Calvary Church:† This little country church was located on a plot of land

donated by Porter Wilt.† The church sat in the NW corner of the highway

Intersection of Highway 25 and J-20.† The first church was constructed

sometime before 1895. A full basement was put under the church and when

the church burned in 1919, it was decided to rebuild.† The men of the

community did most of the work.† The average membership for most of the

time was 40 to 50.† In later years this declined.† A minister was shared with

the Clearfield Methodist Church.† When the church closed in 1951, many of

the membership transferred to Clearfield.


On April 21, 1892, the contract to build the Greenwood Methodist Church was let.† It

Was located on the SW corner of Section 16 in Grant Township, Taylor County Iowa.

The contract for erecting the building, except for the foundation and using the best of

Materials was to be $872.00.† We have a copy of the drawings for this church and of those who made donations to its building.† People came from miles in all kinds of weather for services.† The church was heated with 2 coal stoves.† The lights were kerosene lamps.† Ingrain carpeting covered the rostrum.† There was an organ and later a piano.

The minister came from Conway, Iowa.† Greenwood closed in 1927.† Many of the members joined the Clearfield Methodist Church.† Mildred Matthews and Helen Lyddon who are living today (2006) remember going to this church as a child and the many good

times there.† Helen remembers the home made ice cream socials, the BIG freezer, the buggies coming and letting the ladies out at the end of the church walkway.


Early in 1912, the ladies of Greenwood church decided to organize some sort of club or society for more frequent visits than church services.† On June 4, 1912, a group of ladies

Met at the William Bruner home and organized Greenwood Society.† Charter members were Hattie Knox, Mary Knox, Ella Rood, Clara Knox, Alice Lyddon, Nellie Knox, Mrs.

Joe Cooper, Maude Catterson and Maude Buchanan.† The ladies raised money to buy place settings of dishes for 60 people, song books, trays, silverware, carpets and helped with the coal bill and pastorís salary.† Much like today!† They made bedding, clothing, etc. to give to families in need.† Besides the monthly meetings, they held a New Years dinner for the family.† Many happy memories were established in these families.

We have ladies today in the Clearfield Church who remember these good times.