Woodbury County

Pvt. Olga Vikstrom


Sioux City Mother in WACS Stationed at Camp with Son

When Pvt. Olga Vikstrom was assigned to the WAC detachment of Camp Barkeley regional hospital, Texas, she was united once again with her son, Cpl. Russell Anderson. Their home formerly was at 416 S. Rustin Street.

Pvt. Vikstrom enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps last November and after completing training at Fort Des Moines, Ia., requested service in the medical corps. Although she did not specify Camp Barkeley, she was one of two in her class of 150 sent there, where her son is with Company B, 51st medical training battalion of the army services forces training center. He was inducted 16 months ago after four days at Camp Dodge, Iowa, was assigned to Camp Barkeley.

When Cpl. Anderson entered the army, his mother continued to operate the shoe business at Waverly, Iowa, which her husband had operated before his death. She disposed of the business and enlisted, since she felt that she owed a debt to the United States for the happiness and the pleasant way of life which she had found after coming here from Sweden 23 years ago.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, February 18, 1945