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Orphan Train Riders to Iowa  Orphan Train Riders

~ The Children Brought to Iowa

via the Orphan Trains ~

Index #1:  Orphans brought to Iowa, containing name of child (surname first then given name), adoptive parents (surname first then given name) and town. The 'Additional Information' column was added in 2017.  This list was originally compiled by Madonna Harms between 2003-2005.
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Child's Name Family Town Notes
?, Addie   Creston  
?, Benny Walker Corydon  
?, Charlotte Charlotte Manning    
?, Clifford   Clarksville  
?, Cora   Creston  
?, Daniel Brennan Vinton  
?, Jenny   Charlotte  
?, Julianne Stipe? Clarinda  
?, Lena Jerome Yackley West Bend  
Able, Leon Winterstein, E. Griswold  
Abrams, Ella B. Heintz, Nicholas Independence  
Archers, Letitia 1 Tamara, Nebraska  
Achers, Letitia Pearsen (2) Oceola  
Adair, Clifford E. Frietag, John Northwood  
Adams, Carrie (1) Applequist, Simon Clarinda/Stanton  
(2) Baker, Roy Clarinda/Stanton  
Adams, Harry Swanson, G.H Clarinda/Stanton  
Adams, Isabelle Swanson, G.H Clarinda/Stanton  
Adams, Ruth Applequist, Simon Clarinda/Stanton  
Addison, McNear Schierholz, H. Lansing  
Adrian, Louis F.   Davenport  
Aikler,Edward   Maquoketa  
Alber, Fred J.      
Alber, Fred J.      
Albrecht, Charles   Clinton/Lyons  
Albrecht, Henry Stephenson, Wm. Murray  
Albrecht, John J.   Clinton/Lyons  
Albrecht, William Mitchell, Fred Murray  
*Alchon, Bernard F. Alchon, Guy Osage  
Allen, Amy Bird? Marcus  
Allen, Elizabeth T.   Clinton  
Allen, Isabell   Marengo  
Allen, John J. Bird, Moses A. Marengo  
Allen, Susie   Marengo  
Ament, Irene Kravenhagen    
Andersen, Francis 1) Andersen, A.J. Wallingford/Estherville  
2) Haskell Simpson, Minnesota  
3) Applequist, Simon Red Oak  
Andersen, Hilda Cobb, Claude E. Estherville  
Andersen, Sophia 1) Swanson, Andrew Estherville  
2) Haskell Simpson, Minnesota  
3) Bauer Kenyon, Minnesota  
Anderson, "Buster" Miedema Remsen  
Anderson, Agnes B. 1) Elderly couple    
2) Jensen, Ted Forest City  
Anderson, Alice Jacobson, C.C. Eagle Grove  
Anderson, Charles Patterson, John Griswold  
Anderson, Edith   Strawberry Point  
Andrews, W.H. Harrison, Edward Emmetsburg  
Apgar, Charles H. 1) Atter Manilla  
2) Simpson, Mark Wayne, Nebraska  
Apgar, Harry 1) Tryson


2) Steck Rockport, Missouri  
Appell, Sadie   Ames  
Archabold, Mary E. Michaels, Damiel Des Moines
*Armstrong, Viola   Forest City  
Arnold, Elizabeth Glynn Clinton  
Asher, Kathryn L.      
Atchinson, Alfred      
Atha, William 1) Lime Springs  
2) Pella  
Atwood, Fred Cady, Chester Cedar Rapids  
Augmeyer, George J. Res, James Dubuque  
*Avery/Every, Mervin Rice Algona  
Axtell, Marietta Barnes, Andrew Lawler  
Axtell, Hand, James    



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