Harrison County

Lt. Geneva L. Runkle




Nurses From Here in New Guinea

2nd Lt. Geneva L. Runkle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grover Runkle of Missouri Valley, and 2nd Lt. Darlene M. Orme, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Orme of Neola, both graduates of the Jennie Edmundson school of nursing, are members of the army nurse corps complement of a U.S. army station hospital located in a valley near the southern shores of New Guinea, according to word received here. Their units in recent months cared for battle casualties from Arawe Cape, Gloucester, Saidor, Talasea, and the Admiralty islands while simultaneously providing medical service for large numbers of troops stationed in the vicinity of the hospital.

Source: Council Bluffs Nonpareil, September 14, 1944