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1936 Property Owners

In September, 2019, through the kindness of Christine S. and the resourcefulness of the late Ronnie Scott of Batavia, we were given a scanned copy of the 1936 Jefferson County Atlas which shows maps of each township with the landowners of the rural properties and the number of acres they cover. A listing of the 3,781 property owners was generated from these maps, alphabetized, and is presented on the linked pages below. On each page, there are links to individual township maps (in .jpg format) to help you locate the property within the township. In addition, the entire Atlas (reproduced with Christine's permission) is presented as a .pdf file (18mb) by clicking here.

A couple notes with regard to the listings: At some point the southern boundary of Center Township was extended from its east-west line to the south, to follow the Big Cedar River in Liberty Township, and this has been noted as "Center Township South" in later Plat Books. Properties which are in this "South" area in Liberty Township have been shown as "Center (Liberty)", noting that they were originally in Liberty Township, and should not be confused with those in Center Township.

Additionally, some acreages are shown as "+/-", meaning the number of acres was not shown on the Atlas, and the figure is an estimate based on the acres listed in the rest of the township. The deed to the property will provide a more accurate number.

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