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This page was updated May 13, 2021

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Sad news - William C. 'Bill' Waters, the coordinator of neighboring Winneshiek co. IAGenWeb passed away 4/26/2021. Bill was a long-time contributor to this website, as well as many other IAGenWeb county websites. He will be greatly missed. Bill's obituary

2021 Thank-you notes

Everything on the Allamakee co. IAGenWeb has been contributed by volunteers! Many, many people have helped to build this website .... generously sharing family photos and data. Others have volunteered their time to transcribe old records, biographies and obituaries. If you have found something on the site that 'made your day' ...... please let our volunteers know that you appreciate their efforts. Send them a thank-you, a kudo or 'pat on the back' here. E-mail directly to the contributor, or send your notes to the Allamakee co. coordinator & your message will be posted on this page.

*Thank you so much for your continued efforts in the IAGenWeb Project.... Terry B., 5/12/2021
*Very nice website. The selection of obituaries is especially great, will check back again ...... John, St. Paul, 4/2/2021
*You and all the others who manage and do volunteer work related to this site are awesome! Thank you!! ..... Susan, 2/24/2021


New content May 2021

*Allamakee County Births 1850-1930, compiled database; 1,183 "M" surnames, 303 "O" surnames, 368 "P" surnames abd 725 "R" surnames were added - from Richard O'Brien (May). Richard's database is now completely online!

*The look-up volunteer page has been updated, striking those who did not respond to my 3/28/2021 email asking if they want to continue doing look-ups - coordinator (5/13/21)

MARRIAGE RECORDS - engagements, marriages, anniversaries & divorces
*Compiled marriages: Mershon-Miner, 1916 - from Joy Moore (5/13/21)
*Compiled marriages: Winger-Walters, 1918; Sanderman-Snitker, 1936 & Goede-Leuck, 1942 - from Cindy Maust Smith (5/2)

OBITUARIES (over 13,238+ transcribed obits) & OBITUARY INDEX (updated 05/12/21)
*Thank-you to our May contributors: S. Ferrall & Joy Moore

QUERIES - add a new query or reply to one if you can help
*Query from Lucia requesting any information or lore about the tunnels under Waukon, especially during prohibition. Read her query & post a response if you can help. (5/10/21)

*New content was added to several of the school pages, all are marked on the school index - from Cindy Maust Smith (through-out May)


*Obituaries from Neighboring Counties: Clayton co. obituaries, Fayette co. obituaries and Winneshiek co. obituaries all have newly added obituaries. Many Clayton co., Fayette co. and Winneshiek co. residents had close Allamakee county connections so don't miss these great obit collections!

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New content January through April 2021

ALLAMAKEE ALBUMS - Family Albums & Miscellaneous Photos from Allamakee county
*Boardman family album, added photos & other information for the George W. Boardman & Levi Boardman family - from Mollie Meade (February & April)
*Gavin family album, replaced the photos on Thomas Gavin family Album with a restored versions; also added a news article & photo - from Mollie Meade (January & Feb 16)

BIOGRAPHIES - miscellaneous sources A - H * I - Z
*Biography of poet Madonna (Desmond) Spinner +photo - from Cindy Maust Smith (4/28/21)
*Biography of school teacher Lillian (Powell) Stockton +photo - from S. Ferrall (1/26/21)

*Allamakee County Births 1850-1930, compiled database; 617 "G" surnames, 1435 "H" surnames, 59 "I" surnames, 292 "J" surnames, 777 "K" surnames, 584 "L" surnames, 263 "N" surnames, 1556 "S" surnames & 413 "T" surnames were added - from Richard O'Brien (Jan-April).

CEMETERY RECORDS & Gravestone Photo Project (GPP)
*Woodmansee Alert & Notes were added for Dorchester Methodist & English Bench cemeteries - from Richard O'Brien & S. Ferrall (1/10/21)

HISTORICAL ITEMS - Miscellaneous
*Harpers Ferry People, added 2 news articles about melon farmer Luther Stepp AND a news article about Harpers Hotel proprietor Thomas Parrell - from Mollie Meade (3/30/21 & 4/12/21)
*ID'ed, one of the 1920 New Albin city council members in the picture - from Mike Roberts (2/16/2021)
*The Hall Maternity Hospital page - added 1935 McGeough birth - from Connie Ellis (2/16/21)
*The Modern Woodmen of America (MWA) page, added New Albin Camp No. 3309 info. for 1922 - from S. Ferrall (1/6/21)

MARRIAGE RECORDS - engagements, marriages, anniversaries & divorces
*Anniversary records, added Lier 57th (1935) - from Cindy Maust Smith (4/3/21)
*Added to compiled marriages: Caldwell-Mitchell (1896), Demmer-Roerkohl (1915), Helle-Vaage (1929), King-Kaeser (1935), Lenz-Pohlman (1930), Ranzenberger-Jahn (1920), Schiltz-Roerkohl (1909) & Yeoman-Coppersmith (1906) - volunteers

The entries for Donus & Victor Houlihan were updated - from Connie Ellis (3/30/21)

OBITUARIES (over 13,220+ transcribed obits) & OBITUARY INDEX (updated 04/12/21)
*Thank-you to our January, February, March & April contributors: Cindy (Maust) Smith, Connie Ellis, Dan Zoll, Mollie Meade, Henry E. Brainard, Joy Moore, Ken Wright & S. Ferrall

PERSONAL WEBSITES - do you have a family genealogy website for your Allamakee co. ancestors? Share it on this page!
*Darcy Fritche has updated the link to her personal website for Eitzen, MN area families, which includes some St. John's - Wheatland church records (3/28/21)

QUERIES - add a new query or reply to one if you can help
*Query from Sherry Harris who is researching Prudence & John W. Young. If you can help her please reply to her Query. (3/16/21)
*Query from Lynden Baum who is attempting to confirm the burial place of his g-grandmother Bridget Stack. If you can help him please reply to his Query (1/31/21)

RESOURCES - local & state-wide research resources
Added to the 'Books for Sale' section is 'The Folks from Stokkset and Faraasen in Ringsaker. A Patchwork Chronicle', by Nancy L. Coleman, 2020. Immigrants to the US from Ringsaker in Hedmark, Norway ... a significant part of it deals with members of the Norwegian extended family that settled in Allamakee. (coordinator 1/26/21))

*Additional information was added to many of the school pages, all marked on the school index- from Cindy Maust Smith (thru-out April - last updated 4/28/21)
*New! County School Superintendents, Board of Education & other county-wide school officials 1936; and School news, odds & ends - from Cindy Maust Smith (3/30/21)
*Additional information added to the following pages - Misc. Lansing school items, Waukon Jr. College, Waukon HS Class of 1936, Misc. Waukon HS items, Tid-bits & St. Patrick Parocial school - from Cindy Maust Smith (3/28/21 & 3/30/21)
*Oil Springs / Spring Brook school, added a photo of the pupils & teacher, late 1940's - from Mollie Meade (1/10/21)

Susan Whalen has updated her email address for her research interest: WHALEN (2/24/21)


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