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Lillie Mae Bell
The transcription below is pages 169 and 170 from the ledgers of the Children's Aid Society.
  Lillie Mae Bell  
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Lilly May Bell, Born in New York
March 5th 1877 Surrendered to the A. F. G. Soc'y by her mother, Mrs. Sarah Bell. Father John Bell deceased -- American parentage. Antecedents respectable. 157 W. 26th St. or 277 3rd St. JersCity, N. J.City, N. J.
Oct. 29th 1878 Taken on trial by Mrs. Adams Bassett, Sheriff in Andes, Del, Co, N.Y.
Nov. 6th 1878 Lilly is reported as being quite contented -- was at first queemish - but now they are much pleased with her.
Nov. 7th 1878 Mother, Mrs. Sarah Bell, now resides 347 Grove St., Jersey City -- Inform her if anything happens to her child.
Feb. 6th 1879 Mr. Bassett writes that "Mabel" is one the happiest of children, grows rapidly -- is healthy and rosy -- most affectionate -- papers desired.
Feb. 20th 79 Part 1st sent -- $60 inserted
Feb. 28th 79 Visited by Mrs. Ambler, child very happy -- dearly loved, a good home --
Apr. 9th 79 Pt. 2nd completed and sent. ??? pledged
Apr. 6th 80 Letter sent.
" 23rd " Mrs. Sam'l Adams 697 - 2nd Ave. Called to inquire for her child, is married again, has a good home --
Aug 3 " Mr. Bassett writes from Battle Creek, Iowa, to which place they have moved -- Lilly is well - good and affectionate - very happy and a great singer - does not speak plainly - no one knows she is adopted.
" 8th " A very satisfactory letter rec ? to day, from Mr. and Mrs. Bassett reporting "Lilly May Bell" as a "? ?" (actually looks like "some such" but that doesn't make much sense -- does it?)
June 12, 1882 Mr. Bassett called and reports their removal to Battle Creek Ida County, Iowa -- He also brings Lillies picture - she is as dearly loved as ever.
Jan, 18, 1884 Lilly's own mother calls -- is now Mrs. Adams -- 387 7 Ave -- wants her child
May 28, " Letter of inquiry sent
June 13, " Mr. Bassett writes "Our little girl goes to school & S. S. regularly -- grows fast, has good health, does not speak plain yet. Mrs. B - has been quite ill.
Of age -- See page 181
Sept. 24, '85 L. grows fast, attends school, learns rapidly -- is not rugged.
Lilly May Bell see page 169
March 11, 1887 Letter of inquiry sent
" 21 " Mr. Bassett writes that Mrs. Bassett is in Omaha being treated by a Christian Scientist. Lily is well, quite a large girl, she attends school & S. S. Regards tardiness as almost a crime. Her general progress
July 19, 1888 Mr. Bassett writes Lilly has good health, attends school and S. S. regularly and is well up in her studies. They do not want her to know she is adopted. Send letters to Mrs. Bassett or mark private Battle Creek Iowa
Feb. 20, 89 Mother of Lily calls - has married again as has a very comfortable home, bed if we wish to write her or send any word send to her father. Mr. Joseph Prettyman, 214 Beckman Ave. Jersey City ? N. J. (Mrs. Sarah Bell again) Lillys Grandfather
May 16, " Mr. Bassett called. Gave a nice report of L. Have not yet told her she is adopted.
June 1, 1891 Mr. and Mrs. Bassett & Lilly call -- She is a very pretty, nice appearing young girl.
Oct. 26, 94 Lilly's mother, now Mrs. Sarah C. Mulkins. Davenport Centre, N. Y. calls
Of age wants to hear about L --
February 6. 95 Lilly's mother writes to know about L -- Letter answered. --
Oct. 27. 96 Mr. & Mrs. Bassett call. They show us the picture of Lily, who is a lovely girl. They are living in Sioux City, Iowa. Lilly is a fine musician. L -- does not know she is adopted, and Mr. & Mrs. B. -- desire that no relative shall ever know anything of her where abouts -- This is final.
Dec 10. 1901 Mr. & Mrs. B. called. Lily was married Oct. 12, 1897 to Wm. H. Filson, Tipton, Iowa.