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Woodmansee Notes

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As with any undertaking of the magnitude of Dale Woodmansee's book "Allamakee County, Iowa Burial Grounds 1845-1988 ", there may be errors, omitted or conflicting information, or descrepancies. The information on this page has been contributed by Allamakee County researchers. The intent is to assist others by alerting them to possible errors, omissions or descrepancies in the book; as well as providing additional notes from the submitter.

*ACDR = Allamakee County Death Records
*The date after the cemetery is when the most recent update was made.
*The initials of frequent note contributors are in parenthesis at the end of the note. Refer to the bottom of the page for their full names.

Oak Hill - new page
Oakland - new page (April '20)
Old East Paint Creek - new page
Old West Paint Creek - new page (December '18)
Old Oak Hill - new page
Paint Rock (May '18)
Postville - all areas - new page
Rossville (November '20)
Round Prairie (September '13)
Salem (February '15)
Smithfield (May '20)
Spaulding (July '20)
St. Joseph (Iowa twp) (April '15)

St. Peter's Memorial (May '09)
St. Mary Dorchester (July '19)
St. Mary Hanover (June '13)
St. Mary Lycurgus (June '19)
Thompson Corners (October '14)
Village Creek (January '20)
Waterloo Ridge (August '15)
Waterville (February '19)
West Paint Creek Synod (December '18)
West Ridge (March '17)
Wexford (August '15)
Wheatland (May '17)
Zalmona (March '15)


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Note Contributors:

Diana Dietrich (D.D.)
Connie Ellis (C.E.)
Sharyl Ferrall (S.F.)
Nancy J. Geitgey (N.G.)
Steven L. Goettel (S.G.)
Larry Harmon (L.H.)
Ted Harper (T.H.)
Elaine Johnson (E.J.)
Reid R. Johnson (R.J.)
AdaMarie Kerndt (A.K.)
Jan Miller (J.M.)
Paul Moritz (P.M.)
Richard O'Brien (R.O.)
Phyllis Peterson (P.P.)
James Ramsey (J.Ra)
Sandie Reinbold (S.R.)
Larissa Reutgen (L.R.)
Amy Sandvold (A.S.)
Matthew Whalen (M.W.)
Errin Wilker (E.W.)
Dan Zoll (D.Z.)


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