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Irene Teel Sherbern




Irene Teel Sherbern, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marcellus Teel of Columbus Junction, has enlisted in the WAVES and will leave sometime in November to attend the U.S. Naval Training school, Bronx, N.Y. She is the wife of Pvt. Kenneth M. Sherbern, who is stationed with the mechanized cavalry in France and has been employed at the First Trust & Saving bank. She resides with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cohn, 208 McClellen boulevard.

Seaman Sherbern is the third member of her family to enter service. A brother, also of the navy is Randall Teel, seaman, first class, stationed in the South Pacific. Pvt. Glenn Teel is a prisoner of the Japanese in the Philippines.

In preparation for her naval service, Mrs. Sherbern has been doing volunteer work for the naval medical department at St. Ambrose college.

Source: The Daily Times, September 21, 1944 (photo included)


Five girls will leave the Rock Island recruiting station Wednesday morning to begin their basic training in the WAVES at Hunter college, New York. Shown above with the recruits are Claude V. Melvin, left, chief of the recruiting station and Lt (j.g.) Virginia Martin, extreme right, who leaves the local WAVE recruiting office to take the new recruits to New York, after which she will be assigned to another post.

Left to right, front row, Chief Melvin; Irene Teel Sherbern, daughter of Mrs. Laura Teel, Davenport; Audrey Daubert (Rock Island); Genevieve Compton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Compton, Wilton, Ia., and Lt. Martin. Back Row, Margaret Mary McCarthy (Rock Island) and Opal Lucille McHargue of Davenport, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. McHargue of Princeon Mo.

Source: The Daily Times, Davenport, Iowa, November 13, 1944 (group photo included)

DAVENPORT WAVE LOOKS OVER DISPLAY -- A display of medical equipment at the U.S. naval training school, the Bronx, New York, interests Apprentice Seaman, Irene T. Sherbern of the WAVES, who hopes to be assigned to the hospital corps. Seaman Sherbern's husband, Pvt. Kenneth M. Sherbern, is stationed in France. Pvt. Glenn E. Teel, a brother, is a prisoner of war on the Philippine Islands. Another brother, Randall Teel, of the navy, is serving aboard the U.S.S. Mobile in the South Pacific. The newly enlisted WAVE is the daughter of Mrs. Laura M. Teel, 208 McClellan boulevard, Davenport.

Source: The Daily Times, December 26, 1944 (photo included)


Mrs. Irene Sherbern, daughter of Mrs. Laura M. Teel, Columbus Junction, who joined the WAVES a year ago, now on the nurses' staff in the navy hospital, Shoemaker, Calif., is expected home on a visit soon. Her husband, Pvt. Kenneth Sherbern, is with the army in France. Her brother, Randall L. Teel, U.S. navy, is stationed in the Philippines.

Source: Quad City Times, July 15, 1945