1925 Madison County Census

General Information



The 1925 Iowa State Census has no page numbers. It consists of books containing 15 sheets of paper. Each record is three sheets long and each set of 3 sheets contains 30 records, numbered consecutively from 1 through 150. The index we have created identifies the record's Name of Individual, Year of Birth (approx), Town/Township, Book Number, and Line Number.

Education Key:  A - Rural elementary school

                            B - Graded elementary school

                            C -  High school

                            D - College

Occupation Key:  A - Agriculture

                              B - Professional services (such as school teacher, doctor, etc.)

                              C - Homemaker

                              D - Trade or transportation

                              E - Manufacturing or mechanical work

                              F - Unclassified laborer

Major enumerator errors: Lincoln Township wives were listed under their maiden name. They have been
                                            indexed under their married names.
Minor enumerator errors: Enumerators were not selected for their penmanship and spelling skills. The poor penmanship
                                            may have resulted in misinterpretation of the data although questionable names were cross
                                            checked with other sources where possible. The poor spelling was rampant throughout the
                                            census, some much worse than others and all would be classified as poor. Misspelled words
                                            were transcribed as written so you will see many misspellings in the transcription. The index
                                            has been corrected for spelling to make it easier to find your ancestor.


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