Taylor county, father A.D. Valentine, mother Elizabeth Watson, buried Graceland cemetery
VanFleet, John R. male, white, 63y 5m, banker and capitalist, died Oct 6, 1881, married, born Wilkesbarre, Pa, 42yr resident of Iowa, died St Joe Street, Bedford, Iowa, buried Iowa City, Iowa
Van Fleet, Lewis male, white, 42 days, died 08 Mar 1889 Bedford, born Bedford, buried Bedford
Vanpelt, Bessie female, 7m 27d, died Mar 27, 1885, born Dallas twp, buried Shamball [Shambaugh, Page co, Iowa]
Van Winkler, Perry  male, white, 65yr, farmer, died 01 Oct 1888 Lenox, married, born Ohio, 20 yr resident of Iowa, buried Lenox
Vance, Jesse male, white, 3y 19d, died 10 Jun 1887 Dallas twp, born Dallas twp, 3y resident, buried Dallas twp
Vancleve, Jessie Smith male, white, 6yr, died 31 Jan 1896 Bedford, single, born Bedford, buried Bedford
Vannice, Grandma female, white, 85y 3m 5d, farmer's widow, born Indiana, died 14 Mar 1883 Ross twp, buried Bedford
Vanolinda, Mary A. female, white, 43yr, housewife, died 26 Dec 1892 Bedford, married, born Worthville, Illinois, 16yr resident of Iowa, buried Bedford
Vincent, Rhoda female, white, 9yr, died 19 Aug 1884, single, born Holt twp, buried Prairie Rose in Adams county, Iowa
Virtue, John F. male, white, 55yr 25d, farmer, died 09 Sep 1881 Clayton twp, married, born Ohio, 11yr resident of Iowa, buried Lexington
Volan, Mary female, white, 10yr, died 19 Aug 1895 Grove Center, born Mahaska co, Iowa, buried Lenox
Vonalstun, ---- male, white, died Aug 21, 1880 Nodaway twp, Taylor co, Iowa, buried Methodist Grove, Adams co, Iowa; mother was Ellen Vonalstun of Nodaway twp, Taylor co, Iowa, born in Illinois; father was Edward Vonalstun of Nodaway twp, also born in Illinois
Waddell, Isaac male, white, 57yr, farmer, died 16 Mar 1891 Jackson twp, married, born Illinois, 30 yr resident of Iowa, buried Bowers cemetery 
Wade, Sarah female, white, 54y, housewife, died Dec 19, 1887, married, born Ohio, 14yr residence, died Lenox, buried Morgan cemetery, Union co, Iowa
Wagner, John Nelson male, white, 3y 3m, died Jan 28, 1887, born Washington twp, died Washington twp, buried Washington twp [probably Ladoga]
Wagoner, Christian Columbus male, white, 33yr, farmer, died 08 May 1887 Washington twp, married, born Allen co, Ohio, 28yr resident, buried Washington cemetery 
Wainwright, Edgar Lawrence male, white, died 10 Apr 1968 Page county, usual residence Taylor co, born 04 Jan 1885, widower, father Arthur Stanberry Wainwright, mother Susan Moore Timberlake
Wainwright, Hattie May female, white, 6y 3m, died Nov 2, 1882, single, born Iowa, born and died Dallas Center, buried Memory cem, Page co, Iowa
Wakeman, Mary E. female, white, 2y 10m, died 16 Oct 1884, born Benton twp, buried Bedford cemetery
Walker, Lucy Ann female, white, housewife, married, born Ind, died Dallas twp, born Hawleyville cem, Page co, Iowa
Walls, E.C. male, white, 34y, lawyer, died Mch 7, 1883, married, born American, died Bedford, buried state of Michigan
Walston, Homer male, white, 24yr, farmer, died 01 Jan 1892 Taylor co, single, born Iowa, buried Platteville cemetery
Ward, Johnathan B. male, white, 81yr, farmer, died Dec 20, 1891, widow, born Ohio, 38yr resident, died Polk twp, buried Shearer cem, Page co, Iowa
