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Fayette County Orphan Train Riders
36 Riders Were Placed in Fayette County
~sources:  Orphan Train Riders to Iowa; census records, vital records, newspapers
Child Family Placed with Age Town Train Arrival Date
Brazee, Idella Stonberg, George   West Union  
Bright, George Conklin, Sebastian   Bethel  
Bright, William A. .   Fayette Village .
Clark, Arthur Stevenson, O.W. 5 Fayette Village 09 May 1912
DeWees, Frank

2) Schneider, M. S.

  Oelwein 1901
Eberhardt, Alice Holtzman, Jesse 7 Fayette 09 May 1912
Eberhardt, Josephine 1) Boland, J.C.
3) Hommison,
12 1) Wadena
3) Fayette
09 May 1912
Eberhardt, Pearl Hutchinson, James 3 Lima 09 May 1912
Fahr, Amanda 2) Kerr, Urias   Wadena  
Fahr, Ida May 2) Kerr, Urias   Wadena .
Fisher, Joseph Langerman, John 5 Fayette placed 09 May 1912; adopted by Joseph Langerman and went by "Joe Langerman' (Barry Z)
Grimes, Lillian Angell, Mrs. Vincent   Fayette placed 1897
Hynges, Joseph Smock, Claude 6 Hawkeye 09 May 1912; adopted 1913, took the name Harrie Claude Smock (Barry Z)
Hynges, William Alley, Wesley W. 8 Hawkeye placed 09 May 1912; took the name William George Alley (Barry Z)
Klein, Edward Herschinger, George Michael   West Union b. Jul 1886
Klein, Lena Hershinger, George Michael   West Union b. Mar 1890; mar. Andrew Sullivan
Klossman, Freida L.     Fayette b.1890, NY; 7th education so came to IA by 1902, in 1911 married Joe Weepie b.1872, farming Littleton area of Buchanan.Co.IA,  (Barry Z)
Jacobs, Agnes Tope, John Jacob 14 Auburn (Barry Z)
Johnson, Harry Husk/Huck, George 11    1930, Grange, Deuel Co. SD census  (Barry Z)
Keife, John Hannis, G.J. 8 Clermont  (Barry Z)
McDowell, Estella Johnson, Forrest C.   Randalia/Center Twp. b. 1905, NY; placed 09 May 1912; adopted/took Johnson name (Barry Z)
McDowell, John Ralph Johnson, Forrest C.   Randalia/Center Twp. B.1899, NY; placed 09 May 1912;  adopted/took Johnson name (Barry Z)
Meierson, Albert Fritz, George M. 5 West Union  
Meierson, Leon Williams, Frank Albert 3 West Union adopted & raised as Milford Albert Williams (Barry Z)
Palmer, Howard 1) Eckstein, F.A.
2) Binney, Jess
13 Fayette placed 1911, Howard Co.; b.abt1898, NY, was taken in at Fayette, IA by F.A. Eckstein, of the Fayette, IA area; 1920 Census, shows a Howard Palmer b.1898/NY, farmhand with Jess C. Binnie 37/IA family in the Chester village area, Howard, Co., IA.  (Barry Z)
Palmer, Lester 1) Eckstein, F.A.
2) Binney, Jess
9 Fayette placed 1911
Howard Co.
Palmer, Marian 1) Phillips, C.B.
2) McPeek, Clarence
  1) Wadena
2) Hayfield, MN
placed 1911;  b. abt. 1895, NY
Patris, Tony Moore, Joshua 15 Windsor  (Barry Z)
Rogers, William Shermerhorn, Charles 15 Union  (Barry Z)
Scallons/Scalons, Mary Jane 1) Myers, Frank
2) Taylor, Mrs. M.E.
  Wadena 1) 1904
2) 18 Mar 1905
Stewart, Isabelle Page, B.F. 8    
Thrope, Bessie Hutchinson, James Green   Fayette orphaned daughter of Cecil Thorp of the Frog Hollow/ Lima area; raised by neighbor James G. Hutchinson. (Barry Z)
Unnamed boy Patterson, Frank   Smithfield/Fayette 09 May 1912
Unknown, Orpha Mabel Page, Edward H   Fairfield mar. Joe Lagerman; taken in by Edward H. Page & 2nd wf. Florence Mabel Chase Lockard Page, farming in Fairfield.Twp (Barry Z)
Wade, Minnie placed many times   Oelwein .
West, Roy Stirk, Cornelius William 11   b. 31 Jul 1842, Wales; d.29 Dec 1923


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