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Charles Joynt Letter


Tours, France


 and printed in the "Emmetsburg Democrat", Emmetsburg, Palo Alto Co., Iowa, 26 June 1918




Charles Joynt Is at Place

Where Charles Mortel Defeated the Saracens in 732 in

One of the Decisive Battles of the World.

Tours, France
June 26, 1918

Dear Sister:
How are all the folks at home? I am fine and dandy. I suppose you were surprised when you found that I had started across. Did you receive the card I mailed notifying you of the safe arrival of our ship? We had good weather and a mild sea. I was not a bit sea sick.

This country is much different from the United States. It keeps one busy looking around. The country is beautiful. We do not see large farms like those in the United States. The land is divided into patches of perhaps an acre and every inch of the patch is put to use. The weather here is very fine. I hope it will continue so.

Do you know where Will Reinders was sent? We are still all together but I think we shall soon be sent to different places.

I have not seen a frame building since I came to France. The houses and other buildings here are of stone and cement stucco. The wagons and buggies have only two wheels. They are drawn by one horse.

I wrote you a letter while on the boat. I hope you received it. Please tell my friends to write to me. A word from the U.S.A. goes good over here. I shall close now.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

I remain,

Your loving brother,
Charles A Joynt
Second D.N. Co. F.
S.C. via New York
Care Chief Signal Officer.

Tours is one of the historic cities of France. It contains many manufacturing establishments and a beautiful cathedral. It is the capital of Indret-Loire, department of France. It was the site of Charles Mortel's defeat of the Saracens on October 10, 732. It was the seat of the French government when Paris was besieged in 1870.



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