Warring, Charles 13y, died Jan 1, 1881, American, born Painsville, Oh, 6y resident of Iowa, died Benton twp, Ringgold co, Iowa, buried Benton twp. cem, Ringgold co, Iowa
Watkins, Isaiah Edgar male, white, 21y 10m 0d, farmer, died 16 Dec 1881 Grant twp, single, born Illinois, 6 yr resident of Iowa, buried Conway cemetery 
Watson, Eva female, white, 3y, died Mar 27, 1894, born Iowa, 3yr residence, died New Market, buried Memory cem, Page co, Iowa
Weatherly, May Maxwell married, 19y 4m 18d, died 11 May 1907 Benton twp, born Kansas
Weaver, Alice J. female, white, 41yr, housewife, died 02 Apr 1886 Bedford, married, born Harrison co, Oh, 9 yr resident of Iowa, buried Bedford 
Weaver, Martha female, white, 76y 6m, died 14 Apr 1884 Bedford, widow, born Penn, buried Bedford
Wells, Elmmie female, white, 1y 9m 0d, died 19 May 1883 Holt twp, single, born Smith co, Kansas, buried Holt twp
Wells, John male, white, 70yr, farmer, died 17 Feb 1886 Mason twp, born Kentucky, buried Polk twp
Wells, John J. male, white, 61yr, farmer, died Nov 7, 1894, married, born Kentucky, 11yr residence, died Jackson twp, buried New Hope cem, Nodaway co, Mo
Were, James W. male, white, 52y 6m, merchant, died 03 Jun 1882 Bedford, born Indiana, 10yr resident of Iowa, buried Bedford
Werts, Ollie female, white, 18yr, housewife, died Mar 14, 1895, married, born Mo, 2yr residence, died Jefferson twp, buried Honey Grove, Mo
West, J.C. male, white, 56y, farmer, died Sep 3, 1890, married, born Denmark, 10yr resident of Iowa, died Nodaway twp, buried Methodist Grove
Westfall, George Walter male, white, 9m 5d, died 04 Feb 1889 Clayton twp, single, born Taylor co, buried Lexington cemetery
Wheelock, James Leo male, white, 18y 3m 14d, laborer, died 09 Jan 1884, born Illinois, buried Gravity cemetery, 10 month resident of Iowa
Wherry, Mary E. female, white, 27y 11m, milliner, married, born Illinois, died 25 Dec 1882 Lenox of self-induced abortion, buried Lenox cemetery 
Wherry, Mollie female, white, 27y 11m 8d, died 25 Dec 1882 Lenox, milliner & dress maker, married, born Shelbyville, Indiana, 2yr resident of Iowa, buried Lenox
Whiffin, Jane V. female, white, 70y 9m 7d, housewife, died 04 Dec 1884, Amercian, buried Bedford cemetery
White, Devillo E. male, white, 59yr, butcher, died 25 Mar 1890 Bedford, married, born Pennsylvania, 16yr resident of Iowa, buried Bedford
White, George A. male, white, 17y 8m 29d, farmer, died 15 Dec 1881 Gay twp, born Illinois, 3yr resident of Iowa, buried Conway cemetery
White, Mary female, white, 47y 6m 7d, died 19 Nov 1880 Clayton twp, married, American, born Penn, 2/3 yr resident of Iowa, buried Conway cemetery
Whitecotton, ---- male, white, 4 weeks, died Nov 23, 1895, born Iowa, died and buried Holt twp, Taylor co, Iowa
Wight, Mary Jane female, white, 51y, housewife, died 17 Feb 1888 Bedford, married, born Park county, Indiana, 43yr resident of Iowa, buried Bedford
Wilcox, ---- male, white, 1y 2m, died 03 Nov 1884, born Bedford, buried Bedford cemetery
Wilcox, Sarah Jane female, white, 47y 9m 28d, miner's wife, died Jan 10, 1888, married, born Mo, 30yr residence, died Nodaway twp, buried North Grove cem, Page co, Iowa
Wilkinson, Ruth Anna female, white, 69yr, housewife, died Dec 10, 1894, married, 1yr residence, died Lenox, buried Rimsay (?)
