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Marjorie F. Sevold, Sk 3-c




Marjorie Sevold, Mankato Business College student was visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nels Sevold, over the weekend.

Source: Estherville Daily News, September 26, 1940, page 3

Marjorie Sevold of the WAVES arrived Monday from Key West, Fla., to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nels Sevold at Maple Hill, and will go to California soon. Her brother, S 1-c Francis, of Boco Chico, Fla., who also has been home visiting will return to Florida.

Source: Estherville Daily News, December 7, 1944

With The Colors

Marjorie F. Sevold, Sk 3-c, of Maple Hill, was among members of the first overseas contingent of WAVES from the ninth naval district, it was revealed by the navy department branch public relations office in Des Moines.

Source: Estherville Daily News, January 11, 1945

Note: Here she is based in Honolulu having arrived on 9 Jan 1945.  This must be the overseas duty.

Source: ancestry.com

Marjorie F. Sevold, SK2 US Navy
Born: 02 Dec 1922
Died: 25 Jun 1999
Buried: Swan Lake Twp Cemetery, Maple Hill, IA – Emmet County

Source: findagrave