Cerro Gordo County

Frances J. Zaruba,
Yeoman 3/c



Miss Frances J. Zaruba, 200 Twelfth street southeast, is awaiting her call for service in the WAVES after having been sworn in as an apprentice seaman in Des Moines.

Miss Zaruba has been employed by the Northwestern States Portland Cement company for the past six years, with the exception of three months in Washington, D.C with the SEC. She was graduated from the Mason City high school in 1935 and from the Hamilton School of Commerce in 1936.

At present Miss Zaruba is home on inactive duty awaiting her call. She hoped to be sent to the yeoman school at Oklahoma A & M, Stillwater, Okla., but maybe sent to Cedar Falls for preliminary training.

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, November 4, 1942 (recruit photo included)

Frances J. Zaruba Likes Being a WAVE

"It's the grandest opportunity any girl could have --". That is the opinion of Frances J. Zaruba, yeoman third class, who has just completed her training, in the WAVES at Stillwater, Okla., and is visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary Zaruba, 200 Twelfth street southeast, enroute to her first assignment in Washington, D.C.

Yeoman Zaruba will be in the office of the vice chief of naval operations reporting for duty March 23.

She completed her work at Stillwater March 13, one of a class of 1,200 girls, who had the shortest training period of any WAVE class at Oklahoma A & M college. They began training Feb 12.

"It was the hardest month's of work I ever put in," Yeoman Zaruba said. "But it was more fun than all of my life put together."

Yeoman Zaruba spoke to the Kiwanis club at its meeting Thursday noon and has been scheduled for an appearance at the mass induction of WAVES and SPARS Friday night.

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, March 19, 1943

HOME ON LEAVE -- Y2c Frances J. Zaruba of the WAVES, daughter of Mrs. Mary Zaruba, 200 12th S.E., is home on leave over Christmas. She has been stationed in the Navy department, Washington, D.C., since March 23.

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, December 21, 1943 (photo included)