Cerro Gordo County

Frances Simmermaker, Y2/c



Mason City SPAR Gets Commendation

Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Beyer, 306 South Federal, have been informed of an official commendation for outstanding performance of duty, received by their daughter, Mrs. Frances Simmermaker, Y-2-C of the SPARS.

Mrs. Simmermaker enlisted in the SPARS in June, 1943 and for the past year has been stationed as court reporter for the Merchant Marine hearing unit at Tampa, Fla. In October, 1944, she and S.Sgt. Lynn Simmermaker of Plainview, Ill., were married.

Sgt. and Mrs Simmermaker recently spent their leaves together at the home of his parents before he went overseas.

The commendation points out that "members of a recent board of investigation recommended official expression of appreciation of the outstanding manner in which your reportorial duties on that occasion were performed. The district coast guard officer notes with more pleasure the excellence of your work in this instance and compliments you for the unusual skill attained in your specialty. It reflects keen desire to serve the coast guard to the best of your ability, and is in strict keeping with the high standards of efficiency maintained by our Women's Reserve."

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, February 26, 1945 (photo included)