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Pvt. Shirley B. Weeks



Word has been received that Pvt. Shirley Weeks is now stationed in Calcutta, India. Pvt. Weeks, a former Ames resident, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Weeks, now of Colfax, Wisc, and the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Cowarey of Marston.

She says in her letter that "the Black Hole of Calcutta is well named. The whole city smells to high heaven. The people sleep in the streets and the animals roam at will and everywhere there is dirt and filth. Good old U.S.A. is beautiful."

Pvt. Weeks and her unit of 90 Air-WACs were sent to their new station by plane.

A graduate of Ames high school, Pvt Weeks was a former bandette, with the Municipal band and was a twirler on the Ames high band for two years.

Her address as Pvt. Shirley B. Weeks, A610820, WAC unit Hdqs Army Air Force, I.B.S.

Source: Ames Daily Tribune, September 26, 1944 (photo included)