Bussey American Legion Post #505: World War II Veterans

Photos and Service Records: Surnames E-G

The following information is from a book published by the Bussey American Legion Post No. 505 in 1947. Businesses and individuals from Bussey, Albia, Knoxville, Tracy, Attica, Hamilton and Lovilia, Iowa provided financial assistance. The Post dedicated the book as "a memorial to our buddies, who were killed in action."

(Note: Names in the book are not in alphabetical order; however, I have alphabetized them. ~KB)

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Photo Charles W. Elliot S/Sgt Charles W. Elliot 8th & 9th Air Force
Entered service January 18, 1942. Overseas September 1942 to September 22, 1945. Decorations: Good Conduct, E.T.O. Ribbon with 6 bronze stars, 6 overseas bars, 1 service stripe, Presidential Citation with 1 oak leaf cluster, Bronze Oak Leaf, Victory Medal. Discharged September 22, 1945. In the service 44 months.
Photo Charles Finch Cpl. Charles D. Finch 37042096
Entered service March 31, 1941. Overseas Pacific Area, January 23, 1942, Australia, New Guinea. Participated in East Indies, Papuan, and New Guinea campaigns. Decorations: Good Conduct, Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon with 3 battle stars. Discharged January 24, 1945. In service 39 months, 27 days.
Photo William Flockhart William Flockhart 3/c Radarman
Entered service March 10, 1944. Trained at Farragut, Idaho and San Diego, California. Assigned to L.D.M.R. at Norfolk, Virginia. Overseas Panama, Pearl Harbor, Marshall Islands, Philippines, Okinawa, 13 months. Discharged December 5, 1945. In service 21 months.
F=Photo Delmer Force Pfc. Delmer G. Force
(Delmer is on the left in the photo.)
Ambulance Driver. Entered service November 28, 1945. Is now in service in Germany. Training was received at Camp Roberts and Fort Ord, California.
Photo Elmer Force Pvt. Elmer D. Force
(Elmer is on the right in the photo.)
Entered service November 28, 1945. Took training at Camp Roberts and Fort Ord, California. Is now in Fort Lawton, Washington.
CharlesEFord Pvt. Charles E. Ford
Co. C, 315th Eng. Bn.. 90th Division
Entered service March 22, 1942. Took basic training at Camp Barkeley, Texas. Received medical discharge January 4, 1943. In service 10 months.
DonzellFrost Donzell Frost Signal Man 3/c
Entered service August 26, 1942. Boot training, Great Lakes. Overseas 24 months in Mediterranean Area. Discharged October 4, 1945.
WillardFrost Pfc. Willard Frost
Entered service June 5, 1944 Camp Dodge, Iowa. Decorations: Combat Inf. Badge. Overseas 1 years, Italy, France and Germany. Discharged December 10, 1945. In the service for 17 months.
Photo LeRoy Gladson LeRoy Gladson, Ptr. 2
Enlisted September 12, 1942. Boot training, Great Lakes, Illinois. Ship over to Ships Co., October 30, 1942 till discharge December 5, 1944. 27 months in service.
PerryGlenn S/Sgt. Perry Glenn
Entered service December 28, 1939. Overseas 16 months. Decorations: E.T.O. Ribbon, American Defense, Good Conduct Medal. Served in infantry. Discharged at Jefferson Barracks, October 4, 1945.
tn_EverettFGodfrey Everett F. Godfrey, MM 2/c
Entered service May 5, 1942, Great Lakes, Illinois. Stationed at Naval Amm. Depot, Hastings, Nebraska and Navy Torpedo Station, Keyport , Washinton. Discharged December 17, 1944, Mare Island, California. In service 19 months.
DonaldGreen Pfc. Donald Green
Entered service November 29, 1945. Now in Germany, still in the service.
EverettGreen Everett Green, S 1/c
Entered service 1943. Went to Farragut, Idaho, Shilton, Washington and Shoemaker, California. Discharged November, 1945.
WLGreen William L. Green 37422502
R.V.T. Entered service July 3, 1942, Ft Des Moines, Iowa. Battery B, 74, C.A. A.A. Discharged March 25, 1943.
ElmerGrim Elmer Grim, T/3
Enlisted August 27, 1935, in 14th Cav. Ft Des Moines, then to Medical Corps. Decorations: American Defense, E.T.O. Ribbon, Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon, Good Conduct. Still in service at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey.

Contributed by Karyl Bonnett, North Liberty, Iowa, with the permission of Oren Shobe, the present commander of Post #505 (January 2007).