Willard, Bennett male, white, 9month, died 18 Jul 1880, born Mason twp, no burial given
Williams, Lillie female, white, 23yr, housewife, died 28 Dec 1892 Gay twp, married, 23 yr resident of Iowa, buried Blockton
Williken, John male, white, 11yr, farmer's boy, died Apr 11, 1895, born Holt twp, Taylor co, died Holt twp, buried Corning, Adams co, Iowa
Wilson, ---- male, white, 1/2 hour, died Mar 8, 1894, born Blockton, died Iowa, undertaker of New Market
Wilson, Alexander male, white, 58y 3m 27d, farmer, died 10 Jul 1880 Grove twp, born Butler co, Oh, no cemetery given
Wilson, Alvin male, white, 8yr 2m, died 28 Jan 1881 Clinton twp, Ringgold co, Iowa, born Clinton twp, Ringgold co, Iowa, buried Mormantown cemetery 
Wilson, Clara E. female, white, 24y 7m 18d, farmer's wife, died 30 Dec 1890 Gravity, married, born Henry co, Illinois, 20yr resident of Iowa, buried Gravity
Wilson, Mrs female, white, 38yr, housewife, died 18 Jul 1887, married, born Missouri, buried Siam
Wilson, Payton Morgan male, white, 73yr, farmer, married, born Virginia, died 13 Jul 1885 Bedford, 25 1/2 yr resident of Iowa, buried Titus cemetery
Windser, Sarah Cathcart female, white, 59y 4m 11d, died Nov 20, 1891, married, born Penn, 32yr residence, died Bedford, buried White Pigeon, St Joseph co, Michigan
Wisdom, Ida M. female, white, 37yr, 5 1/2 yr resident of Iowa, farmer's wife, died 08 Nov 1891 Blockton, married, born Ohio, buried Blockton
Wisdom, J.C. male, white, 8yr 14d, died 30 Jul 1890 Blockton, born Redding, Ia, buried Blockton
Wisdom, Thankful Jane female, white, 35y 4m 26d, merchant's wife, died Jul 19, 1881, b Wappello co, Iowa, 30 yr resident of Iowa, died Mormantown, buried in cemetery near Samuel Hartley's in Benton twp [Mormantown is present day Blockton; this Benton twp would be in Ringgold co]
Wolverton, Sarah female, white, 43y 5m 0d, housewife, died 23 Dec 1883 Mason twp, married, born Ohio, buried Lewis cemetery
Woodruff, ---- female, white, 9 days, died 27 Dec 1883 Grove twp, born Grove twp, cemetery not listed
Wooster, Dora female, white, 11yr, died 27 Sep 1895 Platte twp, born Iowa, buried Lenox cemetery
Wurster, stillborn infant died 14 Aug 1900 Grove twp, buried Grove Center
Wyant, Bell female, white, 10yr, farmer's daughter, died 07 Oct 1886 Grove twp, single, born Ohio, buried Grove Center
Wyant, Margaret female, white, 23y 7m 5d, died 06 Nov 1880 Marshall twp, American, born Iowa, 23yr resident of Iowa, buried Lexington cemetery 
Wylie, T.A. male, white, 41y 8m, minister, died 11 Jul 1896 Bedford, married, born Muskingum co, Ohio, buried Bedford
Young, Elizabeth female, white, 20yr, farmer's daughter, died 03 Oct 1886 Grove twp, single, born Henry co, Iowa, buried Lenox
Young, John M. male, white, 68yr, miller, died 18 Oct 1888 Jackson twp, married, born Fayette co, Penn, 7yr resident of Iowa, buried Platteville 
Younkin, Clide male, white, 9 months, died 30 Mar 1892 Platteville, born Jackson twp, buried Platteville cemetery