Polk County

Pvt. Josephine Roberts



At Southampton, Eng, one afternoon in 1939 there was a sudden Nazi air raid. On her way from a hospital where she had just completed 24 hours volunteer nursing was Josephine Roberts, adopted American daughter of Maj. and Mrs. Joseph John Roberts, he of the British army. The car was wrecked and she regained consciousness in the hospital from which she had departed. A month passed. At tea time there was another terrific aerial bombardment. Josephine's friend came to her at the hospital, where she was continuing her nurses aid duties. She could tell by the look in their eyes what happened. They took her to her home - what was left of it. SOMEWHERE IN THE MASS OF WRECKAGE WERE HER FOSTER PARENTS, DEAD. A tray set with tea things was found intact. She helped dig the bodies from the ruins.

Today her brown eyes smolder with stoic anger as she snaps through her assignments. She now is Pvt. Josephine Roberts of the WAC at Fort Des Moines.

Source: The Des Moines Register, January 2, 1944 (photo included)