Charles L. King
Pvt. Co. B, 12th Iowa Infantry
Civil War Widows Pension and Minor Claim files

Soldier - Charles L. King
Service - Pvt. Co. B of the 12th Iowa Infantry
Enlisted 12 Oct 1861 at Ludlow Twp., Allamakee County, Iowa
Died - 12 Sep 1864 at Macon, Georgia
Buried - Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, Georgia - POW
Marriage - Esther Edwards on 14 Sep 1849 at Elgin, Kane County, Illinois
Charles H. King - born 24 Aug 1851
George W. King - born 14 May 1854
Addie E. King - born 29 Jan 1857
Cora E. King - born 6 Dec 1859
Alice M. King - born 14 Jan 1862

Esther E. King later married Horace W. Morse on 8 Dec 1870 in West Union, Fayette County, Iowa.


Esther E. King's widow's pension and minor claim file consists of 25 pages of documents. Each page is briefly described below.

pg 1 -
Original Pension of Minor Children, giving their names and birthdates. Pension of $8/mo. commencing December 9, 1870, the day after remarriage of mother. Widow's app. filed March 14, 1863 and paid to Dec 4, 1870.

pg 2 -
Marriage of Esther E. to Charles L. King, Sept. 14, 1849
Remarriage of widow, Esther E., December 8, 1870

pg 3 -
Proof of military service and proof as to death. Charles King taken prisoner April 6th, 1862. Adjutant General reports he died September 12th, 1862 at Macon, Georgia, a prisoner of war.

pgs 4 & 5 -
Original Pension of Minor Children, correcting the birthdate of Alice M. King

pg 6 -
Dated 1867. Claim for increase of widow's pension, supplemental to case in which cert. No. 20178 issued April 25, 1864. In the case of Esther E. King, resident of Allamakee co. Iowa, PO address, Waukon. Certificate for $8/month commencing Sept 12, 1862 and $2/month additional for each child commencing July 25, 1866.

pg 7 -
Report of the Adjutant General, Washington D.C., April 4th, 1863.

Adjutant General's report
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pg 8 -
January 11, 1867, Allamakee co. Iowa. Affadavit of Dudley & Matilda Merrill stating they were acquainted with Charles L. King, his widow Esther E. King and their minor children. They were near neighbors. Mrs. Merrill was also present at the births of children Cora A. King and Alice M. King.

pg 9 -
March 11, 1864, Allamakee co. Iowa. Esther E. King's certification of the names and birthdates of her children.

pg 10 -
March, 1867, Kane Co., Illinois. Affadavit of P.D.H. Goff, MD, stating that he was the attending physician for the births of Charles H. King 24 Aug 1851), Geo. W. King (14 May 1854) and Addie E. King (20 Jan 1857)

pg 11 -
October 26, 1868, Fayette co. Iowa. Declaration of Minor children for Restoration to the Rolls. Esther E. King's application to have her children restored to the pension rolls after they had been stricken when they were supported by the Iowa Orphan Asylum.

pg 12 -
Certification of I.W.C. Earle, Captain, Co B, 12th Reg't Iowa Volunteers stating that Charles L. King "late private of said Company died at Macon State of Georgia on the 12th day of September AD 1862, while a prisoner of war and that the cause of his death as I verily believe was starvaton contracted while in the line of his duty, in consequence of too close confinement and subsisting on the unhealthy, inhuman and scanty rations furnished by the rebel commissioner."

pg 13 -
Widow's Declaration for Pension. Allamakee county, Iowa. December 16, 186? [ink blot on date]. Witnessed by Lewis P. Allen and John Edwards, residents of Ludlow & Union twps.

Widow's Declaration for Pension
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pg 14 -
November 7, 1863, Allamakee co. Iowa. Certification by I.B. Isted and George N. Bailey that they were confined in prison with Charles King until his death.

pgs 15 & 16 -
Explaination by Esther E. King as to why her eldest child was first named Orin and afterwards changed his name to Charles, by which he was baptized. Notarized by A.E. Goodykoonts, notary public, Sept 19th, 1967

pg 17 -
March 16, 1871 certification of the Fayette co. Clerk of the Circuit Court that Esther E. Morris is legally mother and guardian of her minor children.

pg 18 -
Certificate of Marriage, Fayette co. Iowa
Horace W. Morse & Esther E. King.
Date of License, Dec 8, 1870
Date of Marriage, Dec 8, 1870
Married by B. Morse J.P.

pgs 19, 20, 21 -
Sworn statements declaring that Esther E. Morris is same person as Esther E. King.

pg 22 -
Kane co. Illinois, Sept 12, 1849. Marriage certificate of Charles King and Esther Edwards.

pg 23 -
Widow's Application for an Increase of Pension

pg 24 -
Widow's Pension admitted March 29, 1864, $8/month commencing September 12, 1862.

pg 25 -
March 4, 1864. Widow's Declaration for Pension. Witnessed by personal acquaintances of 5 years, Homer B. Allen and James Shaff, residents of Waukon.


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