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Orphan Train Riders to Iowa  Orphan Train Riders

~ The Children Brought to Iowa

via the Orphan Trains ~

Index #1:  Orphans brought to Iowa, containing name of child (surname first then given name), adoptive parents (surname first then given name) and town. The 'Additional Information' column was added in 2017.  This list was originally compiled by Madonna Harms between 2003-2005.
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Child's Name Family Town Addition Information
J.?, Agnes   Grundy Center  
Jackson, Andrew O'Connor, Dennis Mason City  
Jackson, William Hay, John Lansing  
Jacobs, Fred Garvey, L.J. Boone (Mineral Ridge)
Jacobson, Adolphia 1) 1)  
2) Blair 2) Brooklyn  
3) 3) Greenfield  
Jacobson, Emma Schrader, F.C Greenfield (Arbor Hill) individual 1905 census: b. 1892 Germany  (updated 4/28/2017)
James, John Fox, C.C. Keech Independence  
James, Lillie Holman, C.E. Independence  
James, Walter Williams, J.J. Independence  
Jenkins, Emma Wisco Newton  
Jenkins, Ruth      
Jennings, Sherman Weham, William Lansing  
Jerome, Charles Traidel, Frank Waterloo?  
Jewel, Henry Murray Greenfield  
Jnouskey, Anthony   Walker  
Johnson, Charles 1) Plager Illinois 1887 in Illinois
2) Campbell 2) Grundy Center 1895
3) 3) Wellburg, Iowa 1906
4) Wilson Wm. F. 4) Springville  
Johnson, Christopher Butterbrodt, Wm. Clarence  
Johnson, Harry Winn, Joshua Walker  
Johnson, Harry S. Appelsemer Griswold or Red Oak  
Johnson, Ida M. 1) Kisor, Cary M. New Sharon  
2) Manning, Emma Osceola  
3) McComas Osceola  
Johnson, John Albert Fisher, Cris Griswold or Red Oak  
Johnson, Rebecca J.   Centerville  
Johnson, Robert J. Wohlenhaus, Wm. Griswold  
Johnson, Walter 1) Short, C.M. 1) Wisconsin 1885
  2) Sutherland, Iowa 1895
Jones, Bertha      
Jones, Frank W. Bissell, Frank Dunlap  
Jones, Rachel B.      
Jones, Walter 1) 1) Vinton  
2) Henry Heine 2) Clarksville  
*Jorgenson, A. D. Mary Mulberry Sibert, A.D Iowa Falls/Eldora  
*Josephson, Charles Carl Meswarb, W.J. Sumner  
Josephson, Leo Carlson to Texas  
Josephson, Viola 1) Schmadlach, Walter    
2) Maschmeyer, Henry Sumner  
*Joynt, Henry Joynt, John Sr. Emmetsburg  
Judson, Ellen Holescher Carroll  
June, George H      


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