Bussey American Legion Post #505: World War II Veterans (List and Index)

The following information is from a book published by the Bussey American Legion Post No. 505 in 1947. Businesses and individuals from Bussey, Albia, Knoxville, Tracy, Attica, Hamilton and Lovilia, Iowa provided financial assistance. The Post dedicated the book as "a memorial to our buddies, who were killed in action."

(Note: Names in the book are not in alphabetical order; however, I have alphabetized them. The majority of these people have photos and service records in the last section of the book. KB)

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Barnhill, Charles
Beal, Donald
Beal, Ott
Bellamy, Robert
Bennett, William R.
Bloom, Orpha Jean
Bloom, Wesley B.
Bolton, Merle
Bonnett, Frank Jr. – KIA *
Bonnett, Owen C. *
Bonnett, Paul Russell **
Bregar, Albert J.
Briggs, Forrest
Bunch, Kenneth Cecil – KIA
Bussey, Gilbert
Bussey, Jack
Bussey, James A. – KIA
Bussey, Ted

Carlson, Harold
Carr, Donald C.
Crane, Dale

Dillon, Earl Leon
Dillon, Jacques I.
Dillon, Max Sylvester
Dillon, Ward Earl
Doud, Paul H.
Doughman, Edward G. Jr
Doughman, Eleanor Marie ~
Dreibelbeis, Hubert
Duffy, James P.
Duffy, John S.
Duffy, Robert V. or B.
Dunkin, Albert E.
Dunkin, Kenneth F. – KIA
Dunkin, Richard V.
Dunkin, Vincent Roy
Dunkin, Wendall D.
Dunigan, Mark

Elliott, Charles W.

Fall, John C
Fall, Walton
Finch, Charles D.
Flockhart, William
Force, Delmer G.
Force, Elmer D.
Ford, Charles E.
Frost, Donzell
Frost, Willard

Gilbert, Orra Eugene – KIA
Gladson, LeRoy
Glenn, Perry ~~
Godfrey, Everett F.
Godfrey, Jack C.
Gray, Donald
Gray, Russell
Gray, William
Green, Donald
Green, Everett
Green, William L.
Grim, Elmer
Groenendyk, C. P.

Harrison, John W. – KIA
Hastings, Billy Rex
Haycock, James
Haycock, Robert C.
Haycock, William W.
Heaton, Clyde
Heaton, Edward
Heaton, Harry
Helmick, Melvin
Hooten, James F.
Hooten, John Dale
Hoy, Earl
Hoy, Richard
Hudson, Maurice
Hutchinson, Charles

James, Leo
Johnson, Martin T.
Johnson, Theodore E.
Jones, Chester W.
Jones, Melvin
Jones, Roy E.

Kendall, Joe
Kendall, Kenneth E.
Kendall, Stanley
Kerr, Jack Jr.
Kerr, Jim
Kerr, Verle G.
Kester, Ellis F.
King, Fount
King, John
Kirtley, Harry
Klobnak, John K.
Krouse, Lloyd U.

Lindley, Dale

Marsh, Clyde A.
Martin, Everett
Martin, Harry E.
Martin, Russell W.
Martin, Thomas L.
Mathews, James D.
Mathews, Joe J.
McComb, Henrietta
McComb, Kenneth L.
McConnell, Cecil B. Jr.
McConnell, Garth
McConnell, Gilbert L.
McGee, Dale
McGee, Roger E.
Mick, Bernard E.
Mick, Donald G.
Mick, E. Raymond
Mick, Wayne
Miller, Eugene
Mitchell, Chester LeRoy
Moon, P. M. (“Mart”)
Murphy, Max

Nylander, Ronald Owen

O’Connor, Leo D.
O’Connor, Paul
Owen, Elmer E.
Owen, Kenneth B.
Owen, Robert C.
Owen, William J.

Parker, Harold
Parker, Lyle
Parker, William
Perry, Nathan F. Jr.
Pettijohn, Alfred
Phillips, Don
Pinnick, Eugene
Plum, Clarence H.
Plum, Harlon E.
Plum, Leslie J.

Redding, William Keith
Redding, Roy Kenneth
Reed, Leland M.
Reed, Robert P.
Reed, Thomas J.
Reid, James
Rouze, Harley E.
Rowley, Robert D.
Ruby, Edward

Shaw, John F.
Shilling, Herman L.
Sims, Dale Martin
Sims, George J. Jr.
Smith, Alvin D.
Smith, Bobbie James
Smith, Dean
Smith, James Junior
Smith, John A.
Smith, Lawrence S. - KIA
Smith, Lyle P.
Smith, Marlan W.
Smith, Warren E.
Snelson, Jennings B.
Snyder, William C. or L.
Spaur, Harold Lee
Spaur, Rex H.
Stephens, George
Stilwell, Raymond R.

Talbot, Burton W.
Talbot, Donald D.
Trinkle, Robert Lee
Trinkle, William O.
Trinkle, William Ray

VanBenthuysen, Marjorie C. or L. #
VanBenthuysen, Robert F.
Vanderhorst, Merle E. – KIA
Veenstra, Ben
Villont, Alfred H.
Villont, Clarence
Villont, Jack L.
Villont, Raymond
Villont, William D.
Visser, Carol S.
Visser, Jeanne M.
Visser, Paul M.

Wallace, Dale J.
Wallace, Paul R.
Wallace, Ralph D.
Watkins, Harold
Weldon, Lyle
Wilson, David G.
Wilson, Gerald A.
Winifield, Roy
Woodward, Paul A.

Zylstra, Vernon

* My cousin
** My father
~ Married name was Stone.
~~ Listed twice, probably an error
# Married name was Patrick.

Additional notes:

Contributed by Karyl Bonnett, North Liberty, Iowa, with the permission of Oren Shobe, the present commander of Post #505 (January 2007).