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~ Bremer County ~

Sumner Gazette

Sumner, Iowa

Dec.       10, 1896

The Boys Find Homes.

E Trott of the Children's Aid Society of New York arrived on Thurs. with 8 boys and 2 girls accompanied by Miss M A Thorn who goes with him when girls are in charge. A public meeting was held in Cass Opera House at noon, day of his arrival which was largely attended by citizens. Mr. Trott exhibited his family, set forth his purposes and work with the association, a brief history of the children in his charge and the condition of which they were placed out. There was a ready demand for the children, there being more applicants than children.

1. Alexander Rosenthal, 8yrs---D R Hatch.

2.Orestos Rosenthal,10yrs---Thos Dawson.

3. Wm Rogers 12yrs.---Frank S. McCormac.

4. Frank Bush 9yrs---Henry Dickman.

5. Anton Patros 13yrs---W D McCormac.

6. Gustave Patros 11yrs.---E B French.

7. George Harrington 16yrs---J F Dickman.

8. Gertrude Donerback 8yrs---Rev. T G Breaw.

9. Anna Marshall 9yrs H B Eilsworth (Waverly).

The children are more intelligent looking better mannered and cleaner brighter than expected, they average well in all points with our children. This is the 278 trip Mr. Trott has made. He has had a hand and voice in advising and directing and locating in part or wholly over 15,000 men women children in homes they might call their own. His society expended in the great work during the years. 1895 alone the sum of $350,000 all of which comes from the pockets of generous hearted philanthropic men and women would be of some service in the cause of humanity. It is grand work and deserves encouragement. Only for societies of this nature doubtless 9 out of 10 of these waifs of the street of the big cities would become criminals while 9 out of 10 are now saved to lives of respectability and usefulness. Mr. Trott went to the 'Burg Monday forenoon where he made arrangements for a distribution of a company in April 1897. He took the evening train for Waverly to replace a girl he placed over there in Nov. from where he left for New York. found this in Sumner Gazette Wilma Kohlmeyer hope to met you in Ames in Aug.


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