Scott County

Julie Truby



WAVES OPEN RECRUITING DRIVE IN TWIN CITIES -- Pictures is a delegation of WAVES assigned to the twin cities for the next three weeks to conduct a recruiting campaign here.

Left to right -- Ensign Lucille Schoenfield, City Manager H.G. Crow of St. Joseph, Ensign Margaret Irwin, City Manager John Null of Benton Harbor, Specialist (R) 3c Julie Truby. The WAVES seek to enlist young women in this area for the navy to release men for sea duty. Details of information for enlistment may be secured at the recruiting headquarters in Benton Harbor.

Source: The Herald-Press, September 29, 1943 (photo included)

OFF TO WASHINGTON -- Six tri-city girls left Davenport yesterday morning for Washington D.C., to start actual duties as WAVES. The group left Davenport last September for Hunter college, New York City where they had three weeks of naval indoctrination. Oct 5, 1943, they were sent to Stillwater, Okla., to begin training prior to becoming third class yeoman. The girls were all given six day leave which they spent with relatives in the tri-cities.  Those shown above are:

Front row, left to right: Virginia Pobuda, 1417 Spring street, Davenport; Barbara Smith, 1311 Grande avenue, Davenport; Margaret Mitchell, Rock Island and Eloise Good, 517 West Third street, Davenport.

Back Row: Julie Truby of the Davenport recruiting station; Eleanor Cook, 2472 East street, Davenport; Jean Beckwith, 819 Warren street, and Eleanor Hanson, also of the local recruiting station.

Source: The Daily Times, January 5, 1944 (group photo included)

"I Hope It Sells Lots of Bonds."

Julie Truby, specialist recruiter, second class in the WAVES stationed at the recruiting office at Hotel Blackhawk, is shown preparing her entry in the newspaper and radio ad writing campaign contest sponsored by the Davenport Retail Merchants bureau in connection with publicity for the Fifth War Loan campaign.

Recruiter Truby believes she has an idea which will help sell bonds and stamps, and hope it will be one of the winning ads that will be published in The Times June 17 and The Democrat June 18. And incidentally win one of the 20 prizes of $5 in war stamps. There will also be 20 similar prizes for the winning radio ads.

Source: The Daily Times, Davenport IA - June 7, 1944 (photo included)